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The 10 Best Brad Nailer in 2024 Reviews & Buying Guide

Here you can find some top-notch Brad Nailers for finishing works like trim, molding, and furniture projects.

Brad nailers are highly versatile power tools that use both staples and nails to work on different kinds of surfaces like upholstery and wood. Usually, these nail guns fire/shoot tiny 18-gauge finish nails that won’t leave any visible trace of their existence after they sunk into the material (especially thinner material).

These are suitable to use for the delicate finishing installation of molding, trim, and for fixing furniture (like cabinets), in which they won’t split the panels, trim, or moldings. This versatile tool is accessible to both professionals and DIYers. These are lightweight, versatile nailer that offers fast and efficient nailing with their smaller noses that let professionals (woodworkers/carpenters) and DIYers use this tool for a variety of projects. Without this tool, you may end up ruining the work.

Before investing, we recommend you consider the following factors to get your best option.

Type: Pneumatic and electric (corded and cordless) are two main types of brad nail guns. Each set has its own pros and cons.

  • Pneumatic runs on the air-powered compressor that runs on gas or electricity. It is lightweight, durable, efficient, and powerful option that provides comfort to work. Yet hose can be hazardous to move in remote areas.
  • Electric corded nailers run by plugging the tool into an outlet or extension cord. It is powerful, lightweight, affordable, and flexible option that is ideal for DIYers or carpenters. Yet easily get hot and tethered by a cord.
  • Electric cordless nailers run on a battery (mostly lithium-ion) which makes them heavier and have less runtime, yet compact, flexible, versatile, and easy to use. They are expensive and have to invest in a spare battery.

Brad Length: It is a must to know about your preferred nail size before using it. Most nail guns provide nail/brad lengths that let you use the nailer for various applications. Some models cap at up to 2-inch, while others cap out at longer up to 2 1/8-inch. Choose them wisely as per your project requirements.

Nose Design: It is the nose or tip of the nailer which gets contact with the workpiece while nailing through it. The nose design will affect the way you sink nails with a nailer. We suggest you choose the model with a narrow nose that offers a better line of sight to exactly set the nail at the correct spot and make it easily reach tighter spaces.

With the availability of several products in the market, it is quite difficult for you to pick the right option. So, we are here with a list of some Best Brad Nailers (with description, best features, pros and cons of each model) and a detailed “Buying guide” to help in your selection process. Read on to know how to pick your best suitable model.

Top Brad Nailer in 2024

Brad NailerNail Length RangeGauge RatingWarrantyBuy Now
NuMax S2-118G2 Brad Nailer ⅜ to 2 inch18 gauge1 yearCheck On Amazon
Metabo HPT NT50AE2 Brad Nailer⅝ to 2 inch18 gauge5 yearCheck On Amazon
BOSTITCH BT1855K Brad Nailer
⅝ to 2 inch18 gauge7 yearCheck On Amazon
Porter PCC790LA Brad Nailer ⅝ to 2 inch18 gauge3 yearCheck On Amazon
Ryobi P320 Brad Nailer½ to 1 3/16 inch18 gauge3 yearCheck On Amazon
KIMO 20V 18 Brad Nailer¾ to 2 inch18 gauge2 yearCheck On Amazon
Craftsman CMCN618C1 Brad Nailer 1 to 2 inch18 gauge1 yearCheck On Amazon
Dewalt DCN680B Brad Nailer 1 to 2 ½ inch18 gauge3 yearCheck On Amazon
Dewalt DWFP12231 Brad Nailer⅝ inch to 2 inch18 gauge7 yearCheck On Amazon
NEU MASTER Electric Brad Nailerup to 1-1/4''18 gauge2 yearCheck On Amazon

Best Brad Nailer in 2024: Reviews

1. NuMax S2-118G2  Brad Nailer

If you are on a budget, then NuMax and its brad nailers can be a great option since they are generally affordable and value for money products.

The NuMax SG-118G2 brad nailer is present in the 1st position in this article as it is the cheapest option present here. As per its name, it offers a total of 2 working modes to the user for using nails as well as staples. You also get pretty decent performance from this 18 gauge brad nailer for the given price.

It allows you to use ⅜ inch to 2 inch long nails without any issues. As you would expect, this pneumatic brad nailer needs to be connected to an air compressor in order to work. You need to maintain 60 PSI to 110 PSI pressure for using it. However, since this is a budget product, you only get a 1-year long warranty with it.

