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7 Best Bow Saws In 2024 (Reviews & Buying Guide)

A bow saw is great for cutting branches or clearing bushes and weeds in the garden. It has a sharp blade on a curved frame. This garden tool is easy to use, doesn’t need much upkeep, is cheap, sharp, lasts a long time, and is easy to carry. It’s perfect for cutting small to medium branches, making logs for firewood, and pruning shrubs and branches.

Key Factors to Consider:

  • Blade Lengths: It ranges from 12 to 36 inches. The blade length determines the size of wood the saw can handle. Shorter blades, around 12 to 15 inches, are great for small cuts, while longer blades, up to 30 inches, are better for cutting larger logs quickly.
  • Material: A bow saw is crucial for its effectiveness in cutting harder wood. A tubular steel frame is generally more durable and structurally robust compared to an aluminum frame.
  • Portability: A lightweight saw, around 500 grams, is more practical for portable use than a heavier one at 800 grams. Foldable designs are also convenient for carrying to different work sites.

To get a clear idea of these covers, we came up with a detailed “Buying Guide” Also, using the same information, we have shortlisted some Best Bow Saws with a brief review of each product, including its specifications, pros, and cons. Read on to ease up your selection process and pick the best option.

Best Bow Saws Table

Best Bow SawsSaw SizeFrameBuy Now
AGAWA BOREAL21 Bow Saw21 inchAluminum frameCheck On Amazon
Bahco 10-24-23 Bow Saw24 inchTubular steel frameCheck On Amazon
Truper 30255 Bow Saw21 inchTubular steel frameCheck On Amazon
GreatNeck BB24 Bow Saw24 inchTubular steel frameCheck On Amazon
Fiskars Bow Saw21 inchAluminum frameCheck On Amazon
Hooyman Bow Saw21 inchTubular steel frameCheck On Amazon
Husky 12 in Bow saw12 inchTubular steel frameCheck On Amazon

Best Bow Saws Reviews

1. AGAWA BOREAL21 Bow Saw (21-inch)


Even though Agawa and most of its bow saw models are quite a premium offering, they can be a great option if you want a feature-rich saw for using in your garden or backyard.

Agawa’s Boreal 21 bow saw comes at the 2nd position of this listicle as it is one of the best options for portable usage. Despite having a decently large 21 inch saw size, you can still take it with you thanks to its foldable design.

While it is also quite lightweight at 530 grams, it uses an aluminum frame for the same which is not as durable as steel. Thankfully, you do get a steel blade along with a fiberglass handle for extra strength. Agawa also includes a decent 1-year warranty with this bow saw.

Best Features

  • Offers a saw size of 21 inches
  • Uses an aluminum frame
  • Comes with a 1 year long warranty period


  • Offers a foldable design
  • Lightweight and highly portable
  • Decently large steel blade


  • Does not use a steel frame

Buy Now From Amazon

2. Bahco 10-24-23 Bow Saw

 Bahco 10-24-23 Bow Saw

Bacho is a highly popular brand of bow saws as it has been making all kinds of saws for a pretty long time all of which generally prove to be great options for heavy-duty usage.

The Bahco 10-24-23 bow saw comes at the 1st position of this list since it is quite an ergonomic option despite being made for heavy-duty usage. Thanks to its 24 inch saw size, you can easily use it for cutting most tree branches with ease.

Apart from having an ergonomic and comfortable to use handle, you will also get a tubular steel frame with this bow saw which is there for proper rigidity. A great thing about this bow saw is that you get a unique tensioning system with it for straight cuts. Unfortunately, you only get a 30-day long warranty with this Bacho bow saw.

Best Features

  • Offers a saw size of 24 inches
  • Uses a tubular steel frame
  • Comes with a 30 day long warranty period


  • Great for heavy-duty usage
  • Ergonomic and comfortable handle
  • Includes a tensioning mechanism


  • Poor warranty period

Buy Now From Amazon

3. Truper 30255 Bow Saw (21-inch)

Truper 30255 Bow Saw

Truper is a fairly new brand of bow saws when compared with most other options out there that can still be a great option if you want a high-strength saw for using in your garden.

This Truper 30255 bow saw comes at the 3rd position of this article because it uses various high-strength materials for easily cutting hardwood. Starting with its blade, it uses a 21-inch blade that is made out of steel and combined along with a cam lever tension system so that the blade stays straight at all times.

