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9 Best Gas Chainsaws

Do you deal with heavy-duty cutting chores on a daily basis? Getting the right tool can make your job easier. Whether you’re a professional arborist or a house owner alike, a gas-powered chainsaw can be your go-to tool. 

In this article, we’ll look at some of the best gas chainsaws on the market, emphasizing their features and capabilities. 

Primarily, look for these highlighted factors to make a smart choice. 

  • Engine: Chainsaws with 30 to 40 cc engines are ideal for yard maintenance while Chainsaws with 40 to 60 cc engines are suitable for those with farms and commercial landscaping jobs. Pick the one based on your needs. 
  • Bar Length: Chain lengths vary depending on the task. Opt for chains that are longer as they are good for major tasks such as tree falling while shorter ones are ideal for precise cutting or trimming.
  • Safety Features: Choose a gas chainsaw equipped with essential safety features like chain brakes, kickback protection, and throttle locks, to reduce the risk of accidents and injuries.

Top Gas Chainsaws List 2024

Gas ChainsawsChain LengthEngine PowerWarrantyBuy Now
Poulan Pro Gas Chainsaw18 Inch42 CC1 YearsCheck On Amazon
CraftsmanGas Chainsaw16 Inch42 CC2 YearsCheck On Amazon
Proyama Gas Chainsaws22 Inch62 CC2 YearsCheck On Amazon
Husqvarna Gas Chainsaw16 Inch38 CC2 to 5 YearsCheck On Amazon
Supmix Gas Chainsaw20 Inch62 CC1 YearCheck On Amazon
Neo Tec Gas Chainsaw12 Inch24.5 CC1 YearCheck On Amazon
Qztodo Gas Chainsaw12 Inch25.4 CC1 YearCheck On Amazon
Echo Ope Gas Chainsaw14 Inch30.5 CC5 YearsCheck On Amazon
GTHAN Gas Chain Saw20 Inch60 CC--Check On Amazon

Best Gas Chainsaw Reviews

1. Poulan Pro Gas Chainsaw

Poulan Pro Gas Chainsaw

Why it made the cut: Powerful 42cc 2-cycle engine.

When it comes to tackling medium-duty storm clean-up, cutting firewood, or felling trees, the Poulan Pro PR4218 stands out as a top choice. Powered by a robust 42cc 2-cycle engine, this 18-inch gas chainsaw combines efficiency with reliability. The OxyPower engine not only delivers more power but also ensures lower emission levels and reduced fuel consumption. Ideal for various outdoor tasks, the chainsaw comes fully featured with a Super Clean Air Filter System, Automatic Oiler, and Reduced Vibration Handles for a comfortable and efficient cutting experience.


  • Engine: 42cc 2-cycle
  • Chain Length: 18 inches
  • Power Source: Gas
  • Features: Super Clean Air Filter, Automatic Oiler, Reduced Vibration Handles


  • Powerful OxyPower engine for efficiency.
  • Super Clean Air Filter System.
  • Automatic Oiler for convenient maintenance.
  • Reduced Vibration Handles for comfort.


  • Case dimensions may be bulky for some users.

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2. Craftsman Gas Chainsaw


Why it made the cut: High-output Craftsman engine.

The Craftsman Gas Powered Chainsaw, with its 42cc full-crank Craftsman 2-cycle engine, is a powerhouse designed for heavy-duty tasks. Boasting a 16-inch bar and low-kickback chain, this chainsaw cuts through even the toughest wood quickly and easily. The Lightweight Durable Poly Chassis ensures easy handling without sacrificing power, making it an ideal tool for various outdoor projects. With the EasyStart Technology, users can enjoy quicker, smoother, and easier pull starts, getting the job done fast. The chainsaw features an Adjustable Auto Chain Oiler with Easy View for optimal lubrication control and a 3-point anti-vibration system for balanced, maneuverable, and comfortable operation.


  • Engine: 42cc full-crank Craftsman 2-cycle
  • Chain Length: 16 inches
  • Power Source: Gas
  • Features: EasyStart Technology, Adjustable Auto Chain Oiler, 3-point Anti-Vibration System


  • High-output 42cc full-crank engine.
  • EasyStart Technology for simple pull starts.
  • Adjustable Auto Chain Oiler for lubrication control.
  • 3-point Anti-Vibration System for comfort.


  • Accessing the air filter without the need for tools might be difficult due to tightness.

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3. Proyama Gas Chainsaws

PROYAMA Gas Chainsaws

Why it made the cut: Powerful 62CC engine with 22-inch chain.

