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Best Car LED Strip Lights Reviews in 2024

Despite cars being already quite premium nowadays in terms of design as well as interior looks, there are a lot of car owners that wish to improve it further with 3rd party accessories. There are a lot of accessories available for a car, both external as well as internal, such as spoilers, rims, fins, and LED car strips. The car LED strips are pretty popular in this case since they can be applied anywhere and you will get a beautiful glow from your car. If you are also looking forward to installing such LED lights in your car, consider going through the following properties before you buy a set of LED light strips.

  • Number of LED lights: The very first thing that you should check while buying LED car strip lights is the total number of LEDs present on the strip. As you may already know, an LED strip consists of a particular number of lights that affect its overall brightness level. Thus, you need to consider the area you want to illuminate with the LED car strip and select the strip with appropriate LED lights according to your requirement,
  • Voltage: Before you can start using the LED car strip, you will have to consider its power requirements. The power or input requirement of an LED car strip is always mentioned with it, making it much easier to check whether the light is compatible with your car or not. Generally, 12 volts lights are best suited for all types of car batteries. Thus, we have included only 12 volts options on our picks.
  • Suitable Car Type: Based on the size and length of the car strip, each strip is best suited for a particular type of car. We have also mentioned the best-suited set of cars with each of our picks so that you can check whether the light strip is perfect for your car or not. You can check the type of car suitable for the lights, so that you can choose the right light strip for your SUV, RV, or even motorcycle.

While you can easily select a decent set of LED light strips for a car by considering the factors mentioned above, there is still a lot more to know which can help you select the perfect design for your car. On top of that, there are hundreds of options available in the market which can be an ideal pick according to your car type. Therefore, we have created this list of the best car LED strips that you can buy right from your home. As we are going to mention all necessary information with each of our picks, selecting just one option should not be a problem. We also have a dedicated Buying Guide for the best car LED strips that you can refer to for any additional help which you might need.

Best Car LED Strip Lights Table 2024

Best Car LED StripLight SourceVoltageSuitable Vehicle TypeBuy Now
MICTUNING Car LED Strip LightLED12 VoltsPassenger Car, SUV, TruckCheck On Amazon
SOCAL-LED Car LED Strip LightLED12 VoltsPassenger Car, MotorcycleCheck On Amazon
YM-E Car LED Strip LightLED12 VoltsPassenger CarCheck On Amazon
Grandview Car LED Strip LightLED12 Volts---Check On Amazon
Avatar Car LED Strip LightLED12 VoltsPassenger CarCheck On Amazon
ROLiGHTiC Car LED Strip LightLED12 VoltsMarine boat, Golf Cart, Car, Truck, ATV, UTV, Motorcycle, Wrangler, Silverado, Sierra, RV, etc.Check On Amazon

Best Car LED Strip Reviews

1. MICTUNING Car LED Strip Light

MICTUNING 2Pcs 60 Inch Bed Light Strip

MICTUNING is one of the premium brand names you will find on our picks today. It also happens to be a really popular brand choice for various aesthetic peripherals such as car LED strip lights.

Coming in the 1st position, we have the MICTUNING car LED strip light. This is a great potion for large vehicles such as SUVs and trucks since this set includes 2 strips of 60 inches length. As for the lights, you will get 90-5050-SMD LED lights on these strips which are pretty good in terms of illumination. You will be able to mount these lights anywhere in your car. MICTUNING is also offering a protective coating on top of the LED light strip so that you can rest assured about environmental resistance.

The MICTUNING car LED light strip operates on a 12 volts power supply. Thus, you will have to connect these lights to the cigarette port of your car in order to illuminate them. There is an on-board on-off switch as well as a blade fuse present on the MICTUNING strip lights that let you control the lights as you wish. On top of that, this is one of the few brands that is offering an IP67 resistance on the LED light strip, making it an ideal option for exterior car installations.

Best features

  • Light strip has LED light source
  • Operates on 12 volts input
  • Suitable for Passenger Car, SUV, Truck
  • Comes with IP67 water resistance
  • 60 inches in length


  • Set of 2 LED light strips
  • Covers a lot of area
  • Best environment resistance


  • Only white color is available

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2. SOCAL-LED Car LED Strip Light

SOCAL-LED 2x White Flexible LED Strips

There are a lot of brands in the market that offer basic LED light strips. But, there are a handful of options such as SOCAL-LED that offer one under such an affordable price range.

