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How to Post a Poll on Facebook?

Facebook PollIn the modern age of the internet, the internet is filled with a large number of social media apps and websites of all kinds. While some are text based ones, others also include images, videos, and other media files. And out of all the various social media apps and websites that you can find on the internet, Facebook is still one of the best options out there. Thanks to its massive sized community and user base, you can find almost all of your friends and family.

And when combined with its wide range of features and options, you can have a great experience while using Facebook. Talking about its feature, one feature offered by Facebook which is quite unique and handy is Facebook Polls. Whether you want to learn more about Facebook Polls or you want to know how to post a poll on Facebook, make sure to stick to the end of this guide. In this guide, you will find a complete tutorial for properly and easily creating a poll on Facebook.

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What Exactly is a Facebook Poll?

Facebook Poll 2If you are new to Facebook or haven’t heard about its Facebook Poll feature in the past, then you might be confused about what exactly it offers to the user. Hence, before you go ahead and post a Facebook Poll on your account, you should first understand what exactly this feature is and what it offers to the user.

Similar to any other poll which may take place in real life or any other social media website, a Facebook Poll is also a way to ask questions with multiple options to choose from. Such a Facebook Poll can be posted on either your profile or in groups, on pages, in messages, on other people’s Facebook walls, and more. Since Facebook polls are essentially multiple choice questions where the answers can be selected with a single tap, such Facebook polls are much more interactive than typing comments on a normal Facebook post.

Unlike other social media websites, Facebook also allows its users to add more options to a poll which can be handy if the given multiple choice options present in a poll are not enough and you want to answer something else. And as a given Facebook poll takes place, it also shows the number of votes on each answer which makes Facebook polls highly interactive compared to other social media websites.

Why Should you use Facebook Polls?

Facebook Poll 3Apart from learning more about Facebook Polls in terms of what exactly it offers to the user, you might also be interested in learning about why you should use Facebook Polls in the first place. And if you are going to use Facebook Polls on your primary Facebook account, knowing the same is quite important. Well, the answer for the same is quite simple. Facebook polls can be a great fun way to interact with all your Facebook contacts. You can ask all kinds of questions to multiple people at once using Facebook Polls even if you have not met the same people in real life.

How do you Create a Poll on Facebook?

Now that you know everything about Facebook polls, how they work, what makes them different from other polls, why you should post one, and more, you might be interested in posting one as well. In that case, you will be glad to know that just like Facebook as a whole and all other features offered by Facebook, Facebook Polls are also quite easy to use.

Even if you are new to Facebook, you can easily create a poll on Facebook by simply following these instructions one by one:

Create Facebook Story Polls

Starting with one of the easily accessible and viewable Facebook polls, you may want to create a poll in your story. This can be great for those who are not in any Facebook groups and do not manage any Facebook pages. Such a poll will be visible to all of your Facebook friends and followers. In order to post a Facebook Story Poll, you can simply follow these steps as shown here:

  • You have to first open Facebook on a mobile device since stories are only supported there.
  • Once you are in the Facebook app, click on the Create Story option where you will see multiple options.

Create Facebook Story Polls

  • From these options, you have to select the Poll option by swiping left.
  • Then, type in your question and the possible answers that you want people to choose from.

Create Facebook Story Polls 2

  • Finally, select the privacy of this Facebook story poll in terms of who can see it and answer it. You can then click on the Share to Story option to upload this Facebook story poll on your profile.

Create Facebook Story Polls 3

Create Facebook Page Polls

Those of you who are an admin on a Facebook Page or run one might want to post a Facebook Page Polls. These Facebook polls will be visible to all of the users who have liked your Facebook Page which can be potentially a very large audience depending on your Facebook Page’s likes. Unlike posting a Facebook poll on your own profile, the steps for posting a Facebook Page Poll are a bit complicated as you can see here:

  • You have to first go to your Facebook Page and open its Publishing Tools from the left-hand side menu.
  • Then, click on the New Post button where you have to proceed with the Classic Post Creation Tool.

Create Facebook Page Polls

  • Now, click on the three-dot menu and choose Poll from the list.
  • Finally, you can enter your question and desired possible answers for the same before clicking on the Share Now button to publish this Facebook Page Poll on your Facebook Page.

Create Facebook Page Polls 2

Create Facebook Group Polls

Similar to Facebook Pages, you can also post a Facebook poll if you are part of a Facebook group. Unlike Facebook pages, even group members can post a link and not just the admin or the owner of a given Facebook group. When compared to posting a Facebook poll on your Facebook story, Facebook group polls target a much larger audience since all of the members of the group will be able to see your poll. If you also want to create a poll in a Facebook group, you can simply go through these instructions one by one:

  • First, head over to the Facebook group in which you want to post a Facebook poll.
  • Then, click on the Create Public Post option present at the top of the page.

Create Facebook Group Polls

  • Now, you can select the More option or open the three-dot menu to find the Poll option.
  • After that, you can add your question and its possible answers which is similar to any other poll that you would create on Facebook.
  • Once that is done, simply select the Add to your Post option which will create a Facebook group poll in that Facebook group.

Create Facebook Group Polls 2

Create Facebook Messenger Polls

Apart from the groups found on Facebook, Facebook Messenger can also have groups that have multiple members in them. And if you want to quickly ask a question with multiple choice answers in your Facebook Messenger group, then you can also create a poll there. In order to do that you have to open the Facebook Messenger app and follow the given steps as shown here:

  • Inside your Facebook Messenger group, you have to tap on the + button present in the bottom left corner of your screen.
  • Then, select the Polls option from the list which appears on your screen.

Create Facebook Messenger Polls

  • Once selected, you can type out the question which you want to ask other members of that Facebook Messenger group along with the possible answers.
  • At last, simply select the Create Poll option to create your Facebook Messenger Poll.

Create Facebook Messenger Polls 2

Create Facebook Video Polls

One of the newer features of Facebook is the Facebook Video polls which are meant to be used by Facebook Page admins. Unlike a standard Facebook poll, these Facebook video polls go along with a video post which you may post on your Facebook Page. As for posting such a Facebook video poll, you can do so by going through these instructions one by one:

  • To begin, go to the Facebook Page on which you are an admin.
  • Now, click on the Photo/Video option present in the Create Post box at the top of your Facebook Page.
  • You have to then select the photos or videos which you want to go along with your Poll.
  • Once you are on the final upload screen, you have to select the Polls option after which you need to click on the Create Poll option.
  • After that, type out your desired question and its multiple choice answers which you want to go along with your video post.
  • Other than typing the question, you can also choose whether your Facebook page followers see the result of the poll or not as per your preference.
  • At last, tap on Save and upload your video post on your Facebook page which will add a poll along with it.


There might be many cases where you want to interact with your friends, family, and followers on social media. This can be something as simple as learning about their opinion about any given question or topic. For the same, many social media apps allow you to create a poll that allows others to select between multiple options. In fact, you can also create such a poll on Facebook for easily interacting with your Facebook friends.

But if you are new to Facebook or just don’t know about this feature, then you might not know how to use it. Thus, we have already given a complete guide on how to post a poll on Facebook earlier in this tutorial. This tutorial also has multiple details regarding Facebook Polls which can be handy to understand the uses of such a poll and why you should also post one. If you have gone through all the information regarding how to post a poll on Facebook given above, make sure to share your thoughts in the comments section. You can also post any questions down there if you have any!

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