The PROYAMA 62CC Gas Powered Chainsaw is a formidable tool that combines power, ease of use, and safety features. With a 62CC engine, this chainsaw is designed for tasks like tree pruning, land clearing, firewood preparation, and storm cleanup. The Anti-Vibration System ensures comfortable operation, while the quick-stop chain brake enhances user safety. EPA Certificated Engine guarantees lower fuel emissions, making it environmentally friendly. The chainsaw also comes with a comprehensive package, including two chain lengths, safety gear, and a tool kit.


  • Engine: 62CC 2-cycle
  • Chain Length: 22 inches
  • Power Source: Gas
  • Features: Anti-Vibration System, Quick-Stop Chain Brake, EPA Certificated Engine


  • Comprehensive package with safety gear.
  • Quick and easy start with Soft Start.
  • Convenient side adjusts chain tensioning.


  • Protective gear might need additional sizing.

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4. Husqvarna Gas Chainsaw

Husqvarna Gas Chainsaw

Why it made the cut: Effortless start-up with X-Torq engine.

The Husqvarna 120 Gas Powered Chainsaw, featuring a 38-cc 1.8-HP 2-Cycle X-Torq Engine, proves to be a top-notch option for household and outdoor projects. With its 16-inch chainsaw bar, it guarantees easy operation and maneuverability, catering to diverse outdoor needs. Thanks to the Air Injection Technology, it effectively removes larger dust and debris particles before they can reach the air filter, thereby prolonging the engine’s lifespan. Initiating the chainsaw is effortless, facilitated by the air purge system, combined choke/stop control, and an inertia-activated chain brake that ensures additional safety measures.


  • Engine: 38-cc 1.8-HP 2-Cycle X-Torq
  • Chain Length: 16 inches
  • Power Source: Gas
  • Features: Air Injection Technology, Effortless Start-Up, Inertia-Activated Chain Brake


  • Simple tensioning system for quick adjustments.
  • LowVib technology reduces operator fatigue.
  • Extended warranty with pre-mixed fuel purchase.


  • Chain tension adjustments might be needed.

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5. Supmix Gas Chainsawsupmix

Why it made the cut: Powerful 62CC engine with a 20-inch chain.

We found the Supmix Gas Chainsaw to be quite impressive. Boasting a robust 62CC engine, it’s engineered to handle a range of tasks, whether it’s cutting trees or tending to farm and garden needs. Featuring the latest 62CC full-crank two-stroke cycle engine, this gas-powered chainsaw offers enhanced power with minimal vibration, ensuring efficient and comfortable operation. Equipped with a 20-inch bar and a low-kickback chain, it facilitates swift and smooth cutting, even through the toughest wood. Safety is paramount, thanks to the inclusion of a quick-stop chain brake and a safety switch. Additionally, its environmental protection system is commendable, reducing fuel consumption by 20%, thus contributing to eco-friendliness.


  • Engine: 62CC 2-cycle
  • Chain Length: 20 inches
  • Power Source: Gas
  • Features: 62CC Power Full-Crank Engine, Quick-Stop Chain Brake, Environmental Protection System


  • High-quality chain and high-hardness bar.
  • Automatic oil system for stable lubrication.
  • Professional service guarantee for reliability.


  • Ongoing maintenance requirements, such as fuel mixing and regular oiling.

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6. Neo Tec Gas Chainsawneo tec

Why it made the cut: Lightweight, one-handed operation convenience.

The NEO-TEC 12-inch Gas Chainsaw with Top Handle is a robust 2-Stroke 25.4cc tool tailored for cutting trees and wood. Engineered for convenience, its wrap-around handle offers a plush grip, diminishing exhaustion during use. It boasts a built-in steel bar spring for swift rebound, reducing startup strain and rendering it user-friendly for seniors and women alike. Weighing merely 8.2 pounds with a 12-inch bar, it facilitates effortless one-handed operation, ensuring prolonged usage with minimal fatigue.


  • Engine: 2-Stroke 25.4cc
  • Chain Length: 12 inches
  • Power Source: Gas
  • Features: Wrap-Around Handle, Lightweight, One-Handed Operation


  • Portable and lightweight design.
  • Easy-to-start launcher for effortless operation.
  • Reliable and fuel-efficient performance.
  • Soft grip for reduced user fatigue.


  • Oil leakage reported by some users.

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7. Qztodo Gas ChainsawQzotodo

Why it made the cut: Powerful and portable 12-inch gas chainsaw.

