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The 10 Best Gas Fire Pits 2024: Reviews and Buying Guide

Gas fire pits are the perfect solution for places where wood fires are not allowed or possible. They are easier to operate, requires little maintenance and doesn’t involve the risk of sparks.

Gas fire pits come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and designs, in which you can select the one that is best suited for your backyard décor.

To help you get the right choice, we recommend you consider these key factors.

  • Heating Capacity: It is measured in British Thermal Units (BTU). The higher the BTU value, the more heat it can generate. It will range from 15000 – 100000 BTUs. But consider the outside temperature and how closely you are sitting to a fire pit to decide your required BTU for the fire pit.
  • Size: While considering the size of the gas fire pit, you have to check out your space availability, and the physical footprint of the firepit along with its tank size. It should allow the people to have a comfortable sitting around the pit and has to last longer with a minimum fuel tank capacity without refueling it.
  • Material: Based on the material used to construct the gas fire pit, its longevity and efficiency will be determined. Most pits are made with steel metal, which is weather-resistant and can easily sustain harsh climatic conditions.

To narrow down your search options, we came up with a list of our top-selling gas fire pits along with a detailed “Buying Guide” below.

Read on to know which one is the best suitable option for your need and budget range.

10 Best Gas Fire Pits List

Gas Fire PitHeating CapacitySizeWarrantyBuy Now
Outland Living Gas Fire Pit 58000 BTU19 inch1 yearCheck On Amazon
Bali Outdoors Gas Fire Pit50000 BTU28 inchN.ACheck On Amazon
Bond Manufacturing Gas Fire Pit40000 BTU20 inchN.ACheck On Amazon
U-Max Gas Fire Pit 50000 BTU44 inch1 yearCheck On Amazon
Legacy Heating Gas Fire Pit 48000BTU28 inchN.ACheck On Amazon
Ciays Gas Fire Pit 50000 BTU28 inchN.ACheck On Amazon
Best Choice Products Propane Fire Pit 50000 BTU57 inch60 dayCheck On Amazon
Grand Patio Gas Fire Pit45000 BTU43 inchN.ACheck On Amazon
Cecarol Gas Patio Fire Pit50000 BTU32 inchN.ACheck On Amazon
Elementi Gas Fire Pit45000 BTU42 Inches30 daysCheck On Amazon

10 Best Gas Fire Pits Reviews

1. Outland Living Gas Fire Pit 

outland gas pit

Most of the products offered by Outland Living are made for outdoor usage, including its gas fire pit that is quite powerful when compared with other options out there.

The Outland Firebowl 893 gas fire pit is the most powerful option present in this article due to its heating capacity rating of 58000 BTU that is quite higher than most other options out there. But the best part about it is that it offers this high heating capacity while having a small and compact size or width of just 19 inches that makes it one of the most portable options as well.

Since this gas fire pit is quite portable and travel friendly, it makes for a great option as a campfire pit. This can be done by simply using a propane gas tank along with this gas fire pit. A unique thing about this gas fire pit is that it offers rocks for better aesthetics and looks. While you get a 1-year long warranty with it and CSA approval, its build quality is just average.

Best Features:

  • Heating capacity of 58000 BTU
  • 19-inch size in terms of width
  • Comes with a 1-year long warranty


  • Compact and portable gas fire pit
  • Most powerful option in this article
  • Includes rocks for aesthetics


  • Average build quality

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2. Bali Outdoors Gas Fire Pit

Bali Outdoors Gas Fire PitAlthough being a relatively small brand, Bali Outdoors develops portable gas fire pits with a large heating capacity to keep you warm even during harsh winters.

This gas fire pit comes with a heating capacity of 50,000 BTU that creates sufficient heat to maintain a warm temperature. With a weight of just 50 lbs and size of 28 x 28 x 25 inches, you will find it convenient to carry and place it in compact spaces for outdoor use. There is a control knob using which you can adjust the heat output of this fire pit to create the perfect temperature.

The gas fire pit features an antique brown with black faux finish that allows you to use it as an outdoor table as well. The fire pit comes in separate parts and you have to assemble by screwing the parts together. Once assembled, you can easily start the fire pit using the push button. Along with the fire pit, you get a blue fire glass to hide the burner ring. While there are no details regarding the warranty, the brand provides reliable after sales service to solve your queries within 24 hours via email.

