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5 Best HTPC Media Cases in 2024 Reviews & Buying Guide

Preparing to build the Home Theatre PC setup? 

It doesn’t matter whether you’re converting your old PC to the HTPC or building a whole new system from scratch. In that case, a quality HTPC case with a good looking appearance would be all you need to end the process. 

It also allows you to integrate powerful components into the setup with a hassle-free installation process. Thus, you’ll experience the utmost watching experience. The need for a quality HTPC case also increases if you’re a professional worker who can’t compromise office video meetings.

The only catch with them is, there are too many products to choose from. Having no idea and inspecting every single HTPC case will be a waste of your efforts and time. 

Don’t worry at all, we’ve got your back. After performing a tonne of research, finally, we’ve come up with the list of the best HTPC cases available in the market.

But before diving into the list, you should have at least a broader picture of ‘what to compare?’ in these HTPC cases. The factors mentioned below will give you a better insight into the topic and issue we should look for.

Case Size: The size of the case isn’t only about how much space a particular HTPC case will consume. It is also about the internal space as well. Before starting your HTPC case hunt you should have a look at your motherboard size.

Motherboards are generally available in three different sizes. These universal sizes are- ATX, Micro-ATX, and Mini-ITX, where ATX is the biggest and Mini-ITX are the smallest. 

The HTPC cases are mostly with either one of the port sizes. And here’s a notable thing to remember. You can easily install any type of motherboard into the ATX compatible cases, as its size is the largest. However, you won’t be able to use an ATX motherboard in the Mini-ITX case.

Heat Dissipation: There’s no doubt that the heat that builds up within the case is one of the most serious concerns in the computer hardware space. And the same goes with the HTPC case as well. 

The most efficient way of encountering heat build-up besides proper ventilation is powerful cooling. This is why you should consider a case with decent-sized fan space and comes with a proper vent too.

However, the powerful cooling gives rise to the issue of noise productivity. You’ll need to take care of that as well.

Don’t worry at all if you aren’t yet confident in considering the factors of an HTPC case. The points mentioned above were just a glimpse to make you familiar with the product. We’ve included a detailed “Buying Guide” later in this article.

But let us dive into the list and start finding your ideal HTPC case.

5 Best HTPC Media Cases in 2024

Best HTPC Media CasesMotherboard CompatabilityCooling MethodHard Disk Form FactorBuy Now
SilverStone HTPC Media CaseATXAir2.5 Inches, 3.5 InchesCheck On Amazon
Goodisory A01 HTPC Media CaseATX--3.5 InchesCheck On Amazon
Thermaltake HTPC CaseATXAir3.5 InchesCheck On Amazon
Ciglow HTPC Mini Computer CaseITX Air3.5 InchesCheck On Amazon
Silverstone HTPC Computer CaseMicro ATXAir3.5 InchesCheck On Amazon

Best HTPC Media Cases in 2024: Reviews

1. SilverStone GD09B HTPC Media Case

SilverStone GD09B HTPC Media Case

Starting with the traditional-looking yet handy Home Theater case. The SilverStone case is a leading performer in this HTPC industry due to its compatibility and space efficiency. They provide a series of functional, stylish, and high-performance HTPC cases for HTPC enthusiasts.

These GD09B media case vents are designed preciously with positive air pressure which allows for the proper ventilation for an excellent cooling process. Also, it avoids dust from settling inside the case and allows for quiet operation. It is made to fit full-size components like ATX Motherboard, ATX power supply, 3.5 & 2.5 drives, and 5.25 drive that let you offer an easy set-up process that comfortably fit on most TV stands or home theater.

Moreover, you can plug any expansion card easily to enhance the power of the PC setup. There are 12.2 inches of free space which is more than enough to add any of the expanded cards.

This HTPC case is equipped with completely detachable quick-access filters. Here you can easily plug necessary cables, and the filter won’t let enter any dirt particles into the case, even in the absence of these cables. The front panel type has plastic with a faux aluminum finish

The connectivity power will make this brand stand apart in the industry, and it comes with dimensions of 17.32 (W) X 14.09 (D) X 6.69 (H) inches, which makes it effortlessly be a part of your PC station. Additionally, it facilitates you to mount the case on the wall for easy access.


