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7 Best Mini ITX Cases Reviews & Buying Guide

“Mini ITX case is a space-saving and flexible option that runs without sacrificing the look, upgradability, or performance of your PC”

Whether it is a GPU or CPU of your computer, we want to run them as cool as possible for optimal performance. This is even more essential in the case of small & compact PC cases where airflow can be restricted. So, this small form factor Mini ITX case helps with proper cooling. Also, it takes less space than full-tower or mid-tower cases, which in turn offers more desk space for other peripherals and accessories to properly design your office space.

This PC case is compact, portable, and lightweight that is designed with small cabinets to use with mini ITX motherboards, along with micro ATX or mini DTX. Thus, this build is a perfect solution to use for on-the-go, shelf, desk, or dorm room desks.

Here is a quick outlook of decision-making key factors to consider before investing in the mini-ITX cases:

  • Motherboard Compatibility – A mini ITX case is specially designed to use with mini-ITX motherboards (6.75 X 6.75 inches). Although, some of these PC cases work with other small form factors like micro ATX or mini DTX. Hence it is essential to check the motherboard compatibility of the mini-ITX case before making its purchase.
  • Construction & Side Panel – Though they may not affect the cooling performance or versatility of the case, they affect the durability, longevity, and aesthetics of the computer. Most people prefer to use a PC case made of steel alloy having tempered glass side panels.
  • Fans Support – Check the number of fans supported by the case to get a clear idea of whether or not it provides sufficient airflow to cool the system and thereby enhance its performance. Mostly, the case allows 1 – 2 fans in the front and top and 1 rear fan with a size range from 120 mm to 200 mm.

To help you choose the correct option, we are here with some Best Mini-ITX PC Cases enlisted after doing thorough research on several products. For more information, we recommend you read our detailed “Buying Guide” for selecting the best one as per your requirements.

Best Mini ITX Cases List

Mini ITX CasesMotherboard CompatibilitySide PanelWarrantyBuy Now
Corsair Mini ITX CasesATX, micro ATX, mini ITXTempered Glass2 yearsCheck On Amazon
Cooler Master Mini ITX CaseMini ITX, mini DTXSteel1 yearCheck On Amazon
NZXT Mini ITX CaseMini iTXTempered Glass2 yearsCheck On Amazon
SilverStone Technology Mini ITX CaseMini ITX, mini DTXSteel3 yearsCheck On Amazon
InWin Mini ITX CaseMini ITXMesh3 yearsCheck On Amazon
Lian Li Mini ITX CaseMini ITXTempered Glass1 yearCheck On Amazon
Fractual Design Mini ITX CaseMini ITXTempered Glass1 yearCheck On Amazon

Best Mini ITX Cases Reviews

1. Corsair Mini ITX Cases

Corsair Mid-Tower ATX Case

Corsair is one of those PC parts brands that needs no introduction since it has been making all sorts of products for a pretty long time.

The Corsair 400D mini ITX case is present in the 1st position in this list since this can be a great pick if you wish to make a high-end computer with a lot of components. For starters, other than mini ITX, you can also use ATX and micro ATX motherboards inside it. You can also install 2 x 2.5 inch and 2 x 3.5-inch drives inside this computer case. Because it has a PSU shroud and a tempered glass side panel, it also looks quite premium.

Despite the lack of any mesh intakes of this mini ITX case, you can still expect excellent cooling performance from it. This is due to the reason that it supports 3 x 120 mm front, 2 x 140 mm top, and 1 x 120 mm rear fans. With this many fans, you can easily cool high-end components like up to a 170 mm CPU cooler and up to a 360 mm GPU. A great thing about this cabinet is that it includes an audio port, USB 3.0, and even a USB type C port on the top for ease of use.

Best Features:

  • Compatible with ATX, Micro ATX, and mini ITX motherboards
  • Made out of steel
  • Features a tempered glass side panel
  • Supports 3 x 120 mm front fans, 2 x 120 mm top fans, 1 x 120 mm rear fan
  • Includes 1 x 120 mm front fan, 1 x 120 mm rear fan
  • Compatible with up to 170 mm tall CPU cooler and 360 mm long GPU
  • Offers 2 x 2.5 inch and 2 x 3.5-inch drive bays
  • Comes with a 2-year warranty


  • Excellent cooling performance
  • Quite large for all sorts of computer components
  • Supports a large number of fans


  • Not a compact computer case

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2. Cooler Master Mini ITX Case

Cooler Master NR200

Another PC component and parts brands that you should keep in mind is Cooler Master since it offers some of the best high-performance products.