Best Features:

  • ⅜ inch to 2-inch length support
  • 18 gauge rating support
  • 1-year long warranty
  • Works at 60 PSI to 110 PSI
  • Affordable price tag
  • Small and compact


  • Great value for money
  • Decent performance
  • 2 in 1 working modes for ease of use


  • Average build quality
  • Lacks accessories

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2. Metabo HPT NT50AE2 Brad Nailer

Metabo HPT stands for Metabo Hitachi Power Tools that mainly makes high end and heavy-duty power tools. Although, its brad nailer can be a great option for consumers as well.

Metabo HPT’s NT50AE2 brad nailer is present in the 2nd position in this article as it is one of the best value for money options out there. It offers excellent performance to the user because of its ⅝ inch to 2-inch long length support range. Just like most other brad nailers out there, you can use it with 18 gauge nails without any issue.

Another great thing about this brad nailer is that it offers a 5-year long warranty. You also get an excellent build quality with it, which means that it can easily last for a long time. It even includes a carrying case so that you can safely transport it from one place to another.

Best Features:

  • ⅝ inch to 2-inch length support
  • 18 gauge rating support
  • 5-year long warranty
  • Great build quality
  • Value for money


  • Highly reliable
  • Great performance
  • Comes with various adjustments


  • A bit large

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3. Bostitch BT1855K Brad Nailer

You can find a wide range of power tools options from Bostitch that are generally highly reliable and durable. It even makes a brad nailer that can easily last for a long time.

This Bostitch BT1855K brad nailer is present in the 3rd position in this article as it is the most reliable option present in this article. You get a 7-year long warranty along with an excellent build quality so that you can rely on it for a long time. As it is a pneumatic brad nailer, it even offers decent performance.

You can use ⅝ inch to 2 ⅛ inch long nails with this brad nailer that is a slightly large length range. Although, the gauge rating is the same at 18 gauge. The included carrying case of this nailer is quite strong and handy.

Best Features:

  • ⅝ inch to 2 ⅛ inch length support
  • 18 gauge rating support
  • 7-year long warranty
  • Excellent build quality
  • Oil-free engine for durability


  • Excellent build quality
  • Highly reliable and durable
  • Comes with various handy features


  • A bit heavy
  • Slightly expensive

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4. Porter PCC790LA Brad Nailer 

Porter Cable is mainly known for making electric and battery-powered tools. As a result, its brad nailer is also powered by a battery for portable usage.

The Porter Cable PCC790LA is one of the best options in this article if you are looking for a battery-powered one. It is powered by a powerful 20-volt battery that also offers a decent battery life. You can use this battery to drive ⅝ inch to 2 inch long nails that is the same as other pneumatic options out there.

Another great thing about this nailer is that you get a 3-year long warranty with it. Apart from offering a great build quality, this brad nailer is quite small and lightweight. This makes it a great option for portable and on the go usage thanks to is battery system

Best Features:

  • ⅝ inch to 2-inch length support
  • 18 gauge rating support
  • 3-year long warranty
  • Uses a 20-volt battery system for power
  • Small and compact


  • Decent performance
  • Great for portable usage
  • Value for money electric option


  • Battery life could have been better

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5. Ryobi P320 Brad Nailer

Ryobi is another popular brand if you are looking for battery-powered electric power tools. It even makes a great brad nailer that is powered by a battery.

Ryobi’s P320 brad nailer is one of the cheapest options out there when it comes to battery-powered brad nailers. While it only has an 18-volt battery system, the performance is quite decent for the price. You can easily drive ½ inch to 1 3/16 inch long nails using it without any issues. These nails can be of 18 gauge rating while using this brad nailer.

One of the best things about this Ryobi brad nailer is that you get a 3-year long warranty with it that is much better than other affordable options out there. Although, the build quality could have been on the better side.

Best Features:

  • ½ inch to 1 3/16 inch length support
  • 18 gauge rating support
  • 3-year long warranty
  • Decent performance
  • Low nail indicator for ease of use
  • Various adjustment dials for high precision


  • Affordable electric brad nailer
  • Great for portable usage
  • Includes various smart features


  • Average build quality
  • Only an 18-volt battery system

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6. Kimo 9418A Brad Nailer

Kimo is known for making electric, and battery-powered power tools that generally come with various accessories for ease of use. This is also true for its brad nailer offering mentioned here.

