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The 5 Best Propane Smokers 2024 Reviews and Buying Guide

Propane smokers have transformed outdoor cooking, providing convenience, precision, and delectable flavor to backyard chefs and barbecue enthusiasts worldwide. These modern appliances utilize propane gas to establish a consistent and adjustable cooking environment, enabling users to effortlessly smoke a diverse range of meats, seafood, and vegetables with minimal fuss.

Recent years have witnessed significant advancements in propane smoker technology, with manufacturers integrating features like digital temperature controls, built-in thermometers, and spacious cooking chambers. These enhancements elevate the user experience, offering greater versatility and ease of use. As a result, propane smokers have become indispensable for individuals looking to enhance their outdoor cooking skills and achieve professional-grade results in their own backyard.

Whether you’re a seasoned pitmaster or a newcomer to grilling, our team of experts has meticulously assessed and assembled a selection of top-tier propane smokers. You can trust that you’ll discover the perfect partner for your culinary adventures within our collection. To assist you in selecting the most suitable option from the abundance of brands both online and offline, our editorial team has meticulously sifted through the offerings of propane smoker manufacturers. Our selection criteria encompass various factors, with particular emphasis on size, number of racks, and available controls, all of which we encourage you to take into account.

  • Size of the Smoker: The size determines how much food you can smoke at once, making it crucial for hosting gatherings or preparing meals for the family. We’ve included options ranging from compact models for small spaces to larger units for big events.
  • Number of Total Racks: The rack count affects how efficiently you can smoke different types of foods simultaneously. Our selections offer a variety of rack configurations to suit any cooking style, whether you’re smoking multiple racks of ribs or a variety of vegetables and meats.
  • Controls: Ease of use is paramount. We’ve prioritized smokers with user-friendly controls that allow precise temperature and smoke adjustments. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned smoker, these features ensure your smoking process is as seamless and enjoyable as possible.

Our comprehensive guide simplifies the process of selecting the ideal propane smoker to suit your requirements. In addition to covering the basics, our extensive “Buying Guide” below provides thorough insights. Continue reading to explore our top recommendations and gain the necessary expertise to make the best online purchase tailored to your individual needs.

5 Best Propane Smokers

propane smokerCooking areaNumber of racksWarrantyBuy Now
Cuisinart Propane Smoker784 Square Inches4 Racks3 YearsCheck On Amazon
Camp Chef Propane Smoker  N.A2 ShelvesN.ACheck On Amazon
Masterbuilt Propane Smoker961 Square Inches4 RacksN.ACheck On Amazon
Pit Boss Propane Smoker800 Square Inches3 Racks1 YearCheck On Amazon
Char-Broil Propane Smoker595 Square Inches3 Racks1 YearCheck On Amazon

5 Best Propane Smokers Reviews

1. Cuisinart Propane Smoker

Cuisinart smoker

The COS-244 Vertical Propane Smoker by Cuisinart, renowned for its quality kitchen appliances and cookware, offers a spacious 5.45 square feet interior, ideal for smoking a variety of meats and vegetables. Its vertical design is tailored for outdoor spaces like patios and barbecue kitchens, providing ample capacity while conserving space. With intuitive temperature and smoke control, this model ensures consistently delicious results, whether you’re smoking chicken breasts for a quick meal or slow-cooking a thick cut of meat.

Crafted for convenience, this smoker features four removable stainless steel shelves measuring 14×14 inches, all dishwasher safe for easy cleaning. The built-in thermometer and seal-tight twist-lock door guarantee steady temperatures and optimal smoke retention, enriching the flavor of your smoked dishes. Moreover, the inclusion of a porcelain enameled steel tray for wood and water, along with a 40-inch propane hose and regulator, reflects Cuisinart’s dedication to providing everything necessary for a seamless smoking experience.


  • Power Source: Propane
  • Outer Material: Stainless, Stainless Steel, Steel
  • Item Weight: 40 Pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 18.1″D x 19.3″W x 38.6″H
  • Inner Material: Stainless steel
  • Fuel Type: Liquefied Petroleum Gas
  • Cooking Area: 5.45 square feet
  • Number of Shelves: Four 14×14-inch removable stainless steel shelves
  • Temperature and Smoke Control: Adjustable gas supply
  • Door: Seal-tight twist-lock
  • Additional Features: Built-in thermometer, porcelain enameled steel tray, 40-inch propane hose and regulator


  • Spacious interior accommodates large quantities of food.
  • Removable shelves offer flexibility and easy cleaning.
  • Built-in thermometer and adjustable controls enhance smoking precision.
  • Seal-tight door ensures consistent temperature and smoke retention.