To further increase the rigidity of this bow saw, Truper also uses a high-quality tubular frame for its construction. While it does not have any specific cutting depth, it is surely quite higher than others. You will be glad to know that this Truper bow saw comes with a 15-year warranty for your peace of mind.

Best Features

  • Offers a saw size of 21 inches
  • Uses a tubular steel frame
  • Comes with a 15 year long warranty period


  • Ideal for heavy-duty usage
  • Pretty high cutting depth
  • High strength steel blade with tensioner


  • A bit on the heavier side

Buy Now From Amazon

4. GreatNeck BB24 Bow Saw (24-inch)

GreatNeck BB24 Bow Saw

GreatNeck is one of the most affordable options out there which can be ideal for all those of you who are looking for a bow saw that still manages to offer excellent performance.

The GreatNeck BB24 bow saw happens to be the best value for money option stated here. This is primarily due to the reason that even at its entry-level price tag, you get a 24-inch blade with it. Its blade is made out of chrome alloy hard steel which is great for extra strength.

Similarly, you also get a tubular steel frame combined along with a tension adjuster for high precision. Thanks to its large size frame, you get a very high cutting depth of 6.5 inches as well. But the best part about GreatNeck is that even its given price tag, you get a lifetime warranty with it making it ideal for long-term usage.

Best Features

  • Offers a saw size of 24 inches
  • Uses a tubular steel frame
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty period


  • Excellent value for money
  • Super warrant period for long term usage
  • Large size blade for heavy-duty use


  • Not the most portable option

Buy Now From Amazon

5. Fiskars Bow Saw

Fiskars Bow Saw

The Fiskars 7029 Bow Saw is excellent at handling tough cutting tasks accurately. This 21-inch saw is designed for clearing brush and cutting thick branches effortlessly. Its precision-ground steel blade stays sharp with frequent use, and rust-resistant coating.

With a lightweight tubular-steel frame, it’s easy to hold and transport, ideal for outdoor cutting jobs. The safety tension lever provides extra control for safer and more precise cutting. Plus, the ergonomic handle design offers a comfortable grip, reducing hand strain.

Best Features

  • 21-inch cutting
  • Rust-resistant coating
  • Lightweight tubular steel frame
  • Lifetime warranty for peace of mind


  • Efficient cutting
  • Comfortable and secure grip
  • Durable construction
  • Ergonomic handle


  • Not suitable for cutting larger trunks

Buy Now From Amazon

6. Hooyman Bow Saw

Hooyman Bow Saw

Our list is from a famous brand called Hooyman which is well-known for providing high-quality products.

Their bow saw comes with SK5 stainless steel construction and hardened teeth which provides clean and quick cuts without any mess. In addition to that, it ensures quality, reliability and durability. It is equipped with Hooyman’s signature no-slip H-grip which ensures safe cutting.

It features an adjustment tension knob which makes blade maintenance and replacement quite easy. This bow saw is light in weight and comfortable handle. It comes with limited lifetime warranty duration.

Best Features

  • Offers 21 inches blade
  • High carbon SK5 steel material
  • No-slip H-grip
  • Longer cutting life


  • Features tension adjustment knob
  • High density EVA grip
  • Secure grip
  • Durable quality


  • A little bit pricey

Buy Now From Amazon

7. Husky 12 in Bow saw (12-inch)

Husky 12 in Bow saw

Husky is a fairly new brand of bow saws that you can keep in mind if you are looking for something affordable and ideal for portable usage at the same time.

This Husky 45420 bow saw is the cheapest option stated here in this list. Even at its given price tag, it happens to be a combination of a bow saw and a hack saw making it highly versatile. Although, it is not ideal for heavy-duty usage since you only get a 12 inch saw size with it.

Unlike what you would expect from such an affordable bow saw model, you still get a tubular steel frame with it. This is combined along with a decent 1-year warranty for your peace of mind. Just like most other bow saws, this one also includes a basic tension system to ensure that the blade stays straight at all times.

Best Features

  • Offers a saw size of 12 inches
  • Uses a tubular steel frame
  • Comes with a 1 year long warranty period


  • Quite an affordable bow saw
  • Also works as a hack saw
  • Sturdy steel frame for rigidity


  • Cannot be used for heavy-duty usage

Buy Now From Amazon

How to Choose your Right Bow Saws?

Selecting your right option is a bit hard task from a wide range of bow saw options in the market. Some are meant to cut metals, while others are ideal to cut green wood or trees in the garden.

