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What Is An Impact Driver Used For?

An impact driver comes in the form of a compact cordless drill that enables the loosening or tightening of screws. You can easily use it for screws that your screwdrivers cannot handle. It has a unique driving mechanism with more torque along with a hexagonal shape collet.

Even though it is shaped like a drill, it is smaller and shorter. You will also find a trigger and handle just like a drill. Powered by air compressors, impact drivers let you use it for different purposes including home improvement. However, it has to be mentioned that impact drivers are not suitable for drilling holes.

impact driver

What Are The Benefits and Drawbacks Of Impact Driver?

Here are the benefits and drawbacks of impact driver that you should be aware of.


  • Higher Torque: If you will have to compare an impact driver to a regular cordless drill, it can deliver five times more power. You can easily drive the screw to any sturdy material by using an impact driver.
  • Compact And Portable: Again the size of an impact driver is much smaller than a cordless drill. It is portable and compact which makes it perfect for small spaces. Even the head length is very much smaller than a cordless drill.
  • Self-Driving Screws: With an impact driver, you can use it for projects that require higher torque. It lets you drive screws without drilling holes.
  • Easy on The Wrist: As an impact driver is compact and lightweight, there will be no pressure on your wrist. On the contrary, a cordless drill can wear out your wrist.


  • Compatible Bits: One of the greatest drawbacks of an impact driver is that you will have to get a compatible bit. By getting a hexagonal shank, you can start working with your impact driver.
  • Lack of Torque Control: A cordless drill comes with the feature of torque control. However, this feature is completely missing on an impact driver. For this reason, it is important to use an impact driver with caution as it can lead to damage.

What Are The Applications Of Impact Driver?

The versatility of an impact driver lets you use it for a variety of purposes. The tool comes in a handy design and lets you save time and effort. You can easily use an impact driver for

  • An Impact Driver For Bolts and Screws

Dealing with large screws and bolts can be very troublesome. Your normal drill may not be able to perform the task. By utilizing an impact driver, there will be an additional rotational force that can effectively counter the resistance to driving. It serves great for projects that need large fasteners and high torque. It can drive in long and thick fastness into different types of hard materials.

  • Impact Drivers For Drills

The main function of an impact driver is for driving fasteners. It is not recommended for drilling holes. One should keep in mind that the tool does not offer precision and it lacks variable speed controls. Despite saying this, you can use an impact driver with a hex shank drill bit for drilling holes. With a drill bit impact driver, there will be powerful torque to get deep into dense materials.

  • DIY Projects

The handy design of an impact driver makes it perfect for DIY projects. If you are a passionate DIYer, an impact driver can be a perfect tool with its versatile performance. You can ask for a normal drill if you are using it for small home projects

  • Larger Projects

One of the greatest advantages of an impact driver is that it lets you use it for large projects. You can use it for longer bolts and screws as it offers the right power to drive on the hardwood or pressure-treated wood. It also lets you use it for loosening corroded or over-torqued bolts and screws.


Any impact driver is a powerful and versatile tool that lets you use it for different applications. You will easily find different types of impact drivers on the market. However, you must always see if it meets your needs. Consider investing in an impact driver that can finish out your task without any hassle.

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