Cooler Master’s NR200 mini ITX case is present in the 2nd position in this listicle as it is the most compact option stated here. But even then, it is the perfect option for high-end computer builds thanks to its support for up to a 155 mm CPU cooler and a 330 mm GPU. Not only that but it also supports a large number of fans including 2 x 120 mm top, 2 x 120 mm bottom, 2 x 140 mm side, and 1 x 92 mm rear fans. You also get 1 x 120 mm top and 1 x 92 mm rear fans installed in this cabinet out of the box.

To offer such excellent cooling, it does not come with a tempered glass side panel but rather a steel one. Unlike what you would expect from such a compact mini ITX case, it even supports 2 x 2.5 inch and 2 x 3.5-inch drives. On the top, you will also find two USB ports and an audio port for ease of use.

Best Features:

  • Compatible with Mini ITX and mini DTX motherboards
  • Made out of steel
  • Features a steel side panel
  • Supports 2 x 120 mm bottom fans, 2 x 120 mm top fans, 2 x 140 mm side fans, 1 x 92 mm rear fan
  • Includes 1 x 120 mm top fan, 1 x 92 mm rear fan
  • Compatible with up to 155 mm tall CPU cooler and 330 mm long GPU
  • Offers 2 x 2.5 inch and 2 x 3.5-inch drive bays
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty


  • Highly compact computer case
  • Excellent cooling performance
  • Supports large CPU cooler and GPU


  • Does not include a tempered side glass window

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3. NZXT Mini ITX Case


NZXT Mini ITX caseNZXT is a fairly high-end brand of CPU coolers and cabinets that can be a viable pick if you are looking for something premium and sleek looking.

The NZXT mini ITX case is present in the 3rd position in this article because it can be a viable option if you want a fairly large ITX case that looks great. Since it comes with a tempered glass side window and a PSU shroud, it looks quite premium and sleek. Other than supporting a mini ITX motherboard, it can also be used with 2 x 3.5-inch drives, 2 x 2.5-inch drives, up to a 165 mm CPU cooler, up to a 325 mm GPU, and much more.

Apart from its included 1 x 120 mm top and rear fan, this cabinet also supports 2 x 140 mm fans at the front for pretty decent cooling. Being a premium offering from NZXT, it comes with an audio port, USB type A, and USB type C high-speed ports on the top for high versatility.

Best Features:

  • Compatible with Mini ITX motherboards
  • Made out of steel
  • Features a tempered glass side panel
  • Supports 2 x 140 mm front fans, 1 x 120 mm top fan, 1 x 120 mm rear fan
  • Includes 1 x 120 mm top fan, 1 x 120 mm rear fan
  • Compatible with up to 165 mm tall CPU cooler and 325 mm long GPU
  • Offers 2 x 2.5 inch and 2 x 3.5-inch drive bays
  • Comes with a 2-year warranty


  • Decent cooling performance
  • Works with large CPU coolers and GPUs
  • Includes high-speed front ports


  • Slightly expensive

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4. SilverStone Technology Mini ITX Case

SilverStone Mini-ITX Computer Case

In comparison with most other computer accessory and cabinet brands, SilverStone is much more affordable and a viable option for all those who wish to get a high-performance mini ITX case.

While there may be many budget mini ITX cases out there, this SilverStone SST-SG13B-USA is the cheapest one stated in this list. And its given price tag, it supports both mini ITX and mini DTX motherboards for peace of mind. However, being a budget offering, it comes with a steel side panel and not a tempered one. At the front, you will find two audio ports as well as two USB 3.0 ports for high data speeds.

Moving over to the performance numbers, this case offers decent cooling despite having only an optional 140 mm front fan which is possible with its front mesh panel. As for other compatibility specifications, you will find 1 x 2.5 inch and 1 x 3.5-inch drive bays, clearance for up to 61 mm CPU cooler, and up to a 270 mm GPU. Despite being a budget offering, SilverStone has included a 3-year warranty with its mini ITX case.