For those seeking a balance of power and portability, the QZTODO Top-Handle Gas-Powered Chainsaw is an excellent choice. With its compact design and lightweight build, this 12-inch chainsaw offers exceptional efficiency and ease of use. The ergonomic handle ensures a comfortable grip, reducing fatigue during extended cutting sessions. Powered by a robust 25.4CC 2-Stroke engine, it effortlessly handles various cutting tasks, making it suitable for both professionals and DIY enthusiasts. Weighing just 8.2 pounds, including the 12-inch bar, it’s ideal for one-handed operation. The easy-to-start launcher adds to its convenience, ensuring a hassle-free operation every time. Despite its small size, this chainsaw delivers dependable and economical performance, making it a valuable addition to any toolkit.


  • Engine: 25.4cc 2-Stroke
  • Chain Length: 12 inches
  • Power Source: Gas
  • Features: Lightweight, Portable, Ergonomic Handle


  • Effortless Manoeuvrability
  • Reduced User Fatigue
  • Quick Chain Adjustments
  • Convenient Maintenance Access


  • Limited to a 12-inch cutting size.

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8. Echo Ope Gas Chainsawecho ope

Why it made the cut: Professional-grade 14-inch gas chainsaw.

ECHO OPE presents a top-tier gas chainsaw featuring a 14-inch bar and a 30.5CC engine. This tool is ideal for DIY enthusiasts seeking exceptional performance. Its robust engine and sizable bar ensure efficient cutting across different projects. Notable features like the lanyard ring, automatic oiler, and inertia-type chain brake enhance its professional-grade status, guaranteeing reliability and safety.


  • Engine: 30.5cc Gasoline-Powered
  • Chain Length: 14 inches
  • Power Source: Gas
  • Features: Lanyard Ring, Automatic Oiler, Inertia Chain Brake


  • Professional-grade power and performance.
  • Efficient 14-inch cutting bar.
  • Automatic oiler for consistent lubrication.
  • Inertia chain brake for enhanced safety.


  • Heavier compared to smaller models.

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9. GTHAN Gas Chain Saw

GTHAN Gas Chain Saw

Why it made the cut: Powerful 60cc gas chainsaw for versatile cutting.

The last contender on our list is the GTHAN Gas Chainsaw 60cc, a 2-Cycle Gasoline-Powered Chainsaw equipped with a 20-inch bar. It distinguishes itself as a dependable and effective tool for a range of cutting tasks in your do-it-yourself projects. Featuring a sturdy 60cc engine and built-in chain brake safety, this gas-powered chainsaw guarantees impressive efficiency, strong performance, and enduring dependability. Its automatic lubrication system minimizes friction, extending the lifespan of both the guide bar and chain.


  • Engine: 60cc Gas Powered
  • Chain Length: 20 inches
  • Power Source: Gas
  • Features: Dual Throttle Switches, Automatic Lubricating System, Anti-Vibration Design


  • High-powered 60cc engine for versatility.
  • Dual throttle switches for enhanced safety.
  • Automatic lubricating system for prolonged durability.
  • Ergonomically balanced design for comfortable use.


  • Possible weightiness during prolonged usage.

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How To Choose The Best Gas Chainsaw?

Choosing the right gas chainsaw for your DIY projects requires careful consideration of several key factors. Here’s a comprehensive guide to help you make an informed decision:

1. Engine Capacity

  • Engine Size: Opt for a gas chainsaw with an engine size that aligns with your cutting needs. Larger engines, such as 60cc or above, are suitable for heavy-duty tasks, while smaller engines like 30cc may suffice for lighter work.
  • 2-Stroke Engine and Speed: A 2-stroke engine ensures a powerful and efficient performance. Higher RPM often indicates faster cutting, crucial for tackling dense wood or large logs.

2. Chain Length

  • Choose a chain length based on the type of work you’ll be undertaking. Longer chains (18 inches or more) are ideal for felling large trees, while shorter chains (14-16 inches) are suitable for light trimming and pruning.
  • Bar Length: The length of the chainsaw bar determines the maximum diameter of the wood you can cut in a single pass. Select a bar length appropriate for your intended tasks.

3. Oil Type and Capacity

  • Gas chainsaws require oil for lubrication. Ensure compatibility with common bar and chain oils. Check the oil capacity to determine how frequently you’ll need to refill during extended use.
  •  Automatic Oiler: Look for a chainsaw with an automatic oiling system, ensuring a consistent supply of lubrication to the chain for smoother cutting and increased chain lifespan.