Best Features:

  • Heating capacity of 50,000 BTU
  • 28 inches size in terms of width
  • Lightweight, compact, and portable


  • Heat output can be adjusted
  • Sleek and elegant appearance
  • Easy to start


  • No information on warranty
  • Installation takes some time

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3. Bond Manufacturing Gas Fire Pit

Bond Manufacturing Gas Fire PitBond Manufacturing specializes in developing outdoor heating solutions, patio shades, and fountains. The brand produces wood burning pits, gas heating pits, and fire bowl fillers for outdoor use.

Bond Manufacturing’s gas fire pit features a powerful 40,000 BTU heat capacity for efficient and functional outdoor heating. The other best feature of this gas fire pit is its durability. It is made from a special material called Envirostone that makes this fire pit durable yet lightweight. There is also a special ProCoat coating that ensures your fire pit lasts for a long time even when used outdoors in harsh weather conditions. The burner is made of stainless steel to withstand high temperature and last longer.

As the fire pit is compact and lightweight with 63.2 lbs, you can easily carry it anywhere and set it. The fire pit comes with a 20 lbs propane tank that offers enough fuel capacity for your heating needs. The tank is concealed underneath the fire bowl. It features a pulse ignition and control knob for easy lighting and temperature adjustment. Along with the fire pit, you get a protective cover that you can use to turn the fire pit into an outdoor table.

Best Features:

  • Heating capacity of 40,000 BTU
  • 20 inches size in terms of width
  • Made of durable Envirostone


  • Decent heat output
  • Comes fully assembled
  • Resistant again UV and harsh weather conditions


  • Poor customer service

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4. U-Max Gas Fire Pit 

u max fit

When compared with other options out there, U-Max is one of the safest gas fire pits because of its various features and certifications that are not found in most other models.

This U-Max gas fire pit is present in the 3rd position in this article as it offers a wide range of safety certifications to the user, including CSA. Other than that, it comes with a glass wind guard included in the box. While it is there to mainly protect the flame from wind, it can also prevent any accidental touches with the hot surface or the flame itself.

As for its performance, this gas fire pit offers a heating capacity of 50000 BTU that is more than enough. Its large size of 44 inches makes it one of the largest units that offer a great looking design. Just like most other options out there, this one also offers a 1-year long warranty to its users.

Best Features:

  • Heating capacity of 50000 BTU
  • 44-inch size in terms of width
  • Comes with a 1-year long warranty


  • Includes various handy accessories
  • Highly safe gas fire pit
  • Offers high heating capacity with large size


  • A bit large for some users

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5. Legacy Heating Gas Fire Pit

Legacy Heating Gas Fire PitLegacy Heating is a designer, importer, and distributor of outdoor living products including fire pits, patio heaters, and all the relevant parts and accessories. The brand has its operations in over 30 countries across the globe.

Legacy Heating’s gas fire pit features a dual function that allows you to use this fire pit as an outdoor table, apart from warming your living space. It comes with a matching lid to turn it into a table. The fire pit uses a stainless steel burner with advanced safety features and durability. The fire pit is also ETL approved for its safety features. There is a standard 20 lbs propane gas cylinder concealed beneath the burner that you can easily access.

When it comes to performance, the gas fire pit offers a heat capacity of 48,000 BTU that is more than sufficient to warm your living space. For ease of use, there is a push button spark piezo ignition system that allows you to start the fire pit conveniently. The fire pit is coated with a durable powder that makes it resistant to heat, UV, and harsh weather conditions. Along with the gas fire pit, you get a 3 feet hose with regulator and 4 pounds lava stones. The package also includes a detailed installation that helps you get started with the fire pit.

Best Features:

  • Heating capacity of 48,000 BTU
  • 28 inches size in terms of width
  • ETL approved for safety


  • Powerful heat capacity
  • Durable with UV resistant features
  • Easy to use


  • Pan is very shallow

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6. Ciays Gas Fire Pit 

Ciays Gas Fire Pit Ciays Propane Fire Pit, a 28-inch outdoor gas fire table designed for warmth, style, and simplicity come together for unforgettable outdoor moments. Crafted from durable alloy steel with a sleek black finish, this square-shaped fire pit (28″D x 28″W x 25″H) adds warmth and ambiance to your outdoor space.

Equipped with a powerful 50,000 BTU output, the Ciays gas fire pit ensures a cozy atmosphere for your gatherings. The user-friendly design allows for easy assembly, requiring just a propane tank connection a process that takes under 1 minute.

