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How to Hang Fairy Lights?

Whether it is for Christmas decoration or for parties or even for year-round home/garden decoration, fairy lights are one of the easy, best and fancy way to light-up the mood. Fairy Lights are nothing but series or string lights that some people call the Christmas Lights or Decorative Lights. But if you are wondering how to hang fairy lights, then this guide is for you. We will see couple of easy ways to hang them from walls and ceiling and also how to secure them properly.


An important routine for many households during the holiday season is to decorate their beautiful homes with lights. A fancy name for these decorative lights is Fairy Lights.

Whenever we talk about these lights, we usually picture them with a warm color tone as early generations of Christmas lights were incandescent. But with modern LED lighting picking up the pace even for decoration lights, we can now get different styles/color tones such as cool white, warm white, color, and RGB.

You can get them as main powered or battery powered lights. Some fairy lights are a simple string lights while some come as curtain lights.

Irrespective of the color and type of bulb they use, the purpose of fairy lights is to create an ambience and bring out that festive mood. Some even use them as a year-long room decoration in their room with their art work, polaroid and photos for family and friends.

Where Can We Use Fairy Lights?

Let us first see some common places/areas where you can hang fairy lights.

  • Starting with indoors, you can hang them in your living room either on the wall as a complement to your artwork, photo frames etc. or from the ceiling along the corners.
  • If you have a bookcase or a display shelf, then these fairy lights can highlight the items in that.
  • You can get creative with fairy lights by using them with an empty glass jar, a basket, your dresser or any other place that benefits from these lights.
  • Another place where we spend a significant amount of time during holiday season is kitchen and dining table. So, start decorating your jars, boards or recipe books.
  • In case you have a wine collection, these fairy lights can highlight them. You can even use empty wine bottles (or any other glass bottles), fill them with fairy lights and place them in various corners of the kitchen or on the dining table.
  • Moving to the bedroom, one of the best and absolutely incredible places to hang fairy lights is in your kid’s bed tents or inside a canopy.
  • Hang them above your bed or highlight your dressing table. You can even decorate your bathroom but make sure that they don’t make any contact with water.
  • You can hang the fairy lights on your house’s entrance, along the hallway or a drive path. If you have porch, you can get creative with these lights and decorate these areas to entertain your friends and family.

There are so many other places where you can hang fairy lights in and around your house. Do some creative thinking with these lights on their placement and it will be a conversation starter.

How to Hang Fairy Lights?

Now, the important question: How to Hang Fairy Lights? To be very straight forward, there is no definitive answer to this question. As they are simple decorative lights, you can hang them as you like as long as they don’t interfere/obstruct you, doesn’t fall or come-off their hanging position and continue to light up as you intended.

Hang from Walls and Ceilings

One of the easiest ways to hang fairy lights from wall or ceiling is using command hooks. They simply attach to the wall using double side tape so that you don’t have to drill holes in the wall or drive nails. Another special thing about command hooks is that you can easily remove them and re-locate them without making any fuss on the wall (like damaging the paint or leaving residue).

Depending on the length of the fairy lights, you might need a handful of these command hooks. Make sure you place them at a uniform distance so that the lights look more appealing.

You can also drape the lights around furniture or bookshelves if you don’t want to use any hooks or nails.

Hanging Fairy Lights Outdoors

Outdoors, you can have a lot more flexibility. If you have brick wall, then you can use hanging hooks or nails to hang the lights.

You can wrap them around trees, pillars or other similar structures and no worries about nails. If you have a garden, you can simply hang the lights on the plants or use temporary posts that hold the lights.

Secure Fairy Lights

Whether you are using command hooks, nails, hanger hooks or simply wrapping the fairy lights around objects, make sure that they are properly secured. You don’t want them to hang loose or fall out of their position.

You can use zip ties to hold the fairy lights at place. Additionally, you can use tiny strings to tie the lights to these hooks so that they don’t accidently come off.

If you are using command hooks with double side sticky tape, check for the status of the adhesive as they eventually lose their strength and you have to replace them.


Fairy Lights are festive decoration lights that brighten the mood in and around your home during holiday season. They are a set of series lights in the form of a string or multiple string to form a “curtain”. You can hang them at various places in your home and in this guide, we saw some basic steps on how to hang fairy lights.

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