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Best RV Skylight With Their Notable Features

If you are a proud owner of a recreational vehicle, one of the best investments that you can make is the RV skylight. It is a simple accessory, but it has several advantages. It enables the user to bask in natural sunlight and makes the RV more welcoming and spacious.

Some factors will help you decode the best RV skylight. These factors will make a differentiating factor when you are selecting the RV skylights.

  • Material: The first thing you need to look at when buying the RV skylight is the material. The ideal material in today’s time is polycarbonate thermoform, which is strong, durable and resistant to wear and tear.
  • Resistance: You need to make sure that the RV skylight is resistant to extreme weather conditions and sudden impact. This allows the user to drive through rough terrain and different weather conditions.
  • Style: There are two distinct styles of RV skylights: dome-shaped and RV opening skylight. The former is the traditional and cheaper option, while the latter is the newer and the more expensive option.

More details on the factors to consider when buying the RV skylight is discussed in the “Buying Guide” later in the article. In this article, we have listed the best RV skylights with their notable features, advantages and disadvantages. Read on to know all about the RV skylight.

Best RV Skylight Chart

RV SkylightColourSizeBuy Now
ICON RV SkylightClear18” X 26”Check On Amazon
RecPro RV SkylightOpaque14" X 22"Check On Amazon
ICON 01866 RV SkylightClear28" X 15"Check On Amazon
SunTek RV SkylightOpaque16" X 32"Check On Amazon
Specialty Recreation RV SkylightIce colour14" X 22"Check On Amazon
Class A Customs RV SkylightClear⅞" X 26"Check On Amazon
Bri-Rus SL1414W RV SkylightWhite14" X 14"Check On Amazon
Meonum RV SkylightClear14" X 22"Check On Amazon
Straight Creek RV SkylightClear14" X 22"Check On Amazon

Best RV Skylight Reviews

1. ICON RV Skylight

ICON RV SkylightThis Icon RV skylight is a sleek shaped and dome-designed product which suits all the RV decors without feeling too bulky.

It is constructed of polycarbonate material, making it impact-resistant, scratch-proof, and does not shatter easily. It fulfils the job of letting the required amount of sunlight into the RV, effectively changing the owner’s mood. The construction material is resistant to UV rays which prevents staining, cracking and deterioration of the skylight because of the UV rays.

The product is available in three colours-smoke, translucent white and transparent. The pre-drilled holes enable easy installation for the user.

Best Features:

  • Colour: Clear
  • Size: 18” X 26”


  • Sleek and dome-shaped design.
  • Available in three colours.
  • Durable and sturdy.
  • UV resistant.


  • Some felt that the smoke tint colour could be a little darker.

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2. RecPro RV Skylight

RecPro RV SkylightRecpro has come up with a heavy-duty RV skylight which is impact-resistant and is a great choice if you want to travel through different weather conditions or through rough terrains.

It is made of polycarbonate thermoform, which can be cleaned easily and does not require any harsh chemicals or expensive products for cleaning. This durable skylight will last you a long time and won’t give up on you in the middle of the road. It is available in different colours.

This RV skylight is easy to install and fits perfectly to all corners of the RV. The maintenance is very simple and does not require much hassle.

Best Features

  • Colour: Opaque
  • Size: 14” X 22”


  • Heavy-duty.
  • Resistant to all weather.
  • Easy installation.
  • Polycarbonate thermoform material.


  • Garnish is not included.

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3. ICON 01866 RV Skylight

ICON 01866 RV Skylight Icon has come up with a neo-angled dome-shaped skylight for RVs. It is an ideal fit that can perfectly adhere to the corners of the RV.

This product allows natural light to your RV. It is constructed with the popular polycarbonate which is resistant to impact and scratches. UV protection enables better resistance to UV rays that do not ruin the aesthetics and strengthens the skylight as a whole. The drilling holes allow for a perfect fit on the corners of the RV and allow easy installation.

It eliminates the need to install bulbs inside the RV and is available in four colour options: dark smoke, smoke, white and clear.

Best Features

  • Colour: Clear
  • Size: 28” X 15”


  • Neo-angled design.
  • Resistant to impact.
  • UV resistance.
  • Four colour options.


