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The 7 Best LED Work Light With Stand Reviews and Buying Guide

An LED work light is an absolute necessity for everyone who works either on-site in the night time or at the home garage in after hours. A decent LED work light will allow you to illuminate the entire work area around you so that you can easily get the work done with higher visual assistance and accuracy.

You also need a well-lit work environment for a lot of safety reasons while working with sharp tools. There are a lot of variants available in the market, so choosing one amongst them can be a tedious job. If you are planning to buy an LED work light, make sure you check out the following aspects:

  • Power Capacity: Every LED work light has a dedicated power rating. This power rating defines the capability of the light to provide illumination. This capacity is defined by watts or volts.
  • Reliability: The LED lights are very delicate electronic parts. Hence, there is a high chance that the lights can be damaged in transport or even while in operation. Hence, you should be looking at the reliability of the lights before buying them.
  • Number of LEDs: Generally, there are a series of lights installed in a set of an LED work light. The higher number of LED bulbs will definitely provide better illumination. Also, you should be considering the set of lights available at the output.

Today, we are presenting you with the best LED work light with a stand that you can buy right away. In this article, you will find multiple options for a great LED work light along with their properties and pros as well as cons. You will also find a “Buying Guide” right ahead to help you along with your choice. Therefore, make sure you read the article until the very end to choose the best LED work light for yourself.

7 Best LED Work Light With Stand Table

LED Work LightPower capacityType of lightWarrantyBuy Now
Lutec LED Work Light93 wattDual LEDs3 yearsCheck On Amazon
Dewalt LED Work Light20 voltsSingle LED3 yearsCheck On Amazon
Powersmith LED Work Light40 wattDual LEDs2 yearsCheck On Amazon
Homcom LED Work Lights100 wattDual LEDs-Check On Amazon
Milwaukee Tower Light18 voltsSingle LED5 yearsCheck On Amazon
Vonhaus LED Work Light100 wattsDual LEDs2 yearsCheck On Amazon
Woods Twin Head Work Light500 wattsDual LEDs90 daysCheck On Amazon

7 Best Led Work Light With Stand Reviews

1. Lutec LED Work Light

lutech stand

Lutec is one of the lesser-known brands on our list. Still, you can find many highly-rated products from Lutec, including this LED work light.

In the 1st position, we have placed the Lutec 6290XL work light with a stand. It has a 7000 lumens high-intensity light that has a 5000k color temperature rating. This will allow you to have a brilliant light always at your expense whenever you require it. The stand is made up of professional-grade die-cast aluminum that adds up in the sturdy build quality. The LEDs are integrated into the body so that you will not have to replace the lights ever.

This LED work light is pretty tall amongst the selection with up to 68 inches maximum height. There is IP54 water-resistant on this LED light so that you can easily use this light in the rainy season too. The lights are adjustable horizontally as well as vertically, giving you 330 degree and 90-degree angular movement, respectively. There is 3 years of the warranty period on this lamp.

Best Features:

  • 7000 Lumens high-intensity light
  • 5000k color temperature
  • Professional grade die-cast aluminum body
  • LEDs are integrated in the body
  • 68 inches maximum height
  • IP54 water-resistant
  • Adjustable lights
  • 3 years of the warranty period


  • Great build quality
  • LED lights are highly adjustable


  • Price tag is a bit expensive in comparison
  • A bit heavier than other options

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2. Dewalt LED Work Light

dewalt stand

Dewalt is a very popular brand when it comes to power tools and manufacturing equipment. Here is a value for money LED work light from Dewalt.

In the 2nd position, we have 3000 lumens bright Dewalt LED work light. You can adjust the brightness of the LED in 3 different stages so that you can get the perfect illumination according to your needs. The lights require 20 volts of power and can be used to lighten any dark place without any problem. If you take a closer look at the body, you can see that there is a carrying handle provided on the stand to make it easier to carry the light around. It can be used up to 11 hours in a single charge.

The stand can be extended up to 7 feet so that you can get heighten the light, which reduces any shadows or glare. There is only a single LED light on the top of the frame that can be rotated around to adjust the angle of light. The overall build quality is pretty good, and you can rely on the LED protecting shroud. There is 3 years of the warranty period from Dewalt on this LED light.

Best Features:

  • Bright LED work light
  • 3000 lumens brightness
  • 20 volts LED light
  • Adjust the brightness of the LED in 3 different stages
  • Carrying handle on the body
  • 7 feet maximum height
  • Adjustable LED light
  • Protective shroud around the light
  • Decent build quality
  • 3 years of the warranty period


  • The warranty period is good
  • Adjustable LED is a great feature


  • Battery and charger must be bought separately
  • Very expensive option

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3. Powersmith LED Work Light

power smoth stand

Here is another lesser-known name in the LED lights and equipment. Still, you should take a look at this LED work light from Powersmith.

