The 7 Best LED Flat Panel Lights 2023: Reviews and Buying Guide

Are you also annoyed of glare, flickering, humming noises, and excessive power requirements of your existing fluorescent ceiling lights?

You will feel happy to know that Led flat panel lights can reduce all your worries along with giving you much brighter light than fluorescent lights.

LED lights are invented to save your electricity bill and talking especially about Led flat panel lights they reduce your electricity bills up to 90%. They give you unmatched brightness with uniform light distribution in your area.

They also provide you with the option to change the level of brightness you want in your area with their dimming capability. This further helps you in saving electricity bill by consuming only that much brightness which is required.

They have extra-large life of approx. 100,000hrs while your present lightning system gives you only 8000hrs of life. These Led panel lights easily replace your existing fluorescent troffers without requiring you to redesign or uninstall your existing drop ceiling.

They are much thinner and lightweight than your existing fluorescent troffers. They can be easily surface mount on your drywall ceiling if you don’t have a drop ceiling.

Don’t want to mount? You can hang them also with the supporting hanging mount sold with your panel lights. Led Panel lights do cost expensive while buying but the energy-saving returns you get are much more than you spend. This saving is so huge in the long run that you can’t even calculate it.

There is no limitation of place to install them, use them in your home business, lifts etc.

They come in multiple sizes like 2x4ft, 2x2ft, and 1x2ft panels that fit directly inside your drop ceiling. Select the one which fills up your space completely.

But before we resume our journey further, just go through following 3 most important factors to keep in mind before selecting your Led Panel

  • Dimming Capability It is the most important factor nowadays associated with led panels. It is the ability of your panel to change the brightness it is giving as per your need. It is just like you change your fan speed as per your need. Every panel nowadays comes with this feature.
  • Lumen Count It is the measure of the amount of brightness your Led panel is giving you. So, the panels having higher lumen count are brighter than panels having low lumen count. Hence, you should always buy the panel having a higher lumen count among the panels having the same price range.
  • Lifespan of Led Panel Led panels are something that you don’t want to buy frequently nor it is possible because of their high cost and effort they require during installation. Thus, go for the panels that have the highest life. The panels we are going to introduce in our article have a lifespan from 30,000 hrs to 80,000 hrs.

But please don’t think that this is the end of factors you need to keep in mind, there are several other points to consider. Go through our “Buying Guide” to discover other factors affecting the performance of your panels.

Here we introduce TOP 7 Best Led Flat Panel Lights to buy. We have gone through thousands of reviews and invested a week time to shortlist them, just go through them gradually.

7 Best LED Flat Panel Lights 2023 List

LED Flat Panel LightsLumen CountDimmableLife SpanWarrantyBuy Now
Hykolity Store LED Flat Panel Light5500Yes50,000HRS10 YearsCheck On Amazon
All Smartlife LED Flat Panel Light 4147Yes-5 YearsCheck On Amazon
Neox LED Flat Panel Light 3064Yes81,000HRS5 YearsCheck On Amazon
LED Fantasy LED Flat Panel Light4500Yes50,000HRS5 YearsCheck On Amazon
Phizli Store LED Flat Panel Light4000Yes30,000HRS-Check On Amazon
Seuron LED Flat Panel Light7800Yes50,000HRS5 YearsCheck On Amazon
1000LED LED Flat Panel Light -Yes50,000HRS5 YearsCheck On Amazon

7 Best LED Flat Panel Lights: Reviews

1. Hykolity Store LED Flat PanelLight

Hykolity Store Flat Panel Troffer LightTechnical Specifications:

  • Wattage: 36W/50W
  • Voltage: 100 – 277 Volts
  • Qty: 6 Panel Packs
  • Size: ‎140 x 20 x 20 inches
  • Colour: 5000K
  • Lumen Count: 5500lm
  • Dimmable: Yes (0-10 V) 10-100%
  • Life Span:50,000hrs
  • Warranty: 10 years

This kit from Hykolity store brand comes with 6 flat panel troffer lights. And moreover, the price range of these lights is also pretty reasonable.

