The 9 Best LED Work Lights Reviews and Buying Guide

Illuminate your workplace with safe, brighter, efficient, and affordable LED lights. 

Be it a personal workspace or a professional construction site, proper lighting is important to complete the essential tasks.

LED work lights are considered the best option among various types of work lights as they are versatile, energy-efficient, affordable, and brighter.

You can use it to lighten either as a spotlight for a small area or brighten up a large area. Thus, it lets you complete the task properly.

Before making its purchase, one should know the answers to these questions – why do you need this light for (to decide on the type of LED work light), & how bright the lighting in your workplace (for proper lumens count). Along with this, you have to consider these 2 key factors…

Types – Based on your work type and location, there are three types of LED work lights available.

  • Portable: Small, compact, easy to transport and easy to store, which makes it a perfect option to use on construction sites, garage workshops, and home renovation projects.
  • Stand: Perfect for lighting job sites, as it is versatile and height-adjustable lights by using a stand or tripod.
  • Retractable: With their small size, these lights use a retractable cord. It let you mount on the wall or ceiling for a permanent lighting option.

Brightness – Lumens used to measure the intensity of brightness. So, the higher the lumen count, the brighter the light will lit. Based on your brightness in your workplace, you have to check the lumens of your LED light. Also, the number of LED chips in a lightning module will affect its brightness.

Want to know more about how to choose the best-LED work lights, you have to go through the below “Buying Guide” section. Read it on to purchase the Best LED work light online.

Best LED Work Lights

LED Work LightTypeBrightness (Lumens)WarrantyBuy Now
Dewalt LED Work LightHand Held500N.ACheck On Amazon
Powersmith LED Work LightStand Based10802 YearsCheck On Amazon
Coquimbo LED Work Light Handheld/ Stand Based800N.ACheck On Amazon
Warsun LED Work LightStand Based12001 YearCheck On Amazon
Lutec LED Work LightStand Based50003 YearsCheck On Amazon
Sonee LED Work LightHandheld/ Stand Based1500N.ACheck On Amazon
Glorious-Lite 50W LED Work LightHandheld/ Stand Based5000N.ACheck On Amazon
Neiko LED Work LightHand Held350N.ACheck On Amazon
Powerfirefly LED Work LightStand Based250N.ACheck On Amazon

9 Best LED Work Lights Reviews

1. Dewalt LED Work Light

dewalt work light

First on our list is the DEWALT DCL050, a 20-volt handheld LED work light. One of the highest-rated and reviewed handheld work light on our list, the DEWALT light comes with great features such as a rotatable pivoting head and multiple brightness options.

Top Features:

  • The light includes 3 bright LEDs studded on the light
  • Dual-mode available with switching between 500 and 250 lumens
  • 140 degrees pivoting head allows the versatile motion of the direction of the light
  • 360 degrees rotating hook makes it easy to hang it anyplace (with 2 inches width/diameter) you like for easier beam reach
  • Belt hook compatible
  • Non-marring surface and Over moulded lens cover for higher durability
  • Built-in telescoping
  • 20 volts battery voltage


  • Highly rated but no warranty

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2. Powersmith LED Work Light 

powersmith light

PowerSmith PWL 110S is a highly bright LED portable work light with great luminosity and a weather-resistant build. The PWL 110S is more of a stand based light and thus needs a solid ground to be placed on. But as it is light in weight and hook nature, it can also be moved around easily thus making it portable enough.

Top Features:

  • Highly bright with its 5,000k brilliant light with a great luminosity of 1,080 lumens
  • Also available in 1,800; 3,000; 5,00 and 7,500 lumens variants
  • 120 volts bulb with a wattage of 10 watts
  • Extra-large metal hook for an easier shift from stand based to portable
  • Long-lasting LED lights with very minimal need for replacements
  • 360 degrees tiltable head that lets you place the light any direction you want
  • Sealed on and off switch
  • Weatherproof build that makes it easier to work in any weather
  • A metal welded stand that can withstand any rugged use and is extremely durable
  • 2 Years manufacturer’s warranty with US-based customer service centre


  • None specific to mention

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3. Coquimbo LED Work Light

Coquimbo LED Work LightCoquimbo LED work lights is one of the well-known and trust-worthy brands when it comes to LED lighting solutions.

