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Best RV Solar Kits – Power Your Vehicle With Sun Energy

Unleash the power of the sun on your RV adventures with the best RV solar kit. Designed for off-grid enthusiasts, these kits provide a reliable source of energy, allowing you to embrace the freedom of the open road without worrying about traditional power sources. With varying wattages, panel counts, and max current capabilities, these kits cater to diverse energy needs. Whether you’re a weekend explorer or a full-time nomad, the best RV solar kit ensures your journey is illuminated by sustainable and efficient power, keeping your devices charged wherever the road takes you.

  • Wattage: The powerhouse metric determining how much solar energy your kit can generate. The best RV solar kits boast a range of wattages, from 100W for a modest setup to powerful 5000W systems for energy-intensive needs.
  • Number of Panels: It determines the kit’s capacity to capture sunlight. Kits vary in panel count, with entry-level options featuring a single panel and advanced setups flaunting multiple panels. Consider your energy demands to find the perfect fit.
  • Max. Current: The kit’s efficiency in converting sunlight into usable power. A quality RV solar kit can range from 5A to 30A or more, ensuring a steady flow of energy to keep your appliances running smoothly.

In the world of RV solar, the best kits strike a balance between wattage, panel count, and max current. Finding the right combination ensures your RV stays powered, allowing you to embrace the freedom of the open road without worrying about electric hookups. So, whether you’re a weekend warrior or a full-time RVer, harness the sun’s energy with the best RV solar kits and let your journey shine. Explore our comprehensive “Buying Guide” for the best RV solar kits and embark on a sun-fueled adventure today!

Best RV Solar Kit List

RV Solar KitWattageNumber of PanelsMax. CurrentBuy Now
Renogy RV Solar Kit100 watts130.0 ampsCheck On Amazon
Topsolar RV Solar Kit20 watt110 ampsCheck On Amazon
SOLPERK RV Solar Kit20 watt18.0 ampsCheck On Amazon
DOKIO RV Solar Kit300 Watts116.67 ampsCheck On Amazon
WEIZE RV Solar Kit200 Watts25.32 ampsCheck On Amazon
ECO-WORTHY RV Solar Kit200 Watts211.00 ampsCheck On Amazon
ACOPOWER RV Solar Kit500 Watts55.72 ampsCheck On Amazon

Best RV Solar Kit Reviews

1. Renogy RV Solar Kit

Renogy Solar Starter Kit

Today, we have a lot of options available for a decent RV solar kit. In the beginning, we will introduce you to some of the most budget-friendly options in the market and work our way through the picks. Renogy is a great choice if you are looking for such an option.

In the 1st place, we have the Renogy Solar Starter Kit which is quite budget-friendly for its performance. This solar kit includes a single solar panel that is capable of 100 watts of power generation. You will also get a 30 ampere PWM charge controller along with other accessories such as connectors and mounting brackets. The solar panel has 21% efficiency and you will be able to upgrade the system up to 400 watts power capacity by adding more panels later on.

The maximum output of the system on an ideal day will be about 500-watt hours. In retrospect, you will be able to charge a 50 Ah battery within 3 hours by up to 50% with this kit. The Renogy Solar Starter Kit offers many built-in protection and safety measures such as overloading, short circuit, and overcharging protection. The solar panel has a standard 25 year warranty period whereas the included controller is backed with a 1-year warranty.

Best Features

  • 100 watts power capacity
  • Upgradeable up to 400 watts
  • Includes 1 solar panel
  • 25 years panel warranty
  • 1-year warranty on controller


  • System is upgradeable
  • 21% solar panel efficiency
  • Set includes a solar panel, connectors, controller, and mounting brackets


  • Only a year of warranty on the controller

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2. Topsolar RV Solar Kit

Topsolar Solar Panel Kit

Topsolar is also one of the brands that are offering a cheap and reliable option for a solar panel kit. This set is best suited for compact RVs with limited energy requirements.