  • Supports ATX, SSI-CEB, Micro-ATX motherboards
  • Detachable filter for power supply
  • Support SilverStone RA02 rackmount ears
  • 358mm depth to fit inside the home theater cabinet
  • Drive cages with multi-purpose mounts.
  • Filters for intake vents


  • Found nothing so far

Buy Now From Amazon

2. Goodisory A01 HTPC Media Case

Goodisory A01 HTPC Media Case

Want something sturdy and aesthetic to add more points to your PC setup? If so, the Goodisory A01 would be the best pick for you. By having a single glance, it becomes clear why this case should be the part of your setup.

Inspecting more on its appearance first. This HTPC case is compact and aesthetic in design. Its cuboidal shape doesn’t require much space and will get along with the other computer components.

This Goodisory A01 is available in three different bright colours- Red, Black, and White. And the built-in material mostly used here is high-grade aluminium that provides both durability and heat-resistant characteristics to the case.

Besides the general aluminium structure, the company also provides cases equipped with shiny tempered glasses. This variant is available for all three colours. However, the tempered glass case might limit you to achieve the utmost performance. As glass will not be much efficient in terms of ventilation and will build a lot of heat. My advice would be to consider the aluminium model if you’re a heavy PC user or a gaming nerd.

This HTPC case is compatible with Mini ITX motherboard sizes. Any motherboard with the size of 6.7 inches will get into it with zero hassle. Also, with regards to the size of the case, it will require a PICO PSU to get started.


  • Aesthetic look
  • Available in three different colours
  • Compact size


  • The tempered glass model isn’t efficient for heat dissipation.

Buy Now From Amazon

3. Thermaltake HTPC Case

Thermaltake HTPC CaseThermaltake is one of the well-known brands that manufacture high-quality HTPC media cases at an affordable price range.

This Lanbox Lite case from Thermaltake is designed in such a way that supports NVIDIA GeForce 8800 series graphics card, WD Raptor X hard drive, and other high-end components apart from limiting you to use mid-grade components. Also, its 3-sided vents, vented PCI bracket, 2X60 mm rear fans, 90mm front fan, and vent hole to house an extra 60mm fan will allow for the proper ventilation for an excellent cooling process.

Furthermore, it avoids dust from settling inside the case and aids in quiet operation. Its fully modular chassis will let you easily remove all components, while a retractable motherboard tray provides easy access to Mini ITX or Micro ATX motherboard. It offers sufficient room for a 3.5″ external drive, 2 X 5.25″ external drives, 2X 3.5″ internal drives, and 4 expansion slots that makes this small form factor PC a powerful option.

This HTPC media case with an excellent black mirror finish is equipped with completely detachable quick-access filters. Its front I/O panel comes with 2 USB 2.0 ports, audio ports, and a FireWire connector. It comes with dimensions of 8.19 X 18.19 X 19.1 inches making it effortlessly a part of the PC station.


  • Supports Micro ATX and Mini ITX motherboards
  • Aesthetic black mirror finish
  • Innovative design with filters for effective heat transmission
  • Can easily fit a full-sized ATX PSU
  • Removable motherboard tray and drive bays
  • Compact and friendly design.
  • Enables the use of most high-end CPU and powerful graphic card
  • Built with durable SECC Japanese steel


  • A bit heavier and more expensive model.

Buy Now From Amazon

4. Ciglow HTPC Mini Computer Case

Ciglow HTPC Mini Computer CaseHere comes the mini HTPC case that will work just fine and will look great with your PC monitor. Yeah, you heard it right, this Ciglow computer case can be even placed at the table as well.

Despite being a small size, the brand has not compromised the quality of the case. Its walls are surprisingly 3.5mm thick and act as a sweet spot for utmost durability and optimum free space for easy installation purposes. Moreover, the built-in material is a high-grade aluminum alloy that ensures high heat dissipation properly.

This HTPC case is compatible with the ITX motherboard. There is nothing revelation here as the size of the case won’t allow anything broader than 170 X 170 mm (or 6.69 X 6.69 inches).

With its series of vents at the backside of the case, it will resolve all the remaining heat build-up. Adjacent to the vent, the two USB ports are also provided by the company for hassle-free connectivity. The heightening design is 80mm high when compared to L65, which can be installed with a higher fan that aids in better compatibility.

It is suitable to use a standard 3.5-inch hard disk, 2X 2.5-inch hard disk, and 2X wireless network card antenna interface. Apart from their friendly customer support and excellent quality factor, this HTPC case offers a 30-day money-back guarantee to check the product.


