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10 Best Capacitance Meters

The Capacitance Meter, as the name suggests, is a device designed to measure the capacitance of electronic equipment, production lines, or any electronic circuit. If we take a closer look at our surroundings, we’ll realize that every electronic device includes a capacitor, which has the ability to store electrical charge, known as capacitance. The standard unit for measuring capacitance is the Farad, denoted as F. Therefore, it’s crucial to monitor and maintain the capacitance of electronic circuits.

The Capacitance Meter has a wide range of applications, such as quality control, circuit tuning, troubleshooting, electronic device repair, power factor correction, and more.

Top Features to look while buying

  • Measurement Range: The most crucial aspect to consider when choosing the best capacitance meter for your needs is the measurement range it covers. This refers to the range of capacitance values that your meter can accurately measure. Depending on your requirements, it is recommended that you select a capacitance meter with an appropriate range. If you plan to work primarily with small capacitance values, choosing a wider-range capacitance meter would be a waste of resources. Conversely, for measuring capacitance in a power system, a meter with a smaller range can suffice.
  • Resolution Range: Resolution refers to the capacitance meter’s ability to display changes in capacitance within a circuit. A higher resolution indicates how quickly it can respond to changes in capacitance. This becomes crucial when precision is essential, such as when fine-tuning a circuit or ensuring quality control. Therefore, if precision is vital, it is recommended to opt for a capacitance meter with the highest resolution range. However, if you only require basic measurements, a standard resolution range will be adequate.
  • Accuracy: Accuracy is a critical factor in determining the suitability of a capacitance meter. It reflects how accurately the meter measures values. In application areas like electrical engineering and power electronics, where precise readings are essential, a highly accurate capacitance meter is the best choice. It is always advisable to check the accuracy percentage of the capacitance meter before making a decision. Remember that a higher accuracy percentage indicates a more reliable meter.

So selecting the right capacitance meter involves considering its measurement range, resolution range, and accuracy. Matching your choice to your specific needs ensures efficient and cost-effective capacitance measurements for your applications. After conducting thorough research on both basic and advanced features, we have compiled a list of the top 10 best Capacitance Meters for your convenience. We have also added a “Buyer’s Guide” at the last. This will save you a significant amount of time on research, making it easier for you to choose the most suitable option.

Best Capacitance Meters Table

Best Capacitance MeterMeasurement RangeResolution RangeAccuracyBuy Now
Luo ke Capacitance Meter0.1pF to 20000µF0.1pF to 10µF± 0.4% + 10dCheck On Amazon
Sumalink Capacitance Meter0.001 to 100R0.001OhmUp to 1%Check On Amazon
Excelvan Capacitance Meter0.01pF to 470mF/470000µF5 digitUp to 1%Check On Amazon
Hztyyier Capacitance Meter0.1pF to 20000µF0.1pF to 10µF± 0.5%Check On Amazon
CAMWAY Capacitance Meter200pF to 20000µF0.1pF to 1µF± 2.5%Check On Amazon
UCTRONICS Capacitance Meter0.01pF-100mF0.01pFUp to 1%Check On Amazon
Geevorks Capacitance Meter0.001 to 100R4 digitUp to 1%Check On Amazon
Zerodis Capacitance Meter0.1pF to 20000µF3 1/2 Digit± 0.5%Check On Amazon
GOLDCHAMP Capacitance Meter200pF to 2000µF/20mF3 1/2 Digit Or 1999 counts± 0.5%Check On Amazon
Yosoo Capacitor Meter 0.1pF to 20000µF3 1/2 digit or 1999 counts-Check On Amazon

Best Capacitance Meters Reviews

1. Luo ke Capacitance MeterLuo ke Capacitance Meter

Our top-performing device in this category is the Capacitance meter from the Luo Ke brand. This meter is renowned for its user-friendly interface and is considered one of the most cost-effective options available in this range. These features have propelled the Luo Ke capacitance meter to the top of its class.

