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Best Ratcheting Screwdriver For Screwing & Unscrewing Process

Whenever a device breaks down, you quickly grab a bunch of tools to fix it. A screwdriver is an important part of such tool sets for the initial stages. It assists in unscrewing the screws for further repairs and maintenance. This tool has been the same since its invention and its simple design hardly needed improvements. To increase its capabilities, ratchet screwdrivers were introduced.

The working principle of a ratchet screwdriver is pretty much the same as ratchet wrenches or spanners. It has a ratcheting mechanism that helps in the screwing/unscrewing process. The ratcheting action offers a continuous rotation to the screwdriver without having to realign it. To further understand the ratcheting screwdriver, we need to go through some factors.

  • Type of bit: A ratcheting screwdriver is classified into two different types, based on its capacity to hold bits. A single-bit screwdriver is the most earlier design where the bit comes fitted to the screwdriver body. On the other hand, a multi-bit design opens the door to using multiple bits of different sizes.
  • Ratcheting mechanism: The ratcheting mechanism in screwdrivers helps in offering the required torque to the screw. The mechanism helps in the continuous rotation of the screwdriver without having to adjust the position every time. Depending on the screw thread’s direction, the rotation can also be changed.
  • Shank length: The shank is an important part of a screwdriver. It has to bear the rotational force caused by the screwing torque. The force gets distributed over its length for maximum movement per rotation. The shank’s length also helps in making tight corners accessible for screwing.

All these factors play an important role while selecting a good ratcheting screwdriver. There are various options available in the market that will help in increasing your productivity level. We have compiled a list of various ratcheting screwdrivers from different brands. A “Buying Guide” and a few FAQs are also discussed to assist your selection process.

10 Best Ratcheting Screwdriver

Best Ratcheting ScrewdriverBody MaterialNumber of BitsRotation ModesBuy Now
CRAFTSMAN Ratcheting ScrewdriverChrome vanadium steel26clockwise, counter-clockwise and lockedCheck On Amazon
Klein Tools Ratcheting ScrewdriverIndustrial grade metal14clockwise, counter-clockwise and lockedCheck On Amazon
Amazon Basics Ratchet ScrewdriverChrome vanadium steel12clockwise, counter-clockwise and lockedCheck On Amazon
WORKPRO Ratcheting Screwdriver SetAlloy steel12clockwise, counter-clockwise and lockedCheck On Amazon
SATA Ratcheting ScrewdriverAlloy steel19clockwise, counter-clockwise and lockedCheck On Amazon
Megapro Ratcheting ScrewdriverAlloy steel13clockwise, counter-clockwise and lockedCheck On Amazon
Wera Ratcheting ScrewdriverStainless steel6clockwise, counter-clockwise and lockedCheck On Amazon
Williams Ratcheting ScrewdriverStainless steel5clockwise, counter-clockwise and lockedCheck On Amazon
CRAFTSMAN SpeedDrive Ratcheting ScrewdriverMetallic body15Clockwise and counter-clockwiseCheck On Amazon
SHARDEN Ratchet ScrewdriverAlloy steel13clockwise, counter-clockwise and lockedCheck On Amazon

Best Ratcheting Screwdriver Reviews

1. CRAFTSMAN Ratcheting Screwdriver

CRAFTSMAN Ratcheting ScrewdriverThe first product on this list comes from a well-known brand, Craftsman. For over a century, it has been involved with the development of tools that are tested for real-life endurance.

The Craftsman CMHT68001 Ratcheting Screwdriver is a multi-but unit. This screwdriver is made up of vanadium steel which makes it strong enough to sustain the twisting force. The chrome plating further increases the corrosion resistance of this screwdriver. It uses a quick rotation controller with 3 settings: clockwise, counter-clockwise and locked. By simply rotating the switch, you are ready to switch.

Being a multi-bit unit, it comes with 26 bits of different sizes that fit the screwdriver perfectly. The handle of this screwdriver has a textured grip which offers enough torque while using it. A telescopic pickup tool is provided which is magnetized. It helps in picking up the metallic bits and placing them in the screwdriver.