In the 3rd place, we have the SOCAL-LED LED light strip. This is a set of 2 light strips with 12 inches in length each. Along with that, you will also get high power 5050 12 SMD lights so illumination should not be a problem for you. Thus, it is a great option for interior decoration of your car. There are 12 LED lights present on each strip that can be further divided into a set of 3 as per your requirement. And, you can power the SOCAL-LED  light strip with any 12 volts power supply you have available in your car.

Since these lights are white, you won’t have much of a choice when it comes to customization. But, this will offer quite a unique glow and a great appearance when coupled with other LED light strips. The SOCAL-LED  light strips are also waterproof and will offer a reliable and stable performance down the line. Despite all these features, SOCAL-LED light strips are one of the cheapest options you can find for car LED light strips.

Best features

  • Light strip has LED light source
  • Operates on 12 volts input
  • Suitable for Passenger Car, Motorcycle
  • One of the most affordable options
  • Pack of 2 LED light strips


  • Comes with a unique reflective sphere for better looks
  • Great choice for under-dash installations
  • 12 inches LED light strip


  • Little to no room for customization

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3. YM-E Car LED Strip Light

YM-E EverBright Blue Led Strip Light

EverBright is yet another popular option that you will find on our list today. Since it is also one of the premium options, you will find many advantages with this set.

The EverBright Blue Led Strip Light is a 16.4 feet long LED light strip with 5050SMD 300 LED lights. Unlike many options that you will find on the market, the EverBright Blue Led Strip Light offers an IP65 water resistance along with IP20 non-waterproof rating which ensures long-lasting reliability. In total, there are 300 LEDs present on the reel which will offer a fulfilling brightness level for your car. Also, the LEDs have a diffusion angle of 120° which makes them perfect for underglow installations.

If you are not sure if you are going to need such a long LED strip or not, don’t worry. The EverBright Blue Led Strip Light can be divided into a set of 3 LED lights so that you can make a cut at almost any point on the strip. And since it is a highly flexible and self-adhesive light strip, you will find it quite easy for installation. The LEDs used on this LED light strip are quite powerful and offer nearly 72 watts power capacity with the standard 12 volts input. But, you will also notice 20 to 50°C working temperature when the lights are active.

Best features

  • Light strip has LED light source
  • Operates on 12 volts input
  • Suitable for Passenger Car
  • Can be cut into a set of 3 LEDs
  • 120° diffusion angle


  • One of the most powerful options
  • Strip features 300 LED lights
  • It can be used for interior house decoration as well


  • Working temperature is not suitable for interior car installations

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4. Grandview Car LED Strip Light

Grandview Car LED Strip Lights

Grandview is also offering a highly affordable option for internal vehicle decoration. Apart from LED light strips, you will find many other options designed by Grandview that can be suited for your choice.

The Grandview Car LED Strip Lights are perfect for underglow installations. This is a set of 5 LED light strips, making it perfect for covering a large area without investing in a long LED light strip. Furthermore, the light strips are equipped with 5050 SMD LED lights that work perfectly with 12 volts input. And, the Grandview Car LED Strip Lights are also completely weatherproof, making them the right choice for exterior installations.

The Grandview Car LED Strip Lights offer only yellow color light. But, you can find multiple options designed by the brand that offers different color options such as blue, green, pink, red, white, warm white, etc. The length of each strip included with this strip is about 30 cm, so you can easily cover a particular part of your car with a single strip such as doors, front lights, dashboard, etc.

Best features

  • Light strip has LED light source
  • Operates on 12 volts input
  • One of the cheaper options for LED car lights
  • Includes 5 strips of 30 cm length
  • Yellow color for a great look


  • LED lights are equipped with 5050 chip
  • Silica gel is provided on the strip for environment protection
  • Designed to last about 50000 hours


  • No customization options are provided

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5. Avatar Car LED Strip Light

Avatar Controls Interior Car Lights

If you haven;t found the best LED car strip light according to your taste yet, check out our next pick from Avatar Controls. Similar to a few options we have seen before, you will find great customization options with these lights.

The Avatar Controls Interior Car Lights is one of the highly customizable options available on our picks for the best car LED strip lights. But, you will be glad to know that it is also one of the budget options present on our picks. The Avatar Controls Interior Car Lights feature 4 pieces of LED light strips with 72 LED lights in total. This should cover a lot of area under your car, making it a feasible option for large vehicles. You will have multiple options for controlling these lights. There is a control-box which you can install in your car for quicker access. If not, you can use the mobile application that offers in-depth customization.

As for the lights, you will have about 16 million color options along with 8 scenes and 4 additional music modes. And for perfect music synchronization, Avatar Controls Interior Car Lights has also implemented music sync Bluetooth support within the mobile application. It is also quite easier in terms of installation since you will be getting 2 lines with 5.9 ft and 2.78 ft length each for a distant connection. Even with all these features, the Avatar Controls Interior Car Lights only require the standard 12 volts connections which can be found with the car charging port of your car.

