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6 Best Rated Chainsaw Mills in 2023 Reviews: Ultimate Guide

Do you want to turn wood in the yard into a usable lumber without spending much money? Then go for a Chainsaw Mill, a hand tool used to cut through huge wooden pieces into the usable lumber cuts. It is somewhat hard task to find the right one that suits perfect for your needs and requirement.

One should keep these 2 main factors in their mind before purchase to grab the best one.

  • Bar Capacity – The length of chainsaw mill bar is the primary constrict on the width of wooden log which you’re intended to cut through. So, measure the diameter of the wood and choose the mill that comes with maximum length for best results.
  • Cutting Depth – It determines the thickness of boards which you’re going to cut with sawmill. One can easily cut the boards of different thickness by adjusting this cutting depth. Most of the chainsaw mills have cutting depths that ranges from 1/2 inch to 12 inches in thickness and a few high-end models can cut up to 13 inches.

Other than these, there are so many factors like weight, material & chainsaw fitting, which are mentioned clearly in the below “Buying Guide”. Also, we provide a list of some best chainsaw mills to reduce your searching time.

Don’t hesitate to share your queries about its selection or fitting of mill to your existing saw in the below comments section. We are always ready to answer your queries and help you to choose the best one.

Best Chainsaw Mills Table

Chainsaw MillLengthThicknessWarrantyBuy Now
Carmyra Portable Chainsaw Mill36 inch13 inch30 daysCheck On Amazon
Imony Portable Chainsaw mill36 inch13 inchLifetimeCheck On Amazon
Jmtaat Portable Chainsaw Mill 36 inch12 inchN.ACheck On Amazon
Wood-CNL Portable Chainsaw Mill36 inch12 inchN.ACheck On Amazon
ZELCAN Portable Chainsaw Mill36 inch14 inch--Check On Amazon
Zchoutrade Portable Chainsaw Mill36 inch14 inch--Check On Amazon

Best Chainsaw Mills Reviews

1. Carmyra Portable Chainsaw Mill

Carmyra Portable Chainsaw Mill

Carmyra is a brand of power tool accessories that has a high user rating due to various reasons. It offers various useful features that can be quite useful for wood cutting.

This Carmyra chainsaw mill is a full-size portable option for easily cutting wood pieces. It offers a maximum cutting length of 36″ that is more than enough for most users. This cutting length can be adjusted between 14″ to 36″ as per your requirements. Just like various other options present in this article, it has a maximum thickness of 13″.

You can easily adjust a chainsaw with this chainsaw mill without using a drilling bar. It uses high-quality steel and aluminum for its construction due to which it offers a great build quality. While it does not have any lifetime warranty, it comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee that is more than enough for a lot of users.


  • 36-inch maximum length
  • 13-inch maximum thickness
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • High-quality steel and aluminum construction
  • Works without attaching drilling bar
  • Comparatively lower price


  • Chainsaw mill
  • User manual
  • Warranty card

Buy Now From Amazon

2. Imony Portable Chainsaw mill

Imony Portable Chainsaw mill

Imony is one of the most popular brands of tools and accessories related to chainsaw mills out there. It even makes portable chainsaw mills like the one present in this article.

The Imony portable chainsaw mill is present in the 1st position in this article as it is one of the best performing options out there. One of the best things about this chainsaw mill is that it is made out of aluminum and highly durable 304 steel. And since it also comes with a lifetime warranty, you can expect it to last for a long time without any issues.

As per its name, it has a maximum length or width of 36″ that is more than enough for any portable chainsaw mill. And it offers a maximum thickness of 13″ that is quite common when compared with other options. But the best part about this chainsaw mill is that it offers all of this at a very justified price tag.


  • 36-inch maximum length
  • 13-inch maximum thickness
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Construction using 304 steel and aluminum
  • Easy to use
  • Portable despite the larger size


  • Chainsaw mill
  • User manual
  • Warranty card

Buy Now From Amazon

3. Jmtaat Portable Chainsaw Mill

Jmtaat Portable Chainsaw MillJmtaat is a relatively small brand. But it manufactures a wide range of power tools and hand tools accessories that are reliable and offer value for money.

Jmtaat’s portable chainsaw mill is an ideal option for DIY builders, woodworkers, and outdoor enthusiasts. It is compatible with bar lengths from 14″ to 36″ that are the most commonly used ones. It supports mill slabs from ½ inch up to 12 inches thick and 36″ inches long.