This Kimo brad nailer uses a powerful 20-volt battery system that allows you to enjoy 2 function modes. These modes allow you to drive nails or staples as per your need. You can use 18 gauge nails or staples without any issues. As for the length support, these nails can be ¾ inch to 2 inch long without any issues.

Another great thing about this Kimo brad nailer is that it offers a decent build quality along with a 2-year long warranty. And for the given price, it is quite decent when compared with other options. You also get various accessories with it, like a carrying case and extra staples for ease of use.

Best Features:

  • ¾ inch to 2-inch length support
  • 18 gauge rating support
  • 2-year long warranty
  • Decent build quality
  • 2 working modes


  • Works with both nails and staples
  • Decent performance
  • Includes various accessories


  • Build quality could have been better
  • A bit large and heavy

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7. Craftsman  CMCN618C1 Brad Nailer 

Craftsman is one of the oldest power tools brands out there that makes all kinds of options for its users. Its brad nailer mentioned here is another battery-powered option.

The Craftsman CMCN618C1 brad nailer is powered by a 20-volt battery system, as you can tell by its name. This means that this 18 gauge brad nailer can be a great pick for portable usage. To further make it ideal for portable usage, you get a small and compact form factor with this brad nailer that is also lightweight. It uses 1 inch to 2 inch long nails.

Unfortunately, the build quality of this brad nailer leaves the user expecting for more. And the 1-year warranty does not help the user either. Thankfully, this brad nailer comes with a battery and charger so that you can start using it right away.

Best Features:

  • 1 inch to 2-inch length support
  • 18 gauge rating support
  • 1-year long warranty
  • Small and compact design


  • Comes with battery and charger
  • Decent performance
  • Small and compact form factor


  • Average build quality
  • Only a 1-year warranty
  • Expensive

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8. Dewalt  DCN680B Brad Nailer

Dewalt is one of the oldest and most reputable brands of power tools when it comes to battery-powered options. Hence, its brad nailer is also quite good for the given price.

Dewalt’s DCN680B brad nailer is a battery-powered model that is powered by a 20-volt battery system just per its name. This battery system offers you great performance and allows you to easily drive 18 gauge nails in almost any surface or object. As for the nail length, you can use 1 inch to 2 ½ inch long nails with this brad nailer.

Since Dewalt is a reputable brand of power tools, you get a 3-year long warranty with its brad nailer offering. And when combined with its great build, you can expect it to last for a long time. Unfortunately, you do not get any battery or charger included with this brad nailer.

Best Features:

  • 1 inch to 2 ½ inch length support
  • 18 gauge rating support
  • 3-year long warranty
  • Great build quality
  • Decent performance


  • Reliable and durable motor
  • Decent performance
  • Comes with various smart features


  • Does not come with battery and charger
  • Slightly expensive

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9. Dewalt DWFP12231 Brad Nailer

Dewalt DWFP12231 Brad NailerDewalt leverages technology and innovation to develop power tools and outdoor equipment that last for a lifetime.

Dewalt’s brad nailer is pneumatically powered with a tool-free depth of drive adjustment and tool-free jam release. The best feature of this brad nailer is its maintenance-free motor and the nailer itself has a long life. Using this nailer, you can drive 18 gauge nails of ⅝ inches to 2 inches in length. It uses a sequential style trigger that allows you to drive nails effortlessly.

The body of this brad nailer is made of magnesium that is lightweight. It features a rear exhaust that prevents your workplace from being contaminated with dust. The handle comes with a rubber grip that provides comfort while operating this nailer. Dewalt offers a 7 years limited liability warranty on this brad nailer from the date of purchase.

Best Features

  • ⅝-inch to 2-inch length support
  • 18 gauge rating support
  • 7 years limited warranty
  • Maintenance-free motor
  • Tool-free depth of drive adjustment and tool-free jam release
  • Sequential style trigger
  • Adjustable belt hook and rear exhaust
  • Long lifetime


  • Lightweight and easy to operate
  • Affordable option
  • Comes with multiple adjustment features


  • Not durable

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10. NEU MASTER Store Electric Brad Nailer

NEU MASTER Store Electric Brad NailerThe brand NEU MASTER is known for providing high quality products at decent price range. Their electric brad nailer is capable for wide range of applications that include upholstery, exterior decorative lightweight trimming, repairs, craftwork and several others.