  • It is difficult to measure.

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4. SunTek RV Skylight

SunTek-RV-SkylightThis skylight is getting popular due to the modern design and sapphire touch to your RV. It is a very durable and economical choice for all RV owners.

The product is made of premium-quality resin that is 250 times better in handling impact-resistance then the glass skylights and 30 times better than the acrylic options. It is also ready for all weather changes as it can handle any temperature between 60 F and 250 F. Moreover, UV stability helps to increase the durability of the product.

It can be installed effortlessly and is easy for even people who are new at such a job.

Best Features:

  • Colour: Opaque
  • Size: 16” X 32”


  • Resistant to impact.
  • UV stabilised.
  • Can be installed easily.
  • Resistant to temperature.


  • Little on the expensive side.

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5. Specialty Recreation RV Skylight

Specialty Recreation RV SkylightThis is a top-notch and efficient skylight that is made by thermoforming polycarbonate which makes it durable which enables it to work for a long time.

The product is available in several sizes and allows the buyer to replace the original equipment from the RV manufacturer. The material is easy to clean due to the use of plastic thermoforms.

The package includes one urethane sealant tube and an inner garnish with the RV skylight for easy installation. This helps to enjoy natural sunlight in your RV.

Best Features:

  • Colour: Ice Colour
  • Size: 14” X 22”


  • Inner garnish included.
  • Constructed of durable polycarbonate thermoform.
  • Resistant to impacts.
  • Easy to install and clean.


  • Flimsy construction.

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6. Class A Customs RV Skylight

Class A Customs RV SkylightIf quality and durability are something that you are looking for, then this is the perfect choice for you. It is one of the high-end products, but the quality does not let you question your choices.

This skylight comes in three different colours- smoke, white and clear and enables you to choose depending on the amount of sunlight you want to let in your RV. The product is made of 50% stronger material as it is strong against all kinds of impact.

The drill holes make the installation process easier for first-time users.

Best Features:

  • Colour: Clear
  • Size: ⅞” X 26”
  • Brand: Class A Customs


  • Three colour options.
  • Drill holes for easy mounting.
  • Impact resistant.
  • Durable and sturdy.


  • The product does not talk about impact resistance.

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7. Bri-Rus SL1414W RV Skylight

Bri-Rus SL1414W RV SkylightThis is a square-dimensioned skylight which features a simple design and highlights this fact. It allows natural sunlight into your RV.

The use of thermoformed polycarbonate material is very easy to clean and does not require harsh chemicals or expensive products to clean. The care instructions are also included in the package which increases the durability of the product. It is available in three different colours- smoked, white and clear.

The product features drilled holes which enhances the easy installation. With some common hardware items, the installation is quite simple.

Best Features:

  • Colour: White
  • Size: 14” X 14”


  • Care instructions included.
  • Thermoformed polycarbonate construction.
  • Drill holes for easy installation.
  • Easy to clean.


  • Interior garnish is not included.

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8. Meonum RV Skylight

Meonum RV SkylightThis RV sunroof is constructed of premium-quality transparent polycarbonate material, which features resistance abrasion and increased hardness. This replacement skylight can be drilled or cut without any cracks.

The sunroof by Meonum is compatible with most RVs that require a rectangular sunroof with the dimensions of 14” X 22”. Also, the UV coating on the skylight makes it weather-resistant, and the colour never fades under any circumstance. It can be attached to the inner dome with special glue to prevent all kinds of leakage.

This product is easy to install and safe. All the hardware or installation with the manual is provided in the package.

Best Features:

  • Colour: Clear
  • Size: 14” X 22”


  • Resistance abrasion.
  • High-quality transparent polycarbonate.
  • Compatible with all RVs.
  • All the hardware included.


  • Some users felt that manual guides lack information.

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9. Straight Creek RV Skylight

Straight Creek RV SkylightThis is a universal fit skylight that fits the outer surface of the RV. The skylight is of the clear ice crackle colour that allows it to fit in all decors.

This rectangular dome-shaped skylight allows the perfect amount of light into your RV so that it can create a cosy atmosphere for all the inmates. The universal dimensions of 14” X 22” enable a perfect fit for all the RV sunroofs. Also, it can be attached with the help of super glue which makes the installation process very simple.