  • Some issues with the powder coating durability under high heat.

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2. Camp Chef Propane Smoker

camp smoker

The Camp Chef Smoke Vault 24″ is a testament to durability and precision in smoking. Its design caters to a wide range of cooking preferences, from low-and-slow smoked meats to baking pies. This smoker’s heavy-gauge steel construction and adjustable damper valves provide a sturdy framework and complete control over the smoking environment. The easy-to-read door thermometer allows for quick monitoring, ensuring your food is perfectly smoked every time.

What sets the Camp Chef Smoke Vault apart is its matchless snap-ignition and the inclusion of cooking tips, ideas, and recipes, making it an ideal choice for both beginners and experienced smokers. Its spacious interior, coupled with the convenience of adjustable smoking racks and a jerky rack, offers flexibility in cooking various dishes. The Smoke Vault’s ability to maintain a consistent temperature range from 50 to 550 degrees showcases its versatility, whether you’re smoking meat, baking bread, or anything in between.


  • Power Source: Gas Powered
  • Outer Material: Alloy Steel
  • Item Weight: 75 Pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 16″D x 24″W x 44″H
  • Inner Material: Steel
  • Fuel Type: Propane
  • Cooking Space: Includes two cooking grids and one Jerky Rack
  • Temperature Range: 50 to 550 degrees
  • Ignition: Convenient matchless snap-ignition
  • Additional Features: Three adjustable damper valves, easy to read door thermometer


  • Sturdy construction enhances durability and heat retention.
  • Versatile cooking options, from smoking to baking.
  • Easy temperature monitoring and adjustment for precise control.
  • Matchless ignition for quick and easy start-up.


  • Temperature control knob alignment issues.

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3. Masterbuilt Propane Smoker

Masterbuilt Propane Smoker

The MB20051316 40-inch Propane Smoker from Masterbuilt revolutionizes the smoking experience, emphasizing simplicity and effectiveness. Featuring a convenient push-button ignition and an adjustable temperature dial, this smoker caters to those seeking flawlessly smoked meats with minimal effort. Utilizing ThermoTemp technology, it ensures a steady smoking temperature for consistently tender and flavorful results. Its generous interior space accommodates up to 16 chickens or 8 racks of ribs, ideal for large gatherings or ambitious smoking endeavors.

Designed for both convenience and taste, this smoker boasts four chrome-coated smoking racks, offering ample room for a diverse range of foods. The removable water bowl and woodchip tray facilitate effortless moisture and smoky flavor infusion into your culinary creations. With an adjustable air damper, precise smoke control is at your fingertips, while the lockable door latch ensures heat and smoke remain securely contained within the insulated body. Additionally, a viewing window allows for easy monitoring of your food’s progress without interrupting the smoking process.


  • Power Source: Propane
  • Outer Material: Stainless Steel
  • Item Weight: 92 Pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 22.8″D x 28.7″W x 53″H
  • Inner Material: Stainless steel
  • Fuel Type: Liquefied Petroleum Gas
  • Cooking Space: 960 square inches
  • Temperature Control: Adjustable up to 375°F
  • Racks: Four chrome-coated smoking racks
  • Additional Features: Removable water bowl, woodchip tray, adjustable air damper, lockable door latch, viewing window


  • Large cooking space accommodates multiple items simultaneously.
  • Easy ignition and temperature control simplify the smoking process.
  • The viewing window allows for easy monitoring without heat loss.
  • Insulated body retains heat efficiently for consistent cooking temperatures.


  • Users may find it challenging to assemble the device. 

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4. Pit Boss Propane Smoker

pit boss smoker

The PIT BOSS 77435 Vertical LP Gas Smoker combines aesthetics with functionality, offering a vibrant red exterior and a comprehensive smoking experience. Its dual-valve/burner system allows for a wide temperature control range of 100°F to 350°F, making it versatile for various smoking needs. The smoker boasts three porcelain-coated cooking grids within an 800-square-inch cooking area, providing ample space for different types of meats and vegetables. The external access to the wood chip drawer and grease tray ensures easy maintenance without disturbing the smoking process.

