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5 Best Chainsaw Chaps 2023 Reviews & Buying Guide

Whenever you’re using a power tools like chainsaw, its quite important to operate the saw without catching any bits from its blade. For this, we require personal protective equipment (PPE) like chainsaw chaps, safety glasses, face shields, hearing protection, etc.

Chainsaw Chaps are like trouser shields / leg wear designed specially with rigid fabric to protect the legs of chainsaw users, from injuries while saw is running. The user has to wear it over their own trouser to work safely and securely with the chainsaw. One has to keep 3 things while buying it.

Safety – There are various safety regulations and certifications like UL, OSHA, ASTM, ANSI, etc. to check while buying chaps. The chaps certified by all these will be quite durable and safe to use, rather than those which won’t get safety certifications.

Protective Layer – The chainsaw chaps are made with multiple layers of protective fabric to provide safety.

  • Primary Fabric: Made with strong fabric like polyester and nylon to make it withstand any tough environment.
  • Protective Fiber: The multiple layers of this fiber (nylon, Avertic & Kevlar) will slow down/stop the rotation of saw chain to protect you.
  • Outer Coating: PVC coating on outside will make chaps slippery and thereby prevents accidents. Also, it has water and stain resistance.
  • Buckles & Straps: Used to secure the chaps in place. Straps are made with spandex and buckles are made with polymer plastic or acetyl Delran.

Design Type – Apron Wear and Wrap-Around are two most commonly used designs/ styles in safety chaps.

  • Apron Style: Prevents accidents happening to front side of the leg. Lighter and aids in free movement but won’t protect the back side of legs.
  • Wrap-Around Style: Protect the whole leg and keep the chap stay in place. Heavier and causes sweat in legs while operating with it.

Apart from these 3 main factors, we have complied a list of factors clearly in the below “Buying Guide”, which help you in purchasing the right one. Also, we are providing a list of 5 popular and best chainsaw chaps, we hope you will definitely find the best chaps for you from these in-depth chainsaw chaps reviews.

Best Chainsaw Chaps

Chainsaw ChapsMaterialLengthCertificationsBuy Now
Husqvarna Chain Saw Chaps600 denier polyester
with PVC coating
38 inchASTM F1897, ANSI Z133.1 and OSHA
regulation 1910 266, UL certified
Check On Amazon
OEM Chaps 
Ripstop nylon37 inchASTM F1897, OSHA
1910.266, UL Certified
Check On Amazon
Pro Chainsaw Chaps
Rugged denier shell-UL, OSHA certifiedCheck On Amazon
Oregon Chaps Protective Chainsaw Apron600 denier oxford shell36 inchASTM F1414 Test Method, ASTM F1897, Classified ULCheck On Amazon
Chainsaw Chaps
Ripstop nylon37 inchASTM F1897,OSHA
1910.266, UL Certified
Check On Amazon

5 Best Chainsaw Chaps: Reviews

1. Husqvarna 587160702 Chain Saw Chaps Protective Functional Leg Wear

Husqvarna 587160702 Chain Saw Chaps Protective Functional Leg Wear

Husqvarna is a highly popular brand that mainly makes gas powered tools like chainsaws and lawn mowers. But it also makes safety equipment including chainsaw chaps including the one mentioned in this article.

The Husqvarna chainsaw chaps are in the 2nd position in this article as they offer excellent protection as it is one of the most premium options present in this article. It is made out of 600n denier polyester with PVC coating for repelling water and oil. Its construction allows it to have various safety certifications like ASTM F1897, ANSI Z133.1, OSHA 1910-266, and UL certification. In other words, this is one of the safest options available out there.

This offers a size of 38 inches with multiple options available out there. All of these have an inbuilt pocket for storing small items and acetyl delran buckles on the back for proper fitting. A great thing about these chainsaw chaps is that they are cold water washable for keeping them clean at all times.

Best Features:

  • Premium chainsaw chaps
  • 38 inch length
  • ASTM, ANSI OSHA, UL certifications
  • Made for gas powered chainsaws
  • Inbuilt pockets for easy of use
  • Acetyl delran buckles on the back for a proper fit
  • Constructed from 600 denier polyester


  • Chainsaw chaps
  • User manual
  • Warranty card

Buy Now From Amazon

2. Forester OEM Arborist Forestry Professional Cutter’s Combo Kit Chaps 

Forester OEM Arborist Forestry Professional Cutter's Combo Kit Chaps 

Next, we have a great option from Forester if you are looking for chainsaw chaps. But unlike the previous one, this is a complete kit that comes with various other safety equipment as well.