Best Features:

  • A multi-bit ratcheting screwdriver
  • Vanadium steel body coated with anti-corrosion chrome plating
  • Rotation control switch with 3 settings: clockwise, counter-clockwise and locked
  • 26 metallic bits of different head shapes and sizes
  • A textured grip on the handle


  • The bits can be easily replaced without affecting the productivity
  • All the bits are stored in one place
  • It has a sturdy built quality


  • It does not support dual-headed bits

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2. Klein Tools Multi-bit Ratcheting Screwdriver

Klein Tools Multi-bit Ratcheting ScrewdriverKlein Tools is also a synonymous name when it comes to premium quality tools. By pouring its 150+ years of experience into product development, it produces professional-grade tools. It uses the highest quality materials to make its tools durable.

The Klein Tools 32305 Ratcheting Screwdriver is also a multi-bit unit. It can accommodate a total of 14 bits of different sizes and a ¼-inch nut driver in the inbuilt storage space. All the bits are made up of industrial-grade material and hence possess incredible strength and durability. This eliminates the need for carrying bits separately.

The ratcheting mechanism is easily activated with a rotatable switch and offers three different modes. You can use this screwdriver with left-handed and right-handed screw threads. To convert the ratcheting screwdriver into a normal one, a dedicated lock mode is provided. To maximize the screwing torque while using this screwdriver, a grip is provided on the handle.

Best Features:

  • A multi-bit ratcheting screwdriver
  • Storage magazine with a capacity of 14 bits
  • Shank with a ¼-inch hex slot
  • Three rotation modes: clockwise, anti-clockwise, and locked


  • The bits have good durability and can withstand heavy torque conditions
  • The comfortable and anti-slipping grip increases torque output
  • Easy accessibility to bits is possible due to the storage magazine


  • It lacks a permanent magnet body

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3. Amazon Basics Magnetic Ratchet Screwdriver

Amazon Basics Ratchet ScrewdriverAmazonBasics is a sub-brand of the e-commerce giant, Amazon. By studying the consumer’s needs, it develops a range of affordable products with high quality.

The AmazonBasics Ratchet Screwdriver is a magnetic unit. It is made up of a heat-treated vanadium steel material with excellent hardness. The body is further coated with chrome coating to enhance its corrosion resistance property. The ratcheting mechanism allows clockwise, anti-clockwise, and locking modes which can be set with a simple switch.

The screwdriver has a storage space for 12 bits which eliminates the need of carrying the bits separately. The magnetic body helps in avoiding the slipping of metallic bits and keeps them locked in place. The handle is covered with a non-slipping material which allows maximum grip over the screwdriver.

Best Features:

  • A multi-bit ratcheting screwdriver
  • A body made up of vanadium steel and chrome coating
  • Three rotation modes: left, right, and locked
  • The magazine capacity of 12 bits


  • The magnetized body keeps the bits locked in its place
  • The handle grip offers excellent torque input
  • It is suitable for screws with left-handed and right-handed threads


  • The ratchet mechanism is not reliable as other options

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4. WORKPRO Ratcheting Screwdriver Set

WORKPRO Ratcheting Screwdriver SetWorkpro has been active in the tool industry for the last two decades. With an attitude of providing consumers with affordable and quality tools, it has developed a vast range of products.

The Workpro Ratcheting Screwdriver is also a multi-bit type unit. It can house a maximum of 6 dual-sided metallic bits at one time. The body is made up of alloy steel which can sustain the screwing torque easily. To allow flexibility in screwing motion, it is fitted with a patented ratchet mechanism with a quick siding system. It supports the one-handed operation and can easily switch into a forward or reverse direction.

When the ratcheting motion is not needed, a locking mode turns the screwdriver into a normal one. The handle is covered with anti-slipping material which offers a superior grip over the screwdriver. This helps in enhancing the overall torque output and keeps the user’s hand away from fatigue.

Best Features:

  • A multi-bit ratcheting screwdriver
  • Maximum storage of 12 bits (dual-sided 6 bits)
  • Three rotation modes: clockwise, snit-clockwise, or locked
  • Handle grip cover made up of anti-slip material
  • Quick-loading feature


  • The auto-locking mechanism is easy to use with just one hand
  • A good amount of torque is achieved with this unit
  • The handle feels comfortable to the user’s hand even after longer operations


  • It does not have a locking mode to restrict ratcheting motion

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5. SATA Multipurpose Ratcheting Screwdriver

SATA Ratcheting ScrewdriverSata is one of the fastest-growing brands in the tool industry. The reason behind this success is the premium quality of its tools. It has been catering to all types of industries with its innovative range of tools.