The 28-inch fire table offers ample space for drinks, food, and snacks, enhancing your outdoor entertainment experience. Complete with lava rocks in the center, this fire pit creates a visually stunning atmosphere reminiscent of a volcano. The external fire level control allows for easy heat adjustment, while the included pit lid ensures a hassle-free end to your party.

Best Features:

  • 50,000 BTU output for ample warmth.
  • Durable alloy steel construction.
  • Easy assembly with propane tank connection.
  • 28-inch square fire table with lava rocks.
  • External fire level control and pit lid.


  • Easy assembly
  • Solid and good quality
  • User-friendly design
  • Ample space for drinks and snacks.
  • Visual appeal with lava rocks and sleek design


  • Warranty details are not mentioned

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7. Best Choice Products Propane Fire Pit Table

Best Choice Products Propane Fire Pit TableBest Choice Products is a known product that develops all sorts of quality products at an affordable price range, including the gas fire pit mentioned here in this article.

This gas fire pit from Best Choice Products is the largest option in this article in terms of its size and width. It is rated at 57-inch wide, which is much higher than other options. While its included side table will offer a hideaway tank holder/ storage that is secured by a strap to prevent shifting. Apart from offering a large size, you also get a pretty decent heating capacity output of 50,000 BTU with a standard 20-pound propane tank.

Also, you get a great build quality from this gas fire pit that easily lasts for a long time. Its weather-resistant, heavy-duty, and durable aluminum frame ensures long-lasting outdoor heating by protecting the heating element. While its glass beads & burner lid on the attractive table will enhance the elegance. Apart from these, it comes with a durable nylon weather-resistant cover to protect the fire pit table from external elements while not using.

Best Features:

  • Heating capacity of 50000 BTU
  • 57-inch size in terms of width
  • Includes a weather-resistant nylon cover
  • Conceal or change the propane gas tank with a side tank holder.


  • Offers great build quality
  • Comes with a hidden compartment at its side
  • Largest gas fire pit size rating
  • High-performance heat capacity


  • Offers just a 60-day long warranty.
  • A bit expensive product.

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8. Grand Patio Gas Fire Pit

Grand Patio Gas Fire PitGrand Patio is another popular brand that is well known for developing a huge range of products with user friendly features and visually aesthetic appearance. Some of the popular products of this brand include umbrellas, gazebos, patio sets, and bistro sets.

Grand Patio’s gas fire pit uses an 18 inches linear burner to provide a heat output of 45,000 BTU for creating the perfect warm temperature. You can enjoy the warmth and feel cozy without any smoke and ash of traditional wood fires. This fire pit comes with almost all of the standard features similar to other fire pits on our list.. There is an integrated push button ignition start and adjustable flame height feature to ensure safety and ease of use. Furthermore, you can conveniently access the interior storage of the 20 lbs propane tank for refuelling.

One of the best features of this gas fire pit is its durability and long service life. The fire pit is resistant against all weather conditions and has a rating of 2000 UV hours to prevent fading for up to 3 hours. Besides, the steel frame is powder coated to protect it from rusting. The ceramic tiles are durable and give you the look of real stones without the cost. When you are not using the fire pit for providing warmth, you can turn this into a table by simply covering the burner with the cover. Along with the fire pit, you get a lid, burner with 2.6 feet hose and regulator, installation tools, and the installation manual.

Best Features

  • Heating capacity of 45,000 BTU
  • 29 inches size in terms of width
  • All-weather resin wicker rating of 2000 UV hours


  • Durable and lasts for a long time
  • Good heating capacity
  • Dual function


  • Installation takes time

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9. Cecarol Gas Patio Fire Pit

Ciays Gas Fire Pit Cecarol 32-inch Outdoor Propane Gas Fire Pit Table, a versatile and modern addition to elevate your outdoor gatherings. Crafted from a blend of metal and stone in a sleek black finish, this square-shaped fire pit (32″D x 32″W x 25″H) combines functionality with aesthetic appeal.

It comes with glass wind guards, blue glass stones, a rain cover, and a metal square cover that transforms the fire pit into a table. Igniting with electronic pulse ignition, this smokeless fire pit boasts fast and stable ignition for a clean and well-heated experience. The heating capacity is 50,000 BTU fire pit table.