You can find multiple things in this safety kit for using with your chainsaw which are quite useful for your safety. It comes with things like a helmet, ear protection, protective eyewear along with chainsaw chaps. And these chainsaw chaps are the same as the other Forester option present in this article. As a result, you get multiple safety certifications like ASTM F1897, OSHA 1910.266, and UL.

These chainsaw chaps are made for using with a gas powered chainsaw. You also get pockets in this chainsaw apron and it makes it quite practical to use. It comes in multiple sizes including 37 inches with all of them including an adjustable waist belt for a comfortable fit. These chainsaw chaps use ripstop nylon for its construction.

Best Features:

  • All in one kit
  • Includes helmet, ear protection, eyewear, and chaps
  • 37 inch length
  • ASTM, OSHA, UL certifications
  • Made for gas powered chainsaws
  • Inbuilt pockets for easy of use
  • Adjustable belt for perfect fit
  • Made out of ripstop nylon


  • Chainsaw chaps
  • Helmet
  • Eyewear
  • Ear protection
  • User manual
  • Warranty card

Buy Now From Amazon

3. WoodlandPro Chainsaw Safety Chaps

WoodlandPro Chainsaw Safety Chaps

Woodland is mainly known for making shoes and other leather products. But the WoodlandPro lineup of products also offers various safety equipment products including chainsaw chaps.

These chainsaw chaps uses a 400 denier polyester for its construction which offers decent protection. It includes a total of 4 layers that include both polyester as well as kevlar for a balance between protection and comfort. This product is made for using with gas powered chainsaws for your protection.

And just like various other options out there, this one comes in an apron style for easily wearing it. You also get safety certifications including OSHA and UL. The adjustable straps on the back of these chainsaw chaps allow you to have a secure fit while wearing these. Unfortunately, you cannot wash these in your washing machine as they need to be hand washed.

Best Features:

  • RG and 2X size options
  • OSHA and UL safety certifications
  • Made for gas powered chainsaws
  • Adjustable straps on the back for perfect fit
  • Made out of 400 denier polyester
  • Uses a mixture of kevlar and polyester
  • 4 layer apron style chainsaw chaps


  • Chainsaw chaps
  • User manual
  • Warranty card

Buy Now From Amazon

4. Oregon Chaps Protective Chainsaw Apron

Oregon Chaps Protective Chainsaw Apron

Oregon is one of the best brands in the industry that provides precision cutting tools like chainsaws and garden tools. They also make safety equipment like chainsaw apron chaps that offer outstanding protection. It is made out of a durable 600 denier oxford shell that can be adjusted in the waist (up to 46-inches) and length (up to 36-inches), and thereby makes it suitable for numerous users.

With its 8 layers of comfortable, breathable material, the chaps protect your legs when using this chainsaw. It has interlocking leg buckles to secure the chaps while working. Also, you get multiple safety certifications like ASTM F1414, ASTM F1897, and UL. The chaps are made to use with a gas-powered chainsaw. They are machine washable, which makes them easy to wash.

Unfortunately, you won’t get any warranty on the product and not offering any other accessories like helmet, eye or ear wear along with this product. 

Best Features:

  • 36-inch length
  • ASTM, UL certifications
  • Constructed from 600 denier oxford shell.
  • Made for gas-powered chainsaws.
  • Adjustable height and waist of up to 46-inches.
  • Made with 8 layers of breathable, protective material.
  • Interlocking leg buckles to keep the chaps safely in their place.


  • Chainsaw apron chaps
  • User manual

Buy Now From Amazon

5. Forester Chainsaw Apron Chaps with Pocket

Forester Chainsaw Apron Chaps with Pocket

Last we have another great option from ForesterForester is one of the most affordable brands available out there that offers safety equipment. And the Forester chainsaw apron chaps mentioned in this article can be a great choice if you are on a budget.

These chainsaw chaps from Forester are in the 1st position in this article as they are the cheapest option mentioned in this article. And even then it is able to offer various safety certifications like ASTM F1897, OSHA 1910.266, and UL. This means that you can safely use them with your chainsaw without any issues. It is made for use with a gas powered chainsaw and not an electric one.

As per the name, you also get pockets in this chainsaw apron which can be quite handy. You also get an adjustable belt which allows you to comfortably wear these 37 inch chainsaw chaps. These chainsaw chaps use a ripstop nylon material for the construction that offers decent protection while using these chainsaw chaps.