Best Features:

  • Compatible with Mini ITX and mini DTX motherboards
  • Made out of steel
  • Features a steel side panel
  • Supports 1 x 140 mm front case fan
  • Compatible with up to 61 mm tall CPU cooler and 270 mm long GPU
  • Offers 1 x 2.5 inch and 1 x 3.5-inch drive bays
  • Comes with a 3-year warranty


  • High-speed front ports
  • Quite an affordable mini ITX case
  • Decent cooling performance


  • Limited space for components

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5. InWin Mini ITX Case


In win Mini ITX CaseInWin is a fairly high-end brand of computer cases that tend to be unique and premium in terms of both features as well as design.

The InWin IN WIN B1 Mesh Mini-ITX Chassis, a compact case designed for small form factor builds. The sleek black finish seamlessly integrates into any setup while providing efficient thermal solutions. The perforated mesh panel enhances airflow, optimizing thermal efficiency for improved performance. With a depth allowing approximately 60mm for heatsink clearance, the chassis accommodates most AMD and Intel coolers.

The B1 Mesh offers versatile orientation options, allowing you to set up your PC vertically or horizontally to match your lifestyle. Its extremely small footprint makes it perfect for builds like HTPCs, light gaming PCs, or LAN rigs. The integrated ventilation in the exquisite streamline design provides a better thermal solution.

Best Features:

  • Perforated mesh panel for enhanced airflow and thermal efficiency
  • Approximately 60mm heatsink clearance for AMD and Intel coolers
  • Versatile orientation options for vertical or horizontal setup
  • Extremely small footprint ideal for HTPCs, light gaming PCs, or LAN rigs
  • Integrated ventilation in streamline design for better thermal solutions
  • Strategically placed fan and dust filter for optimal thermal performance
  • Reliable power with a 3-year warranty


  • Easy to build in.
  • Quiet and Cool.
  • Great little desktop build


  • Single supported motherboard size

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6. Lian Li Mini ITX Case


Lian Li mini ITX CaseYou can go with Lian Li if you do not have any budget restrictions and want a high-end PC case with various handy features and a premium construction.

Lian Li Q58 White Mini-Tower Computer Case, a compact and stylish option for Mini-ITX builds. This case features with split mesh and tempered glass side panels for a modern look. Designed to accommodate Mini-ITX motherboards, it includes a convenient slit at the top of the motherboard tray for seamless PCIe cable management. The case supports versatile power supplies, including SFX, SFX-L, and ATX, with a maximum length of 160mm. Crafted with an aluminum exterior, SPCC steel interior, and 3.0mm black tempered glass side panels, it ensures durability and aesthetics.

The Lian Li Q58 offers flexible cooling options with space for up to 2x 120mm or 2x 140mm fans at the top and 1x 120mm fan at the bottom, along with radiator support. Equipped with user-friendly I/O ports, including 1x USB 3.0, 1x USB 3.1 Type-C, and 1x HD Audio ports, for convenient connectivity.

Best Features:

  • Split Mesh and Tempered Glass Side Panels
  • Designed for Mini-ITX Motherboards
  • Convenient PCIe Cable Management Slot
  • Versatile Power Supply Support
  • Durable Build with Aluminum Exterior and 3.0mm Black Tempered Glass
  • Flexible Cooling Options


  • High-end design and build quality
  • Case is fully accessible and fully customizable


  • Could have been more compact

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7. Fractal Design Mini ITX Case


Fractual Design Mini ITX CaseFractal Design is a reliable brand which provides high-quality computer cases and other gaming accessories. Their wide range of products offer decent performance.

Fractal Design Terra Gaming Computer Case, a Mid Tower case designed for Mini ITX motherboards, combining style and functionality. Crafted with a Walnut-colored aluminum exterior, it provides a unique and stylish appearance.

The case features one installed fan with a size of 4.72 inches to ensure efficient cooling for your components. With a total of 3 expansion slots and 2 USB 2.0 and 2 USB 3.0 ports, it provides ample connectivity options.

