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7 Best Air Impact Wrench in 2024 Reviews & Buying Guide

A wrench is a basic tool to tighten and loosen screws, nuts, and bolts. There are various types of wrenches available, but air impact wrenches clearly stand out for their features and performance. An air impact is a powerful tool with high torque.

The users can use the tool with minimal effort, and it is convenient to use as it is cordless. An air impact wrench finds wide application in commercial, industrial, and even residential projects. However, there are a few factors one needs to watch out for selecting the best air impact wrench.

  • Torque – The most important factor for any wrench is the torque it can produce. An air impact wrench with high torque is always the first priority. However, you should choose as per your requirement. It is useless to buy a high torque wrench for regular small works. For DIY works, a torque of 500 ft-lbs is enough. For residential projects, you can opt for wrenches with torque around 1000 ft-lbs. As far as commercial projects go, a wrench with torque 2000 ft-lbs sits perfectly.
  • Free Speed – Free speed is inversely proportional to torque. This means, when the torque is high, free speed is low and vice versa. Ideally speaking, you should opt for an air impact wrench that comes with different speed levels, so that you can use it for different projects as per your requirements.
  • Weight – The weight of an air impact wrench is extremely important but neglected most of the time. If you are working on small to medium projects, especially residential jobs, a mini air impact wrench around 4 pounds is perfect. However, for a commercial project, you need to have a heavy-duty wrench. There are wrenches available around and above 40 pounds for such jobs.

For more information, you should check out our comprehensive buying guide towards the end of the article. The “Buying Guide” will definitely enrich your knowledge about the product, and you can use your own judgment after assessing the products accurately. Now without further ado, let’s look at some amazing air impact wrenches currently trending in the market.

7 Best Air Impact Wrench in 2024

Best Air Impact WrenchTorqueFree SpeedWeightBuy Now
Ingersoll Rand Air Impact Wrench1350 ft-lbsup to 8000 RPM4.6 poundsCheck On Amazon
AIRCAT Air Impact Wrench1,295 ft.lbsup to 9,000 RPM4.5 poundsCheck On Amazon
ACDelco Pneumatic Air Impact Wrench500 ft-lbsup to 8000 RPM5.72 poundsCheck On Amazon
DEWALT Air Impact Wrench650 ft-lbsup to 7500 RPM4.63 poundsCheck On Amazon
TZTOOL Pneumatic Air Impact Wrench1100 ft-lbs-4.65 poundsCheck On Amazon
AEROPRO TOOLS Air Impact Wrench1000 ft-lbsup to 7000 RPM4.5 poundsCheck On Amazon
WORKPAD Mini Air Impact Wrench500 ft-lbsup to 10000 RPM3.67 poundsCheck On Amazon

Best Air Impact Wrench in 2024: Reviews

1. Ingersoll Rand Air Impact Wrench

Ingersoll Rand Air Impact Wrench

If you are looking for quality tools for commercial applications, Ingersoll Rand is one of the most popular brands that you can always rely on. The brand has been operating for over a hundred years and has great experience in coming up with quality tools.

The Ingersoll Rand air impact wrench has a powerful torque of 1350 ft-lbs that makes it great for heavy-duty operation. The free speed of 8000 RPM ensures excellent performance. You will also find a 4-position power regulator for having effortless controls. Moreover, the forward and reverse push button helps in one-handed operation.

You can use it for the toughest applications as it comes with a twin-hammer impact mechanism. It also offers high visibility with attractive red color. Moreover, the powerful motor ensures maximum efficiency and torque. It also features a titanium hammer case for long-lasting use. The housing can resist impact and chemicals. It weighs merely 4.6 lbs which makes it lightweight and easy to balance with one hand.

Best Features

  • Offers torque of 1350 feet-pounds.
  • Comes with free speed of 8000 RPM.
  • Has 4-level power regulator.
  • Available in high visibility design.
  • Comes with a 2-year warranty.


  • Comes with ergonomic grip.
  • Resists chemicals and impacts.
  • Houses in Titanium hammer case.


  • Torque could have been more for the price.

