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The 7 Best Fireplace Grates Reviews and Buying Guide

“Fireplace grate – a must-have accessory to hold the firewood safely and improve heat efficiency”

Fireplace adds warmth to make your home comfortable in the winter season. Yet open wood-burning fireplaces are not a safe option. Instead, use a fireplace grate as a safety encasing, and help to light fires effectively.

A grate has a curved bar design with legs that will elevate the logs from the floor and improve airflow to the fire. Also, they prevent logs from rolling out of the grate and direct unburnt ones to fire burns. It let you collect the fallen ash easily underneath.

To pick the right fireplace grate suitable for your needs, we recommend considering the below key factors.

  • Size: A grate should be neither too large nor too small to fit perfectly inside the firebox of your fireplace. There are no standard sizes available for fireboxes, you have to measure the width (front and back), depth, and height of the box before purchasing. Also, 3-inches of clearance is a must between the grate and fireplace on all sides for perfect burning.
  • Material: Cast-iron and steel are two main types of materials available for fireplace grates. A cast-iron grate can hold both wood and coal, whereas a steel grate can hold wood only. You can choose the option as per your fuel availability.
  • Type:

You have to know about three basic and common types of fireplace grates – bar, basket, and vertical.

  • Bar models are made of steel bars welded to 4 legs that cradle and elevate the logs for proper functioning. They are less expensive and a bit lighter than basket models.
  • Basket models are made from a single piece of solid metal (mostly cast iron) with four sides and narrow gaps. They are expensive, heavier, and hold larger wood volumes.
  • Vertical models can easily hold a lot of logs vertically against the hearth’s back. They won’t require any virtual attention, as the log at the bottom burns, and the above one will drop down.

With the availability of various models in the market, it would be a bit challenging to choose your best option. So, to narrow down your selection and shopping process, we came up with a list of some best Fireplace Grates along with a detailed “Buying Guide”. Read on to know how to pick your option.

7 Best Fireplace Grates List

Fireplace GratesSize in InchesWarrantyBuy Now
AMAGABELI GARDEN & HOME Fireplace Grate21 Inches3 MonthsCheck On Amazon
Pleasant Hearth Fireplace Grates18 InchesLifetimeCheck On Amazon
Hy-C Liberty Foundry Fire Grate20 Inches1 yearCheck On Amazon
SteelFreak Fireplace Grate15 InchesN.ACheck On Amazon
Innfinest Fireplace Log Grate 23 Inches4 MonthsCheck On Amazon
Panacea Fireplace Grate 18 InchesN.ACheck On Amazon
Hi-Flame Fireplace Grate 13 InchesN.ACheck On Amazon

7 Best Fireplace Grates Reviews

1. AMAGABELI GARDEN & HOME Fireplace Grate

Amagabeli grate

First on our list is the Amagabeli fireplace log grate. Amagabeli is a highly reviewed and rated company and so is their product. Made out of wrought iron, this grate is available not only in the 21 inches model but also in 24 inches and 30 inches models as well.

Top Features:

  • Measures about 21 inches long with 12.5 inches in width and about 7.5 inches in height.
  • The grate has about 4 inches of depth under the crossbar.
  • The grate blower can help you in lifting up the firewood off the chimney’s floor and also the hearth. This will facilitate for better airflow and circulation and thus warmer and comfortable passage of air throughout the room and also all over the outdoor fire pits as well.
  • Has 7 steel bars and a v shape rack hold that aids in starting the fire. The fire white birch logs are great for kindling the fire close and make it easy to light a fire as well.
  • The width of the bars in the grate holds the wood better and makes sure that the coal burns off securely without any jumping out.
  • The front feet are 18 inches apart and the back feet are 16.5 inches apart from each other
  • As for the bars in the grates, the logs are crafted out of high-quality solid steel bar rods of 1 inch by 3/4 inches thickness. These heavy duties and durable rods also double to give the overall fireplace an aesthetically pleasing look.
  • The grate even comes with a 3 months guarantee for quality from the manufacturer from the date of purchase


  • None too specific to mention

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2. Pleasant Hearth Fireplace Grates