Enhance your evenings with sparkling flames, as the glass wind guards ensure enjoyment even on windy days. The glass shade and stones reflect the firelight, offering double beauty compared to traditional fire pits.

Designed for long-term companionship, the fire pit is resistant to corrosion and weather damage. The 2-in-1 functionality allows for cozy nights by the flames and transforms into a stylish table during the day.

Best Features:

  • Heating capacity of 50000 BTU
  • 32-inch size in terms of width
  • Durable metal and stone construction
  • Electronic pulse ignition for fast and stable startup.
  • All-inclusive package with glass wind guards, blue glass stones, and covers.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Clean and well-heated experience.
  • Good quality
  • 2 in 1 Fire pit


  • Glass does not fit perfectly

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10. Elementi Gas Fire Pit

Elementi Gas Fire PitElementi is another popular brand that specializes in designing and manufacturing heating solutions with an artistic combination of form and function. The brand comprises artists and craftsmen who are dedicated in bringing bold outdoor living and landscape features to the market.

The reason that Elementi’s gas fire pit finds a place on our list is because of its high durability, performance, and safety features. This is a heavy-duty option made from durable cast concrete that can withstand high temperatures. It uses a 12 inches diameter ring burner to produce a heat output of 45,000 for creating a warm and cozy atmosphere. You can pour lava rocks into the fire pit burner pan to create large flames.

The gas fire pit features the standard turn control knob and igniter button to help you light up the fire table. The fire pit comes with a customized canvas cover that is waterproof and tear resistant. You can use this cover to turn the fire pit into an outdoor table. Coming to the safety features, the fire table is CSA & CE certified. It uses an electric ignition start and auto safety shut off to prevent fire incidents. This gas fire pit comes with a 30-day full refund returns policy to give you some peace of mind.

Best Features

  • Heating capacity of 45,000 BTU
  • 42 inches size in terms of width
  • 30-day return policy


  • Heavy duty option
  • Good heating capacity
  • Comes fully assembled


  • Heavy and bulky

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Buying Guide for the Best Gas Fire Pits

Whether looking to spend evenings on your patio (or) want to cook some basic food items with a grill accessory, then a gas fire pit is your best companion. Here is a detailed buying guide with all the essential information required to pick the right gas fire pits, as per your requirement.

Let’s check out what factors to consider while shopping for a gas fire pit.

1. Fuel Type

Most of these gas fire pits are compatible with propane gas for their proper functioning, but we find some models work by using natural gas. One has to consider the pros and cons of each type before making its purchase.

A fire pit working on propane gas will require a gas tank to hold this fuel. For this, you have to get a perfect place to store the fuel tank. While most gas fire pit models offer a storage area, yet others won’t provide. In case, if you are using a model not offering any fuel tank storage area, then look for smaller tanks rather than a 20-lb variety, or else it becomes a hassle for most households.

Remember that not all gas fire pits use natural gas, but the ones that are converted is much more convenient to use. Generally, propane is inexpensive, easy to install without making any mess, and comes in portable tanks. While a natural gas fire pit requires hiring a professional to ensure a gas line is piped and plumbed properly in the desired location for its continuous usage.

Hook up the fire pit to your natural gas line to prevent the need to refill the tanks and thereby avoid the hassle of converting the lines. Thus, you can enjoy warm and cozy evenings by placing fire whenever you feel cold or want to spend time with your besties.

2. Heat Output

The heat output in gas fire pits is rated in British Thermal Units (BTU). A general rule is that a fire pit with a higher BTU value will produce more heat. One can find the BTUs output range of fire pits from around 15000 to 100000 BTUs. Choose the fire pit with the required BTU depending on the size of the gas fire pit and your space availability. The most average BTU should be 30000 – 60000 BTUs.

For instance, the heat output of most compact deck and patio models will start from 30000 BTU, which provides enough heat for a small group of people sitting around the fire. While you need a fire pit with a heat output of 50000 – 60000 BTU to warm up a larger area. The pit with 70000 BTU (or above) is considered the most powerful that effectively work to heat up the area quickly, but they are a bit hard to use.

Relying only on heat output while choosing a gas fire pit will be a little deceiving, why because the outside heat level will depend on various factors like your closeness to the pit while sitting, outside weather/temperature, and a draft to change the heat level you feel that originating from your fire pit. To experience better heat output from the pit, keep the gas fire pit in a location that is well-protected from strong wind and other external elements.