One of the most critical factors people consider when selecting a capacitance meter is its measuring range. The Luo Ke Digital Capacitor Meter offers an extensive range, spanning from 0.1pF to 20000µF, making it suitable for various applications. It can provide measurements with resolutions ranging from 0.1pF to 10µF, allowing it to display even minor changes within this range. The accuracy of this capacitance meter is noteworthy, with the manufacturer specifying an accuracy of ±0.4%.

Regarding its functionality, this meter is equipped with a removable battery source, and a set of batteries is included in the package. The display provided by the Luo Ke capacitance meter is of the LCD type, but what stands out the most is the large screen size, which makes it easy to read the measurements. Additionally, the package includes probes, eliminating the need to purchase them separately from the aftermarket.

Best Features

  • The capacitance measuring range offered by this brand is broader nearly between 0.1pF to 20000µF.
  • The Accuracy of this product in reading is closely near to the accurate reading, highly managed to maintain such a good accuracy.


  • Lue Ke meter Comes larger size LCD display to easily read the readings.
  • Removable battery source makes it a reliable option to carry anywhere you want.
  • The weight of this meter is only 0.55 pounds so you can even carry this in your bags.
  • User found this meter very easy to use in every aspect.


  • Some users even face broken caps or probes while handling this meter.

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2. Sumalink Capacitance MeterSumalink Capacitance Meter

Our second top performer on the list is the Signstek MESR-100 V2 Capacitor and Low Ohm meter. Signstek entered the market in 2014 with electronic door locks featuring the latest technology. Through continuous development and research, they have introduced their best capacitance meter to the market.

Unlike other options, the Signstek capacitance meter is digital. It automatically sets the capacitance value; there’s no need to manually adjust the range for values. This ESR meter has a measuring range between 0.001 and 100 ohms. It’s expressed in ohms because, in parallel, it also functions as a low ohm meter, capable of calculating circuit resistance. Looking at the resolution, it offers a high precision level, with readings down to 0.001 ohms. Despite being a digital meter, the accuracy is not perfect, but Signstek still manages to provide up to 1% accuracy.

Examining its operation more closely, this meter stands out due to its unique approach. It incorporates a series resistor and employs a 100KHz frequency to minimize impedance within the circuit, making it nearly negligible. This allows for true and accurate readings, which can help determine if a capacitor is functioning properly or damaged within the circuit.

The Signstek meter is powered by two AA large-size batteries, although it’s worth noting that these batteries are not included in the package. The package does, however, include two probe wires for connecting to the circuit.

Best Features

  • It uses a 100kHz sine waveform to lower impedance, this is the same testing method used by capacitor manufacturers for their own testing.
  • The Signstek capacitance meter is solely able to detect whether the Capacitor is in Good or bad condition.


  • Signstek is a fully automatic range design Capacitance meter that seamlessly switches to the required range.
  • It has maintained a higher resolution nearly up to 0.001 ohm.
  • Signstek Capacitance comes with a fully digital LCD Display for a clear view.
  • The unique one, it supports external power from a micro USB port.


  • Sometimes Accuracy can be slightly lower than expected for this capacitance meter.

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3. Excelvan Capacitance MeterExcelvan Capacitance Meter

The next product on the list is the Excelvan M6013 Digital Capacitance meter from the Excelvan brand. It’s one of the auto-ranging capacitor meters and has received positive reviews from users, making it a trustworthy choice.

It’s important to note that Excelvan’s capacitance meter offers the widest measuring range compared to its competitors in the same category. It can measure capacitance from 0.01pF to 470000µF. Unlike other meters on this list that provide a resolution of only 4 digits, the Excelvan meter offers a higher resolution of 5 digits. This higher resolution instills more confidence in users, especially when dealing with capacitance values that may not always be fixed. Even with all these features, the 1% accuracy might still leave you feeling uncertain.

This Capacitance meter works seamlessly when measuring capacitance, as Excelvan has promised a quick 0.2-second reading time. It features an LCD dot matrix display for easy reading of your measurements, and you can power it using a battery or a 5V micro USB connection.

Best Features

  • It has the unique feature of auto averaging function, by using this Excelvan gives you more stable and accurate readings.
  • The highest measuring range available from the segment is 0.01pF to 470000µF.


