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Can you Reuse LED Lights

There are no better lights available than LED strip lights for home decoration. Starting from indoor to outdoor lighting for special occasions, LED strip light is the most preferred option. LED strip lights instantly highlight the area and they are super easy to apply to any available tight space. However, there are times when you may need to move strip lights from one place to another. That is when the question arises if you can remove and reuse strip lights. We will answer and illustrate how to remove and restick Led strip lights.

Can You Remove and Restick LED Strip Lights?

Yes, you can remove and restick LED strip lights from one place to another. They are not like the usual lights that need permanent fixtures. You can reuse strip lights when you move from old house to new house. However, you need to know the best way to remove strip lights from the walls where you have attached them so that the wall paint does not get damaged. Similarly, you need to know how to pack LED lights when you move from one place to another and how to restick them perfectly.

How To Remove LED Strip Lights Without Damaging Wall Paint?

LED strip lights generally use strong adhesive so that they stick to the wall perfectly. Therefore, when you want to get rid of the LED strip lights from the wall, you need to be very careful so that paint of the wall does not come off. Here are the steps to remove strip lights from the wall.

Step 1: You have to unplug the strip light to avoid any electric shock. Generally, LED lights have low-voltage but it can still give electric shock.

Step 2: You should peel off the strip from one end. Slowly pull the strip by applying even pressure until you reach the other end. If you start peeling from the middle, the strip and the wall paint will get damaged.

Step 3: To peel off the strip from one end, you have to carefully loosen it. If you directly apply pressure and pull it off, paint of the wall will also come off. Therefore, you should apply heat so that the adhesive loosens up and you can use a hair dryer so that adhesive bonding breaks. First, heat the end of the strip light with low to medium heat and then make to high heat. Thereafter, you have to heat the strip light slowly and peel off accordingly.

Step 4: Use your nails to remove one end of the strip. Instead of nails, you can use a coin or a knife to peel off. Even if it peels off a small portion of the wall paint, you should not hesitate. However, if the adhesive is too strong, you have to leave the strip light or you have to peel off some portion of the wall paint and repaint it once you take the light off the wall.

Make sure that you peel off and remove the LED strip light in one go to prevent to adhesive becoming hard again.

How To Pack LED Strip Lights For Reusing?

When you are moving out from one apartment to another, you will take the ELD strip lights with you. But you have to make sure that they do not get damaged while you move them and hence, you have to pack them perfectly for proper transit.

Measure the size of the LED strip light and choose a packing box accordingly. If there are multiple LED strip lights, you should divide them into different groups so that you can track them well when you reuse them.

Ideally speaking, you should use the original packaging box in which the LED strip lights were shipped when you bought them. But you are most unlikely to have them and hence, it is important to choose similar container to ensure the safety of the lights. You should use sealing tapes to pack the container.

For further safety, you should use bubble wrap and soft padding to prevent any damage to the LED strip lights during transit. The use of thermocol is the best way to provide padding to the lights and absorb any impact. Make sure that the lights are not free to move inside the container because striking against the wall of the container can damage and break the lights.

How To Reattach LED Strip Lights To A New Wall?

When you remove strip lights from the wall, the adhesive at the back of the light gets damaged. This is a big hurdle in reusing LED strip lights to a new wall. You can overcome this obstacle by attaching double-sided adhesive tape on the back side of the strip light. Thereafter, you can attach the LED strip lights to the new wall. You can use glue dots and adhesive clips as well to reattach the lights.

If you do not want to apply adhesive to the light strip light, there is an alternative way. You can use mounting putties to attach LED strip lights to the wall comfortably. All you need to do is give the putty the shape of the LED strip lights and stick it to the back of the lights. Thereafter, you need to attach the lights to the surface of the wall.

You can even use cable ties especially the transparent cable ties to attach the strip lights to the wall. In fact, you can also use hot glue at a decent temperature to attach the lights without damaging them.

Can LED Strip Lights Be Sticky Once Again?

Unfortunately, you cannot make LED strip lights sticky once again. Due to heating and cooling process during removal of lights from the wall, the adhesive gets damaged. You cannot use the adhesive to stick the lights to the wall again. That is why you have to use adhesive tapes and hot glue to make the back of the strip lights stick to the wall.


In order to reuse LED strip lights, you have to peel them off the wall properly as per the method we have mentioned. After peeling them off, you should pack them properly so that they do not get damaged in transit. Thereafter, you have to reattach them to the new wall as per the method we have mentioned. If you follow all the steps correctly, you can reuse them without any issue.

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