This backlit LED panel saves up to 75% energy and electricity bills as it is equal to 200W fluorescent tube fixtures. And moreover, this also eliminates the need of replacing bulbs, buzzing sounds and energy waste.

As they are compatible with 0-10V dimming, it ensures high performance. Compared to other options, this LED light is quite easy to install.

These lights can be used in a wide range of applications that include offices, schools, retail spaces, commercial areas and hospitality.

It comes with emergency optional pack which automatically switches to emergency mode of 90 minutes when the power goes out.

Manufacturer provides 10-year long warranty on these lights which also shows the durability of the product.

What We Liked:

  • Dimming 0-10V
  • Quick and easy installation
  • 50,000 hours lifespan
  • Saves 75% energy consumption
  • 10-year long warranty
  • Emergency optional pack

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Customer service not up the mark

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2. All Smartlife LED Flat Panel Light 

all smartlife

Technical Specifications 

  • Wattage:40W
  • Voltage: 100 -270V (50/60hz)
  • Qty: 4 Panel Packs
  • Size: 23.7×23.7×0.4”
  • Colour: 4000K Warm bright white light
  • Dimmable:Yes (0-10V)
  • Lumen Count: 4147
  • CRI:>80
  • Warranty: 3years

Estd. in 2006 ALLSMARTLIFE is one of the leading brands in the field of electronics item production. They offer you factory-direct pricing and quality-tested products that will meet and exceed your expectations.

Choose your ASL led flat panel light with confidence as they are listed in UL and carry quality certification from Design Lights Consortium (DLC). This makes them eligible to give you rebate if damaged in short time. Hence, these lights will keep giving you the lightning for a long time.

ASL gives you edge-lit 2x2Ft LED Flat panel lights that provide you brightness equivalent to a 140watt halogen bulb. This reduces your energy consumption by 82%. You get to Enjoy the lightning without worrying for flicker or buzz.

Dimmable in nature these panel lights provide you Lumen count of 4147. You can alter their brightness, (just like you regulate the speed of your fan) and get the brightness you need.

You get warm bright white light of 4000k-4500k temp, and with their colour rendering index (CRI) of >80, you get to see the objects around in their natural colours. This makes them a perfect mount for your dining room, drawing hall etc.

These LED panel lights are compatible with any type of ceiling you have. This makes you install them hassle-free without changing your existing ceiling.

What you will love to know is they can be installed in multiple other ways also these are suspension mounted and surface mounted. However, these mounting methods are sold separately.

Last but not least the warranty of 3years gives you the assurance that ASL lights carry best quality with them. They last longer along with giving you an exceptional experience.

What we Liked 

  • These are easy to install.
  • They give you CRI>80.
  • Lumen Count of 4147.
  • Energy savings up to 82%
  • They give you even and smooth lightning without flicker.
  • Dimmable in operation.

What we didn’t liked 

  • Expensive in cost.
  • Other mounts sold separately.
  • Only 3years warranty.

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3. Neox  Led Flat Panel Light 


Technical Specifications 

  • Wattage:27W
  • Voltage: 100 -270V (50/60hz)
  • Qty: 2 Panel Packs
  • Size: 23.7×23.7×0.4”
  • Colour: 5000K Daylight Colour
  • Lumen Count: 3064
  • Dimmable: Yes (0-10 V) 5-100%
  • Life Span: 81,000hrs.
  • Warranty: 5years

Neox is a Thailand based Led light manufacturing industry. Estd.in 2003 they have evolved themselves as a world leader in the field of LED lighting solutions. You get wide variety of NEOX products with high quality at affordable rates.

With this purchase you get 2packs of 2x2Ft Flat led Panels, these panels are UL listed as well as DLC certified. This makes them eligible to give you money rebates in case they are not energy efficient or get damaged very soon.

It will not be wrong to say that Neox is the synonym of savings, as the Neox Led panels are low-cost panels that utilize only 27watt of power.  Thus, saving your money spent on electricity bills up to 80%.

With luminous flux or lightning amount up to 3064Lumen, these panels can lighten up your schools, offices, hospitals and many other places very well. Not only this, these led panels please your Eyes also with their aesthetic look.