The Sata ST09350 Multipurpose Ratcheting Screwdriver has excellent storage space. It can house a maximum of 19 metallic bits in a dual-sided configuration. The body of this screwdriver is made up of alloy steel which can endure torque. The metallic bits are made up of premium quality SCVM+ steel which has good toughness and torque resistance.

The ratcheting mechanism has a smooth feel and can be set for three different modes. It increases the overall flexibility of the screwdriver. The handle has a shape that a human hand can easily adapt to. The overall grip is strong even when used with greasy hands.

Best Features:

  • Multi-bit ratcheting screwdriver made up of alloy steel
  • Maximum storage capacity of 19 bits
  • Bits made up of SVCM+ material
  • Ergonomically designed handle made up of dual material
  • Three rotation mode


  • The bits are tough enough to resist higher torque figures
  • The dual-bit design helps in storing multiple types of bits
  • The handle offers excellent grip even when in contact with oil


  • Single-headed bits cannot be used with this unit

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6. Megapro Marketing Ratcheting Screwdriver

Megapro Ratcheting ScrewdriverWhat started as a solution to daily DIY activity problems, turned into a successful brand called Megapro. With various patented technologies, it develops innovative tools to help consumers.

The Megapro Ratcheting Screwdrivers have an innovative design. It comes with a retractable cartridge that can hold a maximum of 13 bits at a time. The shank itself works as a ¼-inch hex driver increasing the functionality of the screwdriver. The screwdriver is made up of alloy steel which adds strength to the overall body structure.

The ratcheting mechanism has a patented design that uniformly transfers the torque from the handle to the tip. It offers over three different rotation settings. The handle is covered with Triax 1120, a blend of nylon-ABS material. It offers a good grip over the screwdriver’s handle and avoids hands from slipping off the screwdriver.

Best Features:

  • A multi-bit ratcheting screwdriver
  • Alloy steel body construction
  • Retractable storage with space for 13 bits
  • Shank with a ¼-inch hex slot
  • Ergonomically designed handle covered with ABS-nylon material


  • The screwdriver is suitable for screwing with left-handed and right-handed threads
  • The overall quality of the ratchet mechanism is good
  • The bits can be quickly loaded and removed


  • It lacks a permanently magnetized body

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7. Wera Kraftform Ratcheting Screwdriver

Wera Kraftform Ratcheting ScrewdriverWera believes in the continuous development of its products by using innovative technologies. As a result, its tool range shows good durability and performance.

The Wera Kraftform Kompakt Ratcheting Screwdriver has a multi-functional design. It has an inbuilt magazine that can easily accommodate 6 metallic bits. Its shanks have a ¼-inch hex design which makes it multifunctional. The stainless steel body is permanently magnetized to hold the metallic bits in their places and avoids rolling of the bits.

The ratchet mechanism has very small pitched gears that turn smoothly and quickly. This mechanism can easily support a maximum torque of 50 N-m torque. It can be set to three different modes depending on the rotation needed. The handle is designed for high productivity with minimum fatigue.

Best Features:

  • A multi-functional ratcheting screwdriver
  • The magazine capacity of 6 bits
  • Three-way ratchet mechanism
  • Maximum torque capability of 50 N-m
  • Comfortable handle design


  • The gears of the ratchet mechanism offer a smooth and fast operation
  • It comes with an anti-rolling feature that restricts the bits from slipping
  • It is suitable for left and right-handed screw threads


  • It has a higher price tag compared to the other options

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8. Williams WRS-1 Magnetic Ratcheting Screwdriver

Williams Ratcheting ScrewdriverFor more than 140 years, Williams Tools has served the industry with high-quality tools. By adopting new techniques for tool production, it can offer a range of reliable tools.

The Williams WRS-1 Ratcheting Screwdriver is a 9-inch long unit. It is made up of stainless steel which makes it strong enough to sustain heavy torque. The body is permanently magnetized to hold the bits securely while working. The screwdrivers have dedicated storage for 5 metallic bits.

The heavy-duty ratchet mechanism helps in changing the screwdriver’s rotation and allows maximum torque transfer. There are three different modes: clockwise, anti-clockwise, or locked rotation. The handle’s design has a comfortable grip which resists slipping while working.