Without proper guidance, you may end up purchasing the wrong product. So, we are here with a guide that explains what to consider, how to use it, safety tips, and some FAQs to get a clear idea of its selection.

Here are some factors to consider while shopping for the bow saw.

1. Blade Types

Raker tooth blades and standard peg tooth blades are two different blade variants available for bow saws. A clear idea about these blade designs will help you choose the correct option as per your cutting needs.

  • Raker Tooth Blades – Bow saws with this blade design are used to work with green, wet woods effectively. They pull out the wood shavings of the cut to make it easy to cut wet or green woods.
  • Peg Tooth Blades With its single shape of tooth that cut on both back and front stroke, they are used to cut through dry woods.

Some manufacturer designed their premium models with reversible blades, in such a way that peg blades on one side and raker & peg blades on the other side. You can switch to a different blade type by removing the blade and flipping it over. This type of reversible blade is handy for those going to a jobsite.

So, it is essential to check the blade design the bow saw model has and pick a saw that is suitable for your requirements.

2. Blades

Teeth per inch (TPI) is used to rate the blade’s cutting efficiency. The saw with more teeth will provide a smoother cut. Yet a blade with high TPI results in catching sawdust in the gaps between teeth or gullets that in turn overheat the blade or slow down the cutting process. The blade cutting efficiency of the bow saw will range from 3 – 14 TPI, in which low TPI is ideal for greenwood, and high TPI is perfect for cutting lumber. Some manufacturer won’t mention TPI, yet specifies the cutting preference (dry or wet cutting).

3. Blade Material

Bow saws are exclusively designed to cut through the wood by using both the pull and push stroke, yet it happens only if it has sharp blades that are taken right out of the box. Prefer to use blades that are made of stainless steel or hardened carbon steel to enhance the durability, and strength of the blade along with making it stay sharp for a longer time.

If using carbon steel, then ensure the blade has rust resistance to prevent rust or corrosion. While stainless steel has a sharp edge to work for a longer time. Irrespective of any material, the blade won’t last long and you need to replace it occasionally. So, ensure to check the blade material and select the perfect option as per your sawing requirement.

4. Blade Length

The blade length of the saw will impact the size of wood your bow saw can handle easily. The general blade lengths of these saws will range from 12 inches (shorter blades) to 36 inches (big blades).

  • Shorter Blades – With its length ranging from 12 – 15 inches, this bow saw is a perfect option for small cuts (such as dry or small green branches). They provide the compactness required to cut in tight spaces, where you can’t use long blades.
  • Longer Blades – It let you perform bigger cuts with a stroke length that supports quick cutting of 8 – 12 inches wood log. But a blade length of around 30-inch is required to do some serious tree work.

5. Frame

Without the frame of the bow saw, you won’t be able to properly cut down the branches especially if they are quite strong. Therefore, it is highly important to ensure that your bow saw has a durable and sturdy enough frame before buying them. For the same, you can simply check the material used for the construction of your bow saw.

Except for a few lightweight folding bow saw models that use aluminum frames for a hiking or camping trip, almost all other options come with a tubular steel frame which offers proper rigidity to your bow saw. Since these are prone to rust, a powder coating finish will offer protective plastic skin.

6. Bow-Shaped Vs. Triangular

Usually, these saws come in two main shapes – bow and triangle. Triangular-shaped saws are used to maneuver in tight spots (like trimming small trees). Since these are smaller, they are unable to handle larger wood. Whilst, a bow-shaped saw is widely used to efficiently cut through wood of a large diameter.

7. Type of Wood

Based on the type of wood you want to cut through, you have to decide which type of blade suits best for your saw to make proper cutting. For instance, a sharper blade with longer teeth is the best option to cut harder wood effortlessly when you plan to cut seasoned wood. Whereas, pick a saw with rakes-type teeth that are widely spaced to clear paddock of small, green wood/trees.

8. Tension Adjuster

It is quite common that the tension gets loosened in humid situations and upon frequent usage. The same happens in the bow saw and the result is the blade becomes wobbly, dangerous, and inefficient to perform its sawing task perfectly.

To get rid of this problem, the manufacturers of premium models featured an automatic tension adjuster to set the blade tight every time it loosens. Some models let you manually adjust the tension.