4.Chain Brake System

  • Prioritise safety by selecting a gas chainsaw with a reliable chain brake system. An inertia-activated brake can swiftly stop the chain, minimising the risk of kickback.
  • Quick-Stop Feature: Some chainsaws come with a quick-stop feature, which halts the chain within milliseconds of releasing the trigger for enhanced safety.

5. Chain Tensioner Type

  • Look for a chainsaw with an easily adjustable chain tensioner. Quick and tool-free tension adjustments contribute to smoother operation and prolonged chain life.
  • Tool-Free Adjustments: A tool-free chain tensioning system allows for on-the-go adjustments without the need for additional tools, ensuring uninterrupted workflow.

6. Handle Type

  • Evaluate the handle design for comfort and control. Wrap-around handles are ergonomic and reduce user fatigue during prolonged use.
  • Vibration Dampening: Chainsaws with anti-vibration features minimise user fatigue by reducing the vibrations transmitted to the hands and arms during operation.

7. Bucking Spikes

  • Bucking spikes provide leverage and stability while cutting. Chainsaws equipped with durable and well-positioned spikes enhance control during operation.
  • Large and Durable Spikes: Consider chainsaws with large, robust bucking spikes for improved stability and control, especially when dealing with larger logs.

8. Spring-Assist Starting

  • Consider a chainsaw with a spring-assist starting system for effortless pull starts. This feature reduces resistance during ignition, making it easier to start the chainsaw.
  • Easy-Start Technology: Some models feature advanced easy-start technology, further simplifying the starting process and reducing user effort.

9. Throttle Lock

  • A throttle lock allows you to maintain a consistent engine speed without continuous pressure on the trigger. This feature is beneficial for extended cutting sessions.
  • Cruise Control: Chainsaws with throttle lock cruise control enable hands-free operation, enhancing comfort during prolonged use.

10. Durability and Warranty

  • Assess the build quality and materials used in the chainsaw’s construction. Additionally, check the warranty offered by the manufacturer – a longer warranty period is indicative of confidence in the product’s durability.
  • Material Construction: Look for chainsaws with robust materials such as magnesium or high-grade plastics for increased durability, especially in demanding cutting conditions.

Benefits of Using a Gas Chainsaw

As you already know, there are other types of chainsaws apart from gas operated model. For handling heavier tasks, gas chainsaws are the most preferred ones. Apart from that, there are several other advantages of choosing a gas chainsaw. We have provided the information below.

  • Power – Compared to other models, gas chainsaws are considered the most powerful option. As the chain spins much faster and tougher, it can easily cut through wood of any thickness.
  • Guide Bar Length – Gas chainsaws come in several options when it comes to length. This lets you choose the right guide bar for your type of jobs. 72inches or 6feet is the longest blade length available with gas powered chainsaws.
  • Mobility – They let you prune or cut regardless of where and when you use it. Usually, electric chainsaws are limited extension cord length and when it comes to battery chainsaws, they require power source to recharge. But gas chainsaws don’t have any such limitations. As long as you have the fuel in the tank, you are good to go.
  • Safety – Apart from being powerful, gas powered chainsaws also come with several advanced safety features that are specially designed to safeguard the user. Some models come with inertia-activated chain brake – which stops the chain spinning whenever kickback happens. Such safety features are rare when it comes to other models.
  • More Options – As gas chainsaw models are pretty popular than the rest, they are available in a wide array of options. You can easily find gas model that suits your specific needs without any adjustment or having to give up on any feature. When it comes to electric or battery models, limited options are available to choose from.

What is the Safest Way to Use Gas Chainsaw?

As per recent statistics, over 100,000 chainsaw related injuries occur every year in United States of America. So, you should never be careless while using a chainsaw. Operating chainsaw is a dangerous task which can be fatal if they are not experienced or if proper safety precautions are not undertaken.

First thing to always to consider is to check the manufacturer and owner’s manual instructions. It is helpful to use, operate or maintain the chainsaw safely.

  • For example, when you have to prune or fell trees, you should always make sure the area where you are working should be clear. And make sure to handle the pruning or felling task only when there is high winds or other severe weather conditions.
  • Before cutting the tree or its branches, make sure they don’t fall on property like homes, cars or even power lines.
  • Make sure to use PPE every single time. This protection gear includes heavy work boots, thick pants and sleeves, chainsaw chaps, heavy work gloves, hardhat, eye and ear protection. Remember that it is always better to be safe than sorry.
  • Always keep the chainsaw either on the ground of between the legs (and the blade part should face outward). Make sure to grip the handlebar, press throttle trigger and start pulling the rope to engage.
  • After giving a few pills, it will pop but it will not start. In that time period, you have to disengage the choke and pull the rope starter again. Make sure set the saw idle by tapping throttle trigger before operating.
  • While operating the chainsaw, beware of your balance and footing. Because any mis-steps or slips can be fatal and dangerous in least.
  • Be cautious of pinching and kickback, position of the saw, and bar tip. Use a firm two-handed grip and balanced stance. Take good care and maintenance of the machine between the uses. This not only keeps you safe but also makes sure the machine is durable and long lasting.