Best Features:

  • A 9-inch long multi-bit ratchet screwdriver
  • Dedicated storage for 5 bits
  • Stainless steel body construction
  • Heavy-duty ratchet mechanism with three modes
  • Ergonomically designed handle


  • The permanently magnetized body helps in locking the bit in its place
  • It can deliver a higher torque output
  • Suitable for left and right-handed screw threads


  • The grip of the handle is not strong

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9. CRAFTSMAN SpeedDrive Ratcheting Screwdriver

CRAFTSMAN SpeedDrive Ratcheting ScrewdriverAnother product from the Craftsman brand has made it to the list. This smaller sibling of the previously mentioned tool also follows all the qualities of its brand.

The Craftsman CMHT68129 Ratcheting Screwdriver has a sturdy build quality. It is made from a metallic body and can store over 15 bits. Fitted with a patented ratcheting mechanism, it has a faster rotation speed. It allows two rotation options, suitable for the left-threaded screws as well at the right-thread screws.

The locking holder keeps the bit secured in its place and allows rapid loading of bits. For comfortable working, the handle is made up of a bi-material configuration. The design allows a maximum grip over the handle ultimately increasing the torque output.

Best Features:

  • A multi-bit ratchet screwdriver
  • The maximum storage capacity of 15 bits
  • Ratchet mechanism with two modes: left and right
  • Handle with a comfortable design and covered in bi-material grip
  • Extended locking mechanism to lock the bit in its place


  • The ratchet mechanism has a good rotation speed
  • Loading of the bit can be done instantly
  • The bits do not need a separate transportation


  • The screwdriver lacks a locking mode

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10. SHARDEN Ratchet Screwdriver

SHARDEN Ratchet ScrewdriverSharden is also a developer and manufacturer of tools. With the help of experts, it can produce tools with higher quality and excellent workmanship.

The Sharden Ratchet Screwdriver is one of the multi-bit units. The body is made up of stronger alloy steel to sustain the torque while working. It has integrated storage for the bits which eliminate the need for carrying the bits separately. The ratchet mechanism has a smooth rotation for both anti-clockwise and clockwise directions. A dedicated locked mode helps in converting it into a standard/regular screwdriver.

The shank has a ¼-inch hex slot which can be used for multiple functions. The body is permanently magnetized to hold the bits securely. The bits are made up of CRV steel which sustains heavy loads and has incredible durability. The handle is covered with a bi-material cushion that offers an excellent grip while working.

Best Features:

  • A multi-bit ratchet screwdriver
  • A strong body made up of alloy steel
  • Maximum storage capacity of 13 bits
  • A ratchet mechanism with three settings
  • Bits made from CRV steel
  • Bi-material cushion


  • The handle design offers a good grip over the screwdriver
  • The shanks can also be used as a nut driver
  • It has a cheaper price than other options


  • The bit holder is too big to access tight space

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Buying Guide For The Best Ratcheting Screwdriver

Now that we have gone through the detailed list of all ratcheting screwdrivers, it is important to get familiar with some factors. Having proper knowledge about these factors is important as they govern the performance of screwdrivers. Our buying guide will walk you through all the necessary details regarding the ratcheting screw. This will eventually help you choose the right ratcheting screwdriver that suits your applications.

1. Type Of Bit

The type of bit and its capacity governs the flexibility of the ratcheting screw. The traditional design of the single-bit screwdriver was simple but with limitations. The size of the screws changes from application to application. You will need a different size of single-bit screwdriver every time the screw size changes. The multi-bit screwdrivers offer more flexibility due to a changeable bit. Their bits can be changed as per the change in the screw’s size. Multi-bit screwdrivers also allow storing more sizes of bits to use at demand.

2. Ratcheting Mechanism

The ratcheting mechanism is important for the actual “screwing” action. It helps in applying the necessary torque to the screw which in turn, applies the digging force to the screw threads. A pawl and gear are used to allow one-directional rotation of the screwdriver. There are various configurations available in the ratcheting mechanism Some options allow only one direction of rotation, which is ideal for normal screws.

The left-handed and right-handed screws both rotate in opposite directions. Hence, a bi-directional ratcheting mechanism allows rotation in the counterclockwise and clockwise directions. The ratcheting screw comes with a switch to change the rotation direction or keep this ratcheting mechanism locked.