Pleasant Hearth grate

Pleasant Hearth’s 3/4 inches premium solid steel fireplace grates are miniature and for small fireplaces. These 18 inches large grates are perfect not only for smaller grate sizes but also for cascading for larger grate sizes as well. These grates are also available in 21 inches, 24 inches, 27 inches, 30 inches, 33 inches, and 36 inches sizes as well

Top Features:

  • The hearth grate comes with a total of 5 heavy-duty bars and each of the bars is 3/4 inches wide
  • All of the solid bars are made out of high quality and heavy-duty steel construction for longevity.
  • This grate can lift up heavy firewood off from the chimney floor and thus aid in air circulation easily
  • Safety first design allows for the firewood and outdoor firepit designs for better safety
  • Comes in a black powder coating that gives the grates better heat resistance
  • Innovative craftsmanship and has a value for money
  • Heavyweight construction that gives good mass to sit down for the wood
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty clause for the rod’s construction


  • Could have had a decent enclosure as well

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3. Hy-C Liberty Foundry Fire Grate

hy c grate

Next up on our list, we have a rather interesting and a highly conveniently built fireplace grate. The HY-C liberty foundry G800- 20-BX is a 20 inches large firegrate that has enclosed sides that make it easier for placement in any kind of fire easily.

Top Features:

  • Has a 20 inches front with about 16 inches of back side and abotu 15 inches of depth.
  • Each of the bars used in it have about 4 inches of cast-on leg clearance that enable smoother flaming of the fire.
  • Made out of heavy duty and high quality cast iron material. Long term performance with long term durable build.
  • Maximum airflow capable and can give you efficient burning to limit down bad chimney designs.
  • The grate can lift up wood away from the firebox floor and this enables smoother air circulation and lesser ash build up.
  • Optimized for depths and easy wood loading as well. Safer to contain even the hottest of the available fires.
  • Also available in 24 inches and 27 inches as well.
  • Includes 1 year of limited warranty window from the date of purchase as well


  • None too specific to mention

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4. SteelFreak Fireplace Grate

steel frake great

Last on our list, we have a rather small and compact sized fireplace grate. The SteelFreak is a heavy-duty and the local USA made fireplace grate that comes with an open-ended model of design.

Top Features:

  • Made out of Heavy-duty and all-steel construction that promises greater stability and sturdiness
  • The bars have tapered shape and this is a convenient shape for most of the fireplaces
  • Thanks to the uniquely designed shorter center support legs, you can expect zero shakings, sagging or rocking
  • Each bar is about 3/8 by 1 inch thick and this adds on to the durability of the grates
  • The bottom of the grate has good lift off which will facilitate better air flow circulation easily


  • Could have improved the leg’s wrought iron quality

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5. Panacea Fireplace Grate 

panacea grate

Next on our list is the Panacea Product’s Corp 15450Tv 18 inches wrought iron built fireplace grate. With incredibly high ratings and reviews, the grate has a similar design schema such as the Pleasant hearth listing above.

Top Features:

  • 5 bar model with all the bars having been made out of high quality wrought iron
  • The entire grate is of 18 inches in length
  • Has a 6 inches height and about 11 inches in depth.
  • The hexagonal build structure add greater stability and easier to place structure
  • Black powder-coated to prevent any rusting and also makes it resistant to large heating.


  • Considerably smaller in size and could have had better size.

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6. Innfinest Fireplace Log Grate 

inn grate

Next up on our list, we have the InnFinest’s 23 inches large six-bar based fire grates. These bars for the fireplace are made out of heavy-duty steel and are perfect not only for indoor fireplaces but also for outdoor fire pits and great as a fire kindling tool as well.