Best Features:

  • 5mm tempered glass
  • Supreme hardware support
  • Advanced ventilation
  • 3-way placement layout
  • Dismantled modular design
  • Stunning open display


  • Decent performance
  • Versatile GPU orientation
  • Easy to install
  • Cable management
  • Great ITX case with lots of room


  • Could be more better

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How to Choose the Best Mini ITX PC Case:

Till now, we stated the best mini ITX cases along with all the detailed information. Now it’s time to explain what features you have to look for and how to choose the best option as per your requirement within your budget range.

Before getting into the buying guide of this mini-ITX case, we suggest you list out your specific needs to narrow down and grab the perfect option easily. Here is everything you need to know for getting the best Mini-ITX case.

Let’s get into the details of some key factors to be taken into account while shopping for the best Mini-ITX PC case.

1. Motherboard Compatibility

Since all these cases are specially designed for mini-ITX motherboards with standard sizes, you can ensure that your preferred motherboard will be perfectly compatible and fit inside it. Some high-end options are versatile that might work with other motherboard sizes like micro ATX, or mini DTX.

2. Construction & Side Panel

The PC cabinet with a sturdy construction is durable, reliable, and last longer. Usually, most cases (irrespective of the price) are made up of steel, which is most likely to last longer. Yet a few models are made of aluminum to make them lighter-weight and portable.

Speaking of its side panel, it may not affect the cooling performance or versatility of the PC case, yet it only make difference in the aesthetics of the PC. Most users look for sleek and modern PC cases that allow them to look at the various components present inside the case. This happens only when your mini ITX case comes with a tempered glass side panel rather than a standard steel one.

The transparent tempered side panels won’t get scratched easily and thereby last longer with an aesthetic look. Some budget-friendly mini ITX cases have a steel side panel offering the same durability, yet not aesthetic.

Most people prefer a Mini-ITX case that has a steel construction with tempered glass side panels rather than other combinations.

3. Front Panel Ports

A small mini ITX case with multiple front panel ports is always a quite handy option. In general, we find computer cases include audio ports and USB ports other than the power buttons. In case, if your selected mini ITX case offers multiple inputs and outputs, then it allows you to use any device of your choice quickly and easily.

4. GPU Length and Cooler Height

As we already discussed that it is quite difficult to fit large computer components, including large graphics cards or CPU coolers in a small and compact computer cabinet like mini ITX cases. So, it is a must to check the maximum cooler height and GPU length of the mini ITX case before making its purchase. In general, this can be given as around 100 mm and 250mm respectively.

5. Drive Bays

It is advised to use an SSD drive for optimal performance for your computer, yet you can still want to use traditional hard drives for bulk storage needs. In that case, you have to check the drive bays offered by the mini ITX case. It is suggested to find a case that comes with around 2 – 3 drive bays of both 2.5-inch and 3.5-inch sizes.

6. Fans Support

Cooling performance is another key factor to consider while shopping for small and compact mini ITX cases. For this, you need to check out the number of fans supported by the case. Generally, the case let you install 1 – 2 fans in the front, 1 – 2 fans at the top, and the usual 1 rear exhaust fan.

Coming to the fan size, ranges from 120 mm to 200 mm depending on the mini ITX case you want to purchase. Apart from checking the supported fans by the case, you have to check out the M-ITX case including fans in the box for a better value for money.

7. Warranty

Besides the rest of the components, you need the mini ITX case that is durable, reliable and lasts longer. Since most cases are made out of durable, high-quality steel, you need to check the warranty of the case before making its purchase. Usually, they offer a 1-year to 5 years manufacturer warranty.

Apart from the warranty, you need to check out the online reviews & ratings on the product along with customer support.

Types of Mini-ITX Cases:

In general, there are 5 different types of mini-ITX cases – the horizontal/VCR style, the pillar style, the shoebox style, the tiny tower style, and the cube style. Here is a clear explanation of these rough designs that let you know which style suits best for your requirement.

