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Best Palm Nailers for Easy and Efficient Nailing

Palm nailers are easy to use, compact, light and highly manoeuvrable. You just need to install the nail in the front and position it. After that, you can apply the pressure, activate the action of the hammer and push the nail home. They can work well in compact spaces and are less tiring and lighter to use.

These are very popular tools and have a cluttered market. Therefore, choosing the right one which is absolutely suitable for use might be challenging. So, we have listed the factors to help you decide the best product for you.

  • Type of Palm Nailer: There are mainly two kinds of palm nailers, pneumatic and electric variations. The pneumatic palm nailers are used for jobs like framing, decking, fencing, metal connector straps, and pole barn construction. On the other hand, electric palm nailers are used for remodelling and floor installation.
  • Swivel Angle: The swivel angle for any palm nailer should be 360-degree which enables the user to fit it in any place, from ceilings to corners and even door hinges.

More details about the factors to consider before buying a palm nailer are discussed in the “Buying Guide” given later in the article. We have listed the best palm nailers with their advantages, disadvantages and most notable features. Read on to know all about them.

Best Palm Nailer Table

Palm NailerTypeSwivel AngleWeight (lb)Buy Now
BOSTITCH Palm NailerPneumatic360 degree1Check On Amazon
Metabo Palm NailerElectric360 degree1.3Check On Amazon
Freeman Palm NailerPneumatic360 degree1.38Check On Amazon
Carpenter Palm NailerPneumatic360 degree0.88Check On Amazon
Powernail Palm NailerElectric360 degree1Check On Amazon
Milwaukee Palm NailerPneumatic360 degree3.9Check On Amazon

Best Palm Nailer Reviews

1. BOSTITCH Palm Nailer

BOSTITCH Palm NailerBostitch has come up with a mini palm nailer which offers a comfortable grip and is lightweight.

With a weight of just 1 lb, it features a rubber grip which reduces the vibration and helps to insulate. This also ensures a comfortable grip for performing all kinds of tasks.

It features a 360-degree swivel angle which enables the user to access compact areas with ease. The front exhaust helps to get rid of the air to save the hands of the user.

This product comes with a warranty of 7 years and is highly suitable for driving nails in tight spots, metal connectors, joist hangers and timber nails, framing and bulk finish.

Best Features:

  • Type: Pneumatic
  • Swivel Angle: 360 degree
  • Weight: 1 lb
  • Warranty: 7 years


  • Comfortable grip and is lightweight.
  • Front exhaust.
  • Rubber grip.
  • 7 years warranty.


  • It is not very powerful according to some users.

Buy Now From Amazon

2. Metabo Palm Nailer

Metabo HPT Palm NailerThis Metabo electric palm nailer has been rated the best in the business for 9 years by the Builder and Developer Magazine for all the right reasons.

This is suitable for metal connectors and joist hangers. With the magnetic nose, it holds the fastener in the right place for safe and accurate placement. It is compatible with the 2½ inch and 3½ inch fasteners.

The rubber grip is over moulded which reduces the vibration for a comfortable and better hold on the tool. On top of that, the lightweight design makes it easy to use.

The 360-degree swivel angle makes it suitable for accessing compact areas and comfortable use. It offers a warranty of 5 years and works best with the Metabo nails.

Best Features:

  • Type: Electric
  • Swivel Angle: 360 degree
  • Weight: 1.3 lbs
  • Warranty: 5 years


  • Features a magnetic nose.
  • Over-moulded rubber grip.
  • Lightweight and comfortable to use.
  • 360-degree swivel angle.


  • For some users, it leaked air.

Buy Now From Amazon

3. Freeman Palm Nailer

Freeman PMPN NailerThis palm nailer by Freeman is ideal for fitting nails in hard-to-reach or tight spaces and is best suited for projects like wood fencing, joist hangers and decking.

It is compatible with 6D to 16D nails which makes it versatile for different purposes and uses. All the nails from 2 inches to 3½ inches are compatible with this tool.

The magnetic tip featured in the tool makes it easy to use. The rubber grip design ensures a comfortable and better grip. It is ergonomically manufactured for long-term and sustainable use.

The anti-dust cap enables keeping the components of the tools free of all kinds of dirt and debris. The brand offers a warranty of 7 years.

Best Features:

  • Type: Pneumatic
  • Swivel Angle: 360 degree
  • Weight: 1.38 lbs
  • Warranty: 7 years


  • Ideal for tight spaces.
  • Versatile product.
  • Wide range compatibility.
  • Suitable for sustainable and long-term use.


  • Some people felt that the design was not up to the mark.

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4. Carpenter Palm Nailer

Carpenter CMPN90 NailerThe Carpenter CMPN90 mini impact palm nailer is made of aluminium material which is suitable for long-term usage owing to the high durability of the material.

It is suitable for use in tight spaces and confined areas where the hammer will not fit. The 360-degree swivel angle makes it easier to fit nails in all the corners and hinges with ease.

It has a lightweight design and an ergonomic comfort rubber grip which makes it easier for the user to work for long hours with ease. It is compact in size but has a powerful design.

This tool is compatible with round head nails of different sizes and lengths which enables you to drive the nail in seconds. The brand also offers 7 years warranty.

Best Features:

  • Type: Pneumatic
  • Swivel Angle: 360 degree
  • Weight: 0.88 lbs
  • Warranty: 7 years


  • Aluminium material construction.
  • Compact and lightweight.
  • Suitable with all round head nails.
  • Ergonomic and comfortable rubber grip.