Top Features:

  • 23 inches large area of fireplace grate made out of heavy-duty and high quality wrought iron material.
  • The log burning grates come with thick and solid 3/4  inches of square bars made out of high-quality steel
  • Has 14.25 inches in width and about 8.5 inches in height.
  • The v shape of the firewood rack will help better in holding the fire logs and also in the kindling of the white birch logs that help in easier lighting of the fire.
  • The metal wood rack will allow for better circulation of airor aund the logs and thus allow you to light the fire below the rack easily.
  • The bars of the grate are wide and have enhanced surface that makes it easier to hold wood and thus ensures secure burning of the coal.
  • It has 4 legs of enhances stability that prevents it from collapsing due to either the firewood weight or the heat.
  • Easy to clean and has high clarence under the wrought iron crossbar. This will allow for the firewood to be lifted high enough and the hearth for better airflow circulation.
  • The grates are forged through the electro-forging process that will make sure that the grates last longer and minimize the smoke formation and easier ash cleaning.
  • It comes with 4 months of warranty as well and is also available in a 27 inches variant.


  • None too specific to mention

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7. Hi-Flame Fireplace Grate 

Hi-Flame Fireplace Grate Next up on our list is a cast iron fireplace grate. The Hi-Flame 13 inches small cast iron fireplace grate. Ideal for wood stoves, fireplaces, and fire pits, this grate is a versatile addition to any heating setup. Its 5-bars structure, each measuring 13 inches long, allows for efficient burning and improved airflow, resulting in a more effective and visually appealing fire. Measuring at 13 x 10 x 4 inches, this matte black log grate not only serves its functional purpose but also adds a touch of sophistication to your heating space.

Top Features:

  • Heavy-duty steel construction with 1” x 5/16″ solid bars
  • High-temperature stove paint for a durable metallic black finish
  • All-steel grate with two extra support legs for stability
  • Ruggedized design with 5-bars, each 13 inches long
  • Versatile use for wood stoves, fireplaces, and fire pits
  • Suitable for larger stoves/fireplaces with the option to use two grates


  • The item was to small for the price.

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How to Choose the Best Fireplace Grates

It is essential to choose a suitable grate to make your fireplace produce required warmth to the room safely. So, you should know all about fireplace grates, including what to consider, benefits, and safety tips before making its purchase. Go through our guide to get a clear idea on your selection process.

Take a closer look at the factors to consider while shopping for the fireplace grate.

1. Types

There are various types of fireplace grates available in the market. But here we are discussing three basic and most commonly used types – Bar, Basket, and Vertical. As most grate models are designed in these types only.

Let’s get into its details.

  • Bar: A parallel series of steel bars (edges curved upwards) are used by this fireplace grate to support the wood logs. Then weld all these curved upward bars to two parallel large steel bars who edges are curved downwards as legs. Thus, with its 4 legs, they lift off the logs a few more inches from the bottom of the firebox. This enhances the airflow to fire the logs properly without any wastage. However, cinder retainers are attached to the bottom of the high-end bar type for catching the burning embers.
  • Basket: Instead of welding several pieces together as bar grates, the basket grates are manufactured from a single cast iron piece and have 4 sides and narrower gaps or small openings at the bottom to allow embers or ash. This type of grate is expensive and can securely hold larger volumes of wood. As the name suggests, this heavy-duty grate will look like a basket that shifts the fuel to its center. These are available in different widths and are a perfect option for smaller fuel sources (coal) or firewood.
  • Vertical: With its vertical shape, this fireplace grate can hold a lot of logs vertically against the back of the hearth. It’s working mechanism is simple, as the bottom logs will burn and then above one drops down on the embers. The design won’t require any visual attention, and logs are held to the hearth’s back that results in escaping a small proportion of smoke.

Note – You can also find other types of grates like zero-clearance, self-feeding, lifetime, or grate heaters, Ember bed, or custom.

2. Size

The size of the fireplace grate is vital to consider before making its purchase, as it has to fit perfectly inside the firebox. If the grate is too small, then it will fit but unable to hold sufficient logs, while a grate doesn’t fit if it is too large.

However, there are no standard sizes available for fireboxes in the market. So, all you need is to measure the depth, width (both front and back), and height of the firebox of a fireplace while investing in a grate to make sure it fits properly. Since the fireplace lightens from the front of the box to the back, you have to measure both front and back widths. Also, a fireplace log grate requires at least 3 inches of clearance against the fireplace on all sides rather than fitting like a glove.