It is capable of driving 1/4” crown staples up to 1” and 18-gauge brad nails up to 1-1/4” inch. For comfort and convenient operation, it is equipped with ergonomic control, quick release mechanism and overmolded grip.

This brad nailer can also be used for light-duty projects as it comes with an adjustable power function. It is quite durable and long lasting as well because of the high-quality materials used.

Best Features:

  • Adjustable power
  • Non-marring rubber nose
  • Compact and portable
  • Quick-release mechanism
  • Power adjustment dial
  • Oversize trigger


  • Wide range of applications
  • Flawless finish
  • Convenient use
  • Ergonomic design
  • Suitable for heavy and light-duty projects


  • Some people experienced jamming issues

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How to Choose the Best Brad Nailers:

Though we have mentioned the best-rated brad nailer models in this article, choosing the correct option, as per your requirement is a bit difficult task. So, to help you in taking a perfect buying decision, we are here with a detailed buying guide that lets you find all of the essential key features related to these nailers.

Before knowing the must-to-consider key features of brad nailers, you have to know about their types.

Types of Brad Nailers:

Pneumatic and electric are two main types of brad nailers available for professionals and DIYers. Knowing about the pros and cons of each type will help you select the correct option. Here is a detailed explanation of these types.

1. Pneumatic Brad Nailer –

Pneumatic or air-powered is the most preferred and widely used type of brad nailer. Here, an air compressor that runs on electricity or gas will provide the essential hammering force to the nail gun for shooting nails. So, a compressor is the main part of this nailer type. Having a compressor handy is a good thing, if not, purchase them to use this nail gun efficiently.

Its lightweight design will make you comfortable to work even for longer hours, yet it might be hazardous to carry the large compressor and its hoses along with you, especially while climbing a ladder or working in remote areas.


  • Lightweight design that offers efficient performance.
  • Affordable
  • Powerful and consistent.


  • Need to invest in an air compressor.
  • Has to deal with an inconvenient cord.

2. Electric Brad Nailer

This type of electric nailer runs on electricity to drive fasteners, and they are available in two variants – corded (runs on electrical wall outlet) and cordless (runs on battery power).

3. Corded Brad Nailers

The operator has to plug this nailer either directly into an electrical outlet or use an extension cord. Alike pneumatic nailers, this type of nailer is lightweight and powerful, yet cheaper than the air compressor model. They give more comfort and flexibility in moving around the home without carrying any compressor, which makes them a perfect option for DIYers or hobbyist carpenters.

Its main drawback is that you can move them as long as their power cord allows its range. In case, if you are using an extension cord, then the nail gun might lose some power based on the length. So, it features less range, gets hot easily, and thereby less durable compared to pneumatic models.


  • Powerful, flexible, and lightweight
  • Requires constant electric power
  • Offer consistent power
  • Affordable


  • Might get hot
  • Tethered by a cord that offers less range.
  • Not as durable as pneumatic models.

4. Cordless Brad Nailers

This type of brad nailer is mostly lithium-ion rechargeable battery-operated, which is a bit heavier, yet compact and easy to use compared to pneumatic or electric nailers. They are mostly preferred and used by most contractors who travel to multiple job sites with their nailers.

However, its rechargeable battery will limit its runtime and usage, yet it’s a good idea to use a spare battery to extend its service/runtime on the worksite. A preferred and smart choice by most homeowners, even though they won’t shoot a thousand nails in a day.

Experts suggest using this type of nailer for people who occasionally use these nail guns or those who work in remote areas or those who already using battery-powered tools.


  • Simple and easy to use.
  • Compact and easy movability
  • Versatile


  • Heavier and cumbersome.
  • Expensive
  • Shorter runtime.

What Factors to Consider While Buying a Brad Nailer:

Apart from its types, you have to know what are the key factors to be taken into account before deciding the best option that is suitable for your finishing work of trim, cabinet, or molding tasks.

Let’s get into the details of the main factors to consider while shopping for the brad nailer.

1. Nose Design:

The nose or the tip of a brad nail gun is an essential part that gets contact with the workpiece while nailing. So, the nose design will precisely affect the way you sink the nails with it into the material.

In general, a brad nailer with a narrow nose will offer more precision that lets you easily and quickly reach tighter or hard-to-reach spaces with the tip of the nail gun. Also, it provides a better line of vision/view to shoot the nails accurately at the correct spot where you need to place them.

