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Fiber optic splicing joins two fiber optic lines using a specialized tool called a splicer. Typically, this is done to lengthen a fiber optic cable

Have you ever attempted a phone-to-smart-TV connection? A new HDMI connector is required to establish the connection. To transport uncompressed video data and compressed or

Let’s suppose you have just set up a new business that requires you to have a wired LAN connection all over the place.  Or, maybe

HDMI Switches cut down the chaos of entangled cables from your life. Their Multiple input ports, connect your multiple display devices to your single input

If you are a Youtuber, social media performer or any TV host live streaming your show. Then streaming the best angle video entertains your viewers

Wireless Communication such as Wi-Fi became so reliable and affordable that many new homes do not even come with Ethernet Cables. There are some situations

Even though electronic devices are becoming wireless but wired internet connection is better with Wi-Fi internet connection. However, there can be a messy look when

When you set up a wired network connection, you use an internet cabling called Ethernet cable. But do you know that Ethernet cables come in

Compared to Wi-Fi, Ethernet cable can provide a faster internet connection. However, when the Ethernet cable is short, it will not be able to reach

Even though wireless networks such as Wi-Fi are getting faster and cheaper, wired networks are still a dominating part of the overall networking infrastructure. Wired