In the 3rd position, we have 4200 lumens bright PowerSmith PWL2042TS LED work light. The energy-efficient LEDs on this work light are rated for around 50000 hours life. The LED housings are made of die-cast aluminum for better build quality and protection. You can also adjust the LED light up to 30 degrees down and 90 degrees up as you wish. There is also a metal carrying handle on the top for easy transportation.

You will not have to worry much about damaging the LED lights accidentally as the glass lenses are impact resistant. The LEDs will not need a replacement as they have a great life rating. There is a quick-release system for the lights that allow you to remove the lights from the stand with a single push for more manual control. The light stand can be as tall as 52 inches. There is 2 years of warranty from Powersmith in this LED work light.

Best Features:

  • 4200 lumens bright LED lights
  • 50000 hours LED life
  • Energy-efficient LEDs
  • Die-cast aluminum body
  • Adjustable LED light
  • 30 degrees down and 90 degrees up adjustment options
  • Metal carrying handle
  • Glass lenses are impact resistant
  • Never need to replace LED lights
  • Quick-release system for the lights
  • 52 inches tall stand
  • 2 years of the warranty period


  • Stand height is pretty good
  • LED lifespan is very long


  • Warranty period could be longer
  • Build quality can be better

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4. Homcom LED Work Lights 

homcom stand

You might not have heard about Homcom before. But, it is surely worth checking out their affordable LED work light with tripod stand.

Here is another high water-resistant LED work light from Homcom. You can use this LED work light on the stand as well as without the stand by removing the lights from the stand. The steel frame of this LED work light stand is powder-coated along with ETL certification that ensures a better standard. As it has pretty good water resistance, you can use these LED lights in a rainy environment without any problem.

The adjustable knobs on the top of the stand will allow you to rotate the lights up to 270 degrees vertically and 360 degrees horizontally. The stand, on the other hand, is very lightweight and easy to fold so that you can quickly fold it up and move to the next location. The LED lights on this stand are 10000 lumens bright with 5000K color temperature.

Best Features:

  • Highly water-resistant LED work light
  • Removable top part to use as standalone lights
  • Powder-coated steel frame
  • ETL certification
  • Suitable for the rainy season
  • Adjustable knobs on the top
  • Can be adjusted 270 degrees vertically and 360 degrees horizontally
  • Very lightweight and easy to fold stand
  • 10000 lumen bright LED
  • 5000K color temperature


  • LED lights are highly adjustable
  • Colour temperature does not cause strain


  • No warranty description available
  • Build quality could be better

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5. Milwaukee Tower Light

milwaukee stand

Milwaukee is a very premium brand that has a lot of high-quality tools to offer. You should also check out their LED work light if you need a premium option.

This 18 volts LED work light from Milwaukee is capable of producing 2500 lumen light with a high definition output. It is powered by a lithium-ion battery, and it can be recharged so that it can be used without a continuous power supply. Although, you will have to get the batter and the charger separately from the market. The carrying handle is pretty big in size so that you can carry it around with ease.

It has fine build quality along with impact-resistant reinforced legs for a strong grip on the ground. You can get this light set up within 5 seconds due to its easy installation and packing system. While operating on a long shift, you can have constant attention on the battery level as it has a dedicated battery level indicator on the front. This way, you can recharge the light before it goes completely dark.  It has a long 5 years of the warranty period, making it the most reliable option on our list.

Best Features:

  • 18 volt LED work light
  • 2500 lumen LED brightness
  • Powered by a lithium-ion battery
  • Pretty handy carrying handle on the top
  • Fine build quality
  • Impact-resistant reinforced legs
  • Quick setup and release
  • Low battery indicator
  • 5 years of the warranty period


  • The warranty period is best in class
  • Suitable for longer operations


  • Price tag is a bit expensive in comparison
  • LED brightness could be better

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6.  DAYATECH Store LED Work Light

DAYATECH Store LED Work Light

DAYATECH Store is another underrated brand which provides amazing products at affordable price range. You can check out detail information below for your reference.

It is equipped with 20000LM super bright LED lights with color temperature of 5,000K. It ensures pure white and easily focused light. It has a back rib design which ensures proper heat dissipation. It comes with a dual headed lamp that attaches and detaches easily from the extension pole.

Because of its rugged die cast aluminum construction, it will last pretty long. The LED lights have armored glass and IP65 waterproof design which make it withstand harsh weather conditions. It has adjustable tilt feature which can rotate the light up to 270 degrees vertically and 360 degrees on axis. It comes with anti-skid feet which keeps the work light from tripping over.

