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Best Conduit Bender Reviews in 2024

There are a lot of professional applications that require bending a strong metal pipe into a certain shape which requires enormous amounts of force and a special tool called conduit bender.

Conduit benders are portable pipe bending tools that can be carried around to the place of application, unlike other pipe benders that are completely stationary. These tools are especially helpful for almost all types of applications including both personal and commercial projects as you can bend the pipes quickly with this handy tool.

  • Durability: Durability is a very important factor for tools like conduit benders as they undergo enormous amounts of force and pressure every time you use them. Therefore, there is a high chance of cracks forming on the tool if the material is not good enough. Therefore you should always check the durability of the tool before buying it.
  • Handles: Handles on a conduit bender allows you to apply the force from a distance. This significantly reduces the required force and allows you to bend a pipe without needing any machinery. Although, not every tool comes with a pipe so you should make sure that the one you are buying does. Although, you can also use the tool with the pipe that you may already have if it is compatible.
  • Portability: If you want to use the tool on a site, it needs to be portable so that you can carry it with ease. The portability of the tool depends on 2 major factors which are weight and size. For that, you need to pick up an option that is lightweight and comes with a removable handle so that you can easily store it when not in use.

You should always pick the best conduit bender according to your application to get the best performance and reduce the amount of effort required for the job. In our guide, you will come across various different conduit benders which are designed to serve different types of purposes. If you want to know more about these options, also check the “Buying Guide” for the best conduit benders available later on this page.

Best Conduit Bender 2024

Best Conduit BenderSizeDimensionsWarrantyBuy Now
Gardner Conduit Hand Bender¾ inch EMT or ½ inch rigid10 x 6 x 2 inchesLimited lifetime warrantyCheck On Amazon
Southwire Conduit Hand Bender¾ inch pipes10 x 2.38 x 38.5 inches1 yearCheck On Amazon
Greenlee Offset Conduit Bender½ inch EM7.9 x 3.9 x 29.3 inchesLimited lifetime warrantyCheck On Amazon
NSI Aluminum Die Cast Conduit Bender¾” EMT or ½" rigid pipes10.98 x 6.1 x 2.09 inches---Check On Amazon
IDEAL Ductile Iron Bender1 inch EMT pipes18 x 15 x 8 inches---Check On Amazon
Klein Conduit Bender Head1-Inch EMT with Angle Setter‎45.38 x 2.31 x 12.63 inches 1 yearCheck On Amazon
Greenlee Conduit Bender Head½ inch EMT pipes7.8 x 2.1 x 6.6 inchesLimited lifetime warrantyCheck On Amazon
IDEAL Electrical Aluminum Bender¾ inch EMTpipes10 x 8 x 12 inches---Check On Amazon

Best Conduit Bender Reviews

1. Gardner Conduit Hand Bender

Gardner Conduit Hand Bender

Gardner Bender is the first choice of brand for a lot of users when it comes to tools and accessories. The conduit bender from Gardner Bender offers high precision as well as reliable performance.

We will start off our list of the best conduit benders with one of the most reliable options in the market. Our 1st pick is the Gardner Bender – 961N 961 which is a precision conduit bender made with an Aluminum head. This bender allows you to work with ¾ inch EMT or ½ inch rigid pipes for bending. You will also find embossed markings on the tool for 10, 22, 30 45, 60, and 90 degree bending angles.

When you pull the handle of the Gardner Bender – 961N 961 until it is perpendicular to the ground, you will get a 30-degree bend in the pipe. It certainly helps to perform the bendings at a faster rate for repetitive types of 30-degree bends. The hook on the Gardner Bender – 961N 961 is made slightly bigger and offers nearly 5 times durability compared to other options. Even the foot pedal on the tool is about 40% larger to ensure better footing while doing the job.

Best Features

  • Works with ¾ inch EMT or ½ inch rigid pipes
  • 10 x 6 x 2 inches in size
  • Lifetime warranty period
  • Embossed marking for various angles
  • Larger hook with 40% larger foot pedal


  • A great choice for repetitive tasks
  • Cost-effective conduit bender in this selection
  • Better foot room for more pressure


  • Not a great option for heavy-duty applications

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2. Southwire Conduit Hand Bender

Southwire Conduit Hand Bender

Southwire is offering rather a premium conduit bender as compared to many other options in the market. Still, you will find this option highly reliable for regular applications.

Coming in 2nd place, we have the Southwire MCB Conduit Hand Bender which offers bending operations for up to ¾ inch pipes. It is a very reliable option for repetitive tasks such as common bends and stub-ups. You can also use this tool for offset, saddle and back-to-back bends. There are raised markings on the bender head that are easily visible from a distance. Once you get familiar with the tool, you can easily check the markings without needing to pause the work.