3. Material

Usually, fireplace grates are made from either cast iron or steel. Knowing about these two constructions will help you to pick the right option as per your necessity.

  • Cast Iron Grates: are constructed from a single solid piece of metal, which makes them strong, and durable. Its heat retention properties will effectively burn logs without any wastage. Its single-piece construction will make it easy to hold and use either coal or wood for burning. They are considered an ideal option to use for indoor fireplaces. However, they are heavier and expensive compared to their counterparts.
  • Steel Fireplace Grates: are made by welding several pieces of extruded square tubes together. Due to its spaced-out bars along its length, they are unable to hold coal, yet designed to hold logs and burn wood only (not coal). Compared to cast-iron grates, they are cheaper, not much durable, and thereby don’t last long. We suggest you pick a steel grate having thicker bars for durability and long-lasting usage. Models with an enamel coating are the best option to use in outdoor fireplaces or fire pits.

4. Bar Spacing

The bar spacing of the grate is essential to consider while shopping for this fireplace grate. Not all model come with same spacing. Some models feature more spaced bars than others. Also, check the materials you want to burn before choosing the fireplace grate with the right spacing. A grate with sufficient bar spacing will help with air ventilation and is also important while collecting ash.

5. Shape

Most fireplace grates come with bars, which are curved upwards on both ends (front and back). This curved structure assists two main purposes – avert logs from rolling off and direct unburnt logs to burning embers in the grate’s middle for efficient burning.

Usually, gravity directs the burning logs towards the middle and thereby helps to burn them effectively without using poker to push them. Mostly, these fireplace grates taper from the front to the back as per the shape of the fireside for proper fitting.

6. Wood Vs Coal

Generally, we use either coal or wood (as a fuel) in the fireplace grate to create the essential warmth. So, the type of fuel you want to use is another essential factor to consider.

  • When you want to burn wood, you can use either a cast-iron grate or a steel grate. Yet, the burnt wood in the bars will grasp the residues in the grate and thereby delay the airflow from reaching the wood.
  • Conversely, if you want to burn coal, then use only a cast-iron grate but not a steel grate. Due to its bar spacing, the steel grate models are unable to hold the coal effectively.

Finally, you have to decide which grate to use as per your available fuel source before making its purchase.

7. Frequency of Usage

Based on the frequency of using this fireplace grate, you have to select the type of model for best and long-lasting usage. Generally, we use any product either rarely, or frequently or daily. Here is a detailed explanation that lets you know how to choose your best as per your usage.

  • Rarely Usage: If using this fireplace grate only on special days such as Christmas parties, BBQ parties, weddings, or birthday parties. Then prefer to buy a lighter grade fireplace grate made of steel bars.
  • Frequent Usage: If using this grate once or twice a month regularly, then prefer to purchase middle duty fireplace grates with a minimum of 5/8-inch steel bar, but avoid picking a grate with 1/2-inch bars. However, steel bar grates are ideal for softwood but not for hardwood, why because they generate more heat compared to softwoods. If using hardwood most often, then it is really a stress on steel grates. Therefore, the unit won’t last long, and need to purchase a new one in less than a year.
  • Daily Usage: If you are a daily user then you have to pick the heaviest and thickest fireplace grate (like cast-iron). Even though it is expensive and adds a little burden to your budget, yet they offer a lifetime warranty. Cast-iron fireplaces are the heaviest and mostly come with a lifetime guarantee.

8. Bars and Legs

Fireplace grates contain bars (to cradle the logs) and legs (support and elevate the bars from the hearth’s base). A grate with more bars will support the wood logs properly and have a less chance for partially burned wood to glide/skip from grates. Usually, grates come with 6 – 7 bars, and also remember that thicker bars are more durable.

With its curved shape, the bars maintain logs at the grate’s center and also avoid shifting or rolling off logs out of the hearth. The four legs of these fireplace grates will effectively support the bars and uplift the logs for 3 – 4 inches off the hearth’s base to allow proper ventilation and encourage perfect burning.