Things to Avoid While Using a Gas Chainsaw

  • Never use a chainsaw that has loose, damaged or missing parts.
  • Avoid drop starting the machine if you are controlling it only with one hand or when the chain is touching any part of your or other human body.
  • Don’t make any adjustments to the chain or part of the chainsaw while in operation.
  • Never leave the chainsaw unattended, especially there are pets and kids running around.
  • It is prevented to use a chainsaw when you are alone. It is better to have a partner nearby to maintain the work area clear while you pruning or felling trees.

If you are a beginner, make sure to take chainsaw safety classes. You can sign up for them at any local extension service offices. There are several people who can give your proper advice and hands-on guidance on how to work with chainsaw comfortably.

How to Prepare Gas and Oil Mixture for a Chainsaw?

If you are considering to mix fuel by yourself, then make sure you have a fuel container with cap, two stroke engine oil, and high octane fuel of your choice.

While mixing the gasoline with oil, the ratio has to be 40:1 or 50:1 based on the manufacturer guidelines. Gasoline with higher octane will burn much slower and also run cooler in 2-cycle motors which are commonly found in gas-powered chainsaws.

We recommend to use premium gasoline of at least 89 to prevent any piston seizure of elevated temperature. To extend the shelf life, it is recommended to add fuel stabilizer, especially if you are not going to use it over couple of months or more.

Note: If you are experiencing any trouble with measurements while mixing the gasoline mixture, you can go for childproof, premixed gasoline container with stabilizer, oil, and gasoline. They are available in equipment and tool stores. These containers come with measurements or marks.

Though, the chainsaw contains a different reservoir for chain and oil, don’t misunderstand it with oil that is required by your engine. Chain and bar oil are especially present for chains as it has to glide over the guide bar. The oil lubrication keeps it from binding up or overheating.

How to Maintain or Take Proper Care of Chainsaw

Just like any other machine or device, basic care and regular maintenance is important to maintain the shelf life. To maintain it properly, all you have to do it invest a little bit of time after every use.

  • Make sure you are using gasoline with proper combination ratio of oil and gas. Remember you are using chain and bar oil to ensure engine is running properly and smoothly.
  • After every use, make sure to clear all the sawdust and other dirt that has accumulated to oil ports, guide bar grooves, stick and around power sprocket.
  • Check out the chain sharpness as dulled edges will work less efficiently. Make sure to place the strain on motor so that is can run longer to complete the task. Make sure to check for any damage, wear and bad links.
  • Regularly check and clan the air filter and spark plug. In order to make the engine work smoothly, proper air flow is important which can be achieved by a clean spark plug with correct gap. If the spark plug or air filter are dirty, then it can strain the engine and prevent it from starting.
  • It is important to replace the fuel once in every 2 months. For a clean running engine, make sure to clean the fuel filter regularly. In order to do that – drain the tank, fish out the screen and wash it using a solvent before replacing.
  • Check out the chainsaw and its parts are clean as required. Perform a periodic cleaning and adjustment on cooling fins, oiler, carburettor and exhaust system.


As we conclude our exploration of the best gas chainsaws, three outstanding contenders rise to the forefront, each offering unique features tailored to diverse cutting needs.

  • Poulan Pro Gas Chainsaw stands as a reliable choice, boasting an 18-inch bar and a powerful 42cc 2-cycle engine. Ideal for various applications, it combines performance with a convenient included case.
  • The Craftsman Gas Chainsaw impresses with its 16-inch bar and a robust 42cc 2-cycle engine. Designed for efficiency, it ensures a smooth cutting experience for DIY projects and professional tasks alike.
  • For those seeking a bit more power, the Proyama Gas Chainsaws stands out with its 22-inch bar and 62cc 2-cycle engine. This handheld cordless petrol chainsaw excels in tackling larger tree-cutting and woodwork projects.

Selecting the right gas chainsaw involves considering your specific requirements, from cutting power to maneuverability. Whichever model aligns with your needs, these top three recommendations ensure a blend of performance, durability, and versatility in your chainsaw endeavors.

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