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2. AIRCAT Air Impact Wrench

AIRCAT Air Impact Wrench

The AIRCAT Impact Wrench, a fusion of power and reduced noise, offers an impressive 900 ft-lb maximum torque and 1,295 ft-lb loosening torque, ideal for demanding automotive work.

Despite its power, it’s lightweight and compact, delivering 1,400 BPM with a twin hammer mechanism. Durability is assured with a sturdy composite housing and ergonomic handle, while the patented quiet exhaust keeps noise levels low at 86 dBa.

Tailored for professional use with variable speeds and an electric mode, this air-powered tool with a 9,000 RPM speed and flip lever switch is perfect for those seeking efficiency in a quiet, user-friendly design.

Best Features

  • Offers torque of 1295 feet-pounds
  • Comes with free speed of 9000 RPM.
  • Quiet operation at 86 dBa.
  • Efficient twin hammer mechanism.
  • Comes with a 2-year warranty.


  • Powerful for heavy-duty tasks.
  • Built for durability and regular use.
  • Adaptable speed for various needs.


  • Requires an air compressor.

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3. ACDelco Pneumatic Air Impact Wrench

ACDelco Pneumatic Air Impact Wrench

ACDelco offers a platform for professional users to get quality tools. It is a blend of innovation and quality so that you can use it for versatile applications.

The ACDelco air impact wrench offers a torque of 500 ft-lbs for makes it suitable for light-duty works. With a free speed of 8000 RPM, you can put it into various applications. You can utilize it at multiple speeds thanks to a 4-level speed regulator and 1 speed reverse. The alloy steelhead of 1/2-inch makes it great for car tire rotation.

It also prevents fatigue in your hands thanks to its lightweight composite housing and balanced hand torque. The heavy-duty twin hammer design makes it great for easy removal work. The handle exhaust design also prevents air from blowing in the working area. It also features a soft grip handle that helps to provide great user comfort. The product also comes with a lubricating oil and an air hose adapter.

Best Features

  • Offers torque of 500 feet-pounds.
  • Comes with free speed of 8000 RPM.
  • Has 4-level speed regulator.
  • Working pressure of 90PSI.
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty.


  • Offers composite housing for lightweight.
  • Reduces vibration for balanced hand torque.
  • Comes with twin hammer design for easy removal.


  • Could be more powerful.

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4. DEWALT Air Impact Wrench

DEWALT Air Impact Wrench

DEWALT, renowned for robust and reliable tools, presents a product designed to endure the most demanding tasks, suitable for both professional and home use.

This tool, measuring 10.8 inches and weighing 4.6 pounds, is made from high-quality plastic, ensuring durability without compromising on ease of handling. It boasts a powerful torque of 650 foot-pounds, operated mechanically and powered by air, making it versatile and user-friendly.

The fixed square head and painted finish not only add to its durability but also its aesthetic appeal. Crafted by Stanley Black and Decker, this DEWALT tool is a testament to world-class craftsmanship and real-world resilience.

Best Features

  • Offers torque of 650 feet-pounds
  • Comes with free speed of 7500 RPM.
  • Working pressure of 90PSI.
  • Fixed square head for precision.
  • Comes with a 3-year warranty.


  • Robust and built for tough jobs.
  • User-friendly and ergonomic design.
  • Tested for real-world reliability.


  • Plastic may not match metal’s robustness.

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5. TZTOOL 1/2-inch Diesel Air Impact Wrench


TZTOOL is one such brand that professionals will always seek before they want to purchase any tool, as they manufacture tools with a perfect blend of performance and quality to make them durable and last longer.

This 1/2-inch Diesel air impact wrench comes with a torque rating of 1100 feet pound which makes it used for versatile applications. Its varying three-speed forward and 1-speed reverse will allow you to have a custom operation. You need to use an 8-gallon compressor to run with a pressure rating of 90 PSI for enhanced performance.

Apart from its ergonomic design, it includes various accessories that include a twin hammer, 1/4-inch air inlet, deep impact sockets, 3-piece extension bar, and a storage case for its proper storage and to carry around. As you would expect, the pneumatic air-powered model offers a warranty of 1 year to have peace of mind.