  • Some felt that the holding hole for nails is too small.

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5. Powernail Palm Nailer

Powernail Palm NailerThis power palm nailer is a 16-gauge to 18-gauge compatible flooring cleat nailer which eliminates virtually the need for top nailing on groove and tongue flooring for both hardwood and engineered wood.

The tool is suitable for tight spaces, front rows and starting rows and all kinds of woodworking tasks. It is compatible with both L-cleat and T-cleat flooring nails and also unset clear nails.

The tip is specially designed for holding the nail securely and rotates and fits in tight spaces due to the 360-degree swivel angle.

The pressure gets activated when it fits in the palm of your hand. The aluminium material is durable and the brand offers a warranty of 1 year.

Best Features:

  • Type: Electric
  • Swivel Angle: 360 degree
  • Weight: 1 lb
  • Warranty: 1 year


  • Compatible with 16-gauge to 18-gauge nails.
  • Compact design.
  • 360-degree swivel angle.
  • Specially designed tip.


  • Some people complained about the quality.

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6. Milwaukee Palm Nailer

Milwaukee Palm NailerThis is an easy-to-use and portable solution for all kinds of professional nailing tasks without going through the hassle of a hose or air compressor.

The compact size with the 360-degree swivel design makes it easy to reach and work in tight spaces and corners. Replacing the traditional nail gun, it has a powerful impacting mechanism for all kinds of woodworking tasks.

It also features a fuel gauge with a hand strap and LED light to offer the highest level of security and protection for the user.

It is a durable product which is easy to use. The brand also offers a warranty of 5 years.

Best Features:

  • Type: Pneumatic
  • Swivel Angle: 360 degree
  • Weight: 3.9 lbs
  • Warranty: 5 years


  • Fuel gauge.
  • Hand strap.
  • 360-degree swivel angle.
  • LED light feature.


  • Some people complained it was very heavy.

Buy Now From Amazon

Things to Consider When Looking For a Palm Nailer

Contrary to most great nail guns that can hold any number of nails from a dozen to a hundred, palm nailers can hold only one nail at a time. Most palm nailers are activated when force is applied at the back of the tool. You can just rest the machine against the back of the tool and push it gently to settle the nail. Ear protection is recommended as the noise is quite loud. We have listed some key factors which will help you choose the best palm nailer for you.

1. Type of Palm Nailer

There are majorly two kinds of palm nailers which are known as pneumatic and electric palm nailers. We have discussed both of them below.

  • Pneumatic Palm Nailers: These are ideal for pole barn construction, metal connector straps, fencing, decking, framing and other similar tasks. They are designed to access small and compact spaces which cannot be reached by the collated nail gun.
  • Electric Palm Nailers: Electric palm nailers are used for filling gaps in niche applications. They are more useful for general remodelling contractors and also a must-have for flooring installers. It has a special nose which makes the device ideal for several applications like corners, doors, transitions, top nailing and blind nailing applications.

2. Swivel Angle

The 360-degree swivel angle is ideal for all palm nailers. It is suitable for fixing nails at all angles and at any place on the wall. The wide swivel angle will enable the user to install metal connectors and joist hangers at the ceiling, corners, walls and even hinges of the door.

3. Compatible Depth

The full-sized palm nailer will be compatible with the 4d-16d common bulk nails like  1½ inches and 3½ inches. They are also loaded with magnetic guide technology which helps them for more precise and faster placement of the nails.

4. Warranty

The palm nailer is a good investment given that it is durable and long-lasting. To ensure the durability and longevity of the palm nailer, a warranty is a good consideration. Most palm nailers offer 5 to 7 years of warranty. It is better to go for those that offer a better warranty.

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Palm Nailer – FAQs

1. Which kind of nails are used by palm nailers?

Ans: The palm nailers are ideal for joist hanger nails, large framing nails and other bulk-size nails that are similar to their size.

2. Is the palm nailer used to drive the roofing nails?

Ans: The roof designs are complex and cannot be handled by all the palm nailers. So, the special mini palm nailer which is compact in size can take care of the roofing nails.

3. Which degree palm nailer is the best?

Ans: The 16-gauge nails are the most versatile kind of nails which are suitable for several kinds of projects. While the 15-gauge nails are required for fitting thick objects while the 18-gauge is suited for detailed work. So, depending on your requirements, you should go for the palm nailer which is compatible with the nail you want to use.

4. Which kinds of nailers are primarily used in woodworking?

Ans: For woodworking, the best nails in the business are the pin and/or Brad nails. They are highly versatile and can be used for all woodworking tasks.

Final Word

With this guide at your disposal, choosing the best palm nailer will be like a walk in the park. We have listed all the criteria you need to know to buy a palm nailer. Therefore, you must apply these considerations when buying a palm nailer. You can write to us in the comments section below if you still have doubts.

  • If you are here for the recommendations, we have listed the top three favourites from the list. The first recommendation for the best overall product is BOSTITCH Palm Nailer. It has a comfortable grip with a lightweight design and front exhaust mechanism
  • If you want an electric model, the second recommendation is Metabo Palm Nailer. It features a magnetic nose with over-moulded rubber grip.
  • The third and final product is the Freeman Palm Nailer. It is ideal for right spaces and is a versatile product.

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