The chainsaw mill is made of aluminum and steel that not only makes it durable but also lightweight. It weighs only 13.5 lbs. so that you can carry it easily wherever you want. You can adjust the height and width of the chainsaw mill for maximum convenience.


  • 36-inch maximum length
  • 12-inch maximum thickness
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Durable construction
  • Works with chainsaw bars of 14 to 36 inches


  • Chainsaw mill
  • User manual
  • Warranty card

Buy Now From Amazon

4. Wood-CNL Portable Chainsaw Mill

Wood-CNL Portable Chainsaw MillWood-CNL is another small brand that specializes in developing versatile chainsaw mills that are compatible with chainsaw bars of different lengths. The brand’s chainsaw mills are a perfect companion for DIY enthusiasts and professional woodworkers.

Wood-CNL’s portable chainsaw mill comes with a length of 36″ that allows you to use chainsaw bars with lengths from 10″ up to 36″. The height and the width of this chainsaw mill can be adjusted and works perfectly for 36″ diameter logs.

The chainsaw mill features a light and strong construction using aluminum and steel. Using this, you can mill your lumber at home or in the woods. One of the best features of this chainsaw mill is that it comes with a lifetime warranty to give you some peace of mind.


  • 36-inch maximum length
  • Lightweight and strong
  • Easy to carry
  • Works with chainsaw bars of 10 to 36 inches
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Chainsaw mill
  • User manual
  • Warranty card

Buy Now From Amazon

5. ZELCAN Portable Chainsaw Mill 

ZELCAN Portable Chainsaw MillZELCAN Portable Chainsaw Mill is a strong and versatile tool made to make your woodworking easier. This mill is extremely durable and long-lasting because it is made of premium aluminum alloy and stainless steel. It helps you turn logs and planks into cut wood. It can be used with chainsaws that have bars that are between 14 and 36 inches long.

This mill is compact, measuring 18.5 inches in height, 12.6 inches in width, and 35.98 inches in length. It weighs only 35.98 pounds. The cutting task is made extra safer by the U-shaped steel component that protects your saw blade. It is all about being accurate, tough, and easy to use.


  • Aluminum alloy and stainless steel
  • 1/2″ to 12″ thickness, 36″ width
  • Fits chainsaw bars from 14″ to 36″
  • Lightweight at 35.98 lbs, compact dimensions
  • Glass shield and U-shaped steel for blade protection


  • Versatile and durable for various users
  • Precise and customizable cutting
  • Easy to transport and store
  • Enhanced safety features
  • Chainsaw not included
  • Suitable for homeowners and professionals

Buy Now From Amazon

6. Zchoutrade Portable Chainsaw Mill  

Zchoutrade Portable Chainsaw MillPortable Chainsaw Mill is an absolute must-have tool in the woodworking journey. It is an empowering companion for folks, whether you’re a homeowner, a woodworking enthusiast, or a carpenter with a creative itch. It is crafted from high-quality steel and aluminum, ensuring it is a strong and dependable tool that can handle the toughest tasks with ease.

It can cut wood, ranging from as thin as 1/2 inch to as thick as 13 inches, and can handle pieces up to 36 inches wide. It offers an array of features and benefits that allow you to mill your own lumber conveniently. It is a cost-effective option instead of buying pre-cut wood, and excels at working with big pieces of lumber and beams.


  • Made of high-quality steel and aluminum
  • Cuts 0.5″ to 13″ thick and 36″ wide
  • No drilling needed for setup


  • Versatile for various tasks
  • Saves money on lumber
  • Suitable for large pieces

Buy Now From Amazon

Buying Guide For The Best Chainsaw Mills

What is a Chainsaw Mill?

A chainsaw mill is a miniature sawmill that is specially designed to cut a wooden log effectively and can be operated by either one or two people. Its metal frame will allow you to clamp to any chainsaw and thus sit squarely on a wooden piece.

While pushing the chainsaw along the wood then this frame mill will help to hold it properly. This will help to cut a relatively straight board from the wooden log. The saw mills will allow you to adjust the saw’s height relative to the top of the log. This allows you to adjust the board height between the maximum and minimum thickness.

Milling is a professional task but you should know how to use them properly. For this you have to use appropriate saw that reduces the user’s frustration and turns the wooden logs into lumber and thereby beautiful furniture. The milling will add loads of tension on the saw and help you to perform cutting operation effectively.