Top Features:

  • It can be used as a white flood light to illuminate a large area and as handheld LED flashlight based on your requirement.
  • This work light comes with 3 white light modes that include medium, high and front light. These modes are perfect for daily usage.
  • It also has 2 red light modes that include steady-on and strobe which are helpful in emergency situations.
  • Suitable for wide range of applications
  • Can rotate 360-degrees horizontally
  • Capable for multi-angle illumination
  • Built-in rechargeable battery
  • Solid aluminum construction for durability
  • Foldable, so easy to carry and also requires less storage space


  • No warranty or replacement details mentioned

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4. Warsun LED Work Light 

warsun light

Warsun is a portable yet very bright Work LED light with rechargeable batteries and a magnetic base. Rectangle-shaped, the work light is highly versatile and a great add on to a workman’s tool kit.

Top Features:

  • 1200 Lumens super bright COB LED light
  • 1800 mAH large capacity battery with USB Based charging
  • Triple mode function with one being high brightness, one is medium brightness and one is low brightness beams. Switch between modes and also power using a single button
  • Has both Hook and Magnet clasp function. A super-strong rear magnet lets you attach the light to any metal surface
  • The strong hook lets you hang on the light on any pole surfaces
  • Portable and highly durable build material with a handheld compact size
  • 30 Days no hassle money back return window and also has a dedicated 1-year manufacturer’s warranty


  • None too specific to mention

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4. Lutec LED Work Light 

lutec light

LUTEC’s 6290XL is a super bright work light with a dual head LED and a  rotating telescoping tripod. It is available in two different luminosity variants and is perfect for a wide area job and for mining, shafting or other such large area jobs as such.

Top Features:

  • 7,000 Lumens high-intensity bulbs with the super bright light of 5,000k color temperature. Also available in 3,300 lumens as well.
  • The bulbs are integrated LEDs so the bulb replacement is minimal.
  • Made out of the heavy-duty, high-quality professional-grade die-cast aluminium casing.
  • 8 feet long power chord with adjustable height and retractable pole of a maximum height of 5 feet by 6 inches. The light stand has a built-in cord wrap system also to make storing and carrying it easier thus increasing the overall portability
  • The lamp heads can be rotated to 90 degrees vertically and about 330 degrees horizontally thus providing a near Omni-directional illumination
  • The tripod stand has a flip-lock for staying put in one place
  • Built out of weather and waterproof materials thus this light is good to go for working in wet and damp conditions.
  • Comes with a 3 years manufacturer’s warranty period


  • No concerns; the product is one of the highly-rated stand based work lights

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5. Sonee LED Work Light


Sonee LED Work LightSonee LED work Light is a dual pack of rechargeable and portable LED floodlights. Highly powerful in their illumination, the Sonee lights come with multi-mode functions, the lights are handheld portable in size.

Top Features:

  • The chip on Board LED work lights with 3 different lighting modes. One is the high beam mode, strobe mode and low light made.
  • Very high illumination capacity of 1500 lumens that can replace a basic 30-watt traditional bulb.
  • 180 degrees adjustable stand and a foldable handle design that lets you place and use the light anywhere
  • Energy-efficient, the light can save up to 70% of your electricity consumption if you use it as a floodlight on the front porch as well.
  • In low light mode, it can also double as a reading light too.
  • Powered by two 18650 Lithium-ion batteries (or 4 AAA batteries (not included)) with USB based recharging
  • High capacity batteries with a USB output that lets you use the light to charge your phone as well
  • Weather and waterproof build thanks to the IP 65 Build material.


  • No warranty
  • Minor battery issues

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7. Glorious-Lite 50W LED Work Light

Glorious-Lite 50W LED Work LightGLORIOUS-LITE is a reputed brand for developing energy saving products without compromising on the quality. 

This LED work light from the brand consumes just 50W (similar to what a halogen bulb consumes) to give out 5000 lumens of brightness. So, this light can illuminate your garage, warehouse, factory or construction site. 