2. Tool-Free Jam Release:

It won’t matter how efficient a brad nailer is, it might get jam at some time. A nail or brad can get stuck in the nose part, in which you have to quickly remove the stuck piece to continue doing your work. A few models require an Allen wrench to loosen and remove the jammed nail. Though several nail guns won’t need to use the wrench, instead, there feature tool-free jam clearing mechanisms. This mechanism will let you remove the jammed nail by pulling a simple lever on the unit.

With this feature, you can save a lot of time and effort to clear the jam. If the model requires an Allen wrench to loosen and remove the jammed nail, then it will be a sign that indicates you to go with a better option.

3. Brad Length:

It is always better to have a clear idea of the preferred nail size which you use quite often. Usually, these nail guns offer a wide range of brad lengths that allows you to use this powerful tool for multiple applications.

So, you have to decide whether you need a nailer to shoot at 2″ long brads or 2 1/8″ long brads. Although the difference in length is less, it affects the way you perform with this device. Some units cap out at 2″, while others cap at 2 1/8″ long.

We suggest you choose a model handling the longer length. A few models state 2″, yet they are actually a bit longer. So, it makes sure that the model will handle them easily to do several tasks.

4. Depth Adjustment:

Tool-free depth adjustment is a compulsory feature of a brad nailer. Based on the nail size and material’s thickness you want to nail, you have to adjust the farness the nail gun sinks the brads or nails into the material (wood). This feature can be either in the form of a wheel or a dial that is located close to the nose.

It let you either reduce or increase the depth by simply turning the dial/wheel anti-clockwise or clockwise. Thus, it let you know how deep a nail/brad gets sunk while pulling the trigger. So, make sure to select the model offering a better depth adjustment feature.

The main drawback of this feature is that they are placed near the nose, which might get a dust buildup that makes it a bit difficult to turn them. To offset this problem, wipe the nose of the nailer after every use to clear the dust that settles in and around the knob of this adjustment feature.

5. Dry-Fire Lockout:

Usually, we don’t notice the leftover nails inside the nailer while working. If you shoot the gun without a nail in the chamber, it might cause damage to the inside nailer, particularly if using a higher-end or powerful option. With this dry-fire lockout feature, the model won’t let you fire the nail gun even if there is no nail in the gun’s chamber. Thus, it reduces the chance of internally damaging or breaking the nailer.

Moreover, shooting from an empty nailer against the workpiece will leave an unsightly mark that let you have to fill till the project is complete. Since most people use these brad nailers to work with delicate trim. So, a dry fire lockout may dent or damage the furniture or trim piece. With this feature, you came to know that your nailer is out of nails and won’t continue driving nails down a line.

6. Exhaust Air Control:

Generally, a pneumatic brad nailer is operated by the air compressor, in which pressing its trigger will make the compressed air goes into the tool and power up the nail driving mechanism into the wood. After doing the job, the air won’t remain inside the tool and has to go out of the gun via exhaust or opening. Thus, it let you drive another nail into the targeted material.

So, a pneumatic nailer should have an exhaust that is placed at the rear/back of the power tool but not at the nose or front part. This is due to two simple reasons….

Initially, the compressed air that comes out of the exhaust is not at all pure, which is missed with various contaminants, such as oil that is used for lubrication. So, this might stain the workpiece if the exhaust air is released from the front part of the unit. Hence, select a brad nailer having a rear air exhaust.

Secondly, it is quite easy to control the direction of the back exhaust rather than the front. Usually, the air might blow directly to the face or eyes while you sink a nail with the tool having a back or rear exhaust. This will make you feel uncomfortable to work. So, we suggest you check several models and choose one offering perfect control over the air direction from the rear exhaust. Thus, you can direct it away from the face and shoot nails comfortably till you complete your task.

7. Purpose:

The purpose (what type of work you prefer to do with this nailer) of using a brad nailer has to be considered before buying them. For those who are professional woodworkers or carpenters, look for a nailer that sustains the toughness of the worksite and should possess all the essential features. Yet a simple tool with basic features is sufficient for DIYers.

Usually, a model with additional features or functionality means a surcharge. So, why do you waste your time and money by spending on high-end models with several features, which you won’t use most? Prefer to buy a model based on your requirement that comes within your budget.

8. Power Type:

Brad nailers are handy and popular nail guns that let you use for a wide range of options out there. Many of these options differ from each other in terms of power input type. While some of the brad nailer models out there are pneumatic ones, others are powered by an electric battery.