Coming in the 2nd position, we are putting one of the most affordable RV solar kits in the market. The Topsolar Solar Panel Kit comes with a single monocrystalline that is capable of 20 watts of power capacity. While the power capacity might seem a bit lower in comparison, it is still a great choice for basic 12-volt batteries. Within the kit, you will find a charger regulator, 2 cables with 6.5 feet lengths each, alligator clips for connection, and battery terminals.

Even though the set is cheap, the included controller will still prevent your system from problems like overcharging, overvoltage, and short circuits. The solar panel itself is very compact and measures 18.9 x 13.4 x 0.7 inches in size, making it perfect for compact RVs. You will get 5 years of standard warranty on the solar panel, as well as a 1-year warranty on other materials.

Best Features

  • 20 watts power capacity
  • Highly affordable solar RV kit
  • Includes 1 solar panel
  • 25 years panel warranty
  • 1-year warranty on material


  • Does not require an extensive initial cost
  • Perfect for 12-volt batteries
  • Includes 2 cables measuring 6.5 feet in length


  • Power capacity is not enough for most users

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3. SOLPERK RV Solar Kit

SOLPERK RV Solar KitSOLPERK 20W Solar Panel Kit, a compact solution designed to keep your 12-volt batteries charged in any environment. Whether you’re on the road, navigating the waters, or ensuring home power, this kit is your versatile companion. The 20-watt solar panel, featuring high-quality monocrystalline A+ solar cells, delivers efficiency at its peak converting 21%-30% of sunlight into electricity, even in challenging conditions.

Crafted to endure the elements, the panel boasts a low-iron tempered glass surface and a corrosion-resistant aluminum frame, capable of withstanding sun, rain, wind, and snow. With a robust build, it can handle up to 2400Pa of wind pressure and 5400Pa of snow load. The smart 8A charger controller ensures optimal battery health, guarding against overcharging, over-voltage, and short circuits. Its three-stage charging maximizes the battery’s solar power utilization. Versatility is a hallmark, catering to various applications such as boats, cars, RVs, motorcycles, lawnmowers, and serving as a reliable backup during power outages.

Best Features:

  • 20W solar panel with high-quality monocrystalline A+ cells
  • Robust build with low-iron tempered glass and corrosion-resistant aluminum frame
  • Smart 8A charger controller for battery protection
  • Easy installation with adjustable mounting bracket
  • Versatile for various applications


  • Efficient power conversion (21%-30%)
  • Endures harsh weather conditions (wind, rain, snow)
  • Three-stage charging for optimal battery health
  • Complete kit with all necessary components


  • Limited power generation in low-light conditions.

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4. DOKIO RV Solar Kit

DOKIO RV Solar KitDOKIO 300W Portable Solar Panel Kit an exceptional power solution for outdoor enthusiasts, RVers, and emergency preparedness. Unleash 300 watts of solar power from this foldable, portable panel, capable of energizing laptops, phones, cameras, and small appliances. Weighing a mere 17 pounds and folding down to a slim 1.1 inches, this kit epitomizes portability. Ideal for camping, hiking, or road trips, it’s a lightweight powerhouse ready for on-the-go adventures. The comprehensive kit includes a 20A charge controller, cables, and adapters for various battery types, ensuring a hassle-free setup.

Safety takes center stage with built-in protections against overcharging, overloading, and short circuits. The weatherproof design enhances reliability, making it resilient against diverse environmental conditions. Versatility defines this kit, compatible with power stations, 12V batteries, RVs, cars, boats, and more. Crafted with high-efficiency monocrystalline solar cells, it maximizes power extraction from every ray of sunshine. The 9.85-foot cable offers flexibility in positioning the panel optimally.