You have to twist a thin wire or cord and pull on the wooden frame to adjust the tension in the traditional bow saw models. However, it works well but at times it has to be replaced. Now you can notice either a cam level or adjustable screws (or both) placed on the handle end of modern metal-framed saws. The cam level hooks into predetermined holes and tensions to close, which is a common and quick way of adjusting the tension. Whereas, adjustable screws offer accurate variation in the blade tension to make it work aptly.

9. Secure Grip

The frame is used as a grip in traditional wooden bow saws, whereas, some grip on a single side is used in modern metal saws. Also, it acts as a tensioning system for the blade, in which the handle locks the blade. This grip style offers a sturdy surface to grasp onto when you use the saw. Also, a D-ring is included over the blade interior that prevents sliding your hand off the grip surface (a most preferred option that offers additional leverage on forward pushing stroke.

Pistol-grip style is another secure grip option that wraps around the metal bow to deliver a tad textured surface and thereby keep them firmly in your hand without slipping. Moreover, some other bow saw models won’t offer any grip and you have to hold the frame properly.

So, we suggest you test the way you hold the saw and then select the model with your preferred secure style.

10. Handle Design and Knuckle Guard Design

The handle of the saw is essential to consider before making its purchase. It is used to transfer the user power from the arm to the blade in a back and forth fluid motion. Since these saw blades cut on the pull and push stroke, you have to check the model with a comfortable and ergonomic handle design that offers a better grip on the saw.

The bark and other trees/wood branches get into contact with the fingers and knuckles of the user while applying power strokes at the time of cutting. Ensure that your bow saw handle comes with this knuckle guard to safeguard your hands from these harmful effects when doing the sawing process.

11. Replaceable Blades

A saw with high-quality steel blades is steady, durable, and makes the sawing process faster and easier. Even though there is a difference in the cutting capacity of the blade, they won’t last long and has to be replaced after some time. So, instead of buying the saw, we advise you to look for models offering replacement blades that let you switch easily.

12. Protective Sheath

The blade of these saws has extremely sharp teeth which might result in any unexcepted injuries to the operator during the sawing/cutting process. So, select a saw model featuring a protective sheath to cover your blade without exposing its sharp teeth and thereby prevent any possible injuries.

13. Bright Color

Bow saws are available in different colors, in which we advise you to pick a model having a brightly colored handle. This will help you to find out the saw easily whenever you left or place it in the trees or ground while working, specifically sawing the dense growth.

14. Protecting the Blade

Blades with heat-treated steel teeth of the bow saw retain their sharp edge for several years, only when used and cared for properly after every use. Cutting green wood/log results in wet blades, so wipe off the blade to prevent rust formation on these steel blades. Then ensure to apply a thin oil (WD40) slightly on the blade to deter rust and keep it sharp and long-lasting.

Some saw models come with a foldup design that hides the blade to protect them from any harm while not using it. Some models offer a plastic protective sleeve that covers the blade and deters the sharp teeth of the blade from getting damaged. All these will protect the saw blade effectively to enhance its cutting capacity and longevity.

15. Cutting Depth

While not every bow saw might mention this, you have to check the cutting depth offered by it to get an idea of its cutting performance. This depth determines the thickness of the branch or tree that you can cut using the bow saw. Generally, the cutting depth will be around 4 – 6 inches whereas a higher cutting depth is ideal for cases, in which you work on larger trees. Although, a higher cutting depth also results in a larger bow saw resulting in slightly worse portability.

16. Portability

Even a bow saw is not a large tool, yet it is difficult to carry around. If you are one among those who want to take their bow saw to different locations for some reason, then its portability is a must to consider feature. The first thing to check is its weight, which should range from 400 – 500 grams but not beyond this range.

Apart from the weight, you have to choose a foldable bow saw (portable option) when you are backpacking, camping, or hiking to move them easily. This foldable model will properly cover the blade which prevents the risk of tear up or injury when packed in your bag with other tools and equipment.

17. Safety and Comfort

An ergo handle and knuckle protector are two common safety features in modern bow saws that keep the hands and fingers safe and comfortable while operating this saw. However, it won’t matter for those who use the saw for few times yearly. Yet for daily users, pick the saw that is easy to use and features a protective sheath to protect from the sharp blade while storage.

Safety Tips

The blades of these bow saws are sharp and are dangerous if used improperly. So, we are here with some safety tips that you have to follow for safe and effective usage of these bow saws.