How To Select The Best Chainsaw Mill?

As a buyer you should know how to choose the best chainsaw mill and what factors to consider while purchasing. Here we are providing all the essential information required to purchase your best chainsaw mill.

1. Bar Capacity

The length of chainsaw mill bar is the primary constrict on the width of wooden log which you’re intended to cut through. So, measure the diameter of a wood which you’re planning to cut, to ensure that chainsaw mill works best for your needs. Always consider this bar capacity and choose a chainsaw mill that comes with a maximum length why because they are not extendable.

In general, one can find options like 18″ or 36″ cutting lengths of chainsaw mill. Here a 36″ length is made for heavy duty applications whereas the small 18″ length is made for using along with portable chainsaw. So, one should purchase the maximum supported length in a chainsaw mill bar, as per their needs and requirements.

2. Thickness and Cutting Depth

Checking the thickness offered by a given chainsaw mill is also essential to consider. The supported thickness of the chainsaw mill is smaller but not like length rating. One can find options like 10″ or 13″ maximum supported thickness while looking for a wood cutting mill for their chainsaw. Choosing a chainsaw mill with a maximum thickness size of 13″ is considered as the best option rather than chainsaw mill with 10″.

Coming to cutting depth, it determines the thickness of boards which you can cut with this chainsaw mill. One can easily cut the boards of different thickness by adjusting this cutting depth. It has certain limits depending on the particular chainsaw mill like how thick or thin you want to cut the board. Most of the chainsaw mills comes with cutting depths that ranges from 1/2 inch to 12 inches in thickness and a few high-end models can cut up to 13 inches.

3. Build Quality & Durability

While buying any power tool or related accessories like a chainsaw mill, one has to consider their build quality and this can be done by checking the construction material. Also, a chainsaw mill needs to withstand the work like heavy-duty milling or cutting of lumber. So, durability should also be considered which depends on the quality of the build material.

You can find chainsaw mills made with either stainless steel or aluminum or both in some cases for the construction of this mill. The chainsaw with 304 steel will perform better than aluminum one, as the steel constructed mills are durable and lasts longer.

In case, if you want to use lightweight, portable and flexible aluminum mill then simply choose a one that comes with high-quality / aircraft grade aluminum.

4. Chainsaw Fit

Generally, the chainsaw mills are designed to work with chainsaw which you’re using already. All chainsaws are not compatible with all designs of chainsaw mill. So, ensure whatever saw mill you’re going to purchase will work with the existing chainsaw.

A few chainsaw mills require you to drill a hole in the chainsaw handle to attach it. Some other work without any handle that fully wrapped. Also, ripping chain is good to invest for your saw, which are specifically designed to provide an even, parallel grain while cutting the wood.

5. Adjustability of Saw Kerf Size

Saw kerf will display how thickly one can create cuts on the board or plank with this saw. This let you know how many slabs or planks is possible to make from your lumber. Simply, it is the thickness of the cut, the saw makes. For best results, aim to have a saw kerf of around 3/8-inch.

The chainsaw mill is highly adjustable and one can easily adjust the saw mill into their preferred thickness for milled wood, depending on their project.

6. Weight

The weight of this mill will definitely have an effect on its performance, portability and ease of use. One should estimate the overall weight of the chainsaw mill and can be able to control its weight. The cordless electric and gas-powered chainsaws are portable in which the gas-powered weighs heavier than electric chainsaw mills.

The heavier chainsaw mill will provide a steady and easy usage while cutting through a log but it is not a best portable saw mill. A lightweight chainsaw mill is portable and ideal to have deep cutting of wooden logs. So, the lightweight chainsaw mills are better option than heavier one.

7. Warranty

A simple and straight forward design of this chainsaw mill will offer a warranty duration, starting from a year to a lifetime warranty, depending on the models and brands. So, as a buyer you have to check the warranty duration along with the build quality before its purchase, to ensure that it works properly for a long time. Also, check the products from reputable brands to grab high quality product along with best warranties.

8. Price

Price is another factor one has to consider before buying. Although, a quality chainsaw mill costs several dollars but if you want an entire saw mill with excellent features, then you have to spend extra money. Different brands have various models, & styles of chainsaw mills with different price ranges. All you have to check & compare the quality construction, warranty, brand reputation, or bar capacity among various products and choose the one which fits in your budget range.