Best Features:

  • 300W solar power in a foldable, portable panel
  • Lightweight (17 lbs) and compact (1.1 inches thick)
  • Complete kit with a 20A charge controller, cables, and adapters
  • Built-in protections against overcharging, overloading, and short circuits
  • Versatile power for off-grid and emergency use


  • Efficiently charges laptops, phones, cameras, and small appliances
  • Easy to transport for camping, hiking, and road trips
  • Weatherproof design for reliability in various conditions
  • Compatible with power stations, 12V batteries, RVs, cars, boats
  • High-efficiency monocrystalline solar cells for maximum power extraction


  • Limited storage options for cables and accessories.

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5. WEIZE RV Solar Kit

WEIZE Solar Panel Starter Kit

WEIZE is a comparatively lesser popular brand for solar panels and other solar-powered devices. But, WEIZE designs many products that are perfectly suitable for RVs such as solar panels and even compact batteries.

The WEIZE Solar Panel Starter Kit is yet another great choice for a powerful solar-powered RV kit. WEIZE solar panels are designed with high-performance solar cells that offer up to 21% better efficiency on a clear day. The solar panels are basically free from maintenance and offer long-lasting performance. It also includes an anodized aluminum frame on the sides for better shock and impact protection.

Each of the WEIZE Solar Panels measures 36.4 x 26.8 x 1.2 inches in size, making it a perfect option for RVs. Once the kit is perfectly set up, you will be able to generate anywhere between 300 to 600-watt hours of charge in just a day. Thus, it is ideal for charging 12 volts batteries. As for the installation, you will get a few handy accessories such as a charge controller, 20 feet extension cables, 8 feet battery tray cable, and a set of brackets and mounting screws.

Best Features

  • 200 watts power capacity
  • High-efficiency solar panels
  • Includes 2 solar panels
  • Anodized aluminum frames
  • 4 x 26.8 x 1.2 inches solar panel size


  • Generates between 300 to 600-watt hour power per day
  • Quick installation
  • Includes multiple accessories


  • Lesser reliable choice compared to other options

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6. ECO-WORTHY RV Solar Kit

ECO-WORTHY Solar Panel Kit

ECO-WORTHY is yet another option for a premium solar RV kit. Unlike most other choices in the market, the set from ECO-WORTHY also features a dedicated battery.

ECO-WORTHY Solar Panel Kit is also a great choice if you are looking for an all-in-one option. If this is your first time installing a solar unit on your RV, then this set will be perfect for you. The set includes 2 high capacity solar panels with a collective output of 200 watts, a high-quality inverter, a power controller with LCD display, connection accessories, and 2 units of 20 Ah lithium battery. The battery might have a lower capacity, but it is certainly great as a starter unit.

The ECO-WORTHY Solar Panel Kit offers nearly 800-watt hours daily output with 4 to 5 hours of ample sunlight. Hence, it is perfect for long-distance traveling. The panels are designed with a corrosion-resistant frame on the side made up of aluminum. It offers great protection to the unit while keeping the panels light in weight. ECO-WORTHY is promising at least 10 years of service life for the panels while offering 1 year warranty period on other included components.

Best Features

  • 200 watts power capacity
  • Set includes 2 batteries as well as an inverter
  • Includes 2 solar panels
  • 600 watts inverter
  • 800 Wh daily output with 4 to 5 hours of sunlight


  • Overall output is very good
  • All-in-one solar set for RVs
  • 480-watt hours battery capacity on a full charge


  • Expensive option than other 200 watts solar kits

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7. ACOPOWER RV Solar Kit


ACOPOWER is bringing the most powerful RV solar kit on our selection today. It is best suited for heavy applications and RVs that are packed with power-hungry appliances.

Coming up next, we are featuring the most powerful RV solar kit in our list of the best RV solar kits. The ACOPOWER Solar RV Kit will certainly suffice for all your energy needs as it offers a collective power capacity of 500 watts which includes power generated by 5 solar panels of 100 watts capacity each. You can directly connect the panels in series without needing any connector. These panels are made up of polycrystalline material for best efficiency and offer nearly 99.5% tracking and 98% conversion efficiency.