3. Tank Size

The propane tank size is another key feature to consider while shopping for gas fire pits. The tank capacity varies widely and the burner ring size of a pit will decide the size of propane tank you need to use. For instance, a propane fuel in a small 1-gallon tank can power up portable fire pits or tabletop fire pits, which can go along with camping and tailgating events.

Connecting a fire pit to a propane tank of 25-pound capacity (manufacturers recommended size) is easy & convenient. Thereby prevent you to change the tank more frequently.

If not concerned about the appearance of a tank or cord along with the patio or ground that connect the pit and the tank, then go with a fire pit that connected professionally to your house propane tank (with a capacity of 200 to 500 gallons) or house’s natural gas line. Ensure that both these connections are done by a licensed plumber for your safety.

4. Ignition System

One should know how to turn on or ignite their gas fire pit, as this ignition affects both safety and convenience to use. There are three main ignition systems available and have a look to know about each type in detail.

  • Match Light Ignition: The basic form of ignition found on various less expensive burners. Here you have to manually control the gas shut-off valve by using a key that let gas flow to the burner. Lighten the burner manually by using a lighter or match, and turn off the valve after you complete the task.
  • Spark Ignition: This piezo or spark ignition system is a bit modern, which is a similar one found on most gas grills. Here a manual spark is sent to the burner’s surface with a small push button, and thereby it ignites the gas.
  • Electronic Ignition: A modern type found on higher-end models, as it allows an easy flick of a switch. A few models let you operate with remote control at your convenience. These ignitions eliminate the need for an external power source, they use battery power to make it work anytime.

5. Material

Metal (especially steel) is used mainly to construct gas fire pits. This material makes the pit stay stronger, durable, efficient, and long-lasting. One should choose a weather-resistant construction material of the gas fire pit to make it useful in different weather/external conditions. Also, it should withstand harsh conditions like snow, rain or extreme sun’s UV rays to serve for a longer time.

6. Safety Features

Though a gas fire pit is considered the safe, efficient, and convenient way to use compared to other fire pits. There are some dangers included in its ways like an explosion from gas leakage, risk of burns while touching a hot portion of pit, kids or pets playing nearby, etc. Here is a list of safety features that assure you that your fire pit will sustain any potential dangers and outdoor elements.

  • An outer casing that helps to remain the fire pit cool to touch is the safest feature to check while shopping for gas fire pits.
  • Gas leaking out is another possible hazard while using a gas fire pit. For this, a few models offer a safety shutoff feature that turns off the gas supply if there is a gas leakage or if a fire comes out.
  • If your fire pit is designed in such a way that it has to be filled with decorative logs, then there is a mesh covering to avoid any nozzle blockings.
  • If the fire pit burner is using external propane tanks, then make sure that the hose should be long enough to store the tank safely.
  • A fire pit should meet the harmonized standards mentioned by the Canadian Standards Association and the American National Standards Institute for safe and effective usage.
  • Also, check whether your gas fire pit is certified safe to use or not by any independent product safety certification company. A model that comes with multiple safety certifications is considered to be quite safe and secure.
  • Avoid using a gas fire pit indoors, not in a garage with doors open. As it releases carbon monoxide which is toxic and most dangerous. So, always use a gas fire pit outdoors with proper ventilation.

7. Portability

Are you looking to move the gas fire pits around your patio or yard? Then portable propane gas fire pit is your ideal option, as it can carry along with you easily on camping weekends. Pick a compact and lightweight fire pit model while planning to use the pit on the go.

You need a lightweight centerpiece fire pit when tailgating or camping with your besties, as you can easily carry the pit in the car. If looking for a fire pit for your patio or decks, then check a heavy one rather than a portable option, since we don’t have to move the pit more frequently.

8. Size

Want to know the perfect size of the fire pit to purchase, you should not only consider its physical footprint but also your space availability required to have a comfortable sitting nearby/around the firepit. The sitting arrangement should be a bit away but not too close to prevent getting burned. So, check out the space availability, and proper sitting arrangement before buying to get the right-sized fire pit, as per your heating requirements.

9. Shape

Traditional gas fire pits are round-shaped, which are used widely for ground-level pits. Most modern models are either square or oblong that can be built into the top of the table or column. With the availability of so many designs, you can easily get one to enhance your backyard’s décor and make it look attractive.

