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6 Best RV Air Conditioners In 2024

Just like your home, maintaining the temperature inside your RV is highly important if you want to live in it. While some models come with inbuilt units, you might have to buy an RV air conditioner if you live in an RV or go camping. In this article, we shortlisted some of the Best RV Air Conditioners for you to buy online.

In case you are buying one, then make sure to consider all of the important factors including the following ones:

  • Cooling Capacity: If you want an air conditioner to properly cool your RV, then checking its cooling capacity is highly important. This rating is given in either BTU or BTU/hour and includes options like 13500 or 15000 BTU ratings, where a higher rating results in better cooling power consumption.
  • Power Consumption: Since an RV air conditioner generally gets powered using an RV generator, checking its power consumption is highly important to ensure that your generator can handle the load. While efficient models have a power consumption of around 1600W, other models might even go up to 3000W.
  • Air Flow: Other than having proper cooling performance, the fans of your air conditioner should also be powerful for proper ventilation. This includes options like 300 CFM or 400 CFM airflow fans where higher is better

Because an air conditioner is so handy, you can find a wide range of options in the market, including the best RV air conditioners mentioned in this article.

Since we have provided you with all their details as well as a detailed “Buying Guide”, you should be able to easily select the perfect RV air conditioner after going through this article until the end.

Best RV Air Conditioners Table

RV Air ConditionerCooling CapacityPower ConsumptionWarrantyBuy Now
Dometic RV Air Conditioner13500 BTU/hour2800 watts2 yearCheck On Amazon
ICON RV Air Conditioner15000 BTU/hour----Check On Amazon
Coleman RV Air Conditioner15000 BTU/hour1800 watts2 yearCheck On Amazon
RecPro RV Air Conditioner15000 BTU/hour‎1300 watts--Check On Amazon
Asa Electronics RV Air Conditioner13500 BTU/hour3000 watts2 yearCheck On Amazon
Advent RV Air Conditioner15000 BTU/hour2800 watts2 yearCheck On Amazon

Best RV Air Conditioners Reviews

1. Dometic RV Air Conditioner

Dometic RV Air ConditionerDometic Brisk II is a cutting-edge rooftop air conditioner designed for RV enthusiasts seeking unparalleled performance and efficiency. This air conditioner can cool a lot (13,500 BTUs), making your RV comfort. It has cool features and cares about the environment.

This air conditioner has 15% more air coming out, so your RV feels extra cool and comfort. The Brisk II is 19% lighter, so it saves on fuel and is easy to install in any type of RV. It runs quietly, reducing annoying noise and letting you relax to the max. This air conditioner is strong and built to handle travel challenges. It is designed to last long and stay reliable on all your adventures. The Brisk II helps the environment by using a green refrigerant called R-410A. This shows Dometic cares about being sustainable.


  • 13,500 BTUs for efficient temperature control.
  • 15% more than previous models for improved comfort.
  • 19% lighter, promoting fuel efficiency and easy installation.
  • Whisper-quiet performance ensures a peaceful environment.
  • Built to withstand travel rigors, ensuring longevity and reliability.
  • Uses R-410A refrigerant, contributing to a greener footprint.


  • Provides a comfortable climate in RVs.
  • Lightweight design simplifies setup.
  • Operates quietly for a peaceful atmosphere.
  • Withstands the challenges of travel for long-lasting use.
  • Uses environmentally friendly refrigerant, supporting sustainability.


  • Junk

Buy Now From Amazon

2. ICON RV Air Conditioner

ICON RV Air ConditionerICON RV Air Conditioner shroud has designed from strong material that resists UV rays and impacts. It is sturdy and long-lasting, perfect for outdoor use. Its strong design keeps your air conditioner safe, making it work better and last longer.

This device works with 110 Volts and gets its power from the air. It can hold up to 5 cubic feet of stuff. This shroud not only makes your RV look better but also makes your air conditioner work even better.


  • Indestructible polymer construction
  • Quick and easy installation using original bolt holes


  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Fast and simple installation process


  • It was too short

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3. Coleman RV Air Conditioner

Airxcel 08

Compared with other options out there, Airxcel is known for making highly powerful air conditioner units that are great for heavy-duty usage and make for a great option in large-sized RVs.

The Airxcel 08-0080 Mach 15 Arctic RV Air Conditioner is the 2nd product in this article and it is the most powerful option in this article. Since it has a cooling capacity of 15000 BTU/hour, it can easily cool most RV models. But the best thing about it is that it is able to offer this with a power consumption of just 1800W making it highly efficient.