  • The Horizontal/VCR Style This compact design is used by most mini-ITX cases, yet it can’t host either full-size or half-height graphics cards. They support a monitor sitting and are also easier to set up and provide easy access to the internal hardware. So, it is an ideal option for light or moderate-duty work PC relying on processor-integrated graphics but not for gamers.
  • The Pillar Style Usually, the gear inside is vertically mounted, as they are designed to stand up straight or obelisk style, which makes you fit a full-height graphics card. The internal layout varies from one model to another model.
  • The Shoebox Style This style matches a long, thin box that won’t be high and look squarish. Similar to the pillar style, this also fits a full-length video card.
  • The Tiny-Tower Style Even though this type of case isn’t space-saving compared to other models, yet offers some room for hardware. Apart from holding graphics cards, it offers to add small AIO liquid coolers.
  • The Cube Style They have a rough yet nearly cube shape which makes they won’t have much footprint (low height). With its unusual look and ease of building, this type of style is a bit more priced than other styles.

Tips to Purchase the Mini ITX Cases

Here are some useful tips that assist you in selecting the best option from hundreds of models available in the market with different price tags.

  • Check the Parts Compatibility Compatibility is the main issue in these small form factor cases rather than in big cases. So, ensure to choose the case offering a perfect fit for the parts for smooth functioning.
  • Getting Adequate Cooling Since they have limited fan and radiator support, cooling might be an issue in these small cases. However, most cases can easily deal with the thermal workload of mid-range systems. But in case, if dealing with a high-end PC with a high CPU/GPU, then go with a mini ITX case supporting 280 mm or 240mm AIOs and an extra intake fan for sufficient cooling.
  • Check the PCle 4.0 Support Most cases use PCI-Express riser cables to prevent positioning the GPU directly on the motherboard. So, ensure to check and go with the case supporting PCIe-4.0 cables.
  • Perfect Fitting Though there are plenty of models available in the market, yet we suggest you choose the correct option based on your requirement and aesthetic look. Also, ensure to find the model that fits within your budget.

Cons of Mini-ITX Cases:

Apart from the available interior space, and thermal cooling, here are some limitations of mini-ITX cases you should know before making their purchase.

  • Large GPUs don’t fit in all mini-ITX cases. So, check the available space and length of the case which is mentioned in the pack to know what components will fit in the chassis.
  • Overheating is another drawback of using the M-ITX case. To get rid of this issue, you have to check the available cooling options encompassing ventilation and maintenance routine, as wear and tear of components results in overheating.
  • Most of these cases are limited in RAM slots with only two slots of either 16GB or 32GB along with one PCIe slot. Check for the options offering a bit high speed, and high capacity RAM options to boost the performance


The mini ITX motherboard for computers is one of the smallest ones out there. It makes for a great choice to be used in smaller spaces where compact computers are more practical.

Similarly, the best mini ITX mentioned earlier are perfect for those who are going for such small and portable computers. To help you in picking up the right one, all of them also have their major details and features along with a thorough detailed buying guide. And based on these factors, here are our favorite recommendations for the best mini ITX cases:

  • If you want a budget mini ITX case for a basic desktop, then the SilverStone Technology Mini ITX Case can be a great pick. With this budget mini ITX case, you get support for mini DTX and mini ITX motherboards, 1 x 2.5-inch drive, 1 x 3.5-inch drive, 1 x 140 mm front fan, up to 270 mm long GPU, up to 61 mm tall CPU cooler, and much more.
  • The Cooler Master Mini ITX Case is one of the smaller mini ITX cases out there but still offers excellent cooling for high-end computers. You can use up to 155 mm tall CPU coolers, up to 330 mm long PGU, mini ITX and mini DTX motherboards, 2 x 2.5-inch drives, 2 x 3.5-inch drives, 2 x 120 mm top fans, 2 x 120 mm bottom fans, 2 x 140 mm side fans, and 1 x 92 mm rear fan inside this case.
  • In case size is not an issue for you and you simply want to make a high-end workstation PC, then the Corsair Mini ITX Cases can be a great versatile PC case that also supports mini iTX motherboards. Talking about its other features, you will find vertical GPU mount, 2 x 2.5-inch bay, 2 x 3.5-inch bay, PSU shroud, and a tempered glass side panel in this case along with support for 3 x 120 mm front, 2 x 140 mm top, and 1 x 120 mm rear fans.

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