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In modern days, we all require electronic devices. Irrespective of the type of device you have chosen, most of them come with cords. Nothing can

The online gaming scene around the world has grown up like a blast over the past few years, and we see more and more talented

Everything and everyone is connected via the internet. It may be machines, services, or humans, the internet serves them all. Since the internet is evolving,

A magnetic charging cable – single solution to charge all your gadgets or devices simultaneously. Standard cables that come along with the devices are adequate

We always find ourselves struggling to find a perfect power outlet for the electronic items in our house and try to keep them as close

Over the recent years, display connectivity has witnessed a remarkable transformation, rendering older options like VGA and DVI obsolete. This shift is inspired by the

Cable ties are that efficient thing in our lives that without them our lives would be a little messier. Be it those tangled wires on

Electrical wires are the lifeline of an electrical system since they deliver power from a source to the required components. Made up of copper, these

When you are in a hurry and going through a scavenger hunt, and all sorts of cables are lying here and there, tangled and screaming

There’s bad news if you upgraded your gadget, particularly laptops and computer systems, but still use traditional monitors, projectors, or other display devices that only