The Led panel you are buying is dimmable also, this lets you increase or decrease the brightness of lightning in your area from 5-100% as per your wish. This helps you in saving the electricity bill by utilizing only the required amount of lightning.

Bending of frame is the most common problem experienced with every Led Panel. Luckily you won’t face this issue with Neox panel. As Neox Led panel frames are made of highly rigid materials that prevents it from bending over time. Hence these panels are going to remain with you forever.

The glass of your panel is made of PMMA (transparent glass substitute) that prevents it from turning yellow, this makes your Led Panel look same even after five years of use.

Neox Led Panel lights carry a lifetime of minimum 81000hrs with them, this makes you worry-free from changing your panel lights frequently. Further, the 5years warranty by Neox looks after your panels if they are not working well.

What we liked 

  • Easy to install, both surface as well as recess mount.
  • Dimming capability.
  • Long life of 81000hrs.
  • Durable frame of the panel.
  • High energy savings.
  • Low buying cost.

What we didn’t liked 

  • Only 2packs of led panels.
  • Lumen Count is low.
  • Flush mount is difficult.
  • Poor Packaging.

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4. LED Fantasy LED Flat Panel Light 


Technical Specifications 

  • Wattage:40W
  • Voltage:100 -270V (50/60hz)
  • Qty: 2 Panel Packs
  • Size:25.5×25.5×3.7”
  • Colour:5000K Day White light Colour
  • Lumen Count:4500
  • Dimmable:Yes (0-10 V) 10-100%
  • Life Span:50,000hrs
  • Warranty:5years

With this purchase, you get 2packs of 2x2ft led panels. Interesting to note is these Led panels are low in cost but provide you with wonderful lighting experience.

These panels not only save your money while purchasing them but also save your money spent on electricity bill up to 80% in long run. They use only 40W of power and provide you lightning equivalent to a 420W fluorescent tube.

Adding further to your benefits, these lights have a long lifespan of up to 50,000hrs. This prevents you from changing your led panels every year which is the biggest misery for any led panel user.

No corner of your area will remain unlit with these 4500lumen counts Led panels. Further with their dimming capability from 10-100%, you can control the amount of lightning falling in your area with the help of a regulator just like you control the speed of your fan.

With no flicker and humming sound, you get 5000K warm bright daylight colour with these Led panels. It ensures that light is evenly distributed to all the areas of the location you install them.

Designed with keeping your comfort in mind, you will find great ease while installing these LED lights. You can install them in places of your choice which includes office lighting, basement lighting, gym lighting, school lighting, hospital lighting, and more.

What further gives you the confidence to buy them is they carry quality certifications from RoHS, UL listed, ISO 9001:2008 registered. They are DLC approved also which makes you eligible to get a rebate if they do not give you satisfactory performance.

Another thing that motivates you to buy them is the exceptional 5years warranty you get with these led panels. This keeps your Led panel eligible for quick support 24X7 in case it faces any glitch.

What we liked 

  • Lumen count of 50,000hrs.
  • Dimming capability.
  • 24×7 customer support.
  • 5years warranty.
  • Energy savings of up to 80%.
  • Easy installation.

What we didn’t liked 

  • They have a high thickness, which makes them heavy.
  • Only 2packs of Led panels.

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5. Phizli LED Flat Panel Light


Technical Specifications 

  • Wattage:40W
  • Voltage:100 -270V (50/60hz)
  • Qty:4 Panel Packs
  • Size:24x24x0.36”
  • Colour:4000K Warm light Colour
  • Lumen Count:4000
  • Dimmable: Yes (0-10 V) 10-100%
  • Life Span:30,000hrs.

When you buy Phizli Led Panel lights all your worries of harsh light, dark spots, flickering, buzzing etc. which you are getting presently with your existing fluorescent lighting system gets eliminated.

These Led panels use only 40W power and easily replace your current 140W fluorescent lighting system. This saves your energy electricity bill up to 82%.

But the brightness of light you get doesn’t change and every corner of your area is well lit. As these led panels provide you with the lightning amount of 4000Lumen counts.

But if you think this amount of light is too much, then utilizing its Dimming capability(0-10V) you can easily control the amount of light falling in your area from 10-100%. This further helps you in saving your electricity.

