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Stereo Cuts Out When Volume Is Turned Up

Many drivers have complained of audio shutting off when the speaker volume is cranked up. If you are on a long drive and enjoying some good music and if the noise suddenly cuts out, the situation can be quite frustrating.

There might be a variety of reasons as to why this issue is happening. It could be a problem associated with the amplifier or the speaker might not be capable of handling such high volume. Also, issues with the crossover settings won’t help things as well.

In this article, we will be looking at the different problems and solutions that are applicable. Read on to find out more.

Car Radio Shuts Off And Turn On While Driving

Alternator, Amplifier and Voltage

If the speaker turns on and off repeatedly then the problem might be with the amplifier or alternator. Perhaps the alternator might not be providing sufficient charge to the batteries. As the volume level increases, the drain on the speaker also increases and this causes more charge to be drawn eventually causing the stereo to be cut off due to the lack of power. As the current draw stops, the voltage will again rise which will lead to a new cycle.

Firstly, use a voltmeter and determine the voltage across the batteries. If the value is less than 11.5 volts, then the problem is with the battery. You should try to adjust the frequency and bass settings to lower the power draw.  Else, you need either a heavy-duty alternator or battery to keep up with the power requirements. If budget is not an issue, we would recommend this method.

Weak Soldering Of Ground Level Connections and Head Units

Wires are usually soldered during production. Poor soldering of the ground connection can severely impact the ability of the amplifier to draw power which might lead to audio cuts. Another issue is pre-installed fuses in the head units. Blown fuses are responsible for irregularities in performance.

Use a multimeter set to ohms to check out for a blown fuse. Now, the testing leads should touch against the fuse caps and then record the reading. If a reading is obtained, then the issue is not a blown fuse. However, if there is no reading, you might have to get a new fuse.

Speakers Are Cutting Out At A High Volume Cause

Having Too Many Output Connections

Sometimes, the problem might be having too many output connections. The stereo might be able to power up only a certain number of speakers. What you can do is to opt for a better quality amplifier or stereo. The better quality materials in the newer models will also help.

The Wires Gauges Are Improperly Installed

Problems with the gauge connection might also result in the car speaker turning off and on. Ensure that the gauge connection is of the correct size and connected properly. If the wire size is quite small, then not enough power will be supplied. For example, a gauge size of 12 is required for delivering 150 watts of power. Loose wires will also cause connectivity issues.

Also, loosely installed wires would also cause connectivity problems. As a result, tighten the wires without damaging them.

Damaged Or Eroded Wiring

If you suddenly started experiencing issues with the speaker, then the problem might be a damaged wire. This can be caused due to traveling over rough terrain and places. Also, the surroundings play an important role as well. If you live near the sea, then corrosion and rusting would be a real issue.

Speakers Cut Out Randomly

Overheating Of Power Unit

The stereo unit draws power and this power draw increases with the volume. Improper wire connections are a reason why the speakers overheat. So, you need to make sure that the wires are properly placed. If not, you might need to solder them again.


We hope you enjoyed this guide on how to fix issues with your car speaker. There are different reasons as to why the problem occurs in the first place. For any queries regarding the content, do write to us.

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  1. Thank you for the info my speakers cut out when the volume is up!😧will try to turn down bass a bit. I wanted to know if I needed a cap for my head deck amp small one. Not likely AGAIN THANKS!!!

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