Featuring a large viewing window, this smoker allows for easy monitoring of your food without opening the door and losing heat. The high-temperature door seal keeps the smoke and heat locked in for efficient cooking. Additionally, the Piezo ignition system ensures a quick and reliable start with every use. The PIT BOSS 77435 is not just about smoking; it’s about bringing competition-quality smoking right into your backyard with ease and style.


  • Outer Material: Stainless Steel
  • Item Weight: 52 Pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 21.5″D x 23″W x 47″H
  • Inner Material: Stainless steel
  • Fuel Type: Liquefied Petroleum Gas
  • Cooking Area: 800 square inches
  • Temperature Range: 100°F to 350°F
  • Number of Cooking Racks: 3 porcelain-coated
  • Ignition: Piezo
  • Additional Features: External wood chip drawer, grease tray, large viewing window, high temp door seal


  • Wide temperature range caters to various smoking styles.
  • Easy to monitor cooking process through the large viewing window.
  • Quick and reliable ignition with the Piezo system.
  • Easy maintenance with external access to wood chip and grease trays.


  • Issues with the regulator quality.

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5. Char-Broil Propane Smoker

Char-Broil Propane Smoker

This propane gas smoker hails from Char-Broil, a renowned brand recognized for its top-tier propane gas smokers. Crafted with simplicity and effectiveness in mind, it caters to aficionados in search of an uncomplicated smoking solution. With its compact design and ample 595-square-inch cooking area, it’s ideal for cozy patios and decks, offering generous cooking space without sacrificing on size. The gas-powered system ensures consistent heat distribution, a vital element for achieving perfect low-and-slow cooking results. Equipped with three chrome-plated cooking grates, it allows for simultaneous smoking of various dishes, enhancing versatility.

Emphasizing user convenience, this model prioritizes ease of operation. Its double-drawer design facilitates swift access to wood chips and water without necessitating the opening of the cooking chamber, thereby minimizing heat loss. Complemented by an adjustable top damper, it grants users control over smoke intensity and internal temperature, essential for mastering the art of smoking. The Char-Broil Smoker caters to individuals who cherish the smoking process but prefer a hassle-free approach, promising delightful outcomes with minimal effort.


  • Power Source: Gas
  • Item Weight: 25 Pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 19.5″D x 21.5″W x 45.5″H
  • Inner Material: Stainless steel
  • Fuel Type: Propane Gas
  • Cooking Surface: 595 square inches
  • Cooking Grates: 3 chrome-plated
  • Additional Features: Warming rack, easy-access firebox drawer, adjustable grates, heavy-duty construction


  • Compact yet efficient design suitable for small spaces.
  • Consistent heat control for optimal smoking conditions.
  • Easy access to wood chips and water for convenient refills.
  • Durable construction ensures longevity and rust resistance.


  • Difficulty maintaining low temperatures.

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Buying Guide for Best Propane Smokers

Selecting the best propane smoker involves considering various factors to ensure it meets your cooking preferences and lifestyle. Here’s a comprehensive guide to help you make an informed decision:

1. Size of the Smoker

  • Why It Matters: The size of your smoker directly affects how much food you can cook at once. It’s crucial for those who entertain large groups or have a big family. Moreover, the smoker’s size also impacts its storage and placement in your outdoor space.
  • What to Look For: Assess your cooking needs and space availability. If you frequently host gatherings, opt for a larger model. For smaller families or limited spaces, a compact smoker will suffice. Ensure the smoker’s dimensions fit your designated cooking area with ease.

2. Number of Total Racks

  • Why It Matters: The number of racks in a smoker determines how versatile your cooking can be. More racks mean more surface area to smoke different types of food simultaneously, maximizing efficiency and variety in your smoking sessions.
  • What to Look For: Consider smokers with adjustable or removable racks to accommodate different sizes of meat or vegetables. This flexibility allows for better space utilization and the ability to smoke a variety of foods at once.

3. Controls

  • Why It Matters: Controls are pivotal for maintaining the temperature and smoke intensity, which are crucial for achieving the perfect flavor and texture in your smoked foods. Easy-to-use controls make the smoking process more manageable, especially for beginners.
  • What to Look For: Look for a smoker with precise temperature controls, ideally with a built-in thermometer or digital controls. This feature will enable you to monitor and adjust the temperature as needed, ensuring consistent results every time.