Top Features:

  • Comes with a reflective film and a 120-degree beam angle to provide bright light to all corners.
  • There are adjustable knobs, using which you can rotate the light to 270-degrees and even 360-degrees according to your requirement.
  • Comes with a 5 metre long cord to easily set it up anywhere.
  • The work light is made of aluminium and has IP66 weatherproof rating, so you can use it in any climatic conditions. 
  • The tempered glass coating makes sure the light won’t break.
  • Has a groove design at the back that fastens the heat dissipation thereby enhancing the lifespan of the light.
  • Easy to turn the device ON and OFF with a single switch.


  • The light might flicker sometimes.

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8. Neiko LED Work Light 

neiko work light

The Neiko cordless work light has a very unique and interesting design, shape, function and usage. Though it comes with relatively low brightness, it is perfect for point jobs and its smaller and compact size makes it easier to be able to fit inside a pocket/toolkit with great ease.

Top Features:

  • A very versatile single filed screwdriver styled pocket fit compact LED work light with omnidirectional (360 degrees) lighting.
  • 350 lumens one direction focussed light for a point job with enough illumination. Great for automotive or construction work.
  • 60 super bright SMD LED bulbs studded onto the light
  • Very large 4,000 mAH lithium-ion battery that has overcharge protection of up to 5 full hours and a low battery indicator.
  • USB Based charging cable (provided in the packaging) that lets you charge the light on the go
  • 360-degrees swivel hook that lets you clasp up the light on any place you want for focussed lighting while working on high or other hanging places.
  • The light is made out of the high-quality impact-resistant aluminium casing and also with industrial-grade polycarbonate lens for increased durability of the light.


  • No warranty

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9. Powerfirefly LED Work Light 


Lastly on our list is the PowerFirefly, a small, compact Chip on Board LED Work light. This light has a rotating light form factor with a strong magnetic base that makes it great as it sticks down to any metallic surface. Thus it gives a sense of standard lighting for point job work such as repairing small boards on high rise buildings, large machine etc.,

Top Features:

  • The light features a powerful Chip on Board (COB) based SMD LED bulb
  • 250 Lumens bright bulb with a flood style illumination and all while increasing energy efficiency
  • Easy to rotate light head so that you can adjust the light to any direction for point job
  • Compact in size and highly portable. So small that though it has a standard design, it easily fits into a toolbox or a tool pouch.
  • A simple push on and off button
  • Works on 3 AAA batteries (not included in the package)


  • Though a high rated portable product, there is not proper warranty literature.

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Buying Guide: How To Pick a Good Quality LED Work Light

This guide will provide all the essential information about these LED work lights – their types, essential factors to consider, pros, etc. that let you pick the right quality LED work light for your need.

Let’s get into its details…

Types of LED Work Lights:

We need different types of lighting while performing different tasks (or) working in different locations. For instance, one type of task may need a close, hands-free lighting option, whereas others need to brighten up the entire workshop. So, the type of lights is divided into three categories, as per the general lighting requirements.

1. Portable LED Work Lights:

This type of work light is small, compact, and easy to carry that can lighten up any space. All these features will make this portable LED work light an ideal option for construction sites, home renovation, and garage/workshop projects, where a person has to carry to work at certain heights or depths. Or set these lights on a table or the ground to clearly see and complete the task effectively. Most models let you attach the lights to the tripods for making them fully adjustable stand lights.

2. Retractable LED Work Lights:

This type of LED work lights uses a retractable cord due to its small size, which makes a perfect option while you look for portability. Also, it allows you to mount this LED light to either a ceiling or a wall for a permanent lighting solution. Here the extra plug and lengthy extension cord will add convenience to use them. For its storage, simply retract the cord into its casing while not using and thereby preventing falls and trips.

3. Stand LED Work Lights:

This LED work light uses a tripod or a stand to provide the best lighting solution for your job site. They let you work outside at night (or) without any power requirements. This versatile, height-adjustable light will effectively lighten up a workshop or a room for doing large-scale projects (such as paintings). Thus, it becomes an essential tool for contractors, and construction workers.

Factors to Consider When Selecting the Best LED Work Lights:

There are various factors to consider while purchasing the LED work lights. Take a look at them and check before making its purchase.