Best Features:

  • Affordable price tag
  • 37 inch length
  • ASTM, OSHA, UL certifications
  • Made for gas powered chainsaws
  • Inbuilt pockets for easy of use
  • Adjustable belt for perfect fit
  • Made out of ripstop nylon


  • Chainsaw chaps
  • User manual
  • Warranty card

Buy Now From Amazon

Buying Guide for the Best Chainsaw Chaps

A high-quality chainsaw chaps is essential to purchase, and wear while operating a chainsaw to protect your legs. Are you looking for the best chainsaw chaps? Then, as a buyer, you should know all about chainsaw chaps before buying. So, we are providing a detailed buying guide for these safety chaps. Go through them to know how to choose the best one.

What are chainsaw chaps?

Wearing regular trousers will get protection against wood splinters but they won’t be effective while using a chainsaw. So, here comes the usage of chainsaw chaps. Chainsaw chaps are specially made trousers for people who are operating chainsaws.

They protect the legs from not to get any accidental injuries, with its several layers of protective fabric. It has the capability to slow down / stop the machine. So, it is a must to wear safety trouser while working with sharp machines having rotating blades like chainsaw.

What factors to look when buying the chainsaw chaps?

A person working with a chainsaw should invest in these chaps. Making a wise choice and investing in best one, among various options is quite a hard task. So, here we are providing some key factors which you have to consider while purchasing them.

1. Safety Regulations & Certifications:

The chainsaw chaps are used as a safety equipment to wear while using the chainsaws. It has to follow some regulations and possess safety certification. The chainsaw chaps with certification means it is tested under various conditions to provide a highly safe and secure chainsaw chops for using with chainsaw.

Some of the safety standards and certifications for chainsaw chaps are UL, OSHA, ASTM, ANSI, and others. Remember that one which is safety tested and certified for its material quality & fitness will protect and save you in an emergency situation, better than chaps which won’t offer any safety regulations.

2. Protective Layers:

We came to know that chainsaw chaps are made with multiple layers of protective fabric to provide safety (protect the legs) & durability. Take a look on them.

  • Primary Fabric – One has to use chainsaw chaps made with strong fabrics to withstand the tough environment. Or else, it may wear out easily and you have to replace it by spending extra money. So, most of the manufacturers using toughest fabrics like denier polyester and tough nylon-based material to make the chaps.
  • Protective Fibers – The chaps are not to shield against chainsaw cutting but multiple layers of protective fibers will jam and slow down the rotation of chainsaw chains. So, these protective fibers made with heavy duty materials like ballistic grade nylon, Kevlar, & Avertic.
  • Outer Coating – Most of the chaps come with PVC coating on outside. This is due to various reasons like PVC will make the chaps slightly slippery, and thereby the saw blade will easily catch the outer material. Thus, it prevents any accidental injuries. PVC coating make chaps water and stain resistant.
  • Buckles & Straps – No matter what material you’re using for your chainsaw chap unless and until they stay securely in place. For this, you have to get quality straps and buckles to keep the chap stay right over the place to protect. Most straps are made with material similar to spandex, which stretches and won’t break easily. Whereas the buckles are made with heavy-duty polymer plastic or acetyl Delran.

3. Fitting Type / Design:

The fitting of chaps is essential to consider for its proper usage when sawing. Although, there are different types of fitting styles available while looking for these chaps, but only two are most popular among them – Apron Style & Wrap Around Style.

Apron Style:

  • As per statistics, most of the chainsaw accidents are happening to the front side of the user’s leg.
  • So, to resolve this issue and protect the user, the manufacturer’s designed the safety chaps in apron style.
  • They are lighter and thus allows the user to have more freedom of movement than wrap – around style.
  • The drawback of this style is that they won’t protect the back or back side of legs. It won’t let the user’s leg to breathe comfortably and don’t have more custom fit, like a wrap-around chaps have.

Wrap-Around Style:

  • Searching for a safety chaps that protect the whole leg while operating a chainsaw. Then you will definitely go with a pair of wrap-around style chaps.
  • They are designed to protect the whole leg, except a very small section in back of each leg.
  • The drawback of wearing this style safety chaps are they are heavier and has cumbersome to work than apron style chaps. They also cause a lot of sweat in legs when they wear.
  • They stay in place better than apron style.