Best features

  • Light strip has LED light source
  • OPerates on 12 volts input
  • Suitable for Passenger Car
  • One of the highly customizable options
  • 8 lighting and 4 music modes


  • Supports access via mobile application
  • Operates on 72 LED lights
  • Can be operated via dedicated remote control or mobile app


  • Not an ideal choice if you only want a single color output

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6. ROLiGHTiC Car LED Strip Light

ROLiGHTiC 4 Pack LED Rock Strip Lights

In the end, we will feature yet another highly premium option on our picks of the best LED car strip lights. The following option from ROLiGHTiC is also a reliable option and worth its price range.

In the last position, we have the ROLiGHTiC LED Rock Strip Lights. You will get 4 strips of 12 inches length consisting of white LED lights. On each strip, ROLiGHTiC offers 18 LED lights so that it offers a decent illumination and brightness level. And as the lights are equipped with 5050 chips, you won’t have any complaints regarding the brightness levels of the LED lights. Furthermore, ROLiGHTiC is also offering IP67 waterproof rating.

These are multi-purpose lights that can be installed on the interior, exterior or bottom part of the chassis of your car. Unlike the majority of options that are powered by 6 LED chips, the ROLiGHTiC LED Rock Strip Lights offer 12 bright LED chips which offer nearly 3 times brighter illumination levels. As for the installation, you will find it compatible with most cars with 12 volts power requirement and 2 wire connection. It also sticks securely to any surface thanks to the strong adhesive side of the LED light strip.

Best features

  • Light strip has LED light source
  • Operates on 12 volts input
  • Suitable for almost all types of vehicles including cars and motorcycles
  • Equipped with 12 bright LED chips
  • IP67 water resistance


  • Nearly 3 times brighter than other standard options
  • Completely weatherproof LED light strips
  • Pack of 4 LED light strips


  • Only white color is available with the lights

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Buying Guide For The Best Car LED Strip

There are a lot of accessories designed for cars that can improve your car’s performance as well as its aesthetics. As for the latter, you can prefer buying a set of beautiful LED strip lights which are one of the most popular options for a car. You can install these lights on the dashboard, doors, or even the interior part of your roof to get the best effects.

Furthermore, you can try mixing up the set with one another to get the illumination you desire. If you check our list, you will find the best options available on the market for car LED strips. As we have mentioned all important qualities with each of these picks, you can easily differentiate between multiple options, allowing you to pick up the best option as per your preference. If you are still not sure which qualities you should prefer, take a look at our buying guide for the best car LED light strips. Here, we will discuss such properties in detail and let you know which properties are perfect for your car.

Number of Light Strips

Before checking any additional parameters, you need to verify how many LED light strips are available in the car LED strip light set you are going to buy. This is because the majority of manufacturers offer a certain set of LED light strips in a pack which is crucial in terms of installation. If you are getting a single strip, there is not a lot you can do in terms of installation since a single strip won’t cover a lot of area. But, if you are getting multiple strips in a single pack, you will be able to cover a lot more area without needing another strip.

This is because of the fact that you can install the lights on either side of your car, or you can select multiple locations given that you can properly power the light strip from the same source. Another benefit of getting an LED light strip set is that you can keep one or two options in spare and use only one strip from your set if it fulfills your requirement. Since LED lights cannot be repaired, you will have to replace the lights anyhow in case the lights are damaged due to external factors. In such a case, having a replacement option in the spare will allow you to replace the lights instantly.

Number of LEDs on The Strip

Apart from the number of strips available in a pack, you also need to consider how many LEDs are available on each strip. As the number of strips lets you know how much area you can cover with the lights, the number of LEDs on each strip can tell you the overall brightness levels of the pack. As you can imagine, having more number of LEDs is always a better option since it offers a brighter illumination level, especially if you are planning to install the strips to get a beautiful underglow.

In simpler words, an LED strip with a total of 50 LED lights is certainly going to be much brighter than the one that offers only 15 units. Another great advantage of having more LEDs on every strip is the smooth color options as well as animation effects. Since there are a lot of lights, the animations will be much smoother and will blend in with the overall ambiance of your car.

Voltage Rating

Even though LEDs do not consume a lot of power, an LED light strip has a considerable power requirement since there are a lot of LEDs present on each strip. And since most brands will offer multiple strips in a single set, the power requirement would be even higher. Thus, you need to carefully check if the port available in your car is capable of powering the light strip you are going to buy.

