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When a bulk power is to be transported over very long distances, or under water, HVDC transmission system is used which is more economical compared

A servo motor is one of the widely used variable speed drives in industrial production and process automation and building technology worldwide. Although servo motors

SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) systems are extensively used to control geographically distributed processes, which are often scattered over thousands of kilometers and where

Instruction set architecture is a part of processor architecture, which is necessary for creating machine level programs to perform any mathematical or logical operations. Instruction

A branch of physics deals with electric current or fields and magnetic fields and their interaction on substance or matter is called Electromagnetism. Electromagnetism has

Whenever two conducting plates are separated by a dielectric or insulating medium, a capacitor is formed. The fundamental property of a capacitor is to store

The electromagnetism is a branch of physics that deals with electric and magnetic fields and their interaction with substance or matter on a microscopic level.

Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS), as the name specifies, is an electrical equipment that provides power supply to sensitive electrical and electronic devices without any interruption

Mathematically, a complex number is the combination of real number and imaginary number. The Phasor is represented by a complex number in complex number plane.

Calculating the magnitude of alternating quantities like current or voltage in AC is not a straight forward job as in DC where the values are