Another notable thing is that markings are available on both sides of the head to make it easier to check the bending levels. The head itself is made up of cast aluminium and has a high strength to offer long-lasting durability. You will also find grooved hooks on the Southwire MCB 3/4-inch Conduit Hand Bender that offers a secured grip on the conduit so that the bending operation is precise. It is backed with a year of warranty from Southwire.

Best Features

  • Works with ¾ inch conduits
  • 10 x 2.38 x 38.5 inches in size
  • 1 year warranty period
  • Markings on both sides of the head
  • Cast aluminium head


  • Grooved hook for secured operation
  • Large step to ensure proper footing on the tool
  • The tool head is very strong


  • The warranty period is short

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3. Greenlee Offset Conduit Bender

Offset Conduit Bender

If you are looking for a professional tool, then going with the Greenlee is probably a better idea. The following conduit bender from Greenlee might be expensive, but it is a perfect choice for heavy-duty tasks.

Coming in at 3rd place, we have the Greenlee Offset Conduit Bender. Just by looking at the tool, you can observe that it is quite different compared to any other options we have enlisted on our picks. This is a professional conduit bender which certainly costs a lot compared to any other choice. The Greenlee Offset Conduit Bender is capable of ½ inch EMT pipe bending. But, it is designed to withstand continuous operations which are required in mass production floors.

The Greenlee Offset Conduit Bender offers quick bending operation in a single operation which includes compress and release. With the help of mechanical compression, it manages to deliver up to 0.56 inch offset on the pipes. To maintain the performance for a long time, the Greenlee Offset Conduit Bender is made with high tensile steel. But, it still weighs only 8.75 lbs which is quite low compared to many other heavy-duty conduit benders. You will also get a year of warranty on the Greenlee Offset Conduit Bender.

Best Features

  • Works with ½ inch EMT pipes
  • 9 x 3.9 x 29.3 inches in size
  • Lifetime warranty period
  • Weighs about 8.75 lbs
  • Offers 0.56 lbs offset


  • Perfect choice for mass production applications
  • Suitable for heavy-duty applications
  • High tensile steel body


  • Not a great choice for hobbyists and casual applications

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4. NSI Aluminum Die Cast Conduit Bender

If you are interested in getting a cheaper option for a conduit bender, NSI has got the right choice for you. It is a cheaper option than most other choices in the market with great features.

The NSI Conduit Bender can turn out to be a great investment for casual application from our list of the best conduit benders. This tool has cast in-angle markings with raised bending points that work as a reference point for the user. It certainly makes the tool easy to use even if this is your first time using it. The tool is completely made out of aluminium die-cast which keeps the weight of the tool low alongside keeping a strong build quality.

The NSI Conduit Bender is perfect for everyday use as it also has a compact level indicator that helps to maintain a perfect 90-degree movement of the handle. As for the handle, you will have to purchase a compatible option from the market as this package only contains the tool. Although, you can buy the handle from NSI directly to avoid compatibility issues. The inside radius of the NSI Conduit Bender is 6 degrees and it is suitable for ¾ inch EMT and ½ inch rigid pipes.

Best Features

  • Works with ¾ inch EMT or ½ inch rigid pipes
  • 98 x 6.1 x 2.09 inches in size
  • Aluminium die-cast body
  • Cast in-angle markings
  • Level indicator


  • A perfect option for first-time users
  • Build quality is good
  • Compact size


  • Does not ship with a handle

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5. IDEAL Ductile Iron Bender

IDEAL Ductile Iron Bender

IDEAL is yet another premium range brand to enter our list today with a great option available for a conduit bender. Apart from this, IDEAL also produces a variety of different products.

The IDEAL 74-028 Ductile Iron Bender Head and Handle is pretty much everything you will need for basic operation and casual tasks. It is the only choice from our picks today which can efficiently bend 1 inch EMT pipes that are commonly used in the industry. The tool itself is quite large in size. It also weighs about 12.3 lbs which further reduces the portability of the tool but ensures its build quality and strength.

A great part about the IDEAL 74-028 Ductile Iron Bender conduit bender is that you will be getting both the tool as well as the handle in the package which makes it worth the investment. The tool is also heat-treated for additional strength along with reinforced stress points for a longer lifespan. The internal hook on the IDEAL 74-028 Ductile Iron Bender is grooved and deeply serrated so that it helps to maintain a perfect grip on the pipe while bending.

