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Discord Fatal JavaScript Error

Discord is a fantastic platform for instant messaging specifically made for Communities to stay in touch. It is a digital distribution platform where gamers and users can easily communicate via video calls, voice calls, and text messages. Although it’s a content platform, sometimes some errors may occur in its functionality and cause disruption and malfunctions. There are many kinds of errors that may occur but Discord Fatal JavaScript Error is the one we will fix in this article. If you see a JavaScript error whenever you try to open your Discord, you must keep reading this article to the end to find a way out of this.

Causes For Discord Fatal JavaScript Error

Discord fatal JavaScript is a common error occurring that can be resolved easily. There may be various reasons for this error including:

Antivirus blockade

Corrupt installation

Damaged configuration

Glitches in administration settings

You can solve these issues to get away from fatal JavaScript errors.

Ways Of Fixing Fatal JavaScript Errors

You can try the ways below to ensure that the JavaScript error doesn’t pop up again. Start with the first and the simplest one and then move on to the others if the issue isn’t resolved.

1. Reinstalling Discord

Reinstalling Discord is the simplest and easiest fix for the JavaScript Error. So always try this before moving to the intricate fixes. Sometimes there’s a glitch popping up in the installation of Discord and causing improper functioning and JavaScript error. In this case, you must uninstall Discord from your device and then reinstall and see if the error has gone. Mostly it clears most of the JavaScript issues.

2. Disable Antivirus

It has been seen that sometimes this Error keeps popping up because of antivirus functionality. Antivirus keeps working in the background and protects your system from the working of any kind of malicious files that infiltrate the system. It blocks some files of Discord which stops it from working. To resolve this issue open your Discord files within the AppData folder places them in the system folder and make sure to allow discord to Install and update properly. This might solve your issue and helps in the proper functioning of Discord.

3. Removing Discord AppData

Sometimes fatal discord JavaScript errors occur because of some Discord App and Local data. You have to clean these and run Discord again to solve this issue.

Follow the steps below to do it:

Press the “Windows and R” buttons simultaneously to open a Dialog box.

Type “%appdata%” to open the folder. There, open the Discord folder and Delete the files in it.

Do the same for deleting the Discord Local Files.

After deleting these Local and App data files, run the system again to see if the Error has been removed.

4. Checking The Antivirus Blockage And Scan System

It is seen that sometimes your system antivirus makes the Discord file “Update.exe” and marks it as a malicious file. This way, your antivirus system saves it as a corrupted and infected file in the virus chest. This causes the JavaScript error to occur repeatedly.

You can fix it by placing the Discord folder in the exceptional Section of the antivirus system. This way it won’t block the function of Discord and prevents the Error.

5. Running Discord As An Administrator

Running discord as an administrator can solve this issue in some cases. This helps in the proper functioning of Discord by removing the Discord Fatal JavaScript Error.

To run Discord as an administrator, you must follow the steps below:

Right Click on the Discord icon and click on the properties.

After opening it, a dialog box will open with some buttons.

Choose “Compatibility” then click on “run as an administrator” and click on apply.

After this, launch your app by double-clicking on it to see if the issue has been resolved.

You can undo it if you find that it’s not fixing the error.

In case all the above fixes don’t work, move on to the solutions explained below.

6. Using The Command Prompt

Discord Fatal JavaScript error can also be solved by making slight changes in your command prompt. This helps you in running a command line by slightly changing the system file.

Follow the steps below to do it:

Search for the command prompt on your search bar and open it.

Then run it as an administrator.

Now type gpupdate /force and apply it.

These changes when applied can help you resolve your JavaScript error.

If it doesn’t resolve the issue, move to the next fix.

7. Changing The Startup Type Of Quality Windows Audio Video Experience

You can also resolve the error by simply changing your services.

Follow the steps below to get it done right away:

Press the “Windows and the R” button at the same time to open the services tab.

Type “services. msc” to open the services tab.

Once you open it, look for the “Quality Windows Audio Video experience” and open its properties by right-clicking on it.

Firstly, press the button shown in the dialog box.

After stopping, you stop’ll start seeing a start button. Press it to resume the services.

After this, click on the “Startup type” and choose “Automatic”.

Now click the “Log On” button on Dialog and then press “Browse”.

This will open a dialog box. Now write your account name in the “Enter the object name to select” Text box and click ok and then apply.

Restart your system after this to make the error disappear.

This will surely make a way out of the Discord Fatal JavaScript Error.


In this article, we covered the most basic and important handy ways to deal with the Discord fatal JavaScript Error. If your error doesn’t appear with one fix, try others to find what will work for you.

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