9. Middle Leg Support

It is a quite common complaint from most users that fireplace grates fall in the middle. You can resolve this issue by keeping a brick under the grate, as it offers extra support to the grate and makes it stable for its efficient functioning. If you don’t want to face this issue, purchase a good-quality grate that already has middle leg support. As it supports and reduces the sagging chances in the grate’s middle and thereby enhances its lifespan.

10. Ground Clearance

It is essential to check the height of the grate from the ground before making its purchase. However, the main purpose of using the grate is to hang the fire above the ground. Thus, the air will flow and provide oxygen to the fire from below the grate.

Also, the grate’s leg has to be tall enough that let you light up the wood safely from underneath. Yet not too high from the ground, as fire may beat against the fireplace’s rooftop. Moreover, you are unable to fit additional logs into the fire and look weird as well. The recommended height for a grate from the ground should be 3 – 5 inches. While using a small fireplace, most people are cutting the grate down with a hacksaw to size it small. So, pick the grate with a proper height from the ground that makes you use it safely and conveniently.

11. Mesh Bottom

Few grate models feature a steel mesh bottom used to deter the falling of smaller wood-burning pieces from the grate. They are designed in such a way that puts fire together and aids in proper burning. Also, this bottom will catch most of the ash produced by the fire and thereby help you in cleaning the grate easily and effortlessly.

12. Cleaning

Usually, the ash build-up causes the fireplace grates to get clogged and may damage it. The lifespan of the grate will be shortened whenever it is hard to clean or maintain in better condition. So, make sure to pick an easy-to-clean fireplace grate, which not only saves your money and effort but also extends the grate’s lifespan. Finally, you can easily sustain the cold weather with this clean grate, and not to struggle more for its cleaning before its storage.

13. Price

Based on various features, build quality, and warranty, the price of fireplace grates will vary. The price range will be from $25 – $200 (or more). You can get a normal low-end model with basic features at $25. However, grates within the price range of $50 – $80 are more than enough for most people to fulfil their needs.

14. Warranty

You have to check the warranty on the product before buying, as it let you work peacefully without any worry about its repairs. Most of these fireplace grates offer a 1-year warranty, yet a few models won’t come with a warranty. Some premium models offer a lifetime warranty.

Why do we Need a Fireplace Grate?

Even though you can directly burn logs on the fireplace’s surface/hearth, yet using a grate will provide much more advantages. Here we have provided some of them that let you know why a grate is essential for a fireplace.

  • More Fuel Efficient: The usage of the grate will keep the logs off the ground and improve the oxygen flow/air circulation in the fireplace. This helps for proper burning of logs, and also, this extra height will guide smoke to upwards chimney rather than getting back into the home.
  • Protect the Fireplace: Irrespective of its manufacturing material or built construction, it is quite common to have regular wear with the fireplace. So, ensure to buy the best quality fireplace grate to maintain the fireplace’s floor in proper shape and help to clean up easily.
  • Proper Storage of Logs: Rolling logs are mostly experienced issues by new fireplace users, and this becomes a severe one if not having a fireplace screen. However, a log grate will hold the timber and maintain it in its place while burning. Also, gets re-adjusted constantly by moving logs.

Safety Precautions to Follow While Using a Fireplace Grate

One has to be careful while burning the logs for warmth or cozy feeling either inside or outside the home. Here are some safety tips to be followed whenever using this fireplace accessory.

  • Avoid using fireplaces without bars, as they become a fire hazard and may result in causing some risk of injuries.
  • Never get into any contact with this hot fireplace grate metal when using it.
  • Also, wear safety glasses to prevent getting embers or ashes into the eyes, and thereby causing any burns.
  • Don’t let your fireplace grate unattended after you lit it, as it quickly starts a fire. For a gas grate, ensure to turn off the gas supply and let the flame down and cool the grate before removing it.
  • The grate should have sufficient clearance around and space while not using it. Remove the thing that might catch fire from its sparks, such as rags or newspapers.
  • Ensure to place the grates on an even/level fireplace surface, and it has to be secured firmly to prevent any topple while using. Also, it leads to safety hazards and may throw you at the risk.
  • Always prefer to purchase a fireplace grate that is moderate weight to stay stable while holding and burning the logs and to move for easy clean-up of the accumulated ash underneath.

