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The 5 Best Ratchet Wrench Sets Reviews and Buying Guide

A ratchet wrench set is one of the most important things to keep in your toolkit for using in either a garage or a workshop. As you would expect, these allow you to tighten or loosen all sorts of nuts and bolts. You even get various features in these electric ratchet wrenches that include the following:

  • Power Type: There are mainly two types of ratchet wrenches available out there that include battery-powered ones and pneumatic ones. While battery-powered ones are highly practical for portable usage, pneumatic ones are ideal for heavy-duty usage in a workshop.
  • Wrench Size: You can find a size rating for almost all ratchet wrench sets out there. This simply tells you about the supported bit size that is generally given as ⅜ inch or 1 ⅜ inch. And you should select this size as per your needs and requirements according to the bits that you want to use.
  • Power Rating: Another important thing to check in ratchet wrench sets is their power rating. While electric ones have this rating mentioned as 12 volts or 20 volts, pneumatic ones will have a power rating like 80 PSI or 110 PSI. In both of these cases, a higher rating results in better performance for the user.

Since there are a lot of such wrench sets available out there, choosing one can be a bit difficult. Thus, we are here with the best ratchet wrench sets along with their major features as well as a detailed “Buying Guide”. This will allow you to easily buy the perfect ratchet wrench set for you after going through this article until the end.

Best Ratchet Wrench Sets

Ratchet Wrench SetPower TypeWrench SizeWarrantyBuy Now
Kimo Ratchet Wrench SetBattery-powered⅜ inch2 yearCheck On Amazon
Aoben Ratchet Wrench SetBattery-powered⅜ inch1 yearCheck On Amazon
Avid Power Store Electric Ratchet WrenchCordless Electric⅜ inch2 yearCheck On Amazon
S-Long Ratchet Wrench SetBattery-powered⅜ inch1 yearCheck On Amazon
Waywax Ratchet Wrench SetPneumatic1 ⅜ inch-Check On Amazon

5 Best Ratchet Wrench Sets Reviews

1. Kimo Ratchet Wrench Set

kimo wrench

Kimo is one of the most popular brands of power tools out there that make electric and battery-powered models. It even makes a ratchet wrench set that is powered by a battery and offers a lot of things to the user.

The Kimo Cordless Electric ratchet wrench set is present in the 1st position in this article as it is the most durable and reliable option present in this article. It offers an excellent build quality to the user. When you consider its 2-year long warranty, it is quite better than most other options out there in terms of the durability as most other models come with a 1-year warranty.

Moving over to the performance of this ratchet wrench set, it comes with a 12-volt battery system. Since it is rated at 2.0 Ah, you get a pretty decent performance out of this ratchet wrench. This battery system allows you to go up to 400 RPM motor speed quite easily. You also get a torque rating of 40 feet pounds that is quite good for a battery-powered ratchet wrench.

Best Features

  • Electric motor power rating of 12 volts
  • ⅜ inch ratchet wrench size
  • 2-year long warranty
  • Battery life rating of 2.0 Ah
  • 400 RPM motor speed rating
  • 40 feet pounds torque rating


  • Highly durable and reliable construction
  • Decent performance out of a 12-volt motor
  • Long battery life from 2.0 Ah battery


  • Slightly expensive ratchet wrench
  • A bit on the larger side

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2. Aoben Ratchet Wrench Set

aoben wrench

You can find a wide range of power tool offerings from Aoben that generally have a high user rating. Its ratchet wrench set also offers a high user rating because of the various features it offers.

Aoben’s cordless electric ratchet wrench is present in the 2nd position in this article as it is another decently powerful electric model. You get a 12-volt battery system in this ratchet that has a rating of 2000 mAh or 2.0 Ah. Since it comes with a total of two batteries in the box, you get a long effective battery life for peace of mind.

While you get a decent 1-year long warranty, the build quality of this ratchet wrench could have been certainly better. Talking about its build and construction, you get a ⅜ inch wrench in this kit along with 2 batteries, 1 charger, and 8 bolts. These bolts can go up to 280 RPM while having a torque of 35 feet pounds using its electric motor.

Best Features

  • Electric motor power rating of 12 volts
  • ⅜ inch ratchet wrench size
  • 1-year long warranty
  • Battery life rating of 2.0 Ah
  • 280 RPM motor speed rating
  • 35 feet pounds torque rating


  • Standard ⅜ inch ratchet wrench size
  • Decent performance from a12-volt battery system
  • High 35 feet pounds torque rating for heavy-duty usage


  • Build quality could have been slightly better

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3. Avid Power Store Electric Ratchet Wrench

Avid Power Store Electric Ratchet WrenchAvid Power Store is one of the popular brands when it comes to reliable and high-quality power tools. Though it has powerful motor and efficiency, it is still available at an affordable price range.