  • Excelvan offers higher resolution so you can even monitor the smallest change in the capacitance.
  • Auto-ranging of measuring range is quietly time-saving for users.
  • Digital Display and availability of external USB power source make it a reliable option.


  • It is an expensive option for many users.

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4. Hztyyier Capacitance MeterHztyyier Capacitance Meter

When it comes to the next product, Hztyyier has effectively developed a digital capacitance meter. This meter is specifically designed for measuring capacitance.

One notable feature of the Hztyyier Capacitance meter, as displayed on its brand page, is its CE certification. It boasts an impressive measuring range of 0.1pF to 20000µF, which is identical to our Lue Ke meter. Additionally, it offers a resolution of 0.1pF to 10µF, which is considered acceptable within this range. Users can rely on this product for accurate readings, as it maintains an accuracy range of ±0.5%.

Powering the Hztyyier capacitance meter is a 9V battery source, which must be purchased separately. Despite this, the brand assures users of low power consumption. Even with these features, Hztyyier manages to present larger digits on the LCD display. Furthermore, the product package includes a safety jacket and a back stand for convenient placement on surfaces.

Best Features

  • The Data hold function can hold your readings for a longer time period is quite unique feature in this segment.


  • A wider measuring range is available and can handled with a manual rotating switch.
  • The weight of the meter is amazingly less and also comes with a stylish look that attracts users.
  • This is a CE-certified capacitance meter that increases the trust of users towards the company.
  • Higher resolution can able to monitor even small changes in capacitance values.


  • Battery is not included in the package and test leads length are shorter in length.

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5. CAMWAY Capacitance MeterCAMWAY Capacitance Meter

Now, let’s discuss one of the well-known brands in the electronic testing equipment market, CAMWAY. CAMWAY is known for delivering high-quality and long-lasting products to its customers.

The term LCR meter stands for Inductance (L), Capacitance (C), and Resistance (R) meter. This means you get a comprehensive tool that can measure all three of these parameters in a single device. However, our primary focus here is on capacitance testing. The CAMWAY LCR Meter can measure capacitance ranging from 200pF to 20,000µF. While the starting point may be slightly lower than some other meters, it’s perfectly suitable for standard or basic testing needs. The resolution of this meter ranges from 0.1pF to 1µF. What truly sets the CAMWAY LCR Meter apart is its remarkable accuracy, which is within ±2.5%.

CAMWAY offers several unique features with its meter. These include overload protection and a popular feature – the LCD rotating screen or display that everyone loves. The maximum display value it supports is 1999 (3 1/2 digits). Additionally, to enhance performance and ensure more accurate results, this capacitance meter utilizes a double integral A/D Converter core.

Best Features

  • The Hold function can able to hold your data as needed.
  • Auto Turnoff Feature saves your power in case you forgot to press the power off key


  • Highest accuracy range offered by CAMWAY meter up to ± 2.5% gain the trust of users.
  • Low power detection and indication when running on low power from the battery source.
  • Rotatable LCD display makes it more reliable and portable display gives flexibility to users for reading.
  • Along with Capacitance you can even measure the inductance and resistance of the circuit in one place.


  • Measuring range for capacitance measurement is slightly less than others competitors.

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6. UCTRONICS Capacitance MeterUCTRONICS Capacitance Meter

UCTRONICS offers a wide range of products in various categories, including cables, computer hardware, accessories, and more. They are known for their popular multimeter in the market. Now, let’s take a closer look at their LC handheld meter.

The UCTRONICS LC handheld meter isn’t just designed to measure capacitance; it can also calculate inductance effortlessly. Moreover, you can use it to measure frequency. Let’s dive deeper into its capacitance capabilities. This meter can measure capacitance within a range starting from 0.01pF and going up to 100mF. The resolution for this range is an impressive 0.01pF, with an accuracy rate of 1%. This meter operates based on the LC resonant principle, enhancing precision and widening the measurement range.

For convenience, this meter offers three power source options: a 5V DC power supply, a cable connection, or the flexibility to use AA batteries for on-the-go measurements. What’s particularly noteworthy are the various modes available in this meter. Mode ‘C’ is ideal for small capacitance measurements, while ‘Hi. C’ is tailored for larger capacitance readings in circuits. The same principle applies when measuring inductance.