The set also includes a high-capacity charge controller that offers user-adjustable settings. It features a multi-functional LCD display where you can check various parameters of the system with ease. You can also manage the system via the dedicated PC software or the remote meter. There is 25 years transferable warranty period provided on the solar panel with a 1-year warranty on the included components.

Best Features

  • 500 watts power capacity
  • 5% tracking efficiency
  • 98% conversion efficiency
  • Includes 5 solar panels
  • 25 years panel warranty


  • 1-year warranty is provided on the components
  • Multifunctional LCD display
  • Most powerful solar RV kit


  • The very expensive choice for a solar RV kit

Buy Now From Amazon

Buying Guide For The Best RV Solar Kit

RVs are some of the best options if you are looking forward to traveling somewhere far and live outside of your home for some time. These vehicles are packed with a number of features that will make you feel right at home such as water connection, bathrooms, kitchens, TV, network receivers, internet connection, and so on. But, the most essential requirement for an RV is electrical power.

While you can still use the vehicle’s battery for basic devices, it is certainly not enough to compensate for heavy appliances. Thus, you can install a larger battery in your RV and power it via solar energy by installing an RV solar kit. These kits consist of solar panels, connectors, controllers, and many other things that you will surely need on an all-in-one kit. If you are interested in RV solar kits, make sure to check our picks for the best options. If you are looking to know more about these RV kits, here is a buying guide for the best RV solar kits.

1. Wattage Capacity

As solar panels are designed to generate electricity, they should be powerful enough to cope with the requirements of the user. And as you are going to invest quite a large sum for an RV solar kit, you should pay attention to the power capacity and performance of the set. The power capacity of solar panels is provided in the watts unit where a high wattage solar panel is capable of generating more power compared to a low wattage solar panel within the same time.

While going through our picks for the best RV solar kits, you must have found various options ranging from 20 watts all the way up to 500 watts in terms of power capacity. While buying a solar kit, make sure you consider this factor thoroughly and buy a unit that is right for your application. There is no point in buying an overpowered solar kit if you are not going to use any heavy appliance on your RV. On the other hand, a low-powered option might not be enough if you have appliances like a TV, air conditioner, water heater, etc. installed in your RV.

2. No. of Panels

The number of panels in an RV solar kit signifies the quantity of solar modules included. RV solar kits vary, offering different panel counts to meet diverse energy needs. Common setups range from compact kits with one or two panels, suitable for minimal power requirements, to larger systems with six or more panels, ideal for extensive energy generation in spacious RVs. Optimal selection depends on individual power consumption and available roof space.

3. Max. Current

Max current in RV solar kits refers to the maximum amount of electrical current that the system can deliver. It is crucial for charging batteries efficiently. Commonly expressed in amperes (A), max current values vary based on kit sizes. Smaller kits may have around 10A, while larger ones can exceed 30A. Choosing the right max current ensures optimal charging for RV batteries, catering to different energy needs during travels.

4. Durability

As solar panels require sunlight to generate electricity, you will have to keep them exposed to the environment at all times. Now that there is a new generation of solar panels which can even generate up to 50 watts of power at night, you will have to keep the solar panels exposed 24 hours of the day. Hence, the panels need to withstand various factors like rain and snow depending on the environment and regional conditions.

One of the most important factors for solar panels is water resistance as water does not bode well with electronic items. While the durability of the solar panel mostly deals with the build quality and material used for mounting equipment, it is also affected by the water resistance provided on the unit.

With most of our options, you will find a certain water resistance rating provided within the description. This will give you an idea of how durable your solar panel is going to be against these factors. In most cases, the manufacturers offer IP54 or IP67 water resistance which is good enough.

5. Size

One of the reasons that affects the installation of a solar panel is its size, especially if we are considering outdoor installation on an RV. Unlike houses that can support large-sized solar panels, RVs do not offer support for large or multiple solar panel installations.