4. Size:

One has to feel comfortable and protected when wearing the chainsaw chaps, to have a piece of mind while working. Most of the chaps offer waist coverage from 28 – 44 inches. Simply, measure the length of the legs from waistline to feet to properly cover the body. Wearing any incorrect size will definitely leave the body parts uncovered and may get any accidental injuries.

So, one has to buy the correct size of chainsaw chaps while working with chainsaw. Also, wear some durable clothes like jeans or other protective trousers under the chaps for further protection of legs and make sure to close the straps properly or else it may be stuck in the saw and cause a lot of issues.

5. Material:

The construction material used to make the chainsaw chaps will determine its safety and comfort. Also, it has to be made with durable and high-quality material, including a core with more layers for added protection. The comfortable chaps come with softer inner linings with an ergonomic shape.

Check whether the chaps you’re wearing is suitable to use with electric chainsaws or gasoline one, to prevent any injuries. Here, we mentioned some different material used for chainsaw chaps.

  • Kevlar – It is a stronger, lightweight, thinner and heat-resistant fiber, which was developed in 1965. Used as alternative to steel in racing tires but now widely used in clothing like chainsaw chaps more commonly than traditional chap material.
  • PVC – It is a synthetic plastic coating that allow the chap to repel water and oil. It can be quite handy while working outdoors with the chainsaw.
  • Nylon – This synthetic polymer is stretchy and flexible, which makes it easy to wrap around the drive sprocket. Thereby prevent the chainsaw from running and keep you safe.
  • Polyester – It is a chemical derived material made from air, petroleum and water. It makes the fiber used for chainsaw pants or chaps as short/long as possible. Just like nylon, it is used to wrap around the drive sprocket to prevent chainsaw from running.
  • Tek Warp – It is a protective material with cut-retardant property, which means it won’t be sliced by blade. Also, it is designed to pull apart to clog the sprocket system of chainsaw.

6. Material Thickness:

When it comes to the thickness of material used for chainsaw chap, one has to consider the layers of fabric used for making chaps. The more the fabric layers, the more you will get safety and protection. In general, chaps having more layers means having high chance of jamming the chainsaw mechanism.

Here Denier is a unit of measurement used to define how thick an individual fiber threads when fabrics and textiles are formed. So, by depending on various brands of chainsaw chaps and pants, you can have between 400 – 1000 denier.

7. Machine Compatibility:

There are mainly two types of chainsaws available in market and make sure that your chaps should be compatible with them. Whether you have an electric chainsaw or gas powered one, which not only differs in their power source but also in cutting or working mechanism.

So, you have to buy a compatible chainsaw chaps or else it won’t work effective and may injury the user. For instance, if you’re using chaps made for electric chainsaw and using it for a gas-powered chainsaw then it will cut through the chaps easily. So, buy the best chainsaw chaps or pants, which are made explicitly for particular type of chainsaw but won’t take any risk or chances.

8. Comfort:

One has to wear the chaps until and unless you work with chainsaw (for a long time). So, it must offer comfort with perfect size, material, brand. It has to provide enough room for easy movement with manageable weight and comfortable to wear. The weight of chaps won’t be heavy to compromise movement or light as lower quality. It should be breathable to provide comfort while working with this power tools, especially in summer.

The chaps have to come with adjustable straps, pockets to make it convenient to use at any time.  Some professional chainsaw chaps offer more comfort than others. For instance, nylon is softer than polyester whereas polyester fabric works best in wet areas, as it repels water.

9. Weight:

Although, it won’t be a big issue to consider but it makes some difference for both professional or non-professional users, while working for a longer time. Even an increase of 1 or 2 pounds in chaps weight will make most of the users exert and feel tired quickly, with added an extra weight.

We won’t totally make you use the lightweight pair of chainsaw chaps, why because the lighter pair won’t offer protection as much as heavier pair of chaps offers. So, always balance the weight and safety of using chainsaw chaps while purchasing it.

10. Other Features:

Here are some additional features which you have to consider for better and comfortable usage of chainsaw chaps.