1. Purpose:

Based on your purpose (task & location), you have to select the right type of LED work lights.

Here are a few examples that let you get a clear idea of this.

  • For a plumber who works in an enclosed crawl space (or) a mechanic checking under a vehicle’s hood, they require focused lighting to perform their task, even in small places.
  • A painter requires an adjustable work light to lighten up every section of the room and thereby aids in proper painting.
  • Contractors on work sites will depend on battery-powered lights to illuminate their way. Also, they require lights that has protection from elements like water or dust to keep lights illuminate properly.
  • Instead of LED light with a stand, you can pick a LED light having a magnetic base while searching for an LED light to use underneath cars.
  • An LED work light with a tripod is the best option to use for any outdoor fixing tasks.

Though there are various options available to meet your requirements, you have to select the one depending on your purpose. For this, you have to check the reviews of each product to know about their brightness, portability, power options, and adjustability before making their purchase. This helps you to grab the one that serves your purpose.

2. Brightness & Adjustability:

Lumens (lm) is used to measure the intensity of brightness generated by an LED light. So, the higher the lumen value, the brighter the light will be. For best results, check out the LED work lights having adjustable lumen output settings. Most modern models offer a wide variety of brightness settings that ranges from 2000 – 10,000 lumens.

Now, some LEDs are equipped with chips on board (COB), a new cutting-edge technology. Here a large number of LED chips are fully packed on a single lightning module. This generates an incredible amount of light and thereby provides brighter illumination.

Based on your location, you have to adjust the light brightness. For instance, while working in an almost dark location, look for a work light with high lumen output (ranges from 3000 – 5000 lm). While performing normal repairing tasks like sink leakage (or) working in dimly lit areas, you require a light with 150 – 500 lumens.

Some models offer on/off or dimmer switches to let you adjust the brightness level as per your requirement. Also, you can adjust the color temperature of light for a few models. So, check out this option when you want to purchase the brightness adjustable LED work lights.

3. Power Source:

Based on their power source, different models offer distinct features. The LED work light powering options includes AC power, rechargeable batteries, solar power, and a blend of these power options. A few models offer charging ports to charge for the USB plugs or devices to power up other tools. However, the ports voltage varies, which means you have to do some research to know whether it features the correct amount of power for using the device.

Check out the runtime offered by the power source of a particular product. This makes you not leave without lighting whenever you need it. In case, if using a battery-operated light, then make sure to buy extra batteries (with fully charged) to use them as a backup battery.

4. IP Rating:

Referred to as Ingress Protection (IP), a two-digit safety rating allocated by the International Electrotechnical Commission to various electrical equipment. It is defined as the ability of particles entering into the electrical device. So, the higher IP rating means the higher safety and protection to the electric components against the damage-causing any safety problems (or) stopping them from their effective functioning.

Here the first digit of IP defines how well an electric product repels any solid particles (such as dust) ranging from 0 – 6. Whereas the second digit refers to liquids (such as snow or rain), ranging from 0 – 7. Check out for a high IP rating while using an LED work light in wet or dirty conditions.

5. Corded Vs Cordless:

Compared to halogen and incandescent counterparts, these LED lights are brighter, energy-efficient, and last longer. Based on your work location, you have to select either the corded or cordless versions of LED work lights.

While spending most of time in your workshop, corded LED work lights will provide the essential brightness required to complete your task without letting the power down. Cordless LED lights are versatile and can be used on the go.

Check out the features like charge indicators (to know when to replace/recharge), multiple brightness settings (for saving battery power) while choosing the cordless LED work light. It would be easy to use for its portability and light convenience that helps you to finish your job effectively.

6. Portability:

Portability is a must to check option while travelling between multiple job sites (or) working in a trade profession. The LED work light that are portable will offer an excellent flexibility for its users, especially those on the go. Choose lights that are foldable or retractable to pack them and store them easily in small spaces. Yet ensure that these lights are strong and durable to withstand falls and bumps, which are quite common to occur while travel.

Not having any chance to plug into a power source, then choose a cordless LED work light, as they use rechargeable batteries to work without any plug-in power source. But make sure to consider its required charging time and its runtime of a particular product along with having a backup battery as a handy light source.