This led panel gives you warm bright daylight of 4000-5000K that makes it an ideal solution for installation in offices, schools, hospitality, retail and other commercial applications. Since they are waterproof, hence you can install them in your bathroom and outdoors also.

You will find great easy in installing them as they can be surface mount, hanged or wall mount based on your requirement. However, surface mount frame, hanging kit and wall mount frame are not included and you need to buy them separately.

What you will cherish most is its unique unhook design at back that prevents it from falling in case of any mishap.

They have a lifetime of up to 30,000hrs which is, of course, a bit less, but the energy-saving and quality of light you get in this lifetime is unmatched when compared to other brands.

Listed under UL and carrying quality certifications from various authorized agencies, these Led panels have a high built quality that will last longer without needing you to change them frequently. Phizli gives you 24×7 customer support that will take care of any problem you face.

What we liked 

  • Dimming capability.
  • Lumen count of 4000.
  • 24×7 customer support.
  • Energy savings of up to 82%.
  • Easy installation.
  • Back hook design prevents it from falling.

What we didn’t liked 

  • Lesser life of 30,000hrs.
  • Expensive to buy.

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6. SeuronLED Flat Panel Light 


Technical Specifications

  • Wattage: 75W
  • Voltage: 100 – 277V
  • Quantity: 4 Panel Packs
  • Size: 35 X 22 X 2 inches
  • Color: 5000K Bright daylight color
  • Lumen Count: 7800
  • CRI: ≥ 80
  • Dimmable: Yes (0 – 10V) 10 – 100%
  • Lifespan: 50,000 hrs
  • Warranty: 5 years

SEURON is a popular brand that manufactures products and services in the lighting and ceiling categories including dimmable ceiling light fixtures, commercial area lighting, and pool lighting products.

This 2X4 FT flat panel light is one such high-quality product that offers a great lighting experience at an affordable price. With no dark spots, flickers, or buzzing this LED panel provides a more productive ambiance to let you work with focus and also assures you of its performance, quality, and saving.

You get 5000K bright white light with their excellent lumen count of 7800 and color rendering index (CRI) of >80, which provides you extra bright light with even distribution of light in the area. This will let you see the object around in the natural colors without leaving any corners unlit.

Its dimming capability (0 – 10V) allows you to easily increase or decrease the amount of light falling in the area from 10 – 100% as per your requirement. Thus, you can save electricity bills by having the required level of brightness. It is built with a sturdy seamless aluminum frame for strength, and durability, and to prevent light leaks in corners.

So, you can replace the existing 140W halogen bulb with these bright lights using 75W of power to save your bill up to 70%. These LED flat panels are lightweight that let you install them quickly and easily. You can surface mount, drop ceiling mount, or hanging mount them without a mounting kit.

Being waterproof they are the perfect option to be installed in your home, restaurant, hospital, classroom, workshop, warehouse, office, kitchen, basement, bathroom, supermarket, or other commercial areas.

Another benefit of using these LED troffer panel lights is their long lifespan of up to 50,000 hours, which restricts you from frequent changing of these panels every year. Also, you will get an exceptional 5 years warranty on these LED panels along with 24X7 quick customer support in case of any glitch.

What we liked

  • Energy-saving panel light
  • Dimming capability
  • A high lumen count of 7800, gives high & even brightness
  • Easy installation
  • Widely application
  • ETL-certifieded product
  • Offers 5-year warranty

What we didn’t liked

  • Other mounts are sold separately
  • Panel quality could have been better.

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7. 1000LED  LED Flat Panel Light


Technical Specifications 

  • Wattage:36W
  • Voltage:100 -270V (50/60hz)
  • Qty:2 Panel Packs
  • Size:23.7×23.7×0.49”
  • Colour:4000K Natural White light Colour
  • Dimmable: Yes (0-10 V) 10-100%
  • CRI:>80
  • Life Span:50,000hrs
  • Warranty:5Years

1000LED brand is the leader of lightning revolution. All of their LED lighting products are UL, cUL, DLC and FCC approved. This gives you the confidence to blindly select the 1000LED led light panels. Further, what you will be getting is at much lower cost when compared to other brands.

