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A Graphics Card or Graphical Processing Unit (GPU) is a special electronic circuit that boasts the processing power required to render the images that we

When you are considering purchasing a new hard drive, you will come across the most popular brands – Seagate and WD. These two brands have

Computer Mouse is an important input device for any computer. It is a simple point and click device that simplified the way we interact with

AMD has been trying hard to compete in the high-end graphics card market for some time. But it was falling short of the competition from

USB and HDMI are two popular ports on most modern computers (desktops and laptops). With USB, you can transfer data to portable storage, connect peripherals,

Nvidia’s RTX Series of Graphics Cards are definitely a top pick for gaming and other productivity. They are currently in their second generation (at the

Heat is always an issue, be it computers, gadgets, or other electrical/electronic devices/appliances. Speaking of computers, the CPU is probably one of the hottest components

Both Computer Monitors and TVs are display devices. Monitors are comparatively small and we use them on our desks. We sit very close to a

Memory is a vital part of modern microprocessor systems such as computers, smartphones, networking devices, smart gadgets and even rockets and satellites. Since their introduction

A computer mouse is a simple pointing device that that helps you in moving a cursor (a pointer) in the X-Y plane and click on