Best Features

  • It is possible to do Calibration on open circuit calibration mode.
  • The measurement range is divided in different modes such as modes C, L, and Hi. L and Hi.C.


  • The package included various options for connectivity such as a pair of alligator clip cables, 1 mini USB cable, and 1 DC adapter for supply.
  • The interface is very simple to use for everyone.
  • Various methods available for power supply to the Meter.
  • Along with Capacitance this meter has the ability to measure the inductance and frequency of the circuits.


  • Unlike other Meters from this list, This meter lacks in advanced features.

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7. Geevorks Capacitance MeterGeevorks Capacitance Meter

Geevorks has efficiently designed two outstanding meters: a Capacitor meter and an Ohm meter, both equipped with a range of features for precise testing. One of their most popular products is the MESR-100 Capacitor meter, which operates seamlessly and automatically.

This meter is also an auto-ranging device, meaning it can detect the capacitance range automatically. Unlike other meters, Geevorks’ meter can measure readings between 0.001 and 100R concerning resistance since it’s a Capacitance ESR meter. The meter’s resolution is impressively high, displaying up to 4 digits, and it maintains 1% accuracy in its readings.

The meter employs a unique working principle utilized by capacitor manufacturers to calculate the ESR (Equivalent Series Resistance) value. By utilizing a 100KHz frequency, it eliminates circuit impedance, allowing for precise measurements of resistance and capacitance. Additionally, it comes with external 5V micro USB support for convenience. The dashboard features a zero button for effortless error clearance, and a handy ESR specification table is printed on the front for user reference.

Best Features

  • Geevorks Capacitance meter has the ability to perform in-circuit testing.
  • The Meter can able to detect the Condition of the Capacitor whether it is damaged or in good condition.


  • The package included 2 connecting probes and 1 SMD clip for connectivity.
  • The design of the Meter is fully automatic saves the time of users.
  • The higher resolution offered by this Geevork capacitance meter supports up to 4 digit display.


  • Some users have faced the length of test leads is slightly less compared to others Meter.

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8. Zerodis Capacitance MeterZerodis Capacitance Meter

Next comes to our top 10 best capacitance list is the Digital Capacitance meter distributed by the Zerodis. This is a stylish digital meter that is designed to keep only the capacitance measurement aspect so it obviously it performs well and gives the best outcomes.

Before starting any deep specification about this Capacitance meter. It is happy to know that this meter is CE certified Capacitance meter which makes this product a more trustworthy option than others. Talking about the measuring range it has the same as other 0.1pF to 20000µF capabilities. But here you get an improved resolution range of nearly 3 1/2 Digits support. We can use this meter for various of applications like measuring cable capacitance, matching the value of capacitance, and other uses.

When we look at the design of this meter, it is fitted with a built-in safety jacket that ensures more safety in case your meter falls or gets physically damaged. A large LCD display is fitted on this meter which has a backlight in the background. The sampling rate covers 2-3 counts per second.

Best Features

  • This meter has a button to hold the data.
  • Highest accuracy range in this segment.


  • A bigger size LCD display can handle up to 3 ½ digits and the user can get a clearer view of readings.
  • Built-in safety covers ensure that the meter will be safe from physical damage.
  • A wider measuring range of capacitance covers all the standard application area of testing.


  • The package only includes 1 pair of test leads connective cables and the length of this cable is slightly shorter.

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9. GOLDCHAMP Capacitance MeterGOLDCHAMP Capacitance Meter

At the end of our list, we have the highly renowned brand GOLDCHAMP, known for its excellence in measuring instruments across various categories such as multimeters, thermometers, and clamp meters. What sets them apart is their incorporation of cutting-edge technology, including Bluetooth connectivity, in their premium devices.

Let’s take a closer look at the GOLDCHAMP Capacitance meter. It features a manual adjusting knob, allowing you to select the measuring range of the meter. The meter’s maximum capacity for measurement ranges from under 200pF to 2000µF/20mF, and it can display a maximum of 1999 counts on its screen, indicating its impressive resolution range.