This ratchet wrench can deliver a maximum torque of 50 N.m at the speed of 300 RPM. It is the perfect tool for home repair works, construction and auto repairs. Because of its variable speed trigger, you can adjust the tool according to your requirements.

For providing easy transitions, it comes with forward and reverse switches. It comes with an in-built LED light which can illuminate even dark working environment. An indicator is provided which notifies the time to charge the device.

Best Features

  • All-copper motor
  • Variable speed trigger
  • Power indicator
  • Compact size
  • Fuel indicator
  • On-board fuel gauge


  • Needs only 40 minutes charging time
  • Portable to carry around
  • High performance
  • Easy to operate
  • Variable speed settings


  • Construction quality could have been better

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4. S-Long Ratchet Wrench Set 


When compared with other options out there, S-Long is a smaller brand of power tools that also makes a ratchet wrench. Its wrench set comes with a lot of accessories that make it highly practical and handy.

The S-Long cordless electric ratchet wrench set probably includes the highest number of accessories in its class. You get an electric tool, a manual tool, 10 wrench sockets, two adapters, charger, battery, a carrying case, and much more with this ratchet wrench set. All of these things allow you to use this ratchet wrench set for a wide range of applications and uses.

Talking about its performance, you get a 12 volt electric motor in this ratchet wrench. Since this motor is powered by a 2000 mAh battery, you can even expect a decent battery life. As for its torque rating, it is quite high at 40 feet pounds combined with a motor speed rating of 280 RPM. Another handy feature of this ratchet wrench is that it comes with inbuilt LED lights that can be quite handy during the night.

Best Features

  • Electric motor power rating of 12 volts
  • ⅜ inch ratchet wrench size
  • 1-year long warranty
  • Battery life rating of 2.0 Ah
  • 280 RPM motor speed rating
  • 40 feet pounds torque rating


  • Comes with a wide range of accessories in the box
  • High torque rating for industrial usage
  • Includes an electric as well as a manual tool


  • Average build quality
  • Weight is a bit on the higher side

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5. Waywax Ratchet Wrench Set


You can find a lot of pneumatic power tool offerings from Waywax that are generally ideal for heavy-duty and industrial usage. They also make a highly powerful ratchet wrench set for industrial and heavy-duty needs.

Waywax Dynamic Power’s ratchet wrench set is the only option in this article that comes with a pneumatic tool. This includes a 1 ½ inch impact wrench and a 1 ⅜ inch ratchet wrench, both of which are pneumatic. These use an air pressure rating of up to 90 PSI for optimum performance. You are able to get a high torque rating of 280 feet pounds with the given large wrench size.

As per the name of this ratchet wrench set, it comes with a total of 50 pieces in its accessory kit. This includes a total of two tools, multiple adapters, oil, extra spare parts, and a wide range of bits and bolts for connecting to these power tools. Since you get all of these accessories inside a carrying case, you can easily take all of this with you if needed.

Best Features

  • Pneumatic wrench power rating of 90 PSI
  • 1 ⅜ inch ratchet wrench size
  • Includes two different tools
  • 280 feet pounds of torque rating
  • Comes with a total of 50 accessories


  • Highly powerful ratchet wrench for industrial usage
  • Includes two tools for high flexibility
  • Runs at a decent air pressure of 90 PSI


  • No information on manufacturer warranty
  • Not the most portable option out there

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Buying Guide For The Best Ratchet Wrench Set

You can find a wide range of ratchet wrench sets out there that are made for different users and different applications. In fact, we have even mentioned some of the best ratchet wrench sets available out there in this article. And by going through them, you must know that all of them offer different features to the user for different applications and usage.

Although, some of you might be interested in knowing more about these ratchet wrench sets. Hence, we are here with a detailed buying guide related to ratchet wrench sets. This buying guide will take you through some of the most important aspects and factors regarding ratchet wrench sets. Due to this, you can go through this buying guide and easily pick up the perfect ratchet wrench set for you:

1. Wrench Size

There are a wide range of ratchet wrenches and wrench set options available out there. All of these are made for different kinds of applications and users. Due to this, all of them can have different sizes in terms of the bit size that they support.

While smaller sizes like ⅜ inch or ½ inch are made for simpler applications, larger wrenches of 1 ⅜ inch or 1 ½ inch size are generally geared towards industrial usage. Although all of these sizes perform better, and none can be considered to be better than the other for the given application.

2. Power Type

As all of the ratchet wrench sets present in this article are powered models, they use different power sources for powering their wrench mechanism. Some of the wrench set options mentioned above in this article are electric ones, while others are pneumatic ones.

When compared with each other, the electric and battery-powered models are quite practical. Since they are powered by a battery, you do not get tethered by a power cord or an air hose. On the other hand, while you need an air compressor for pneumatic ratchet wrenches, you generally get much better performance out of such ratchet wrench sets.