You need to carefully check the width and length of your RV’s roof and pick up an option that fits well within these dimensions. While smaller solar panels are better in terms of installations, they offer lower power capacity which might be insufficient based on your usage. You also need to make sure that the panels do not cross the width of your RV’s roof as they might get damaged along the way on the exposed corners.

6. Warranty

Now that you are spending a lot of time and effort to find the best RV solar kit, you should also check the reliability of the kit as you would want it to last long. To ensure the same, you can check the warranty period allotted by the manufacturer on each set before making a choice. In most cases, you will find a standard warranty period of about 25 years which is more than what you need for getting the returns on your investment.

After the ROE, you will be basically generating electricity for free. But, the warranty period on a solar panel is not enough as there are other parts involved in the system which are equally as important as the panels themselves. You should check the warranty provided on the parts to get the best returns on your investment.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why prefer Solar panels over generators?

Ans: There are a lot of users that might already be using an AC generator in their RVs which might even be sufficient for their use. But, we can certainly give you a number of reasons why you should upgrade to a solar power system. First of all, the solar system is basically a one-time investment that grants you access to free electricity for many years to come. It is clean energy and there is no noise of moving parts included in the working of a solar system.
Another great advantage of having a solar RV kit installed on your RV is access to free energy everywhere you go. While an AC generator works on fuel which might have availability issues at some places, solar panels only require sunlight and there is plenty of it available all over the world. Thus, the solar panels on the RV will allow you to travel further without worrying about electricity.

2. Do I need charge controllers?

Ans: Charge controllers are one of the few important devices that are necessary for solar panels. These units prevent the solar panels from overcharging your battery. As the panels are exposed to sunlight throughout the day, they keep generating electricity. And if your battery already has a lot of charges, there is always a chance of overcharging which can damage the battery permanently. The charge controller prevents that from happening and keeps your battery safe. It is essential to have one installed on your RV because getting your battery fixed or replaced is going to be very difficult while you are traveling.

3. Can I upgrade the RV solar kit?

Ans: Unlike power generators, you can always upgrade the solar kit by adding more solar panels and replacing the current battery with a high-capacity option. All you will have to do is get the additional items and mount them in series to get much better performance and output from your system. The upgraded setup will allow you to introduce more electronic items in your RV while offering enough power to operate each appliance with ease. The cost of upgrading for a solar set is considerably lower compared to other options. Except for the high initial cost, the running cost and maintenance of an RV solar kit are pretty low.


As you may already know, solar panels offer the cleanest and most eco-friendly energy production for users. These panels convert the solar energy directly into an electrical current that charges the battery. Solar energy is one of the best sources of energy, especially for outdoor usage. You can install a set of solar panels on your RV and have access to unlimited energy anywhere you go.

But, the important thing to keep in mind is that the complete solar RV kits are quite expensive to come by and the energy generation depends upon the quality and specifications of the RV kit. If you wish to find the best RV solar kit, you need to check all of our mentions given in this article. We also have a buying guide that shall help you along the way. Furthermore, we have some of the best options lined up for you right here.

  • Renogy RV Solar Kit, featuring 100 wattage capacity along with high-efficiency monocrystalline technology, compact design, and advanced solar cell structures, they provide stable power output. Renogy ensures superior quality, durability against various weather conditions, and fast installation. With a 10-year workmanship warranty and over 80% output at 25 years, these panels are a reliable and overall recommended solution for RV solar setups.
  • If your power requirement is high, we will strongly recommend going with the ACOPOWER RV Solar Kit. This unit includes a set of 5 solar panels which collectively generate about 500 watts of energy. The set contains solar panels, a dedicated controller with a digital display, connecting cables, and mounting accessories.
  • Lastly, we will suggest the WEIZE RV Solar Kit if you wish to buy a powerful unit under an affordable budget range. This unit will grant you about 200 watts of power with dual high-performance solar panels. WEIZE is also offering constant customer support which is great assurance for a long-lasting performance.

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