As both of these power types have their own benefits, you have to choose the appropriate one according to your needs. In the case of pneumatic brad nailers, you get a higher power rating, and they are slightly more reliable. Alternatively, battery-powered models are not tethered by any air hose or power cord. This makes them an excellent option for portable and practical usage in all kinds of applications.

9. LED Lights:

Though built-in LED lights are not used all the time, having them is a quite handy feature. It provides a better view that helps you to work efficiently in hard-to-see corners, tight spaces, and places in dim settings (with no – little lighting). A power tool with these shining LED lights will offer a clear and brighter view to know where you shoot these brad nails. This feature is quite helpful for beginners or upcoming power tool operators.

10. Firing Modes (Contact Vs. Sequential):

Brad nailers use either of these two trigger systems – bump/contact or sequential firing. While a few high-end models are designed to use both these systems, which allow you to set the appropriate option as per your job requirement. So, choose them wisely either to use anyone or both of these systems.

  • Contact: For firing nails, you have to hold the trigger and press the nailer’s nose against the material. In case, if you keep pressing down the trigger, then you can continuously fire nails, which, in turn, lets you work at a maximum speed. Since this feature is meant for precise work but not more for speed, this makes most users won’t use/prefer much.
  • Sequential: For firing the brad nail, you have to press the gun’s nose against the material (wood) and press down the trigger. Here the operator has to lift the gun nose every time and release the trigger before resetting the gun and shooting another nail. This type of system needs more precision and is much safer than its counterparts. It is most preferable for non-professionals or DIYers.

So, you have to check the model you choose will let you switch between two firing modes easily without the use of any tool.

11. Ease of Use:

Even though the working performance of these nailers is similar, their ease of use (some finer details) will make them much more comfortable to use.

The built quality of the tool matters a lot, why because poorly built nailers don’t function effectively. Thereby, its nose might jam while pressing into off-angled moldings, and also the fasteners won’t drive deeply as needed.

Also, consider the ease of loading a new set of brads into the nailer, which makes a significant difference. As it allows you to refill the tool on the top of the ladder or when kneeling. So, pick the model that is much easier to load a new set of brads/nails into the magazine and pull the spring-loaded latch down to feed them properly.

12. Ergonomics:

Based on your working project, you have to use the brad nailer for a long time at a bounce. Here, comes the importance of a well-designed ergonomic handle. We suggest you choose a model having a rubberized handle, why because they offer a better grip and avoid slipping, even if you develop sweat on the palms.

Moreover, it guarantees that the tool won’t leave any bruises or blisters on the hand, even if handled for a bit longer period. So, a brad nailer with a good rubberized handle and the trigger will offer a soft grip on the tool and comfort to the user.

13. Power Rating:

Also, it is essential to check the power rating of the brad nailer before making its purchase, as it ensures that you won’t have to run into any power issues. For pneumatic brad nailers, the given power rating is measured in PSI (pounds per square inch) that range from 70 PSI – 110 PSI (or) 80 PSI – 120 PSI. Usually, the higher the PSI rating, the better the tools’ performance. While for electric (corded and cordless) models, the power rating is given in volts (V), in which you can find 18-volt or 20-volt range, in which the latter will slightly perform better to drive staples and nails.

14. Weight:

Since you have to hold the tool till your work is completed (sometimes for an extended time), the weight of the nailer will play a key role in its selection. One has to select a lightweight tool that is much comfortable in your hands and work efficiently. There are several models with an aluminum body that minimize the overall weight and thereby help to get rid of fatigue or exhaustion while working.

15. Loading System:

In general, a cartridge system and a glued strip of nails are two main nail loading systems in brad nailers. The cartridge system is used by several brad nailers for loading the nails into the tool. While others use glued strips of nails to load into the nailers. Ensure to buy a proper style of brad nails that perfectly fit in your brad nail gun.

16. Oil-Free Motor:

If you are looking for a model that always lets you relax from adding oil to the motor, then here comes the use of a tool with an oil-free motor. However, it is not a big deal for those who do oiling for other power tools or workshop items, but for occasional DIYers, an oil-free motor is much more preferred, why because they won’t use it daily. Hence, choose this type of power tool especially for those who slip their mind without remembering about checking and oiling them regularly when using them occasionally.