Best Features:

  • 20000LM LED work lights
  • 5,000 color temperature
  • Rugged die cast aluminum construction
  • IP65 waterproof design
  • Adjustable tilt
  • Dual headed lamp
  • Swivel control knob
  • No skid feet
  • Sealed weather resistant lens


  • Easy to assemble
  • Not too heavy
  • Bright illumination


  • Some people experienced issues with height adjustability

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7. Woods Twin Head Work Light

Woods L13

Woods is probably the most affordable brand on our list. Make sure you check out their budget-friendly option mentioned below.

Here, we have the most affordable option from our list of the best LED work lights with a stand. With a twin headlamp setup, you get a very high 16000 lumens 500-watt halogen bulbs for very bright illumination. The top part of the stand can be rotated in 360 degrees to get the perfect viewing angle from the source. The stand can be adjusted to be up to 42 inches tall.

The tripod of this halogen work light uses only ¼ rotation of the nuts to tighten or loosen it. The entire stand is made up of metal so that you get better to build quality and protection against hazards. You can see a shadow proof grill on the front side of the lamp that will prevent any shadow formation from the light source whatsoever. There is only 90 days of warranty on this halogen work light that is kind of justified with the minimal price tag.

Best Features:

  • Most affordable halogen work light
  • Twin head halogen lamp
  • 16000 lumens halogen brightness
  • 500-watt halogen bulbs
  • 360 degrees adjustable top bracket
  • 42 inches maximum height
  • ¼ rotation of the nuts to tighten or loosen
  • Metal body
  • shadow proof grill
  • 90 days of warranty


  • Very minimal price tag
  • Illumination level is very good


  • Halogen lights created a bit of temperature rise
  • Overall build quality is a bit weaker

Buy Now From Amazon

Buying Guide For The Best LED Work Light

As there are a number of different features provided by an LED work light, each product varies a little if compared with other options. It is possible that you might be considering a couple of options already. But, before finalizing your purchase, you must give a thorough read to our buying guide given below.

Here, we will try to explain all of the important aspects of an LED work light along with its need. Therefore, you can easily get an idea about the features you will need the most regarding your application. Here are some things to keep in mind before selecting a suitable LED work light:

1. Illumination Level of Lights

While buying an LED work light, you should consider the illumination level of the light before anything else. As the overall capability is completely dependent on the brightness, you should always aim for a high capacity light source in the LED work light. The illumination levels are indicated by the lumen rating of the lights. You should also check out the capacity of the lights that is generally mentioned in watts or volts.

2. Height and Build

As the height of the source increases, the light spread radius also increases. A similar situation can be observed in the case of the LED work light. Hence, if you wish a widely illuminated work area, the maximum available height of your LED work light must be more.

On the other hand, you should also be paying considerable attention to the build quality of the LED work light stand. In case you are working in hazardous locations such as underground, there is a high chance of sudden impact on the light body. In such a situation, decent build quality can avoid significant damage.

3. LED adjustment

In many options, you can get a detachable LED light stand so that you can use the light source on tight spots and corners. But, you will not have to detach the LED light source in the first place if you have an adjustable stand. Many options from our list will allow you a 360-degree rotation along with vertical adjustments. With such a versatile option, you can easily get the perfect light angle that is necessary for your work.

4. Warranty

As mentioned above, there is a high chance of accidents and damage to the work light in some unfortunate accident. The only way to stay assured about the free repairs and replacement is the warranty period allotted by the manufacturer.

This warranty period varies for each manufacturer if you compare the products mentioned in this article. We would recommend you to go with the longest warranty available with the product so that you can use the LED work light in any workplace without any worry.


An LED work light can come in handy in a lot of emergencies. Either you want to work at night or work in a really dark corner of your house, you can use a decent LED work light for better results. As there are a lot of brands that manufacture LED work lights, you can find a number of options that vary in terms of appearance as well as properties.

In this article, we have handpicked the best LED work lights for you so that you can easily understand the product and get the best one for yourself. You can also find a buying guide given above that will surely help in the decision-making process. Alas, if you are still unable to decide which one to buy, you should consider our top 3 recommendations below:

  • If you are on a tight budget, then Woods Twin Head Work Light is the best option for you. Being the most affordable option on the list, this LED work light will provide you with 2 500 watt halogen bulbs for great illumination. It only has a 90 days warranty period, but it is acceptable at such a minimal price tag.
  • On the other hand, if you are looking for a highly reliable product, then you should go with Milwaukee Tower Light. This LED work light is powered by a single 18 volts LED light. It is backed by a long 5 years of the warranty period that is rarely seen in this genre.
  • Lastly, we will suggest you go with Dewalt LED Work Light as a great value for money option. Dewalt is a well-known brand in the market. Therefore, you can definitely trust the build quality of this work light. It is also backed by 3 years of warranty, so it is a great option in terms of reliability.

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