The product is available in smoke colour and clear colour. The installation of the skylight saves the cost of turning the bulbs on during the daytime.

Best Features

  • Colour: Clear
  • Size: 14” X 22”


  • Ice crackle colour.
  • Available in several colours.
  • Allows sunlight in the RV,
  • Easy installation.


  • No drill holes for installation.

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Things to Consider Before Buying an RV Skylight

It might seem that the skylights are easy products to select but there are several things to consider when buying any skylight. The inappropriate skylight can cost you much more in repair and prove to be a bad investment. In the following section, we have listed some factors that will help select the best RV skylight.

1. Material

You need to look for a skylight that is made of a durable material and not some cheap fabric. The cheap fabric might cost high in repairs or you might need to change the skylight altogether. Therefore, it is better to go for a durable alternative so that it is resistant to wear and tear. The best choice of material for an RV skylight is polycarbonate thermoform. It is stronger and more durable than the acrylic skylight alternatives.

2. Resistance

You have to make sure that the skylight for your RV is resistant to extreme temperature changes and sudden impacts of all kinds. It also should be made sure that the skylight is resistant to weather conditions. This will enable the user to take trips in different weather conditions and the resistance to impacts enable you to drive through rough terrain.

3. Style

There are several styles that are available in the market for the RV skylight. The innovative and the best style nowadays for the RV skylight is the RV opening skylight. It is an expensive option, but they rank high in aesthetics. Another option for the RV skylight is the conventional dome-shaped skylight which is a cheaper option.

4. Shape

The skylight can be of varied shapes starting from neo-angle to rectangular and square. The shape that you select is based on the location of the skylight and the area that is available to you. The neo-angle ones work better for the RV shower skylight.

5. Size

Now, the size of the skylight is solely based on the area of the RV that you can cut through on the roof of the RV. If the RV is too small, then the required sunlight might be restricted. On the contrary, if it is too big, it might allow too much cold or heat.

4. Colour

There are not many colour options when it comes to RV skylights. The most common ones are smoke tinted or clear. The selection is based on personal choice and how much sunlight you want for your RV.

5. UV Stabilization

The UV rays can be the worst enemy for your RV skylights as they can cause them to shatter, crack, become hazy or cause stains too. The UV stabilisation for the RV skylight helps to avoid harm to the skylight from UV rays.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can anyone clean a skylight?

Ans: The polycarbonate skylights are very easy to clean and can be done with warm water, a washcloth and mild soap. It is suggested to not use ammonia or any other harsh cleaning substances as it can affect the skylight’s temperature and the strength of the material. It can also hamper UV stabilisation.

2. Can the RV skylights leak?

Ans: The skylights do not leak but they can leak if they have holes or cracks or if they are not fastened well.

3. Can the skylight be alternatively used as an emergency exit?

Ans: One of the major advantages of the RV skylight can be alternatively used as an emergency exit. It can be used as an exit when the regular one is non-functional or jammed. For this situation, the RV opening skylight is more suitable.

4. How can one deal with the RV skylight being leaked?

Ans: The RV skylight condensation might be misunderstood as a leak. Now, if the leakage is due to a gap in the caulking, you can just add more sealant. But if there are holes or cracks then you need to change the whole unit.

5. How much does the replacement of the RV skylight cost?

Ans: The cost depends on the size and style of the RV skylight. It also depends on the parts you want to repair or the professional service charges. The price range varies from 500 USD to 15,000 USD.

Final Word

With this guide at your disposal, choosing the best RV Skylight will be like a walk in the park. We have listed all the criteria that you need to know for buying the best RV Skylight. Therefore, you just need to apply these considerations when buying the faucet. If you still have doubts, you can write to us in the comments section below.

  • If you are here for the recommendations, we have listed the top three favourites from the list. The first recommendation is ICON RV Skylight. It is sleek and dome-shaped which is durable and sturdy. It is also available in three different colours.
  • The second suggestion from the list is RecPro RV Skylight. It is heavy-duty and is resistant to harsh weather conditions.
  • The third and final product from the list is ICON 01866 RV Skylight. It has a neo-angled design which is impact-resistant and resistant to UV rays.

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