These Led Panels give you 4000K of bright warm light that produces no flicker and buzzing annoyance for you. And with their CRI>80 all the objects appear to you in their most natural colours. The amount of brightness you get is also unmatched as every corner of your area gets well lit with these led panels.

However, if you don’t want to use complete brightness then using its dimming capability you can control the level of brightness you want, this aids you in saving the electricity bill of yours.

These led panels utilize just 36Watts of power and still provide you with lightning equivalent to 175W halogen bulb, thus saving up to 85% of your electricity bill. And you will keep saving your bill for a long time as they carry a long lifespan of 50,000hrs with them.

Easy installation is what makes these Led panels a very popular choice among the buyers. They are the perfect buy for retrofit ceilings or new constructions. These LED panels offer you a uniform and harmonious lighting, suitable for office, workshops, schools, meeting rooms, restaurants etc.

Made of aluminium your Led panels don’t give you trouble while lifting them or installing them. The only shortcoming, we find in them is that they might give you trouble while installing them on the wall. Be extra cautious doing that.

However, we are assured you will not find any complaints in the performance of these Led Panels once you start using them. The company provides you with 5years of warranty to reduce grieves 24×7 if any you face with your lights.

What we liked 

  • Dimming capability.
  • Easy installation.
  • 5years of warranty.
  • Lightweight.
  • 85% energy savings.
  • Low price.

What we didn’t liked 

  • Difficult to install on wall.
  • Only 2pack.

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How To Choose Best LED Flat Panel Light?

Led Flat panels are very expensive to buy and we don’t want to let you invest your money in such a panel that is not for you. Hence, we have created the following buying guide for you to go through the factors that truly decide the performance of your light and the benefits you will get from them.

So, without wasting time we are presenting you our easy to understand buying guide, just go through it and find your best-led panel.

1. Power usage (or Energy Efficiency)

The very concept of inventing Led lights was that they consume less power to give the same lightning when compared to other types of lights. So, in general, all the LEDs are energy efficient as they reduce your bills up to 80%.

But you should always consider the efficiency of your panel based on its lumen-per-watt rating. The light having higher rating gives you much bright light as compared to low rating panel.

Suppose you come across two panels having power rating of 40W and 30W. Let’s say 120 and 100 are the lumen-per-watt rating of 40W and 30W panels respectively. Clearly, 40W bulb has a higher lumen per watt rating which makes it more efficient than 30W panel.

So, don’t buy the 30W panel just because it has a low power rating. It does have low power consumption but it does not give you high lumen rating either. So overall it is less energy efficient.

Wondering what is Lumen Power? Read the next factor in this guide.

2. Lumens Count of Bulb

Lumen rating is the measurement associated with light bulbs that tells how much light or brightness this bulb can produce. It is the luminous flux created by your lighting bulbs.

Hence, the panel having a higher lumen count is much brighter than the panel having less lumen count. Thus, before buying your Panel always compare it with other panels in the same price range. And select the one which has high lumen count, as it will give you maximum brightness among all.

However as told in the above factor, you should also consider how many watts your bulb is taking to give you mentioned lumen count. It decides the efficiency of your bulb.

But whatever be the case always buy the panel which has higher lumen count irrespective of watts consumed, among the panels having same price range. To summarize go for the one which gives you high lumen count utilizing the minimum power.

So, if you are planning to replace a 60watt bulb then choose the panel that gives you 800lumen count, such panels utilize power up to 9-12watts. While if you want to replace 40watt bulb then go for panels that give you 450lumen counts, they consume around 5-6watt of power.

3. Life of LED panel

Life of your panel is described by the lifespan of bulbs fitted in it. The brands we have mentioned here carry lifespan from 30,000hrs to 80,000hrs. You can select the one as per your purchasing ability because higher lifespan lights cost more than low lifespan panels.

But you should always buy higher lifespan panels for the areas where installation of your led panel is a difficult task. Otherwise going for the 50,000hrs lifespan panels are cost-effective for you.

You should also consider all the quality certifications your panel is carrying. So, the panel having higher number of quality certifications has much better durable quality than other types of panels.

