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How To Airdrop a Message On iPhone

Airdropping is one of the most convenient ways to send messages from your iPhone to another device. The technology is similar to Bluetooth and WiFi; you can transmit messages wirelessly to another phone, Mac book, or any other apple device. The best part about airdropping a message is that you do not need to send the message repeatedly through text, whatsapp, or any other method.

You can easily start airdropping messages if both your devices have WiFi or Bluetooth. On top of that, you can also airdrop messages to your friends and family members if they are connected to you via Bluetooth or WiFi. You can send text messages, photos, or even a video through this method to another device.

Seems exciting? Well, there are multiple methods to airdrop messages. Here is a detailed guide for using this interesting and useful feature of apple devices for communicating with others.

Step-by-Step Guide For Airdropping a Message on iPhone

Most iPhones have a functional airdrop app that you can use to send messages on other iPhones. Besides that, make sure to turn on your device’s WiFi and Bluetooth. On top of that, also check if you are also signed in to your Apple account on that iPhone. Both devices must have a functional Apple ID and should be signed in using a valid email.

If you want to send a text message through an airdrop, here is the method-

  • First, ensure both devices are connected via Bluetooth or WiFi.
  • Next, open the message app on your source iPhone or from which phone you want to send the If you have saved messages, select them. Otherwise, type a message and select that.
  • Next, select the share icon.
  • After that, scroll down from the drop-down menu and select the airdrop feature.
  • Click send, and the receiver will receive this message via airdrop.

Please remember that to send text messages through an airdrop, both devices must be compatible with IOS 7 or later versions. In the case of Mac devices, you need to deselect the option “block incoming connections”  from the iCloud section. Besides that, you need to turn off the firewall to receive text messages.

How to AirDrop Media Files on iPhone 12 Pro

Here is the step-by-step guide for you to send images and videos via airdrop-

  • First, open the file you want to share.
  • Next, tap on the “share icon” and wait for the drop-down menu to appear
  • Scroll; down and select the airdrop icon and select it, This will open the Airdrop app on your
  • From the screen, tap on the profile picture of the active airdrop user(or another device)

Alternatives of AirDrop Messages iPhone

If you are unable to share messages via airdrop, there are other methods that you can use to transfer text messages with other devices as well-

1. Transfer Text Messages Using iCareFone

The iCareFone app from Tenorshare is a great alternative to airdrop. You can use this app to share text messages with other iPhone. Furthermore, this app helps you back up your messages and files on your device. The simple app also offers contact sharing between two different iPhones. For this, you need a computer, a USB cable, and your iPhone.

Here is how to send text messages by using iCareFone-

  • First, download the iCareFone app and install it on your computer and open it
  • Now, connect your computer and iPhone using the USB cable
  • On the computer screen, select “Manage.” Wait till the software scans your iPhone and the files stored in it.
  • After the scan is complete, the computer screen will open a new screen with the details about all the files stored in your iPhone.
  • On the left side, select “Messages” from the panel and wait to open the
  • Now, select all the messages you wish to transfer to another iPhone.
  • After that, click “Export.” It is located on the top of the computer screen.
  • Now, select your computer’s location where you want to store these exported
  • Connect your phone to the other iPhone you want to send the message.
  • From the tab, select the messages you want to share.
  • Now, click on “Import.”
  • After that, click “OK” to send the messages.

2. Sync Text Messages to A New iPhone Via iTunes

Alternatively, you can also send messages using iTunes from your iPhone. It also allows you to sync the messages in iTunes as well. Here is how to do this-

  • First, open the iTunes app on your
  • Next, connect your phone to the computer and wait to open the
  • Next, click the device icon and navigate “Summary.”
  • From the screen, navigate to “Backups” and then select “This computer” you sync and back up the messages on your
  • Now, select “Back Up Now” and click to initiate the backup procedure.

3. Transfer Messages from iPhone to iPhone by iCloud

If you want to back up your messages, you can do that by moving the messages to an iCloud account. Here is the step-by-step guide-

  • Open with “Settings” and go to “iCloud.”
  • Next, select “Backup” from the available
  • After the new window opens, turn on the “iCloud Backup.”
  • Now, you have to reset your old phone and set up the new iPhone that you intend to use.
  • You can fetch these messages again from your iCloud account on your new iPhone.


As you can see, the airdrop app is one of the best ways to send text messages through wireless. Alternatively, you can use other apps and methods like iCareFone, iTunes, or iCloud to sync the messages and transfer these to another iPhone.

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