How To Use a Chainsaw Mill?

Using a chainsaw mill is always a rocket science until and unless you don’t know how to use it properly. So, have a look at step by step process on how can you use this chainsaw mill to prepare lumber from the wooden logs.

  • Most of the people suggest you to go for logs with 2-inch thickness but you can go with your choice.
  • Cutting on each slab will allow you to easily saw through the wood by using a table saw.
  • For proper sawing, you have to mark a straight line with chalk.
  • Parallel to first cut, you have to make a second cut and run the board through.
  • Finally, remove the bark from lumber by using a draw knife to get a more finished look.

If you’re a starter then it may take some time to understand about using a chainsaw mill. Practice will definitely make you an expert. So, use it regularly whenever it is required to make yourself an expert in using this chainsaw mill.

Benefits of a Chainsaw Mill

Other than cutting wood, one should know what are the benefits they can grab by using this chainsaw mill. So, have a look of some of its benefits.

  • Cost Effective – Although, most of the chainsaw mills are not cost affordable but it is a one-time investment, why because the chainsaw mill comes with a good warranty. This will let you claim either refund or replacement. So, always check the warranty offered by the company before you buy the product. It is best for those who can’t have the money to pay for a sawmill.
  • Do it yourself (DIY) Device – Handling a project on your own will be somewhat quite challenging. Using this sawmill to cut the lumber into different sizes and shapes that suits perfect for your project to complete it with ease.
  • Make Work Easier – Timber or lumber milling is somewhat a hard task but the chainsaw mill helps you to complete it easily. It allows you to make a clean and right lumber cuts quickly, easily and effectively.
  • Time Saving – It not only saves your time in cutting the logs into your desired shapes but also in transporting the logs to worksite.
  • Portability – It allows you to cut the logs anywhere but you have to consider the bar’s stretching capacity before cutting the wood.

Tips While Using a Chainsaw Mill

Here are a few tips that you have to follow to get a smooth milling experience.

  • Before you start using this mill, you have to sharpen the chain to perform the entire process simple without consuming the time. Also, check the working conditions of all mill’s accessory.
  • After cutting the wood, won’t let your engine shut down immediately. You have to allow it the engine to run idle for about 30 – 40 seconds and then cool it off.
  • However, the milling will create a load of sawdust. So, simply keep the log in a position that fumes and sawdust generated by chainsaw milling will be blown away from the user (saw-operator).
  • Avoid moving the chainsaw to and fro when trimming the wooden log. This may lead to rough board surface. So, prefer to attempt a straight and smooth cutting action.
  • While working with dry hardwood, you have to cut off several inches from kick-off to sharpen the chain.
  • Never ever quit cutting in the middle, trimming whole slab once by putting some extra effort. To speed up the cutting process, you should work with a throttle lock chainsaw.
  • The logs have ground position and use sawhorses or gluts, which guarantee for a perfect working position. Also, while cutting and milling a large number of wooden logs, this helps you to perform this operation without making you kneel down.
  • Another method to make this activity less difficult is to simple place the log on slop and then trim the downhill. Thus, gravity will perform its work and aids you in easier cutting.
  • Always, place the chainsaw bar parallel to rail while operating.
  • Before starting the milling, you have to check thoroughly about any loose nuts, fasteners and bolts. This will help you to have a safe and quick saw milling.
  • Try to safeguard your chain and bar by using an auxiliary oiler, especially while handing wider logs. This will put into outboard finish of the bar.
  • For best results, make sure to check that the milled log’s size is always smaller than the size of the log rail.
  • Painting the logs finishes will reduce the moisture and thereby to minimize the wood warping.
  • After trimming the logs into slabs, you should store them with an adequate cover. Also, provide proper spacing between them. The logs get dried quickly if preserved off the floor.
  • Generally, the tree falls due to wind, driftwood or wood extracted by large industrial lumber devices. The different reclaimed lumber are raw materials for compact-size chainsaw milling tasks.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What size of chainsaw is perfect to use with a chainsaw mill?

Ans: The size of chainsaw you’re going to use with a saw mill will depend on the log’s size which you require to mill. Although, the saw mills available in various sizes like 24 inches, 30 inches, 36 inches, 48 inches and 56 inches. Remember that when you attach the Alaskan mill to the chainsaw then it will lose width of about 2 – 4 inches. For instance, you have to buy 30-inch mill to cut 24-inch log.