  • Wear Safety Clothing – You have to wear heavy-duty, work boots or closed-toe shoes, and long pants that are made of durable and thick material.
  • Safely Carry – Carry the saw at the metal frame center with the teeth pointing towards the ground. You can pass it to others with the saw’s handle end.
  • Replace the Protective Sheath – Place the protective sheath after you complete the saw and cleaning process over the blade for its protection.
  • Area Preparation – It is essential to keep the kids and pets away from this work area, and won’t leave the saw on the ground. This would be dangerous, so arrange the work area properly.

How to Use a Bow Saw?

Take a look at the following detailed procedure that explains how we use the bow saw properly.

  • Cut the branch from the upper surface towards down with pressure on the push and pull stroke. Ensure that your position should be above the branch, especially work from waist height.
  • The blade has to rest in a vertical position over the wood. Always operate the saw with the dominant hand and support the limb with your non-dominant hand. After cutting the wood, clear the blade to get rid of moisture.
  • Go with gentle first few cuts to prevent the saw from sticking or snagging, which in turn results in skipping and bending of blades. Make sure to work slowly before you completely apply the pressure.
  • Don’t bend the arm much and use the full length of the blade while cutting or operating the bow saw.
  • Simply push the blade down and then forward or backward using a push stroke without applying excessive pressure at a 40-degree angle, which helps for quick and efficient cutting.

Best Bow Saws – FAQs

1. What for a bow saw is used?

A bow saw is an ideal option to use for small woodcutting jobs, which include cutting large branches into the wood and pruning trees into the wood for a fireplace. This saw is the best alternative where the loppers and pruners are unable to cut or perform tasks like pruning shrubs, cutting wood for the stove, or taking down small trees (5 or less inches).

2. Shall we cut metal by using a bow saw?

The bow saw can’t handle steel and plastic, as it is meant to cut things like branches, firewood, and other wood due to its roughness. So, prefer to use this handy equipment used for woodworking and cutting curved or straight cuts.

3. What are the reasons behind the bow saw binding?

The main reason for binding the bow saw blade is not having a sufficient set of cutting teeth and making the channel wider than the blade. It is used to cut dry wood but not green.

4. What is the maximum lifespan of a bow saw?

The lifespan of the bow saw blade is based on its frequency of usage. The steel frame is sturdy and durable, yet you have to keep it clean and rust-free for its long-lasting performance.

5. What is the best saw option for log cutting?

The bow saw is perfect to cut logs/wood of large size, wood stove, or chimney for individual use. The regular blade length of 2 – 3 feet fits with a sharp edge and sharp teeth along with a C-shaped edge, which suits for quick cutting through wooden logs (of 5+ more inches).

6. How do we use the bow saw safely?

Safety is the utmost priority while using these hand tools. Here are some of the tips that have to be minded carefully when operating the saw.
*Always wear protective clothing like hand gloves and goggles.
*Cover the blade to keep it sharp by using a protective cover while not using it.
*Avoid standing below the tree branches while cutting.
*When walking with a blade, you have to face the blade away from the body and be careful that it won’t hurt anyone.
*Keep it away from pets, elders, or kids to operate the saw.

7. Which is the best saw option – folding saw or bow saw?

With its broader, sheet metal blade, the folding saw will extend from the handle and fold back into the transportation. This is a single-handed tool that has to be used on branches of diameter less than a couple of inches.
Whereas bow saws need additional steps to fold models, and their small tooth count is designed to cut large branches. The frame of the bow saw offers a gripping area when you need two hands.
So, you have to select the best option based on your personal preference.


If you’re looking to trim a lot of branches, bushes, and plants in your backyard or garden. Consider using a sturdy tool like the bow saws mentioned above. These saws are designed with features that make them suitable for cutting both dry and green wood in your garden. Additionally, we’ve included a detailed buying guide to help you choose the best bow saw.

Here are our top recommendations for best bowsaw:

  • The AGAWA BOREAL21 Bow Saw (21-inch) its a foldable design for easy transport and a 21-inch saw size that balances portability and cutting power. It also comes with a 1-year warranty for its lightweight aluminum frame.
  • The GreatNeck BB24 Bow Saw (24-inch) offers excellent value with a large 24-inch blade and a durable tubular steel frame. What makes it even better is the lifetime warranty, ensuring long-term use.
  • For those on a budget, the Husky 12 in Bow saw (12-inch) is a good option with a convertible design that doubles as a hacksaw. It has a smaller 12-inch saw size but still features a tubular steel frame and a 1-year warranty.

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