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The 7 Best TV For RV Use Reviews & Buying Guide 2024

Choosing the best TV for RV use requires careful consideration of several key factors, ensuring a perfect balance between entertainment and space efficiency. The ideal TV for recreational vehicles (RVs) should deliver a captivating viewing experience while being compact, versatile in connectivity, and offering optimal resolution for crisp visuals.

Hence, we have mentioned the best TVs for RV use in this article, which have been selected based on the following factors:

  • Screen Size: Most RV owners find that a screen size ranging from 24 to 32 inches strikes the perfect balance, providing an ample display without compromising on the available space. This size range allows for easy installation in various locations within the RV, such as the living area, bedroom, or even outdoor entertainment spaces.
  • Connectivity Technology: The versatility of connectivity options is paramount for an RV TV, as it caters to the diverse range of devices that RV enthusiasts may want to connect. Look for TVs with multiple HDMI ports, allowing you to connect streaming devices, gaming consoles, or even a laptop for a personalized entertainment experience.
  • Resolution: The resolution of an RV TV significantly impacts the clarity and quality of the displayed content. While 1080p Full HD resolution is widely appreciated for home TVs, in the RV context, where screen sizes are relatively smaller, a 720p HD resolution is often more than sufficient. It strikes a balance between delivering sharp visuals and ensuring optimal performance, especially in scenarios where streaming bandwidth may be limited.

We have also provided an extensive “Buying Guide” and some important FAQs for the Best TV for RV use to allow you to go with the most ideal one with ease.

Best TV For RV Use Table

Best TV for RV UseScreen SizeConnectivity TechnologyResolutionSupported Internet ServicesBuy Now
TCL Smart LED TV43 InchesWi-Fi, USB, HDMI1080pNetflix, Hulu, Youtube, Spotify, AmazonCheck On Amazon
Hisense TV40 InchesEthernet, HDMI1080pNetflix, Amazon Instant Video, Hulu Plus, Google TV, YouTubeCheck On Amazon
INSIGNIA TV32 InchesWi-Fi, Ethernet1080pNetflix, Pandora, Amazon, Hulu PlusCheck On Amazon
Amazon TV32 InchesHDMI ,wifi720pNetflix, Prime Video, Disney+Check On Amazon
SuperSonic HDTV24 InchesUSB, HDMI1080pNetflix, HuluCheck On Amazon
SuperSonic SC-1912 LED HDTV19 InchesUSB, HDMI720pNetflix, HuluCheck On Amazon
Free LED TV28 InchesHDMI720pN.ACheck On Amazon

Best TV For RV Use Reviews

1. TCL Smart LED TV

TCL 43-inch 1080p Smart LED TV

The next one on the list is a big dog in the television market, TCL. This TCL television provides you with the best combination of large screen and utmost display quality. The 43S25 comes with a large screen of 43 inches that’ll take your television watching experience to a whole different level. Along with that, the 1080p would work just fine for a clear sharp display.

It’ll be not good if you can’t connect different devices to this massive screen television. This is why the company provides you with enough connecting options.  With the help of  3 HDMI, 1 USB, Radio Frequency, and  Optical audio out jack, there isn’t anything that you can’t do. On top of that, there’s also a headphone jack that allows you to plug earpieces while playing games on it.

The smart functionality features are what makes this TV worthy of purchase. You can easily integrate it with smart assistants such as  Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant to make life easier. 

Talking about the appearance there’s hardly any competitor near the TCL 43 inches TV. It is equipped with a thin bezel that looks aesthetic and sharp while glancing at it. Moreover, the stands here are two legs that add more points to the appearance factor. 


  • Massie display screen
  • Features headphone jack
  • Aesthetic look


  • The speakers are not up to the mark

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2. Hisense TV

Hisense TV  Hisense 40H4F is a 40-inch Roku Smart TV that combines affordability with impressive features. The Roku Smart TV makes it easy to watch your favourite shows, and you can control it with built-in Wi-Fi and Alexa. The TV can play stuff from the internet like Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, Google TV, and YouTube. It uses LED technology for the screen.

The TV has a clear picture of 1080p resolution and a smooth screen of 60Hz refresh rate. This TV comes with a remote, a power cable, a quick guide and two AAA batteries. The TV screen refreshes 60 times per second. The TV uses very little power, only 0.49 Watts. It has 4 HDMI ports and you can control it using your voice.

The special DTS TruSurround sound makes the TV sound awesome, creating a cool atmosphere. This gives you lots of options for setting up your entertainment stuff. It comes with 1 year warranty.


  • Crisp 1080p resolution and smooth 60Hz refresh rate.
  • Access favorite streaming channels easily with Roku Smart TV.
  • Comes with a remote, a power cable, a quick guide and two AAA batteries.
  • Convenient voice control through built-in Alexa compatibility.
  • Immersive DTS TruSurround sound for enhanced audio.
  • Versatility with 4 HDMI ports for multiple device connections.


  • Limited to 1080p resolution, not 4K.