  • Aesthetic cubicle look
  • Compact size (197 X 197 X 80 mm) and heightening design
  • Made of high-quality aluminum alloy
  • Ideal for heat dissipation
  • Features dual USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 interface
  • Surface frosting treatment
  • Designed to work for the ITX motherboard
  • 30-day money-back guarantee


  • Might trap heat during heavy usage.
  • A bit difficult to assemble the case.

Buy Now From Amazon

5. Silverstone HTPC Computer Case

Silverstone HTPC Computer CaseLastly, we have a mini HTPC computer case from a known brand called RGEEK that designs media cases at a reasonable price. They are quite small, compact, and portable which let you place them anywhere.

Like the previous models, this Silverstone HTPC media case grabs your attention and tackles heat transmission effectively. This space-saving slim model is compatible with Micro ATX motherboards of 17 X 17 cm. It is made of high-grade aluminum with a 3.5mm wall thickness which makes the case quite sturdy, durable, and heat-resistant.

While its top cover with holes provides essential ventilation and removes the remaining heat build-up (extra cooling process) apart from the fan (support 4X  80mm fans). It is quite easy to install and use. Also, the case can be VESA mounted, as it comes with VESA wall holes.

The dimensions of this case will be 40 mm (W) x 105 mm (H) x 350 mm (D) (‎17.32 x 4.13 x 13.78 inches) and have two USB 3.0 ports for hassle-free connectivity. It provides sufficient room for 1X 3.5-inch hard drive and 2X 2.5-inch hard drive (or fits a 2.5-inch SSD) for effective functioning.


  • Compatible with mini ITX motherboards
  • Compact, portable, lightweight, and innovative design
  • Effectively transmits heat
  • Made of durable aluminum alloy
  • Features dual USB 3.0 interface for quick connectivity.


  • No manual for its installation or usage
  • Not suitable for all PSUs due to its small size.

Buy Now From Amazon

HTPC Case Buying Guide

An HTPC case isn’t a technical device that’ll have many factors to compare with. However, the few factors to consider here play an important role in a satisfying and firm decision. Not only this but messing around with these factors might cease your basic computing as well. 

The buying guide mentioned below will provide you with a proper understanding of the cases. Let us have a look at it.

Case Size

The case size is one of the foremost factors to consider in an HTPC case. However, the size here doesn’t only imply a slim and compact design, but also the internal size as well. Your motherboard should be easily fit within the case without interrupting other components. 

The cases available in the market are compatible with either one of the three motherboard sizes- ATX, Micro-ATX, and Mini-ITX

You should remember that ATX compatible cases would be a good fit for every size as these are the biggest. Whereas the Mini-ITX compatibles will accept nothing other than Mini-ITX motherboards. 

Similarly, the actual size of the HTPC case is also an important factor to consider. The compact and slim sizes cases look appealing and space saver. But, the more slim your case would be the more difficult ventilation will occur. Just make sure you’re going for a sweet spot here.

Managing Cooling and Noise

Computers are steadily becoming powerful from time to time. And your need for using a computer is also not going down anywhere. In such a situation the only thing your PC demands in exchange is proper and powerful cooling.

But here comes the main issue- will you be able to tolerate the buzzing sound coming from the fan while playing a vital mission of the game? This buzzing noise will keep increasing with the bigger fan size.

It is up to your computer to pick the ideal fan size. If you’re someone who uses a PC frequently for general use, there’s not much about cooling stuff. However, it would be an unforgivable sin if you use a PC to deal with some hefty usage

PSU of the Case

This is one of the most ignored factors whenever someone’s looking for an HTPC case. However, if your HTPC case struggled to provide a decent sized PSU and GPU housing, things can become worse.

The problem with compact HTPC cases is, they become too miser in providing a better PSU. A compact HTPC case with a low-profile power supply unit might lack sufficient wattage to the PC. And you’ll observe visible differences in the performance of the machine while dealing with hefty usage.


An ideal HTPC case is an important building block of your PC setup. Thus, you should ensure that it doesn’t consume much space but should provide you with all the necessary benefits. 

The list mentioned above covers varieties of HTPC cases to save your different computing needs. You just need to pick the ideal-sized case according to your needs. Having a look at the buying guide before finalizing the champion will be helpful here.

Still, feeling dizzy regarding your final choice? In that case, I would like to suggest my favourite HTPC case on the list. The SilverStone HTPC Media Case does look a bit traditional from the appearance but has some amazing feats. It is durable, supports every type of motherboard size and doesn’t cost you a fortune.

So, which one are you picking? Also, comment below, if you’re having some doubts or queries related to the HTPC cases. Our team will reach you within no time.

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