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How to Add a Bot to Discord Server? List of Popular Discord Bots

Discord is a popular chat application where you can use text messages and voice calls to hang out with your friends. Although originally developed for gamers to enable multiplayer communication, Discord can also be used by friends, communities, streamers and many others. If you already have a Discord Server with a large community, then Discord Bots can help you in managing the server for you. But What is a Discord Bot? Why to use them? Where can we find these Bots? How to Add a Bot to Discord Server? Let us try to find answers to all these questions in this article.

What are Discord Bots?

If you opened a banking website, you probably might have encountered with a chat application that pops up in one corner. You can ask simple queries in this chat application and depending on its capabilities, the application responds with an answer.

This is an example of a simple Chat Bot. A technical support person will not be answering your queries in the chat application but rather it is entirely software.

Discord Bots are quite similar. They are small artificial intelligence (AI) based software that are designed to perform some tasks automatically without human intervention. Consider this scenario. You have a Discord Server up and running with several members and new members are being added to the server daily. To make your server more member friendly and interactive, you decided to welcome new members with a personalized Welcome Message.

Instead of you manually welcoming each and every new member, you can simply make use of a Bot that does this job for you. As soon as the sever is added with a new member, the Bot can automatically detect that and send a welcome message. This is a simple example to demo the capabilities of a Discord Bot. You can add Bots to your Discord Server and make them perform many other tasks automatically.

What can Discord Bots do?

There are several Discord Bots that can provide a variety of functionality to your Server. One of the major tasks that a Discord Bot can do is Moderation. If you have a large community and members, then a Bot can be deployed to monitor the behavior of members and if it finds that a member has crossed a line (based on the rules set by the owner of the Server), it can mute or ban the members automatically.

Some Bots can be set to monitor active members of the Server and reward them with XP points and move them to higher levels based on their activity.

You can also use a Bot to send messages and notifications to members and alert them with latest updates on the server. Bots can also send welcome messages to new users automatically.

There are Bots that can play music for you and your friends on the server, bring up game chats, fetch latest memes, play games and many other tasks.

Where to Find Bots?

One of the simplest ways to find a Bot is using Google Search. Just search for ‘Discord Bot’ followed by the functionality of the Bot (for example Discord Bot Music) and you will get several results.

Another way to find Discord Bot is using GitHub. Yep. Simply search for ‘Discord Bot’ in GitHub and you will get several results. To simplify your search for Bots, there is a dedicated site which lists out several Discord Bot called ‘’. A similar repository of Discord Bots is ‘’.

How to Add a Bot to Discord Server?

Let us now see how to add a Bot to Discord Server.

  • Step 1: Search for the Bot you want to add either using one of the repositories mentioned above or if you already know their websites or simply searching in Google.
  • Step 2: Log in to Discord (if not logged in already). Make sure to login to the Discord’s Web App as well apart from the main desktop application.
  • Step 3: Invite Bot to your server either by clicking ‘Invite this Bot’ in or ‘Add Bot to Server’ in Carbonitex or ‘Add to Discord’ in the Bot’s website or other similar invite / add buttons.
  • Step 4: If you have multiple servers, then select the correct server to which you want to add the Bot. Only admins of the server can invite and add a Bot to the Server.
  • Step 5: Next, you can select / deselect all the permissions a Bot can have such as Administrator, Ban Members, Read Messages, Manage Roles, Send Messages etc. and finally Authorize the Bot by clicking on ‘Authorize’ button. Select the permissions carefully as a Bot can have complete control over the server.
  • Step 6:  If you complete until the previous step, then the Bot should be up and running in your Server and appears on the sidebar along with other members. The next steps are to customize the Bot. You can assign a role to the Bot in the Server settings and make sure that the Bot has the necessary permissions to fulfil that role. You can also setup additional customization such as a command channel, messages, etc.

Popular Discord Bots

Now that we have seen how to add a Bot to Discord server, let us now take a look at some popular Discord Bots that you can use in your server.

  • MEE6: One of the popular Discord Bots that can assist you with Moderation, Levelling and also Music. We already covered about MEE6 Bot and MEE6 Commands in an earlier article.
  • Dank Memer: If you want to increase the server engagement, then you can use latest memes (usually from Reddit) with the help of Dank Memer.
  • ProBot: Another multi-functional Bot which can automod the server, set custom welcome messages and also create custom commands.
  • Pancake: This Bot has several functions such as Music System, Moderation, Information (user and server), levelling, greetings (new user and custom messages), role management etc.
  • Translator: It is a powerful translator Bot for your Discord Server which supports over 100 languages.
  • Mantaro: It is a Bot to play games, have fun activities with your friends on the server.
  • GiveawayBot: If you are planning for giveaways to increase the engagement of your Server, then you can use this GiveawayBot.
  • Octave: It is a Bot for delivering high quality music from YouTube, SoundCloud, Spotify, etc. directly to your Discord Server.
  • Apollo: This Bot can help you in organizing events (create, inform, respond or remove) very easily. Apollo can also set up automatic reminders for the upcoming events and helps you in saving a lot of time.
  • Musibeth: If you want to play YouTube content directly on your Discord Server, then Musibeth Bot can help you with that. This is particularly useful if you have your own YouTube Channel and you want to spread it using your Discord Server.

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Discord Bots allow you to customize your server and make it more intuitive and do certain tasks automatically. We learned about Discord Bots, how they are useful and what kind of tasks a Bot can do. We also understood the process of How to Add a Bot to Discord Server and perform any additional customizations. Finally, we listed out some popular Discord Bot that might be helpful for your Discord Server.

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