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INSIGNIA TVThe INSIGNIA F20 Series TV has vivid 1080p resolution, this TV makes your movies, shows, and games pop with vibrant clarity. It’s your ideal travel companion, providing a top-notch viewing experience.

What sets it apart is the Alexa Voice Remote. Just press and hold the voice button, and you’re in control. It’s like having a personal assistant for your TV. You can effortlessly navigate, search for apps, switch inputs, and more, all using voice commands. It’s easy, and it makes your TV time a breeze.

Out of the box, this TV is ready to take you on an entertainment journey. You’ll have access to over a million streaming movies and TV episodes, not to mention countless channels, apps, and Alexa skills. Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Instant Video – you name it, it’s all there for seamless streaming.

It also has the Apple AirPlay feature. Sharing videos, photos, and music from your Apple device is as simple as a touch of a button. It adds a personal touch to your RV adventures, letting you relive memories with friends and family.

Other users have praised it too. One customer marveled at the 1080p quality and the TV’s lightweight design, making wall mounting a breeze. Another found the picture quality impressive, whether on Wi-Fi or an antenna. The Alexa voice commands have been a hit for finding programs and channels. While some found the remote a bit tricky, programming favorite channels solved the issue. Overall, it’s a fantastic value.


  • Affordable price
  • Good picture quality
  • Easy to use Alexa voice control
  • Wide range of streaming apps available
  • Supports AirPlay and HDMI ARC
  • Lightweight and easy to wall mount


  • Remote does not have number buttons for quick channel changing
  • Sound quality could be better.

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4. Amazon TV

Amazon TVThe Amazon Fire TV 32″ 2-Series is a smart TV that is affordable and packed with features, perfect for budget-conscious consumers. The TV has a 32-inch screen that shows colorful pictures because it supports HDR 10 and HLG. The TV comes with Fire TV built-in, so you can watch over a million movies and TV shows. You can also use apps like YouTube, Freevee, Tubi, Pluto TV, and others for free.

With the Alexa Voice Remote, you can control your TV and smart home devices using your voice. The TV can connect to different things like game consoles and sound systems because it has 2 HDMI ports and 1 HDMI ARC port.

The TV has a clear picture with 1366 x 768 resolution, smooth motion with a 60 Hz refresh rate and good sound with 8W + 8W audio power for watching experience. It is affordable and comes with lots of cool features for a enjoyable home entertainment experience.


  • Affordable smart TV with Fire TV built-in.
  • 32-inch 720p HD display with HDR 10 and HLG support.
  • Alexa Voice Remote for easy TV control.
  • Access to over 1 million movies and TV episodes.
  • Free streaming with popular apps like YouTube, Freevee, Tubi, Pluto TV, and more.
  • 6-month free subscription to MGM+.
  • Wireless Bluetooth listening for private audio.


  • Not for antenna use

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5. SuperSonic HDTV

SuperSonic SC-2411 LED Widescreen HDTV

This product is from the home ground of America itself. The SuperSonic is one of the oldest electronic manufacturers of America that started in late 1979. And there’s no doubt why it’s even praisable in modern times. Well, by looking at the SC-2411 model, everything will be clear.

The SC-2411 model is best known for the versatility it provides to you. You can easily plug any HDMI, VGA, and USB input devices here. Thus,  no matter for what purpose you’re considering this, the television has got it all covered.

This 24 inches TV comes with a Full HD display resolution that’ll work best with your RV environment. On top of that, the thin bezel design looks really great and will increase the beauty of the interior as well. 

Its compact speakers are up to the mark and will not disappoint you in the quality factor. Also, there’s no need to worry about the loudness. Here, the speakers can easily cover up the complete RV area. 

With the help of Firestick support, the sky becomes the limit. You get access to all the smart features, such as voice recognition and accessing Alexa. 

Another good thing to notice here is, SuperSonic provides you with Voltage options as well. This TV supports both  110V and 12V of electric supply.


  • Features multiple ports
  • The thin bezel design looks great.
  • Supports both 110Volts and 12Volts


  • Found nothing so far

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6. SuperSonic SC-1912 LED HDTV

SuperSonic SC-1912 LED Widescreen HDTV

Including another product from the side of SuperSonic states the genius of this brand. This time the SC1912 would serve as a great fit for people looking to settle with the smaller screen size.

The best part of having a small screen is, you get a better visual experience. In 19 inches of screen display, the 1080P will literally take your entertainment experience to a whole different level. 

Another intriguing feature you get with a 19 inches SuperSonic TV is its built-in DVD player. Thus, now, you’ll not have to plug or pre-assemble the complete DVD setup before watching 18s’ retro.

With the integration of Amazon Firestick and other streaming platforms, there’s nothing that you can’t do. On top of that, the TV is compatible with most gaming consoles as well.

The praisable connectivity allows you to even connect this TV with your laptop. This TV comprises HDMI, VGA, RF, USB, PC Audio, CVBS, and Audio L/R. Having such high terminal ports really makes you a powerful connectivity guy.