7. Anchoring System:

Whether handheld devices or self-standing ones, which one do you prefer to work with. Most stand-alone LED lights are considered brighter than handheld ones, though it depends on the model as well. In general, the compact handheld LED work lights suits perfectly for DIYers working on home projects, whereas the self-standing lights work well for mechanics or other professionals. So, based on the related work, you can choose either of the anchoring systems.

8. Ease of Use:

A completely hands-free LED work light is essential to make it use easily. For instance, having a bunch of LED work lights with swivel hooks and a magnetic stand will offer 360-degree movement.

Here the magnetic base will cling to different metal surfaces, and the handy swivel hook will fix the lights in any overhead position. Also, move the swivel head in various directions to get an enhanced view of a particular object, which you are working on.

While using battery-powered lights, then keep a tab on pivoting stand it has. The right accessory will let you mount the light at different heights, and thus illuminate a larger area to complete your task.

Why choose LED work lights over other lights?

LED work lights is the best option for those looking for brightness, energy efficiency and longer life. One can grab various advantages while using this advancing technology over older lamp types. Here are a few pros of LED work lights that let you know why to use LED work lights than other types of lights.

Energy Efficient – 

When compared with other traditional options, they consume less electricity (50% less). A few models can even save up to 80% of the power.

More Brightness – 

LED lights illuminate much brighter, but you should know the difference between lumens – watts. LED lights produce lumens (lm) while incandescent lights produce watts (W), but both have wattage. For instance, a 60W incandescent bulb produces 860 lm, whereas an 8 – 12W LED has 800 lm. So, LED lights provide instant brightness, while traditional lights take a long time to reach their full brightness.

Extended Lifespan – 

LED work lights will dim slowly over time but won’t burn suddenly. A quality LED light offers a lifespan of 30,000 – 50,000 hours (or longer), whereas an incandescent bulb will last for 1000 hours.

Cold Temperature – 

LED lights won’t heat over time like older light options. The fluorescent lamps need higher voltage to work at low temperatures, whereas the LED’s increases their performance even if their operating temperature reduces. Thus, it is perfect to use close to people.

Eco-Friendly Lights – 

Fluorescent lights have some mercury, a noxious chemical released and harms the environment (may result in water and air pollution) and also difficult to dispose of. While LEDs won’t contain any poisonous chemicals and can easily recyclable.

Tips for Choosing the LED Work Lights:

Here are a few tips that help in you picking up the right LED work light, as per your requirement.

  • Purchase enough LED lights and place these multiple lights on different areas to easily illuminate the entire area.
  • It is worth investing in LED lights to hang and set on the floor, as they come in handy while working on the engine or other repairs.
  • These bright lights can be dangerous to your eyes. So, direct the light away from the eyes. Here the light source should be behind you but not to one side or in front.
  • Consider the power requirements of these work lights, as a few operate with battery power, while other need to be plugged into a socket to work on properly.
  • Avoid placing an intense LED light near any flammable objects.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Shall we use work lights for other purposes?

Yes, you can often use these LED work lights as floodlights, camping lights, and emergency lights.

2. How many lights do we need to purchase?

Though, it depends on your particular task and the work location. If you don’t want any shadows interfering with your work, then purchase multiple lights to set up at different locations or different angles.

3. How to know when do I require a weatherproof light?

It depends on your work location. You can use normal LED lights while working inside, whereas weatherproofing is essential when you are working outside.

4. What should be the minimum LED count in the light?

Based on the illumination you need to complete the task, you have to choose the number of LED in your work light. For instance, 6 – 8 individual LED lights will provide a brightness output of around 750 lumens.


The DEWALT LED Work Light  that is one of the highest-rated handheld work light there is. It has a versatile design, a simple 20-volt power consumption all the while giving you a 500 high luminous brightness (with a 200 lumens mode switch). It also has a pivoting head that can move about the bulb in any desired direction and a 360-degree hook that can clasp onto anything.

While that was our list, we are interested in knowing about your thoughts and choices. Did we miss out on anything? Or do you want us to add something to this? If so, feel free to write to us in the comments section below and our team of product experts will write back to you as soon as possible.

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