Most important of all is DLC certification. As the DLC certified led panels are eligible for rebates, meaning you get repaid if your LED panel gets damage.

4. Dimmable capability

There are instances when you require high brightness but after few minutes or hour that high brightness is not needed. But you can’t switch off the light because lightning is necessary at that place.

This forces you to change your bulb with low power bulb that gives less light which is definitely a hassle full task. But if you don’t do this, then you will be wasting your electricity bill on the lightning that is not required.

The dimmable capability of your LED panels has been invented keeping this problem in mind only. You can change the brightness of light emitted by your installed panel, as per the brightness you want in your area. It is just like you change the fan speed of your colour as per your requirement.

This helps you in saving your electricity bill every time you don’t need high brightness. They are the perfect buy for the places like galleria of hospitals and hotels where low brightness is required in night, and high brightness is required for rest of the time.

Our advice will be always to buy the one which has this feature. Also, focus on how much you can change the brightness. As some brands come with the feature of changing brightness from 0-100%, while some from 5-100% and rest from 10-100%. Clearly, 0-100% give you a wider range of selecting the brightness.

5. Colours Rating Index (CRI) 

CRI will be a new term to you if you are buying LED panels for the first time. But it is an extremely important factor to consider if you are concerned about seeing the actual or natural colours of objects around you.

Hence, CRI is the ability of a bulb to show the objects around you in their natural colours as they are. Another way of saying it simply is, it indicates how natural the objects around you appear when illuminated by your LED panel. For e.g. how much blue looks like blue, or green looks green, or red looks red.

It is measured from 0 to 100 and sunlight is the only light considered to have 100CRI as in sunlight every object looks exactly like they are. Thus, the concept for you to learn is you should by Led panels that have high CRI ratings.

Experts say that lightning having CRI from 80-90 are good, while CRI above 90 is considered excellent. Luckily the panels we have mentioned in this article have CRI above 80.

Go for high CRI panels if you want to install them in art galleries, museums, or jewellery shops where natural colour of objects displayed are of prime importance.

However, if you want to buy LED panels for lightning your residence, office, schools then low CRI panels are fine for you. Moreover, they cost less also.

Whatever be the case never go for the lights having CRI below 70, because it makes look objects very colourless and makes you harder to differentiate between them on basis of colour.

6. Colour

Colour of Led tells about what colour light you will receive from the Led. So, it becomes an important point to consider because not every place requires the same colour producing Led. Your Led light should be able to give you cheerful ambience to live and work.

If you are among the one who wishes the contemporary look, then you should always go for cool white light. These lights are best to place in your bedroom, hall, restaurants, bathrooms etc.

However, for the places which require extra focus and concentration, for example, kitchen, study rooms, hotel lobby you should go for warm white light producing LEDs. It gives you bright light that keeps your eyes free from heaviness and pain.

7. Panel dimensions

Dimensions of your panel plays an important role as it decides how well and easily your panel fits into the area you are installing them for e.g. ceilings, walls etc.

All the panels we have mentioned here are 2x2Ft in length and breadth, what differentiates them from each other is their thickness. The thickness of your panel should be as minimum as possible because as thickness increases the weight of your panel also increases.

And there is no doubt that heavy panels are difficult to install. Further, the panels having higher thickness bulge out of your ceilings/walls that degrades the beauty of your room, it also makes your room look less spacious.

8. Heat sink

Led panels get heated up when used for long times, and this is the case which you cannot avoid. This heat degrades the performance of your panel and eventually end up damaging your panel.

Thus, you should always go for the Led panels that have better heat sink or heat-dissipating capability. The panels having aluminium body dissipate heat much better than other types of panels. They also give you the added advantage of being less weight.


We have empowered you with the tool of above 8factors to consider during the selection of best-led panel for yourself. Luckily all the brands we have mentioned here stand on your expectations.

But our choice for you will be to go with, ALL SMARTLIFE LED Flat Panel Light.

You will feel great ease while installing them and the performance they give you along with being energy efficient is unmatched when compared to all other brands.

They also give you CRI of greater than 80 which is rare to find in other brands we have mentioned. Use their 4147lumen count to lit all the areas of your home. You will not regret buying them, as they are long-lasting also.

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