3. Power Rating

Once you have decided your preferred power type, making sure a given powered ratchet wrench is powerful enough is also quite important. Hence, almost all of the ratchet wrench set options out there offer a power rating to the user.

For electric wrenches, this power rating is given as 12 volt or 20 volts where the higher 20-volt rating results in better performance. On the other hand, pneumatic ratchet wrenches will have their power rating given as 80 PSI or 110 PSI. Similar to electric models, the higher power rating of 110 PSI results in better performance with the given ratchet wrench.

4. Battery Life

If you are going with an electric ratchet wrench, then a great thing about it is that you can use it for a long time at once. Although, the usage duration varies from model to model because of their given battery life rating.

As you would expect, the battery life rating of ratchet wrenches should be high so that you can use them for a long time. Generally, this rating is given in Ah or mAh as 2.0 Ah or 2000 mAh. A higher rating results in a higher battery life with the given ratchet wrench model.

5. Torque Rating

The torque rating of a given ratchet wrench is something that usually gets missed out by most users out there. Although, if you want to use your ratchet wrench set for heavy-duty applications, then checking its torque rating is highly important.

It ensures that you are able to tighten given nuts and bolts at the required torque rating. This torque rating is given as 20 feet pounds or 40 feet pounds. Out of these two options, the higher rating of 40 feet pounds is the better one for industrial usage.

6. Motor Speed

Another rating of powered ratchet wrench that directly affects the performance is the motor speed. This simply tells you the number of times your wrench’s motor is rotating or spinning every minute.

Generally, a motor that is spinning multiple times or has a high speed results in better performance. You can find the motor speed rating of different ratchet wrenches given in RPM or rounds per minute. This includes options like 400 RPM or 250 RPM, where the former rating of 400 RPM results in better performance for most users and their applications.

7. Accessories and Kit Pieces

As per the name, all of the ratchet wrenches mentioned in this article come included with different accessories as a complete set. Because of this, you should also check the accessories and various other kit pieces that you find included with the different ratchet wrenches out there.

This can include things like wrench bits, adapters, carrying cases, extra tools, batteries, chargers, and much more. While such accessories might not increase the performance of a given ratchet wrench, they can certainly make your overall experience much better. Apart from that, you also get a better deal in terms of the value for money if you buy a ratchet wrench set that offers a lot of included accessories.

8. Build Quality and Warranty

If you are using your ratchet wrench for different kinds of applications and uses, it can face a lot of wear and tear over time. As a result, sometimes your wrench can even face issues caused due to this.

Hence, you should look out for ratchet wrenches that come with a manufacturer’s warranty. While most of the options out there offer a 1-year warranty, some models might even come with a 2-year long warranty. Other than the warranty, you can also check the build quality of a given ratchet wrench as it should be sturdy and strong.

Best Ratchet Wrench Sets – FAQs

1. Which three ratcheting wrenches are most commonly used?

Ans: The three most common ratcheting wrench drive sizes in the automotive world are 1/4-inch, 3/8-inch, and 1/2-inch drive squares.

2. What practical purpose do ratcheting wrenches serve?

Ans: Ratcheting wrenches are useful because their design offers a better grip and leverage for turning bolts or nuts, especially in tight spaces. The ratcheting mechanism allows for quick direction changes without the need to adjust settings or switch tools.

3. Is it common for ratchet wrenches to experience wear and tear?

Ans: Yes, ratchet wrenches can experience wear and tear. To mitigate this, it’s recommended to invest in a high-quality tool and regularly lubricate the ratchet with low-viscosity light-running oil.


Whether you want to simply tighten nuts and bolts at your home for simple maintenance tasks or want to build something much more elaborate, then having a ratchet wrench set can be quite handy. Since these are powered, you can save a lot of time compared to manual wrenches. You can even find some of the best wrench set options in this article, along with their major features and options.

While this should be enough for easily differentiating between them, you can even find a detailed buying guide up above in this article. This buying guide can be quite handy for learning all kinds of things about ratchet wrenches in general. But if you are still confused and cannot choose a wrench set, then you can consider one of our recommendations:

  • The Kimo ratchet wrench set is the most durable and reliable option present in this article. It offers an excellent build quality as well as a 2-year long warranty with it. Its 12v battery system is able to go up to 400 RPM at 40 feet pounds of torque.
  • If you want a ratchet wrench set for heavy-duty applications, you can go with the Waywax Dynamic Power ratchet wrench set. This is the only pneumatic option present in this article and comes with a large 1 ⅜ inch ratchet size that should be more than enough for most users.
  • You can consider the Avid Power Store Electric Ratchet Wrench if you are on a budget. Even though it is the cheapest option in this article, it comes with various handy features as well as a 12-volt electric corded power ratchet peace of mind.

Make sure to share your thoughts in the comments section. You can also post any questions down there if you have any!

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