This meter is powered by a 9V battery and comes equipped with a backstand, enabling it to stand upright. The zero button is a handy feature that clears any errors and restores the meter to its default settings. The backlight button controls the brightness of the LCD display. Additionally, there are four holes on both the right and left sides labeled as Cx+ and Cx-, which allow for manual connection of capacitors.

Best Features

  • By using the Data hold button it is possible to store the readings.
  • A larger Display that may support up to 1999 digits.


  • It offers a broader measuring range for reading Capacitance.
  • The package includes a lot of extras such as 1 Screwdriver, a 9V battery for power supply, and 1 set of Test leads.
  • By using a backlight you can control the display light and also save power in day time.


  • Other options can offer more wider range for measuring the capacitance.

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10. Yosoo Capacitor Meter Yosoo Capacitor Meter 

The final entry on the list of the best capacitance meters is the Yosoo Handheld Capacitor Meter. Although there aren’t many user reviews for this product, it has secured a spot in the top 10 due to its exceptional quality and performance.

Similar to the other capacitance meters in the lineup, this device has a measuring range of 0.1pF to 20000µF. It boasts a resolution of up to 3 ½ digits. Its compact and lightweight design allows for easy portability, making it convenient to carry in your bag. The extended measuring range makes it suitable for applications in quality control, measuring unknown capacitance, and even assessing cable capacitance.

Power for this meter is supplied by a 9V battery source, and the company claims that it consumes less power compared to other meters on the market. The inclusion of a safety jacket provides protection against physical damage, while a backlight feature allows you to control the display’s illumination.

Best Features

  • The Data storing is possible by clicking on the HOLD button.
  • The maximum display count is 1999 covering mostly all the readings.


  • A Good range for the measurement ensures that you can use this meter in the application area for capacitance measurement.
  • This has a Sampling rate of 2-3 times per second.
  • The package includes the 2 test leads for testing.


  • This product is a bit expensive compared to others with the same specification.

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Buying Guide For Best Capacitance Meter

Deciding the Best Capacitance Meter is no longer an easy task to do. There are various vital factors that are majorly responsible for deciding the best capacitance meter for you. Although we have sorted all those for you in one place you can check for the below factor before buying any meter for measuring the capacitance.

1. Measurement Range

The measurement range tells you how much capacitance your capacitance meter can handle or measure. Each brand offers a different range for their product. However, it depends on your specific application and how much capacitance you need to monitor. For example, buying a meter with a large measuring range when you only need to calculate a small amount of capacitance is a waste of money. Similarly, if your requirement involves dealing with large capacitance, a meter with a short span range is not useful.

2. Resolution Range

Another crucial factor to consider when choosing a capacitance meter is its resolution. This indicates how quickly the meter reacts to changes in capacitance value and displays them. Higher resolution means faster measurement and display. In applications where precision is of the utmost importance, such as tuning circuits and ensuring the quality control of highly sensitive electronic circuits, higher-resolution capacitance meters are the best choice. However, for standard testing, a basic resolution range is more than sufficient.

3. Accuracy

There’s no hidden meaning behind this factor; its name says it all. Accurate readings are more important than anything else. While it’s cool for a meter to respond quickly and display readings, if those readings have significant deviations from the accurate values, it’s of no use. Power factor correction and power systems always require highly precise readings where accuracy is paramount. Therefore, it’s advisable to opt for a capacitance meter with the highest level of accuracy. You should determine the accuracy tolerance acceptable for your specific application and choose the most suitable capacitance meter accordingly.

4. Power Source

As we all know, every electronic device in the world requires a power source to function. Similarly, the internal circuitry of a Capacitance meter needs a power source to operate. When it comes to Capacitance meters, there are three types of power sources available. Some meters offer all three options, while others may not. The first option is a battery-based power source, typically using 9V batteries or similar. This provides flexibility, allowing you to use the meter anywhere without needing to plug it in. The second method involves a DC 5V power supply using an adapter that needs to be plugged into a socket. The last option is to use a micro USB port.