4. Material

  • Why It Matters: The material of your propane smoker impacts its durability and performance. High-quality materials can withstand various weather conditions, maintain temperature consistency, and prevent smoke leaks.
  • What to Look For: Opt for smokers made from heavy-duty materials like stainless steel or coated steel. These materials are not only robust and long-lasting but also offer better heat retention and resistance to rust and corrosion.

5. Cooking Area

Why It Matters: The cooking area of a propane smoker determines how much food you can prepare at once. Whether you’re cooking for a small family or a large gathering, the size of the cooking area can dictate the efficiency and feasibility of your smoking sessions.

What to Look For: Look for a smoker with a cooking area that suits your most common needs. If you frequently host large gatherings, opt for a smoker with a larger cooking surface. Conversely, if space is a concern or you typically cook for fewer people, a compact model might be more appropriate.

6. Design

Why It Matters: The design of a propane smoker affects not just its aesthetic appeal but also its functionality. Features like easy access doors for adding water and wood chips, as well as efficient airflow control, can make the smoking process more convenient and enjoyable.

What to Look For: Seek out smokers with thoughtful design elements that enhance usability. This can include multiple doors to prevent heat loss when adding more fuel, clear and accessible temperature controls, and portable designs with wheels for easy movement. Also, consider the overall footprint of the smoker if you have limited outdoor space.

7. Build Quality

Why It Matters: The build quality of your propane smoker is directly related to its durability, performance, and safety. A well-constructed smoker will retain heat better, withstand the elements, and last for many years, providing better value for your investment.

What to Look For: High-quality materials like stainless steel or heavy-duty steel are key indicators of a good build. Inspect the smoker for solid construction, tight-fitting doors and seams, and rust-resistant finishes. Additionally, quality burners and reliable ignition systems are critical for consistent cooking temperatures and ease of use.

Best Propane Smoker – FAQs

1. How does a propane smoker work?

Ans: Propane smokers typically have a burner at the bottom that heats a pan of wood chips, generating smoke. The heat and smoke circulate around the food, imparting a smoky flavor.

2. Should I preheat my propane smoker?

Ans: Yes, you should always preheat your propane smoker for about 10 minutes or so before you place the food in the smoker to cook. When you have finished cooking your food, turn off the burners and close the gas valve on the propane cylinder.

3. What are the advantages of using a propane smoker?

Ans: Propane smokers are known for their quick and easy setup, consistent temperature control, and the ability to reach higher temperatures compared to some other types of smokers.

4. What features should I look for in the best propane smoker?

Ans: Look for features such as adjustable temperature control, a built-in thermometer, sufficient cooking space, durable construction, and easy-to-clean design.

5. What temperature should I season my smoker?

Ans: If it’s an electric smoker, go ahead and set it to high, which should be about 225 – 250 degrees F. For charcoal smokers, use a starter chimney and once the coals are hot, fill the charcoal pan and some wood. You do not need to use the water bowl for this seasoning step.


After evaluating the features, specifications, and user feedback for the five propane smokers discussed, it’s clear that each model offers unique benefits suited to different preferences and needs. Whether you prioritize cooking capacity, ease of use, durability, or temperature control, there’s a smoker designed to meet your specific smoking requirements. 

Top 3 Recommendations

  • Masterbuilt Propane Smoker: This smoker stands out for its large capacity and advanced features, such as ThermoTemp technology for consistent temperature control and a spacious interior. It’s ideal for those who frequently entertain large groups and seek precision in their smoking process. The inclusion of a viewing window adds convenience by allowing the cook to monitor the food without disrupting the internal temperature.
  • Camp Chef Propane Smoker: With its sturdy build and versatile temperature range, the Camp Chef Smoke Vault is perfect for both beginners and experienced smokers. Its adjustable racks and comprehensive temperature control enable a wide range of smoking techniques, from meats to baked goods, making it a versatile choice for any culinary enthusiast.
  • Pit Boss Propane Smoker: The PIT BOSS 77435 combines style with functionality, offering a wide temperature range and a dual valve/burner system for precise heat and smoke control. The large viewing window and easy-access wood chip drawer make it user-friendly, catering to those who value convenience and aesthetic appeal in their smoking equipment.

When choosing the ideal propane smoker for your requirements, it’s crucial to prioritize the aspects of smoking that matter most to you. This could include factors like capacity, control, convenience, or durability. The suggested models excel in various areas, catering to both beginners starting their smoking adventure and experienced pitmasters aiming to enhance their equipment. This ensures there’s an option available that suits your smoking goals and fits seamlessly into your lifestyle.

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