What is Meant by Self-feeding Fireplace Grates?

If you like to sit beside the fireplace for hours but are unable to do due to the need of constant tending. Then self-feeding fireplace grates are the best option for your problem. As the name implies, they extend the burn time of the firewood. These are sloped to make gravity move the logs to the center for efficient burning. So, with its excellent design, you can enjoy the fire for a longer time without any worry with logs.

What is a Zero Clearance Fireplace Grate?

Zero-clearance is meant to work in low-profile areas, whereas a zero-clearance fireplace grate is used to work in households having shallow or small fireplaces. Though you can’t find too many options for this type like others, yet considered as the best option for factory-built fireplaces. Compared to traditional grates, these are lighter and smaller but last longer with excellent performance when you buy a top-notch model.

What is a Lifetime Fireplace Grate?

If you find any tag mentioning ‘lifetime’ on the fireplace grate, which means the manufacturer provides a lifetime guarantee on their product. It enhances the trust in their product, and as expected, these are strong, durable, and expensive compared to regular grate models, irrespective of their style or construction material.

A grate sustaining thousands of fires is the perfect option to buy, but ensure to read the fine print properly. Though there are several products available with this feature, yet show some stipulations when you contact the manufacturer. So, choose a model by considering its price along with the benefits you grab by using them.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How to clean fireplace grates?

Ans: Initially, use a dry rag to take away the build-up of ash or coal. Don’t use water for its cleaning, as it may result in causing rust/corrosion. Also, regular maintenance will help for easy cleaning. So, to make the cast-iron appear like-new one and to clear rust, you have to polish them with a black grate polish. While for steel grates, polish with heat-resistant black paint.

2. Shall we use a fireplace grate in a wood stove?

Ans: In general, wood stoves are designed to work without a grate, which means they don’t require any grate for their proper working. Few grate models prohibit use in the woodstove. Still, if you want to use them on your stove, then it results in decreasing the stove’s productivity and longevity.

3. Why do we need a fireplace grate?

Ans: The main purpose of the fireplace grate is to maintain logs off the fireplace floor, which in turn, helps for better oxygen supply (fuel to the fire) and to protect the fireplace from heat damage. Also, they hold logs in place without rolling out of the place while burning.

4. Shall we use a fireplace without a grate?

Ans: Yes, it is possible to use a fireplace without this accessory. However, the fireplace’s competence is low without using a grate. While a grate will enhance the heat condition and thereby give an additional edge to the room. So, it is a must to use them in fireplaces.

5. What type of fireplace grate is considered the best option?

Ans: Cast-iron, steel, and grate heater are three types of grates available. Among them, cast iron is the best option used to burn both wood and coal. While steel grate is used to burn wood only. Grate heaters are tubular-shaped grates used for wood and produce heat back into the house at a higher temperature.

6. What is the maximum lifespan of a fireplace grate?

Ans: One can get varying answers to this question of how long a grate will last. Why because it is based on the model, features, material’s quality, or brand. Typically, the grate will last from 3 – 5 years, in which some cheaper grates will last for a year, while some best grate last more than three years.

7. What is the reason behind the melting of the fireplace grate?

Ans: There are so many reasons for grate melting, but blistering heat is the main reason to consider. So, to prevent this problem and to safeguard the grill, you have to do certain things like clean the ashes underneath regularly to ensure proper air supply, don’t use water to put off the fire, check for proper distribution of fuel accordingly.


Of all the products listed today, the AMAGABELI fireplace log grate seems to be a winner. This 21 inches large grate is made out of heavy-duty solid steel material and has 3/4 inches large bars that are strong and sturdy in nature.

The grate has 7 steel bars and has good airflow circulation for better fire flaming. It also comes with 3 months guarantee on quality and thus is easily the best fireplace grate to buy online. What did you think of our list? Do let us know your views in the comments section below. For any questions, our team will write back to you as soon as possible.

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