3. Shank Length

There are different shank lengths available for a screwdriver. This length is an important factor in transferring torque to a screw. The twisting moment from the screwdriver is uniformly transferred via the shank’s length to the tip. It helps in maximizing the input with limited movement of the screwdriver. A shorter shank is useful for smaller screws as it easily transfers the required torque. The shorter shanks do lack the ability to maintain a strong grip. For tight spaces, the shank length can be increased. It helps in accessing these tight spots with maximum field of view. One-handed operation with longer shank length can be hectic for some users.

4. Tip Type

The tip of a screwdriver is what fits with the screw, like a jigsaw puzzle. The shape of the tip and screw gets interlocked and allows the transfer of force from the screwdriver to the screw thread. The most common tips are the flat-headed tips. They are useful for straight- screws. The Phillips tip is suitable for Philips screws, which are cross-shaped. These tips offer a very good torque to the screw and enhance the overall grip. The Phillips tips were further upgraded to a Star shaped tip that further extends the gripping strength. The squared-shaped Robertson tips and other precision tips are included with the ratchet screwdrivers.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Why is a ratchet screwdriver better than a normal screwdriver?

Ans: The ratchet screwdriver’s plus point lies within its ratchet mechanism. The grip for a normal screwdriver needs to be constantly adjusted since a human hand has movement restrictions. The ratchet mechanism has a pawl and gear pair that slide over each other and readjusts the screwdriver’s positions. Hence, a ratchet screwdriver needs no adjustment and it keeps a continuous rotation.

2. What type of material is better for ratcheting screwdrivers?

Ans: A ratcheting screwdriver has to sustain a good amount of torque transfer while working. Hence materials with better torsional strength are ideal for ratcheting screwdrivers. Usually, stainless steel or tool-grade steel is used for ratcheting screwdrivers due to their properties. When these screwdrivers are paired with power tools, high-speed steel is a better choice.

3. Why are handle grips given importance for a ratcheting screwdriver?

Ans: Using a ratcheting screwdriver requires a good torsional force. The grips provided on the handle help in offering this torsional force. It keeps the user’s hand from slipping to ensure a maximum transfer of force. In short, the grip offers a larger area of contact between the user and the screwdriver.

4. How to safely install or remove a screw with a ratcheting screwdriver?

Ans: The first step is to identify the screw head type and select the compatible tip for the screwdriver. This step helps in preventing a worn-out screw head due to uneven interlocking. Knowing about the orientation of the screw thread helps in deciding the rotation direction. By positioning the screwdriver perpendicular to the screw head, properly aligned work can be carried out.


Amongst all the hand tools, fixing things with screwdrivers is one of the simple activities. The ratcheting feature further adds comfort and enhances the overall efficiency of the process. Ratchet screwdrivers have transformed the already useful design into a more productive one. Today, we have gained a very deep knowledge of these screwdrivers. Apart from this, the buying guide also deals with all the confusion related to ratcheting screwdrivers. By referring to this discussion, we have chosen our favorite options from the list.

  • If your work involves different types of screws, the CRAFTSMAN Ratcheting Screwdriver is a perfect choice. It has over 26 different bits to choose from, which are stored in the inbuilt magazine. Made from a stronger chrome vanadium steel, it endures heavy torque easily. The ratchet mechanism is capable of offering three rotation modes. This makes the screwdriver suitable for all types of threads. To improve the grip over the screwdriver, the handle has an ergonomic design. The permanently magnetized body helps in holding and securing the metallic bits.
  • When the budget is low, the SHARDEN Ratchet Screwdriver comes to your recuse. This multi-bit screwdriver has a strong alloy steel body that withstands higher torque. The integrated storage is expandable and can hold 13 bits at a time. These bits are made from CRV steel which marks them to endure heavy reading conditions. The ratchet mechanism provides a smoother rotation in a clockwise as well as anticlockwise direction. It also has a lock mode for turning the ratcheting screwdriver into a normal one. The handle sports a comfortable design for maximum torque output with less fatigue to the hand. All these features and yet this screwdriver is available at an affordable price
  • If you are searching for a blend of affordability and performance, the CRAFTSMAN SpeedDrive Ratcheting Screwdriver is your answer. With robust metallic construction, it endures heavy torque conditions. This unit can store 15 metallic bits, eliminating the need for carrying them separately. The ratchet mechanism can rotate the bit in clockwise and anticlockwise directions. The bit holder has a quick-load feature to reduce the loss of time in loading the bits. The handle has a design that promotes more grip and relieves any stress over the user’s hand. All these features are available at a justified price tag, making this option a value-for-money deal.

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