Best Features

  • Comes with 3 front and 1 reverse speed levels
  • Offers torque of 1100 feet pounds
  • Working pressure will be 90 PSI
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty
  • Sound pressure level of 93 dB


  • Rust or corrosion-resistance
  • Offer twin hammer design and other accessories.
  • Built with a durable alloy steel hammer set
  • Diesel gun used by mechanics to change tires.


  • Its plastic casing is not sturdy

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6. AEROPRO TOOLS Air Impact Wrench

AEROPRO TOOLS Air Impact Wrench

AEROPRO TOOLS will meet all your professional demands. It is a popular brand that comes with quality tools for professional applications.

The AEROPRO TOOLS impact wrench has a maximum working torque of 1000 feet-lbs for light-duty work. The breakaway torque of 1200 ft-lbs helps in the faster loosening of tight nuts. It has a free speed of 7000 RPM with a 3-speed reverse/forward adjustment button for versatile applications. The forward and reverse switch makes it suitable for one-handed usage.

The air impact wrench also features a composite housing that reduces the overall weight. You can have a comfortable experience due to the ergonomic soft grip. It also features a bottom handle exhaust so that it does not interfere with the working surface area. The product comes with a spanner, oil pt, applications air connector. It weighs around 4.5 lbs which makes it lightweight and comfortable to work with.

Best Features

  • Offers torque of 1000 feet-pounds
  • Comes with free speed of 7000 RPM.
  • Has 4-level speed regulator.
  • Working pressure of 90PSI.
  • Comes with a 2-year warranty.


  • Ergonomic soft grip.
  • Multi-speed adjustability.
  • Composite housing.


  • Build could have been stronger.

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7. WORKPAD Mini Air Impact Wrench

WORKPAD Mini Air Impact Wrench

WORKPAD is one brand that offers unique and simple tools for workers. One of the best things about the brand is that it offers quality and affordable tools.

WORKPAD air impact wrench has a maximum torque of 500 feet-pounds for regular works.  It comes with an integrated three-position regulator along with a forward and reverse switch for versatile applications and easy usability. The free speed of 10000 RPM offers superior performance.

The twin hammer design of the air impact wrench makes it great for different applications. It also features an all-around clutch to provide high torque and a balanced power-weight ratio. You will also find aluminum alloy construction for improved reliability. With the superior handle grip, you will get maximum comfort with less vibration.

Best Features

  • Offers torque of 500 feet-pounds.
  • Comes with free speed of 10000 RPM.
  • Has 3-level speed regulator.
  • Working pressure of 90PSI.
  • Comes with a 2-year warranty.


  • Twin hammer design.
  • Aluminium alloy housing.
  • Ergonomic grip sheath.


  • Not for heavy-duty applications.

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Buying Guide For The Best Air Impact Wrench

Choosing the right tool for your job is very important. To choose the perfect tool, you should be aware of the features and specifications of an air impact wrench thoroughly. You should take your time to go through the following comprehensive buying guide to assess the product better.

1. Torque

The torque is the rotational force in impact wrenches. By checking torque, you will know how much power the air impact wrench has. Torque can vary from one unit to another. Some can also come with variable torque settings and allow you to adjust them according to your needs. Moreover, the right amount of torque can prevent any kind of trouble. All types of air impact wrenches come with operational CFM, and some can have a torque rating of up to 140 PSI.

2. Rotation

Rotational speed determines the workforce of the air impact wrench. You can find one that can have dual rotational speeds. Most of them can have a varying rotational speed of up to 10000 RPM. However, you need to see if it meets your applications. It must go with the right type of job and offer easy maintenance of vehicles.

3. Adjustability

Adjustability is the prime factor that lets you know if the right setting is applied. An air impact wrench that comes with an adjustable design will allow you to have a custom operation. Most can come with a flip lever that lets you change the torque mode. This will enable you to apply the appropriate torque and prevent any kind of damage.

4. Hammer Mechanism

Hammering can be perfect for the transfer of torque power. Hammer design will make sure there will be less torque requirement. Air impact wrenches can also come in a dual hammer design. It can hit both sides of the anvil simultaneously and offers extra torque force. You can find the one that can come in a vane design.