  • Adjustable Waist Size – Although, it’s a general fact that people come with different sizes and shapes, including their waistline. So, to get a close custom fit of chainsaw chaps then simply choose a brand that fits properly to waist size. Follow the sizing chart of the manufacturer while selecting. Also, you should know that there is less adjustability built into specific waist size chaps.
  • Standard Sizing – They are not custom fit but more individually tailored, rather than chaps with one size fits all. So, you can find the chaps in various sizes like small, medium, large, & extra-large. The standard sized chaps come with a medium amount of adjustability built into it.
  • Multiple Straps – To make the chaps stay on body while using chainsaw, you have to use chaps with multiple straps. Generally, there are 3 straps around the bottom of legs and one around the waist to make the chaps stay firmly, comfortable and dependable in that place to work with ease.
  • Oil & Water Resistant – Not only flying dirt and debris will be faced while sawing wood outdoors but also user has to worry about things like water and oil resistant. Most of the chaps are water resistant and designed to resist oil, when they come into contact & keep you dry every time, while working outside with a chainsaw.
  • Convenient Pockets – Especially, useful while working outdoors, as you won’t have any easy access to tools. So, to get rid of this issue, the chaps are having big pockets to store and hold various small and handy items/tools while working but not larger one.
  • Extras – One has to possess various extra accessories like helmet with a safety shield for face, leather gloves, steel-toed boots, safety goggles along with sound suppressors to round out the lumberjack equipment.

11. Ease of Use:

The best chainsaw chaps will come with an easy and quick to put on and take off feature. So, after wearing and adjusting to your fit then it will become a matter of moments to put on and work. If you’re having chaps, which are difficult to wear in and out along with not staying adjusted then simply dump those chaps and purchase a better one, or else it results in restricted movements and neck pain. So, always select the one which has ease of use.

12. Price:

The price of this chainsaw chaps will range between $40 – $300, by depending on their features, brand, type of material used, & its size. So, choose the chainsaw chaps after comparing various best products and get the one which comes within your budget. Also, you have to check the warranty provided by the manufacturer for the particular product to make it a quality purchase.

Benefits of Chainsaw Chaps:

There are so many benefits one can grab by using the chainsaw chaps. Here we are providing a few benefits.

  • Take out easily – After having a heavy work with chainsaw, you & your normal clothing will get sweaty and sticky. This makes the user not comfortable to change the clothes, whereas the usage of chainsaw chaps will allow you to work comfortable and unstrap it easily.
  • One for All – Lacking in budget to purchase a chap for other family members then you can use this versatile nature of chainsaw chaps without any issue. So, it won’t act as an individual property but you share it with others.
  • Safety – Never ever think that your experience will protect you while operating chainsaw without wearing chap. Rather than having a costly trip to hospital, you have to protect your legs beforehand by using chaps, as accidents may happen to anyone unfortunately.

How this chainsaw chaps works?

These safety chaps contain multiple layers of strong & protective fabric that bunch up and clog the rotating chainsaw when it gets contact with chap. So, the chaps work to prevent the machinery from cutting into user’s leg and protect them from any lifechanging injuries.

  • The outer layer of this safety chaps will protect against any trivial damage from getting touch or slippery.
  • The long and loose fibers like nylon or Kevlar are used for beneath the protective material, which is laid-in layers will allow the user’s skin to breathe.
  • In case, if the chainsaw gets any contact with the protective chaps’ outer layer then it will cut through the material.
  • One can draw out the inner layers of chaps and wrap around the chainsaw’s drive sprocket. Then its yanking force will lock the tool and halt the chain. This reduce the damage that may occur to the legs.

Best Brands of Chainsaw Chap:

Want to know what are the best brands or who make the best chainsaw chaps? Here we are providing a quick overview of popular brands.

  • Husqvarna – The chaps from this brand will work well, considered as stylish safety chaps and rated high in the market. It has an excellent selection of all different types of chaps and comes with excellent warranties and good customer support.
  • Forester – This company’s chaps are safe, reliable and passed all safety standards. It offers a wide variety of chaps with all different sizes and colors with affordable price.
  • Stihl – It is the world’s oldest manufacturer of chainsaw and comes with well-designed chaps, which are rated high in the market. They are expensive but lacks in selling chainsaw chaps online. It has good customer support but warranty on product is not up to the mark.
  • Labonville – It is an outdoor and forestry clothing specialist, so one can find safety chaps with 10 safety layers. Although, this company won’t have large collection but provides specialized products with high price. Provides warranty as per the industrial standards.
  • Jonsered – Although, they produce plain chaps without any big selection but meet all essential safety standards and comes at reasonable price. It provides good customer support and standard warranty on its products.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1.How to measure the chainsaw chaps and how to get the best one?