  • Budget pick
  • Built-in DVD player
  • Powerful connectivity


  • Found nothing so far

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7. Free LED TV

Free Signal TV

Free Signal is another name for RV lovers. Their products are specially meant for RV and satisfy the need completely. And this 28 inches LED TV is a great reason behind it. Let’s discuss more feats and capabilities. 

Starting with the type, the Free Signal here offers you both mounting and table-mount options. Thus, good news for space strugglers. You can easily place this TV on the wall without compromising the styles of the interior of the RV. 

The 32 inches screen is powered by a 720P of the display to provide you with a sharp and clear display. Having 720P might not be the best quality in this size, but it’ll not disappoint you. Moreover, as compared to the price, it’s a no brainer to go with this.

One of the intriguing factors about the Free Signal TVs is their speakers. Here too, the loudness of the speaker is up to the mark, but they are crisp and crystal clear. At the same time, the speakers will not disturb the driver at all.

The TV offers multiple connectivities as well. You get three HDMI ports to take care of your setup box, and other devices. On top of that, a complete one year warranty is like the cherry on the cake which makes this TV worth a purchase. 


  • Wide viewing angle
  • Aesthetic looks


  • Average speakers

Buy Now From Amazon

Buying Guide Features For The Best TV For RV Use

By carefully evaluating these aspects, RV enthusiasts can make informed decisions that align with their specific needs and preferences.

1. Screen Size

The ideal size strikes a balance between providing an immersive viewing experience and fitting seamlessly into the limited space of an RV. Commonly, RV owners opt for screen sizes ranging from 24 to 32 inches, ensuring a clear view without overwhelming the confined interior.

2. Connectivity Technology

Versatile connectivity options are crucial for an RV TV, catering to the diverse range of devices that may need to be connected. Look for TVs equipped with multiple HDMI ports to accommodate streaming devices, gaming consoles, or laptops. USB ports are valuable for playing media directly from external storage devices. Smart TVs with built-in Wi-Fi and integrated streaming platforms (such as Roku, Fire TV, or Chromecast)

3. Resolution

The resolution of the TV significantly influences the clarity and quality of the displayed content. For RVs with smaller screen sizes, a 720p HD resolution is often sufficient, providing sharp visuals while being mindful of potential limitations in streaming bandwidth.

4. Supported Services

Ensure that the RV TV supports the streaming services you prefer. Smart TVs with integrated platforms offer access to a variety of streaming services, including popular options like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, and more.

5. Voltage

Some RV TVs are designed to work with both 12-volt DC power and standard household AC power, offering flexibility in various RV setups. This dual-voltage capability ensures that the TV can be powered using the RV’s battery system, making it suitable for both on-the-road and campground scenarios.

6. Mounting Type

Consider the mounting options available for the TV, as RVs may have limited space and unique mounting requirements. Look for TVs with versatile mounting capabilities, including VESA mount compatibility for wall mounting or specialized brackets for ceiling installations.

7. Warranty

A warranty provides assurance and protection for your investment. Look for RV TVs that come with a manufacturer’s warranty, and pay attention to the duration and terms. A longer warranty period typically indicates the manufacturer’s confidence in the product’s reliability.

TV For RV Use – FAQs

1. What size TV is ideal for an RV?

Ans: For RVs, a screen size ranging from 24 to 32 inches is often considered ideal. It provides a good balance between immersive viewing and fitting well within the limited space of an RV.

2. Can I use a regular home TV in my RV?

Ans: Yes, you can use a regular home TV in your RV, but it’s advisable to choose an RV-specific TV due to factors like voltage compatibility and durability in mobile environments.

3. Are there RV TVs with built-in streaming services?

Ans: Yes, many RV TVs come with built-in streaming platforms like Roku, Fire TV, or Chromecast, offering access to popular streaming services without the need for additional devices.

4. How should I mount the TV in my RV?

Ans: Consider VESA mount compatibility for wall mounting or look for TVs with brackets suitable for ceiling installations. Ensure the mounting type aligns with the available space and your preferences within the RV.

5. Can I connect external devices to an RV TV?

Ans: Yes, RV TVs typically come with multiple HDMI and USB ports, allowing you to connect external devices like streaming devices, gaming consoles, or laptops for a customized entertainment setup.

6. What resolution is suitable for RV TVs?

Ans: For smaller screen sizes in RVs, a 720p HD resolution is often sufficient for sharp visuals. However, if you prioritize high-quality images and have fast internet access, you can opt for TVs with 1080p or 4K resolution.

7. Can I use a smart TV in my RV?

Ans: Yes, smart TVs are suitable for RV use, offering built-in streaming services and versatile connectivity options. Ensure compatibility with your preferred streaming platforms and available internet connectivity.


I hope the above information would help consider the best entertainment option for your RV. There’s no doubt that TV is a one-time long investment that’s going to become one of your loyal friends. 

The key here is to consider the best product that satisfies your needs. By simply looking at your budget and idle space, you should finalize some of the TV from the above list. Now, compare it to the factors mentioned in the buying guide. 

  • Still, didn’t come up with any preferable choice? In that case, I would love to suggest my favourite television on the list. The Insignia LED TV would be a great fit for every sized vehicle. 

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