Just like the previous RV air compressor, this one also comes with a 2-year long warranty. Hence, you can keep using the ⅓ HP fan motor for a long time that delivers 320 CFM of airflow to the user. Another great thing about it is that it offers both cooling as well as heating modes to the user.


  • Cooling capacity of 15000 BTU/hour
  • 1800W of power consumption
  • 2-year long warranty


  • Most powerful option in this article
  • Highly efficient power rating
  • Powerful fan with high airflow


  • Slightly on the expensive side
  • Average build quality

Buy Now From Amazon

4. RecPro RV Air Conditioner

RecPro RV Air ConditionerRecPro RV Air Conditioner is a powerful cooling system with a 15,000 BTU capacity, perfect for various mobile homes like campers, travel trailers, fifth wheels, food trucks and motorhomes. This air conditioner is designed for easy installation, making it simple for users to set up without any trouble. It uses little electricity, which helps save energy. It also provides strong heating and cooling performance. It’s multifunctionality extends to a dehumidifying feature, offering comprehensive climate control.

This air conditioner runs on 115 volts of electricity, uses refrigerant R-410A and is powered by a corded electric source. It is better than others because it is good at reducing noise level of 59.1 dB. This air conditioner makes the place quieter and more comfortable for people inside. It comes with an easy-to-use touch screen and a remote control, making it easy for you to operate. It comes with 2 years warranty.


  • 15,000 BTU capacity
  • Non-ducted for easy installation
  • Low amp draw for energy efficiency
  • Heating and cooling capabilities
  • Quieter operation than competitors
  • Touch screen LED display and remote control
  • 2-year manufacturer warranty


  • Powerful cooling suitable for various mobile homes
  • Hassle-free installation
  • Energy-efficient with low electricity usage
  • Versatile with both heating and cooling options
  • Effective dehumidification
  • Reduced noise for a quieter environment


  • Will not work on Generator Power

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5. Asa Electronics RV Air Conditioner

ASA Electronics

In case that you are on a budget, Asa Electronics can be a great pick for you since a lot of the RV air conditioners offered by it come at a highly affordable price tag and still offer decent performance.

The Asa Electronics ACM135 Advent RV Air Conditioner is the cheapest option in this article, making it a great pick for users on a budget. But despite the lower price tag, you get a pretty decent 13,500 BTU/hour cooling capacity that results in a high value for money. Unfortunately, the 3000W power rating is quite high when compared with other options out there.

Just like all other RV air conditioners mentioned in this article till now, this one also comes with a 2-year long warranty. In fact, you also get a decent build quality for the given price that is quite great to have. You get a total of three fan speeds in it that is quite good for the given price tag.


  • Cooling capacity of 13500 BTU/hour
  • 3000 watts of power consumption
  • 2-year long warranty


  • Affordable price tag results in a high value for money
  • Decent performance for most users
  • 3 fan speeds for adjustability


  • Poor efficiency rating

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6. Advent RV Air Conditioner

Advent ACM150

You should also consider Advent before buying an RV air conditioner since they also make various highly powerful units that can be decent if you want high cooling performance.

This Advent ACM150 RV Air Conditioner is the 3rd product in this article and it is a highly powerful unit. As you can tell by its name, it offers a very high cooling capacity rating of 15000 BTUs. While it is surely highly powerful, if you are looking for efficient options, you should look elsewhere, as its 2800W power consumption rating is quite high.

Its 2-year warranty makes it quite durable and reliable, especially when you consider the great build quality offered by it. Another great thing about it is that it offers a total of 3 fan speeds for decent flexibility. Unlike other similarly performing options out there, this one has a comparatively lower price tag.


  • Cooling capacity of 15000 BTU/hour
  • 2800 watts of power consumption
  • 2-year long warranty


  • Low price tag for high value for money
  • 3 fan speeds for flexibility
  • High-performance air conditioner unit


  • High power consumption rating

Buy Now From Amazon

Factors to Consider When Choosing an RV Air Conditioner

Selecting the right air conditioner for your RV is crucial for a comfortable journey. With so many options out there, it can be hard to decide. However, knowing what to look for can make it easier. Here are some important things to consider when choosing the best RV air conditioner for you:

1. Size and BTU Rating

Choosing the right RV air conditioner depends on two main factors: your RV’s size and the weather where you’re headed. The BTU rating shows how much cooling power it has. If you have a big RV or you’re going to a hot place, you’ll need a higher BTU rating to cool effectively. But for smaller RVs or milder climates, you can go with a lower BTU rating to save energy and avoid overcooling.