Best Features

  • Works with 1 inch EMT pipes
  • 18 x 15 x 8 inches in size
  • Maintains a strong grip on the pipe
  • 3 lbs in weight
  • Set of tool and handle


  • Build quality is good
  • The only choice that supported 1 inch EMT pipe bending
  • Reinforced stress points for a longer lifespan


  • Expensive option for basic applications

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6. IDEAL Electrical Aluminum Bender

IDEAL Electrical Aluminum Bender

In the end, we are featuring yet another option from IDEAL on our picks of the best conduit bender. Similar to our last choice from IDEAL, the following conduit bender also offers great value for the money.

Finishing our picks for the best conduit bender, we have the IDEAL Electrical 74-047. This is an aluminium conduit bender that allows ¾ inch EMP pipes. This selection also includes a high-quality handle with the tool so that you won’t need to buy one separately. The IDEAL Electrical 74-047 is ideal for bending iron pipes as well which makes it perfect for plumbing applications.

You will find precise markings on the IDEAL Electrical 74-047 for 10, 22, 30, 45 and 60-degree bending angle positions. The construction and build quality of this conduit bender are especially good as it is made up of Aluminum. As you may already know, it offers both, lightweight design and durable build quality. Even if extra force is applied to the bender, the internal hook surface of the tool will prevent the pipe from deforming and prevent accidents.

Best Features

  • Works with ¾ inch EMT and ½ inch rigid pipes
  • 10 x 8 x 2 inches in size
  • Suitable for long-term heavy-duty applications
  • Suitable for bending iron and other metal pipes
  • 10, 20, 30, 45 and 60 degree bending position markings


  • Convenient for regular usage
  • Grooved internal hook surface
  • Also offers to bend ½ inch IMC pipes


  • Compact foot pedal

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7. Greenlee Conduit Bender Head

Greenlee Conduit Bender Head

Grennlee has managed to land yet another choice for the best conduit bender on our picks today. The following option is just a conduit bender head designed by Greenlee.

As you already know, Greenlee is one of the brands that offer great value for the money on its products. Thus, it would be wise to buy the Greenlee Conduit Bender Head if you only need a conduit head for your applications. It supports ½ inch EMT pipes for bending which is good enough for almost all basic tasks.

Grennlee has also designed the pedal on the Greenlee Conduit Bender Head in such a way that it offers an enlarged space so that you get an increased room for sure footing. It allows you to exert more pressure on the pipe without losing control of the tool. You will also find a larger gripping area on the handle designed by Greenlee which you can buy for this conduit head. Similar to our first choice, Greenlee offers a lifetime warranty period for this tool as well.

Best Features

  • Works with ½ inch EMT pipes
  • 8 x 2.1 x 6.6 inches in size
  • Lifetime warranty period
  • Enlarged foot pedal
  • Clear markings for reference


  • A good option for ½ inch EMT pipes
  • Reliable conduit bender
  • A compact and portable option


  • Does not ship with a handle

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8. Klein Conduit Bender Head


Klein conduit blenderKlein is a decent brand known for a variety of tools and accessories. The lineup from Klein includes hand tools, tool bags and electrical measurement and testing tools.

Coming up next, we are bringing a fine choice for the best conduit bender designed by Klein.

The Klein Tools 51605 Iron Conduit Bender, a heavy-duty solution for precise and repeated bends. Crafted from durable cast ductile iron, this 1-inch EMT and 3/4-inch Rigid bender features a wide foot pedal for stability, bold markings for easy alignment, and Klein’s unique Angle Setter technology for accurate bends at 10-, 22.5-, 30-, and 45-degree angles. The interior hook surface prevents conduit movement, while the 1-inch Angle Setter ensures quick, consistent bends. Klein has backed this conduit bender for 1 year of warranty.

Best Features

  • 1″ EMT & 3/4″ Rigid Iron Conduit Bender
  • Klein’s Angle Setter for precise, repeated bends
  • Durable cast ductile iron construction
  • Interior hook prevents conduit movement
  • Degree markings for 10-60 degrees
  • 1-Inch Angle Setter for quick, consistent bends


  • It bends conduit without crimps
  • The Interior hook prevents deformation while bending the pipe


  • Only tool head is included in the package

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Buying Guide For The Best Conduit Bender

Buying the best conduit bender is necessary if you want to get the best performance from your investment and make your work easier and more productive. The results of your operation and the effort required to do it completely depends upon what type of conduit bender you are buying and the quality of it.

With a high-quality bender, you will be requiring much less effort for the same job. It also helps if you are using a strong pipe with the bender tool as it further reduces the effort needed to bend the pipe. If you haven’t found the best conduit bender yet, you will definitely come across one or more suitable options on your list today. But before you make your purchase, also consider going through our buying guide to make an informed decision.


The most important factor for any tool is its durability and strength. As tools like conduit benders are basically used to deform other similarly strong metal objects like pipes, they should be able to withstand enough force and pressure without developing cracks over time.