5. Drive Size

The capacity of handling bolts and nuts is according to the drive size. Most air impact wrenches come with a drive size of 1/2 inch. It can be perfect to handle nuts and bolts of up to 90%. Above all, a 1/2 inch drive can also be suitable for most types of vehicles. However, you can even find drive sizes of 1/4-inch and 3/8-inch.

6. Socket Size

Socket size and shape are basically of two types. A pistol-type wrench has a hammer and an anvil. There are also inline wrenches that have the look of a large screwdriver. In an inline wrench tool, you will find the hammer and anvil. It has ample space that can easily accommodate any type of bolt or nut. You should also know that sockets tool come in varying sizes.

7. Weight

If you are looking to have a stress-free operation, then you will have to consider the weight of the air impact wrench. It is an important factor that lets you carry the tool with ease. Moreover, you must go for the one that offers a perfect balance of power and weight. With a lightweight design, you don’t have to worry about fatigue. However, you must not compromise with durability. Aluminium housing can last longer and is very lightweight.

8. Handle

The handle must come in an ergonomic design and it must offer you better comfort. An air impact wrench that offers a solid grip will let you hold it conveniently. Some can also come with a bottom handle exhaust that can be great for surface protection. With an integrated regulator, there will be effortless controls. Moreover, it must offer better comfort with reduced vibration.

9. Accessories

A complete kit will eliminate the need to buy anything extra. For this, you must see if the air impact wrench includes all the necessary accessories. This will ensure that you can use the tool for a wide range of applications. Additionally, it must include a convenient storage case that helps in easy storage and protection.

10. Noise Level

Noise can be very irritating for many people. To prevent unwanted noise while operating, you must see if it has a quiet operation. This will also eliminate the need to use an ear protection device. Select the one that is an environmental-friendly product.

11. Exhaust Technology

By allowing discharged air to escape, exhaust technology can prevent pressure. It can have a tuned or muffled design and can also reduce noise to an extent. Above all, it can prevent air particles from touching your face. It is a factor most of the users fail to notice but it is quite critical for the quality of the product.

12. Power

Air impact wrenches function with the help of compressed air. It is a popular tool in most car repair shops that can come with a fitted air tank. Compressed air is even more powerful than electric designs. Moreover, you must see if it comes with variable power settings.

13. Quality

Durability is an important factor that you need to see while buying an air impact wrench. It eliminates the need for buying the tool frequently. For this, you need to see if it has high-quality construction. It must have advanced construction so that you can use it conveniently for professional or DIY purposes. Another important thing that you must see is that it comes with a warranty. A company only provides warranty when they are confident about their product’s quality.


An air impact wrench is necessary for professionals to work on various small and big projects. It can also be useful for DIY hobbyists, that’s why there are many mini air impact wrenches also available. Our team of experts has already picked the best air impact wrenches available online.

For your better understanding, we have put together the buying guide. You should take your time understanding the buying parameters and factors. Then you need to assess the products and compare them before purchasing. If you are still confused about which one is perfect for you, check out our ideal picks below.

  • If you are looking for a mini air impact wrench for home use, you can opt for WORKPAD Mini Air Impact Wrench. It is very compact in structure and weighs merely 3.7 pounds. The product has 3 power settings for versatile applications. The torque is around 500 ft-lbs, which is enough for regular works. The build quality is top-notch, and the grip is comfortable. It produces less vibration and low noise. Overall, it is the best mini air impact wrench for you.
  • If you are looking for a professional air impact wrench for commercial work, Ingersoll Rand Air Impact Wrench is the best. It comes with a torque of 1350 ft-lbs, which makes it applicable on all heavy-duty works. The build quality is very sturdy, and there are 4 different power levels available. Surprising, it is not too heavy and weighs less than 5 pounds.
  • If you want a budget-friendly air impact wrench, ACDelco Pneumatic Air Impact Wrench has the lowest price tag. However, there is no compromise with quality. It has a torque of around 500 ft-lbs, which is pretty good in its price range. It is lightweight but perfect for heavy-duty applications. There are also 4 different power levels available, and the grip is comfortable and secure.

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