17. Extra Features:

Though these aren’t considered compulsory features, yet as add-ons that help to ease your nailer usage. Here are some of these features mentioned, take a look at them and check for the models with your required features to ease up the use of brad nail gun.

  • Case: A nailer with a case is an ideal option that is designed to provide a specific storage place and also protect them from external elements, and daily dust. So, irrespective of your traveling with the nailer, it is good to have this case, why because it protects the gun while not using and ensures not to get damaged while traveling or on the worksite. Therefore, it is a perk to consider this feature for your nailer.
  • Rubber Nose: It is a good precaution to either have a rubber tip or fuller rubber on the nose, as it protects the wood (material) from any minor scratches or scrapping that might happen while using this nailer. It is quite common and normal to have minor scratches on any building project, which we can cover up by sealing, painting, and other finishes. Though a nailer with a rubber nose tip won’t be your deciding factor, yet can certainly be a great add-on benefit to your nailer.

  • Belt Hook: A belt hook feature is found mostly on pneumatic nailers that let you place the hook on your side whenever you need to free your hands for a couple of minutes. This feature is helpful, especially while climbing ladders, giving a pause to check or work on other projects or has to move other items.

18. Warranty:

Since brad nailers used to drive staples and nails into the hard surfaces, they might face a lot of wear and tear over time. Therefore, to ensure that you won’t run into any issues down the road, you should buy a reliable and durable brad nailer. For this, you have to check the warranty offered by a given brad nailer before making its purchase. In general, most models offer a minimum of 1-year warranty and some others have 2 years or up to the 7-year long warranty.

How to Operate a Brad Nail Gun?

The brad nailers are straightforward power tools that let you easy to use, but when operated by an inexperienced person, then it may be a hazard in your workspace. Since they fire nails at high speed, you have to be careful about the workplace and surroundings. If anything happens wrongly, it may end up with a visit to the hospital.

So, here is a simple step-by-step procedure that lets you know how to use the brad nailer, especially, if you are a first-time user.

  • Read on the manufacturer-provided user manual instructions for some time to initially get a clear idea about brad nailers.
  • If using a pneumatic tool, then ensure to note the warning labels on the nailer, and thereby use the appropriate air pressure.
  • Don’t use beyond the manufacturer’s recommended settings (including air pressure) to your tool.
  • Applying excessive pressure to let nails penetrate through the material might damage them beyond doing repairs. So, we suggest you check and load the magazine before switching on the power or attaching the air hose.
  • Also, load the nails properly and exactly in the manufacturer recommended direction for its efficient usage.
  • The magazine is designed with special grooves for seating the nail heads, in which the heads rest in the groves while magazine loading. Also, ensure to close the magazine to lock them in the proper place.
  • The air hoses need to be hooked up while using a pneumatic model by carpenters and then switch on the compressor before you use the nailer. It will take quite a lot of the time for a compressor to reach capacity. If it is charged fully, then you will enjoy a seamless, steady nailing operation from the nailer.
  • Ensure that your battery is charged fully while operating an electric model. Also, allow the battery till it reaches maximum capacity after completing your work yet beforehand proceeding to another project.
  • Operate your nailer always at an angle of 90° perpendicular to the workspace. If doing hardwood nailing, then slightly adjust the tip of nailer to set the size and shape of the growth rings in the material.
  • In case, when you have over-angled the nail gun on the material, then it leads to nail blowing at the back of the wood. Then don’t let your hands close to the nailing area/material. A brad nail gun model will shoot thin nails at high speed, and won’t get into the hands or fingers.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Can I use a brad nailer for performing all of my projects?

Ans: Generally, brad nailers use brad nails (18-gauge) with little to no head on them. For instance, if using a brad nail to hold together two wooden pieces, which are placed under stress, then the wood will pull off the brad nail. However, thicker diameter nails having a large head is great for certain types of projects, yet they need a different type of nailer.

2. How to load the magazine of a brad nailer?

Ans: Mostly, brad nailers load nails from the magazine’s bottom. For this, slide brads stick on the magazine’s bottom and pull the spring-loaded latch down past the nails to involve them with the nail gun.

3. What is meant by this gauge rating on the brad nailer?

Ans: A gauge is defined as the thickness/diameter of the nail. Here the brad nailer uses 18-gauge nails, which are thinner and won’t offer sufficient strength to support or connect the weight of the heavy pieces of trim or wood. For this type of work, prefer a finish nailer using 15- or 16-gauge nails. While 18-gauge brad nails are considered an ideal option for lighter, thinner pieces of wood.