5. Sampling Rate

The sampling rate refers to how quickly the Capacitance meter can capture changes in capacitance readings and display them on the screen. We’ve already discussed how fast it responds to changes in resolution, but displaying the readings on the screen is equally important. Without this capability, you can’t maintain or monitor the readings. In applications where capacitance values fluctuate rapidly over time, opting for a meter with a high sampling rate is the best choice.

6. Display Type

In the recent market for Capacitance meters, the most commonly used display technology is the LCD type display (liquid crystal display). However, some high-end meters offer LED displays to show and monitor the readings. The display size should be sufficient to show all the parameters clearly and should be easy on the eyes. Some meters come with very small displays that may not show all the details clearly and can strain the eyes.

7. Connectivity

Connecting the meter for capacitance measurements can be done through various options. Many meters come with test leads, while some offer alligator-shaped probes and other connectivity options. You should consider what type of connectivity is most convenient for your capacitance testing needs and which brands offer them.

8. Warranty

The warranty of a product reflects the build quality and the brand’s confidence in their product. The same principle applies to Capacitance meters. It’s always a good idea to check the warranty terms for the meter and what damages are covered under the warranty. A longer warranty period provides users with peace of mind against unexpected damages.

By following all these major factors you can easily decide the best capacitance for you.

Capacitance Meters – FAQs

1. What is the difference between multi meter and capacitance meter?

Ans: A multi-meter is an all-in-one tool that lets you measure essential electrical properties like Voltage, Resistance, and Current using a single device. Capacitance measurement, however, is a bit distinct. It’s also known as an LCR meter because it can determine not only Capacitance but also Inductance and even measure Resistance in a circuit.

2. What type of meter do I need to test a capacitor?

Ans: It is not at all confusing that you need a digital multimeter or you can opt for a digital capacitance meter specifically depending on your choice. After choosing turn on the power button to enable the power supply for the meter operation, select the appropriate AC or DC voltage as per your need and the capacitor used for testing.

3. Can all multimeters test capacitors?

Ans: The Answer to this question is NO. It is not any rule that all multimeter offers capacitance measurement features. It has been observed that most of the budget-friendly meter doesn’t include this capacitance measurement functionality. Although few high-end or say latest technology meter has all these capabilities to measure the capacitance of the circuit.

4. What are the two ways of measuring capacitance?

Ans: There are various ways to measure the capacitance of the circuit such as using the DC charge and the Discharge method. The most accurate method used for measuring is the Bridge Method Used in the LCR circuit for capacitance measurement.

5. Can you measure capacitance on a live circuit?

Ans: As we are aware Capacitance is the device which stores the electrical charge in it So it is way more risky to deal with live circuits. So it is not possible to measure the accurate value of capacitance.

6. Where should a capacitor be set on a multimeter?

Ans: Using a multimeter as a capacitor meter is straightforward. To do this, follow these simple steps:
*Set your multimeter to a higher ohms count, typically between 10K and 1m ohms.
*Turn off the power supply to the circuit you want to test.
*Connect the probes of the multimeter to the capacitor circuit. The red probe should be connected to the positive terminal, and the black probe should be connected to the negative terminal.
*You’re all set! You can now check the reading, and it should start increasing.
This method allows you to use your multimeter to measure capacitance with ease.


Let’s conclude our discussion now that we’ve examined the key factors that determine the best capacitance meter and have also covered the top 10 capacitance meters individually.

  • In conclusion, if you want the best meter regardless of its price, the Sumalink Capacitance Meter is the top choice. There are several reasons for this. Firstly, it’s an auto-range detector meter. Additionally, it has a wide measuring range for circuit resistance. You can find more unique and outstanding features about it in its dedicated review.
  • On the other hand, if price is your primary concern, we highly recommend the Luo ke Capacitance Meter XC6013L, which is our top performer in the list. This meter fulfills all the requirements of a capacitance meter and includes some excellent features as detailed in the individual product review. It’s also budget-friendly and a great choice in its price range.
  • Lastly, we suggest you consider the Excelvan Capacitance Meter, which comes with built-in auto-set ranging features and much more. It offers everything you’d expect from the best capacitance meter.

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