10. Design and Style

With the availability of gas fire pits in a wide range of shapes and sizes, its style and design can also be a choice of function or elegance. If placed in your backyard, then it should be an eye-catching design along with working as an effective heat source.

Most of the semi-permanent type gas fire pits are made with stone or metal. A wooden or faux-brick effect finish will make these metal casings look more attractive. The styled table looks elegant and also offer additional space for your entertainment. Also, they hide the gas bottle away and safe.

11. Build Quality & Durability

If you are going to use the gas fire pit for a year around (continuously) that stays in your yard, then a fire pit made with durable material is your best option. For instance, the stone material is very durable to work outdoors but it should have a proper cover to protect the fire pit’s burner and its other external metal parts. Also, a better-quality cover will let you use the pit as a table whenever there is no fire ignition.

While stainless steel (or) steel will provide more protection from the exterior elements and make the pit last longer. Whereas, the interior section which is close to the flame has to be made with the best quality heat-resistant material such as aluminum, porcelain, or steel.

12. Price

Based on the built quality, construction material and type, the price of the gas fire pit will range from $100 – $500. The cheap gas fire pits will cost from $100 – $150. While a decent quality gas fire pit will come within the price range of $150 – $350. You have to spend $500 or above for higher-end models. Always remember that spending more money won’t mean you get a larger pit or provides greater heat. Also, check out what are the features you are getting for the extra pay.

13. Warranty

Most of these gas fire pits offer a standard 1-year warranty on their parts and service, when once it is installed and used successfully. Manufacturer will provide their services for any faults under this warranty period. For this, you have to contact the manufacturer through customer support and get done your service. Also, make sure to check out the customer reviews on a particular product before making its purchase.

Benefits of Gas Fire Pits

Here are some of the benefits of gas fire pits over wood-burning fire pits, which you have to know before buying them.

  • They offer ultimate heating convenience for users since they ignite quickly than wood fires and won’t require any constant refueling.
  • They leave less to no messy when/after using, which means no clean up like wood-burning fire pits. This feature is especially useful while camping, as it let you not waste your time for collecting the firewood. Just ensure you have enough gas (liquid propane or natural).
  • Its quick-start ignition systems will ensure to instantly lighten them. The quick you start up, the quicker you can turn it off easily for safety and energy saving.
  • It provides a safer heat form without any unpredictable sparks. So, it is ideal to use on the deck without any hesitation but be careful while using it.
  • If living in an area where the burning of wood is prohibited, then a gas fire pit will be your best companion. Here the liquid propane and natural gas are clean-burning fuels and also ideal for people having smoke sensitivities and allergies.

Safety Tips for Gas Fire Pits

One should know how to use these appliances safely without any risk of hazards. Here are some of the safety tips to be followed for the safe and effective usage of gas fire pits.

  • Knowing everyone what to do around the fire pit will help to reduce the risk of accidents.
  • The direct placing of glass or lava rocks over burner outlets will affect the heat output and flame pattern. So, avoid placing them.
  • To avoid accidents, it is a must to place a spark guard on the fire pit when the fire is on. Also, perform regular maintenance and upkeep programs to keep these appliances well-shaped.
  • Always keep kids or pets away from this appliance particularly when it is hooked up to a gas source or whenever you lit up the pit.
  • Never use the fire pit for other purposes aside from providing warmth and cooking, as it is not meant for any other purposes.
  • Avoid roughhousing all around the fire pit to reduce the risk of tipping it over and thereby damaging the gas tank.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How many hours does a gas fire pit last after its turn on?

Ans: On average, the gas fire pits will last for about 5 – 6 hours while using a 20-pound propane tank. Also, the burning time depends on the BTU rating of your fire pit. Fire will last for a shorter time on a firepit with a higher BTU rated than the one with a lower BTU.

2. What is the best location to place the gas fire pit?

Ans: Most people think about where to place the fire pit before/after its purchase. In general, fire pits are made to use safely in any place. So, you can put the gas fire pits on wood, grass or concrete surfaces without any issues. Like firewood, it won’t emit fire sparks in which you need to follow less precaution when placing this pit on any surface.

But avoid placing in an area where it gets a lot of wind/snow/rain, as these spots are considered tricky to warm up easily even it is hard for a powerful model to achieve the desired results. It is also a must to select the right location for your gas fire pit for your safety and convenience to use it effectively. So, to make the area a perfect and safe option, it should be secure and away from any flammable items and clutters.