If you cannot power the light strips properly, you will either notice a dimmer illumination level or no illumination at all. The improper power supply can also damage the LEDs permanently, forcing you to replace the entire strip at once. There are basically 2 types of LED light strips that are quite popular in the car-modding community. You can get your hands on either a 5-volt rating strip light or 12-volt rating one. As you might have guessed already, a 12-volt LED light strip will be more powerful and bright compared to the 5-volt one.

But, these lights also require more powerful input, usually from the cigarette lighter port of your car. If you don’t have one in your car, you should look for a 5 volt LED light strip that can be powered by the USB port of your car’s music system. But, if you don’t want to compromise in terms of power capacity, you can always fashion a new input port directly connected to your car’s battery which offers 12 volts of power capacity.

Colors and Lighting Modes

Lastly, we will talk about the colors and lighting modes available with the LED strip car lights. As you are going to buy the LED light strip just to improve the look and feel of your car, there is no point in buying an LED strip that does not offer the color you like the most. If you are not sure which color you would want in your car, it is better to prefer an option that consists of multicolored LEDs on the strip. Almost all multicolored LEDs offer RGB support, allowing you to choose any color of your choice.

For that, you will either get a dedicated remote controller or mobile application support for even better ease of access. If you get a car LED strip light set with mobile app support, it gets much easier to select the perfect shade of color as well as the animation effect you want. A lot of applications also allow customization so that you can create your own set of rules for the animation, allowing you to create the best lighting effect for your car. If not, you can still choose for many lighting modes that are present with the LED light strip. You will also find dedicated buttons to choose these presets on the included remote.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is it possible to install LED light strips on the interior of the car?

Ans: Even if your car does not feature any sort of interior lighting system, you can install LED car strips without any problem. As these lights are pretty easy to install, you can even do it yourself. These lights are generally powered by the basic power options available in almost every car such as USB ports or the cigarette lighter port. Since you can find a similar installation procedure for each of our picks for the best LED strips, you can install any of the options mentioned above right after buying it.

2. Are optical fiber lights better than LED light strips?

Ans: Optical fiber lights and LED strip lights differ a lot in terms of illumination and look. But, it certainly does not mean whether one is better than the other. In fact, the decision of whether you should buy one or other depends upon what type of illumination you would like in your car. If you are not sure, simply keep in mind that LED lights are going to be much brighter in comparison. However, optical lights are compact and offer a much easier method of installation. Also, you do not necessarily need to diffuse optical lights as they are already quite dim.

3. Do car LED strips interfere with the driver’s focus?

Ans: LED lights are usually diffused and you will be seeing only the underglow of the lights, if they are properly installed that is. As far as your focus is considered, it varies from person to person. While some drivers like to keep the lights turned ON the entire time, some prefer to turn the lights off at the time of driving. If you are finding LED lights distracting at the time of driving, you can first try lowering the brightness levels or changing the LED light color to a lighter shade. And if that does not work out for you, simply turn off the lights or unplug the connection.


Even though interior LED lights do not contribute anything to your car’s performance, it certainly makes your car look much better in terms of aesthetics. The light will illuminate the interior of your car, brightening all corners and giving a much better ambiance.

If you want to get the best LED car strip light, you have come to the right place. On this list, you will find the best options right here on our list, along with their best features, advantages as well as disadvantages. To help you even further, we have offered a dedicated buying guide for the best LED car strip lights right after our picks. Furthermore, we have some handy recommendations right which can be a quicker pick for many users.

  • Our first recommendation would be the SOCAL-LED Car LED Strip Light since it is the cheapest option you can find today. This is a set of 2 LED light strips with 12 inches length that can be used for multiple applications. And on each LED, you will get 12 LED lights so illumination levels should not be a problem. This is the standard 12 volts LED light strip that is highly compatible with a lot of car types such as commercial cars and even motorcycles.
  • However, if you have been searching for a premium option for quite some time now, consider going with the MICTUNING Car LED Strip Light This is also a set of 2 LED light strips similar to our last options. But, MICTUNING LED strip light set offers 60 inches long LED strips that are completely waterproof. To further ensure water resistance, the MICTUNING LED strip light set also features an IP67 rating, making it perfect for interior as well as exterior installations.
  • Lastly we will recommend the Avatar Car LED Strip Light if you are into a customized look and feel. This set includes 4 strips of LED lights with 72 LEDs in total, making it quite a bright solution for your car. You will also get support for mobile applications, allowing you to remotely control the LED settings. The set also has a dedicated remote in case you don’t want to install the app. However, you get a color spectrum in the mobile, allowing you to choose the perfect color as per your desire.

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