2. Power Source: AC vs. DC

RV air conditioners can run on two types of power: alternating current (AC) or direct current (DC). AC-powered ones are usual and work well when your RV is parked at a campground or hooked up to a generator. They provide steady cooling. DC-powered units are meant for when you’re driving or camping off-grid, using your RV’s battery.

3. Energy Efficiency

Using energy-efficient appliances, such as air conditioners, benefits the environment and your wallet. Opting for an energy-efficient air conditioner means it consumes less power, reduces fuel usage, and lowers operating expenses. Look for models with high Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) or Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) ratings, indicating superior cooling performance with minimal energy consumption.

4. Noise Level

Creating a calm atmosphere is important for having a good time on RV trips. Different air conditioner models make different amounts of noise, which can affect how relaxed you feel. Look for air conditioners that have features to reduce noise, like special materials or variable-speed compressors. This helps keep things quiet inside and outside the RV, so you can enjoy your trip to the fullest.

5. Installation Requirements

Check if it will fit your RV and how it needs to be installed. Think about things like how much space you have on your roof, if there’s already wiring and ducts, and if you might need extra support. Some air conditioners might need a professional to install them, while others are easier for people to do themselves. Make sure the one you pick matches up with what your RV can handle.

6. Additional Features

Modern RV air conditioners have more than just cooling. They also have extra features for better comfort and convenience. These can be things like programmable thermostats, remote controls, adjustable airflow, and heating for all seasons. Think about what you like and how you camp to see how important these features are for you.

RV Air Conditioners – FAQs

1. How do I determine the right cooling capacity for my RV air conditioner?

Ans: The cooling capacity is measured in BTUs (British Thermal Units). To determine the right capacity, consider the size of your RV. Generally, a 13,500 BTU unit is suitable for a smaller RV, while larger RVs may require a 15,000 BTU unit or higher.

2. Are there energy-efficient options available for RV air conditioners?

Ans: Yes, many RV air conditioners come with energy-efficient features, such as variable speed compressors and high EER (Energy Efficiency Ratio) ratings. Look for models with the ENERGY STAR label for added efficiency.

3. What is the average lifespan of an RV air conditioner?

Ans: The average lifespan of an RV air conditioner is around 10-15 years, depending on usage and maintenance. Regularly inspect and service your unit to extend its lifespan.

4. What types of RV air conditioners are available?

Ans: There are rooftop air conditioners and portable air conditioners for RVs. Rooftop units are more common and are mounted on the roof of the RV. Portable units are standalone and can be moved around, but they may require more storage space.

5. Can I run my RV air conditioner on a generator?

Ans: Yes, you can run your RV air conditioner on a generator. Make sure the generator has sufficient wattage to handle the air conditioner’s power requirements. Refer to both the air conditioner and generator manuals for compatibility and proper setup.

6. How can I reduce the noise level of my RV air conditioner?

Ans: Some RV air conditioners come with noise reduction features, but you can also minimize noise by installing soundproofing materials in the RV interior, using soft-start kits, and parking in shaded areas to reduce the need for continuous cooling.


There are various things that you have to buy along with a generator. While there are many accessories like RV generators, furniture, and various others, an RV air conditioner is highly important for comfort.

Hence, you can find multiple options out there, including some of the best RV air conditioners mentioned in this article. You can also find their options and features as well as a buying guide to know everything about RV air conditioners for choosing the best one.

And based on these factors, here are our favorite recommendations:

  • In case you are on a budget, you can go with the ASA Electronics RV AC. This is one of the most affordable options out there that still offers a cooling capacity of 13500 BTU that is quite good. You also get a 2-year long warranty even at the given price tag.
  • You can go with the Coleman RV Air conditioner if you want a highly powerful one. It offers the highest cooling capacity of 15000 BTU that is more than enough for most users out there. And it is able to offer this with a power consumption of just 1800W that makes it quite efficient.
  • The Advent RV Air conditioner can be yet another great pick for heavy-duty usage. It offers the same 15000 BTU cooling capacity along with a 2-year warranty. While it is not the most efficient option, its price tag makes it highly powerful in its class.

Make sure to share your thoughts in the comments section. You can also post any questions down there if you have any!

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