Even a slight crack on the tool can cause stress concentration and slowly increase in size, reducing the durability of the tool. You can avoid that by picking up a strong tool and using it for weaker applications compared to its strength. If you are going to use the conduit bender for professional tasks, it is recommended to pick up a similarly powerful tool. While you can still use a basic option for that, the reliability of the tool will reduce over time.


Handles are more than necessary on a tool like a conduit bender. Without the handle, you will not be able to create enough pressure on the pipe which can bend it into a certain shape. To help you create the pressure, long handles are provided with the tool which you can hold on the end and then pull to bend the pipe.

Once you get used to it, you can quickly bend any type of supported pipe with the conduit bender with perfect results. While a lot of options include a pipe, some options only include the bender tool which requires you to use a pipe you already own or get a new one from the market. If you do not have a tool right now, you should definitely pick an option that features a handle along with the tool so that you won’t have to waste additional time and money buying a separate handle.


Similar to any other tool, there are markings provided on the conduit benders which represent the bending angle. With these markings, you can check the bend of the pipe in terms of angles and keep applying the force until you reach the required bending angle.

You will definitely need to check the marking every now and then while performing bending on a pipe that needs to be installed in a certain application. But for casual applications, the markings do not matter much. In any case, it is good to have clear markings on the tool so that it can be perceived easily. Also, the markings are not constant for all tools. While some tools will offer a few markings, some will offer more points so that you can get a precise bending angle.


Lastly, we will recommend you check the portability of the conduit bender you are going to buy. Having a portable device is definitely a clear choice for those who wish to carry such tools to a site for quick access to a basic bending tool. But, portable options are lightweight and compact. Therefore, the bending capacity is lesser for these pipes.

In our list, we have mentioned weight, dimensions and bending capacity with almost all of our picks so that you can get a clear idea of what you are buying beforehand. You should thoroughly consider the pipes you come across in your routine that you are going to have to bend with the conduit benders. If your requirements are lower, there is no point in buying a premium and high capacity option which does not offer portability at all.


Q. What is EMT?

While going through our picks, you must have come across the term EMT a lot of times. EMT stands for electrical metal tubing which is a standard type of tube used for electrical wires. EMT tubes are mostly thin and can be easily bent with the help of a conduit bender. Although, you will find a certain EMT rating along with rigid pipe rating mentioned with all of our picks today that should give you an idea about the bending capacity of that specific conduit bender tool.

Q. Is it safe to use a conduit bender?

Conduit benders are comparatively safer tools as there is no automated operation included and all you need is a little bit of practice to get used to the tools. Although, there is still a little bit of risk involved depending upon the type of handle you are using. As you will be applying a lot of force on the tool, both the tool and the pipe should be able to withstand it without failure. Otherwise, it can cause incidents that can be hazardous for the user.

Q. How long does a conduit bender last?

Conduit benders are very tough tools and generally do not have a specific lifespan. If the build quality and capacity of the tool is high, you will be able to use the tool for decades without needing to use the replacement. But, you might need to replace the handle once or twice depending on how much you use it and how you are using it. As for the tool itself, you can pick up an option covered by a lifetime warranty to get continuous support from the manufacturer.


A lot of professionals such as electricians and plumbers constantly require handy tools like the conduit bender to bend pipes and other similar materials on the go. It is not always possible to bring the workpiece to a workshop for a short procedure and transfer it again to the site. In such cases, a compact and portable conduit bender is certainly helpful as it allows you to efficiently perform the operation at the site itself. If you are also looking for a decent conduit bender, make sure you check our picks given on this guide. For any additional information, you can refer to our buying guide which is also present here.

Other than that, we have some special recommendations listed right here for you.

  • If you don’t have any special application in mind and are looking for a basic yet effective conduit bender, consider buying the Gardner Bender – 961N 961. It is a cost-effective offering from today’s selection of tools and supports ½ inch rigid as well as ⅗ inch EMT pipes. The tool itself measures only 10 x 6 x 2 inches in size and arrives with a lifetime warranty period for reliable performance.
  • On the other hand, we have a highly professional Offset Conduit Bender from Greenlee for those who are looking for professional applications. It is a complete conduit bender assembly that offers 0.56 inch offset via mechanical compression. As it is a very expensive device, it is made up of high tensile steel to offer the best resistance against any sort of damage. You will also receive a lifetime warranty period on the assembly for long term applications.
  • Lastly, we will recommend the IDEAL 74-028 Ductile Iron Bender as it is a decent mid-range option for general purpose as well as professional applications. It has 10 x 8 x 12 inches dimensions along with 12.3 lb weight which makes it a portable device in comparison to most other assemblies. It supports 1 inch EMT pipes for bending which is pretty much standard pipe size for a lot of applications.

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