3. What is the limit of a gas hose length to use on a pit?

Ans: However, there is no limit for the length of the gas hose but using beyond 15 – 20 feet will make you observe a pressure drop reducing the heat output. Mostly, a solid metal pipe is used for gas tanks to keep it away from the gas fire pit. In case, if you are looking to do that, then go with a professional installation for safety and better results.

4. Is the gas fire pits work on any gas?

Ans: The gas fire pits run mostly on propane and a few models use natural gas for their working. But most pits won’t allow you to switch between these two types of gases. A few higher-end models are compatible with both of these gases, yet the conversions are a bit tricky and also you need a different regulator for its functioning. So, it is best to decide which gas type you need to use at the outset before buying the gas fire pit.

5. Shall we leave the firepit to burn all night?

Ans: It is not at all good to leave any fire source (including fire pit) without some attendance. So, never let the gas fire pit unattended like firewood pits. Check out the flames, especially if having children or pets around. It is advised to switch off the fire pit when not using for safety and not to waste the fuel. Finally, never leave the fire pit to burn the whole night unless and until it is a must.

6. How to raise the flame of a gas fire pit?

Ans: Most gas fire pits have built-in dials that are used to control the flame levels (to increase or decrease the flame). Also, providing better airflow will increase the flame level. For this, ensure an adequate space between lava rocks, decorative logs or fire glass beads to raise the flame of your gas firepit.

7. Shall we need a regulator to run a natural gas fire pit?

Ans: If using a natural gas line to run a fire pit, then you need to properly regulate the gas line to supply it for the burner. But how to regulate will depend on the certified gas fitter you hire for its installation. So, it is essential to check out with your gas professional who install a regulator based on all the variables.

In some cases, one might hear a whistling sound or an alarm sound if the gas supply is not regulated properly. The main thing to remember is that too much pressure will result in a major fire accident. You can get more information on professional repair websites about the need to place a regulator on a gas fire pit. Though it refers to a natural gas grill, yet the procedure is the same for all-natural gas outdoor appliances.

8. Can I place fire glass over lava rock?

Ans: Generally, lava rocks are cheaper when compared to fire glass. While using deeper gas fire bowls or fire pits, don’t use fire glass in the part below the pit burner.

Placing large lava rocks as a layer at the base of the fire bowl will insulate to provide much of the warmth of the burner. While placing smaller lava rocks on the top layer will prevent the fire glass from slipping through larger spaces between these rocks. Never add additional ventilation holes to this fire bowl, as it may result in causing a fire risk.

9. Will this pea gravel explode in a fire pit?

Ans: There are various types of rock with the potential to explode, especially those wet or porous. Here the trapped air and water in the rock will turn into steam if placed near a fire. Thus, the pressure in them might result in exploding. Also, experts suggest not to use porous rocks such as pea gravel in the fire pit for your safety.

Searching for an alternative filler material like hard rocks, then slate, granite or marble is considered your best choice. They are denser and less likely to absorb water and thus explode or break apart. Also, use less expensive materials like crushed stone and flagstone for the fire pit, as they don’t retain any moisture but not like pea gravel.


Just per the name, a gas fire pit simply uses gas from a propane tank to make a fire in a pit. This pit generally consists of rocks and glass that makes it look quite unique while allowing the user to cook in a few cases as well. As these make for a great patio accessory, we have mentioned some of the best gas fire pits up above in this article. To help you in easily choosing the perfect one, we have also mentioned their major features and options. And you can learn more about gas fire pits in general by going through the buying guide provided up above. If you are still not able to choose one, you can simply pick one from our recommendations:

  • If you want a high heating capacity for cooking food items on your gas fire pit, then the Outland Living gas fire pit can be a great pick. It offers the highest heating capacity of 58000 BTU to the user that should be more than enough for the given size of just 19 inches, making it highly portable.
  • Although, for those of you who are looking for a large-sized gas fire pit, the Best Choice Products Propane Fire Pit Table is the one to get. You get the highest fire pit width of 48 inches with this model that is quite high. It also offers a pretty high heating capacity of 50000 BTU to the user.
  • The U-Max gas fire pit is the safest option mentioned here in this article. Apart from offering various safety certifications, you also get a glass wind guard that protects the 50000 BTU flame as well as restrict others from accidentally touching it. Its 44-inch width makes it a great option for aesthetics and its design.

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