4. How a brad nailer is different from a finish nailer?

Ans: Brad nail guns shoot thinner nails (18-gauge) which are less prone to split fine or delicate moldings, while finish nailers use thicker nails (15 – 16-gauge range) that might split the workpiece. Also, a brad nailer comes with a smaller nose that easily tucks into the tight or hard-to-reach spots.

5. Why do we need to use a brad nailer?

Ans: The main purpose of using a brad nailer is to do a variety of finishing work like driving thinner 18-gauge nails. Thus, it let you handle paneling, trim, crown molding fastening, installing baseboard, casing, preparing birdhouse or picture frame, and so on.

6. How do we use a brad nailer?

Ans: A brad nailer should load with brads/nails that are properly hooked up to air or power. Press the nose of this gun on the workpiece to drive a nail with fingers away from the trigger. Then set and release the trigger at the right placement to fire/shoot the nails into the materials.

7. What safety gear is required while operating a brad nailer?

Ans: Here are some safety tips you have to follow to make use of the brad nailer properly.
* Always wear hands gloves and eyewear (goggles) for protecting your eyes and hands from dust and debris.
* It is a must to wear a PPE before using a brad nailer to protect yourself from any uncertain things.
* Ensure that the air or power is off while unloading or loading the nailer.

8. How to know the appropriate nail lengths to use in my brad nailer?

Ans: A list of nail lengths is specified by every brad nailer, in which most advanced models shoot nails that range from 5/8 inch to around 2 inches. Keep in mind that less expensive brad nailers are limited to shorter nails.

9. Shall we use a brad nailer for baseboards?

Ans: These brad nailers are perfectly suitable for baseboards. Fire brads (as 2 inches) that are sufficient to penetrate 1/2-inch-thick drywall, 3/4-inch-thick molding, and bite into the framing lumber into the wall studs or baseplate.

10. Shall we use finish nails in this brad nailer?

Ans: Nope. You should not use, why because finish nails are designed for thicker 15- or 16-gauge wire, whereas brad nail steel is of 18-gauge. So, the finish nails are thick to set and use in a brad nail gun to shoot those nails. Ensure to check the gauge of the gun and thereby order nails as per its specifications.

11. Where do we purchase the best brad nailer?

Ans: We suggest you purchase the brad nailer from Amazon, the world’s largest online retailer that offers the best choices at the perfect price range. They offer several benefits with proper buyer protection on the order along with hassle-free returns.

12. Shall I require a finish nailer or a brad nailer?

Ans: Usually, finish nailers are considered heavy-duty compared to brad nailers. You may use this brad nail gun to do certain finishing tasks, yet it is not appropriate to use with heavier 15- or 16-gauge nails. So, we suggest using finish nailers on a bit large tasks, such as baseboards or crown moldings.

13. When do we need to use an 18-gauge nailer?

Ans: Generally, 18-gauge nails of length up to 2-inches are used by brad nailer. They are perfect to fix thinner wooden pieces with not splitting. Here, the 18-gauge nail is as thin gauges as possible, which is apt to do finish works, such as baseboard cove moldings or shoe moldings.


Whether you want a tool for woodwork or upholstery, a brad nailer can be highly useful. These offer various features and options to the user, as we have mentioned with various brad nailers mentioned in this article. We have even offered a detailed buying with all of the factors related to brad nailers. While all of these things should help you in choosing the best one for you, some of you might be still confused. In that case, you can simply pick one from our brad nailer recommendations:

  • If you want a highly reliable brad nailer, you can go with the Bostitch BT1855K nailer. While it has average performance numbers, you get an excellent build quality and a 7-year long warranty with it that makes it highly reliable and durable.
  • Although if you are on a budget, you can go with the NuMax S2-118G2 brad nailer. Even though it is the cheapest option present in this article, you get the nail length support for ⅜ inch to 2 inches with this brad nailer. Its build quality is also quite decent.
  • You can also consider the Porter-Cable PCC790LA brad nailer if you are looking for an electric brad nailer. Its ⅝ inch to 2-inch nail length support range is quite decent. It even offers a decent 3-year long warranty to the user for peace of mind down the road.

Make sure to share your thoughts in the comments section. You can also post any questions down there if you have any!

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