2. Which one is better – Chainsaw Mill or Bandsaw Mill?

Ans: Although, both are best but you can differentiate and select them with their pros and cons, which we have explained below.

  • Portability & Weight – Although, both are portable but band sawmill will be larger and heavier than chainsaw mill. So, chainsaw mill is much easier to carry, lightweight, and portable that allows you to cut logs where they are rather than dragging them to saw.
  • Cost – Band sawmills are expensive than chainsaw mills. It depends on the type of cutting made by the saw mills.
  • Cutting Width – Chainsaw mill won’t cut through thick logs but band sawmill can make precise cuts through dense logs.
  • Time Taken – Bandsaw mills work effectively and quickly for typical lumber operations, whereas the chainsaw mills are time consuming and create more sawdust while operating.
  • Area of Operation – Chainsaw mills are designed for frontier areas and areas where you want to cut small amount of lumber. Bandsaw mills are designed to cut large amount of lumber and to be used on a specific place.

3. What are the drawbacks of a chainsaw mill?

Ans: The main drawback of this chainsaw mill is its limitations (the length of the bar capacity). Simply saying, how much timber it can produce. It is not designed to produce a large amount of lumber. Although, chainsaw mill available with different bar lengths but it will be an issue for those who want to cut large logs.
This hand tool will work with the stamina, strength and efforts you put on it. Using it for a long time, it may cause body pains. It is somewhat less efficient than full-fledged bandsaw mills.

4. How long will the chainsaw mill last?

Ans: Regardless of the brands, any chainsaw can last for at least a decade. A few best models will last even for a lifetime when taken some care, proper storage and maintenance.

5. How to store a chainsaw mill?

Ans: Due to its robust design, the chainsaw mill can withstand large temperature variations. So, it’s always better to store the chainsaw mill in dry locations like unheated shed or temperature-controlled garage.

6. When it is recommended to use a ripping chain?

Ans: Whenever you need a parallel cutting of log to the wood grain then you can use this ripping chain. It is specially designed to make lumber or planks from larger logs by using chainsaw mills.

7. How to know the size of the chainsaw bar?

Ans: You can easily know its size by using a tape measure. To determine the bar length of a chainsaw, you have to take measurement from top to the end point of the bar (where it comes from chainsaw’s casing). In case, if you get any uneven or fractional number then simply round out the figure to their nearest even number. Final resulting figure will be the size of the chainsaw bar.

8. Do I have to wear any protective gear while working with chainsaw mill?

Ans: We know that a chainsaw mill will produce a lot of sawdust which flies around you while sawing through the wooden logs. However, protective gear is not essential but we recommend you to wear a face mask to avoid breathing sawdust and also wear a pair of hand gloves to prevent any minor cut or bruises.


If you want to cut wood logs into particular sized pieces using a chainsaw, then a chainsaw mill can be a great way to do so. These allow you to turn your chainsaw into a precise wood cutting mill. Although, you have to consider various things while buying any of the various chainsaw mills present in this article. Thus, we have mentioned all of their details along with a detailed buying guide for learning everything about such chainsaw mills. But if you are still not able to buy the perfect one for you, here are some of our recommendations:

  • If you are looking for one of the best chainsaw mill options present in this article, then you can go with the Imony chainsaw mill. It is one of the only full-size portable chainsaw mills that comes with a lifetime warranty. As a result, it is a highly reliable and durable option. You also get a maximum cutting length of 36 inches and a cutting thickness of up to 13 inches. As a result, this chainsaw mill is more than enough for most users out there.
  • Although, if you want a highly compact and portable chainsaw mill, then you can go with the Jmtaat Portable Chainsaw Mill. It is one of the most compact options present in this article due to its maximum supported length of 17 inches. And just like the previous option, this one also offers a lifetime warranty to the user. You get all of this for a very justified price tag when compared with other options out there.
  • The Carmyra portable chainsaw mill can be another great option if you are looking for full-sized options. It comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee that makes it a highly reliable and durable option. You get a cutting length range of 14 inches to 36 inches in this chainsaw mill. As for the thickness support, you can cut up to a 13-inch wooden logs using this mill and your chainsaw. It uses steel and aluminum for its construction.

Make sure to share your thoughts in the comments section. You can also post any questions down there if you have any!

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