When you want to measure yourself for buying a properly fitted chainsaw chaps, you have to take the help of someone. Stand straight and ask then to measure from waistline to instep. Then simply purchase a new pair that fits perfect for your size.
It should not be loose or tight nor small or large. One can easily adjust the chaps when wearing, pull all these straps to make it comfortable and tight. In case, if the buckles and straps won’t fit or breaks then go for a new pair.

2.How to choose the right sized chaps?

Never ever think that length of your pant is same for the length of your chaps. Its quite different and the chap size covers overall length. So, to know your overall length, one has to measure from waist to top of the foot. Most chainsaw chaps come with an adjustable waistband to make sure that you can easily get a perfect fit. So, stop worrying and take correct measurements to make the chap fits perfect for you.

3.What are the different types of chainsaw chaps?

Although, there are various different options available for chainsaw chaps but Type A & Type C are considered as most popular one.
·    Type A – This Type A chaps has protective fabric/blocking material that covers the front part of the legs. These chaps come with straps that go around the back to secure them.
·   Type C – Although, they are not really chaps but designed to resemble like full pants (entire leg) that you have to wear on whatever pants you’re wearing. The main advantage is they provide a wider range of protection than Type A, but heavier and bulkier.

4.Are chainsaw chaps essential to wear?

When handling a power tool like chainsaw, you may be exposed to risk of injuries & life-threating accidents. Don’t think that wearing a pair of stiff jeans will protect you from getting chainsaw accidents. It won’t in many cases. So, invest in chainsaw chaps, which are specially designed to halt the high speed of chainsaw chain.

5.How to clean and wash the chainsaw chaps?

It completely depends on the type of material used for their construction. So, different chaps require different cleaning methods, like some are hand washed, while other are machine washed in cold water only. Never ever place these chaps in dryer after washing them, you have to hung out to dry. Here are some most commonly used methods for washing your chainsaw chaps.
· Hand washable
· Machine washable by using cold water
· Wipe it off / non-washable.
To select the best way for washing your chainsaw chaps, you have to look into your user manual or simply contact the manufacturer.

6.Is this chainsaw chap bulletproof?

Chainsaw chap are not bulletproof yet they are cut-proof. They protective clothing are made with cut-resistant fabrics, which does protect you from saw hitting but not from bullet hitting you.

7.Can we repair the chaps after being cut during a chainsaw mishap?

Of course, you can but it depends on how seriously the mishap damaged the chap while sawing. Experts recommend to replace the chap after they saved you successfully from a major injury. Why because, after it been repaired, it still be considered as vulnerable spot and may hurt you when the chainsaw gets contact the chaps at that place. So, purchase a new pair of chainsaw chaps which are less worth than your legs.

8.Can we use these safety chaps while operating an electric chainsaw?

When we researched on this, we found varying opinions. So, its always best to contact the maker of chaps while purchasing. We can say that wearing chainsaw chaps while operating an electric chainsaw is not at all good with these two reasons.
The metal type fibers found in some brand chaps will contribute to get shocked while operating. The other reason is that the chains of electric chainsaw will rotate fast with high amount of torque. This makes the fibers in safety chaps unable to stop the blade to prevent any serious injuries. So, its best to check with your manufacturer to know is it good to wear their chaps with electric chainsaws.


Chainsaw chaps are one of the best ways to protect your lower body while using a chainsaw. These are quite durable and strong and help you protect your legs against a chainsaw. But just like any other safety equipment, there are various things that you have to check before chainsaw chaps for yourself. And you can find a detailed guide along with all of the major features of the various chaps present in this article. All of these things can be quite helpful for choosing the best one for you. But if you are not able to pick one, here are some of our recommendations for the best chainsaw chaps out there:

  • If you are one a budget, then you can go with the Husqvarna 587160702 Chain Saw Chaps. Despite its affordable price tag, you get various safety certifications. It even offers a 600 denier polyester with PVC coating for maximum safety while using a chainsaw.
  • The Forester OEM Arborist kit is also another great option as it offers multiple safety equipments in a single kit. Apart from the chaps themselves, you also get a helmet, ear muffs, and eyewear. And it is able to offer all of this at a justified price tag.
  • Although if you do not have any budget restrictions, then the Labonville chainsaw chaps are a great pick. These offer a blend of kevlar and polyester for maximum safety while using your chainsaw. And you even get multiple safety certifications including UL, OSHA, ASTM, ANSI, etc.

Make sure to share your thoughts in the comments section. You can also post any questions down there if you have any!

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