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How To Get & Use Discord on PS5

For those who are into serious gaming, Discord is often used as the most preferred way of in-game communication. In 2021, Sony announced that the company was in discussion for a partnership with Discord. As the PlayStation insoles did not have any way to support discord, gamers had to improvise.

But, after the discussion, Discord slowly started to roll out a special feature called connection with pat for PlayStation users. At present, this feature is only available with PS4 and PS5 consoles.

This article offers you information on how you can connect your PlayStation console with a discord server.

What Is Discord?

Discord is a specially designed application software that allows people to communicate privately over text voice calls through the internet. You continue communication, you only need a stable internet connection. One of the best benefits of discord is its facility of private channels for communication. That means you can create a community where only those with access can join to converse and communicate through texts and voice calls.

Discord was designed for the special needs of gamers. Hence, it contains audio chat, voice calls, and text messages for communication between multiple people at once. You can also add new people to your discord rapid contact list for effective communication.

With discord, you can create a special communication channel during your gaming session where you can talk with your fellow gamers or Friends privately.

Can You Install Discord on PS5?

Despite the discussion, Sony has still not included discord in its PlayStation list. Hence, you cannot install discord on your PS5 now. But, there are alternative ways to connect discord with your PlayStation 5 network.

How Can I Get Discord on PS5?

1. Via PS5 Text Message

Even though you can’t download discord on your PS5 you can use the built-in messaging feature of the console to next it with discord. In this case, you need to use the web version of discord or communication. You just have to share the link of discord with your PS5. When you click the link inside the text, you will get directed to the discord website by the PlayStation party program. Here is a step-by-step guide-

Follow the Steps

  • First, install the PlayStation Party app on your console.
  • Next, go to the chat box and open the chats of any of your friends with a discord
  • Click on the link. You will be directed to the official discord website.
  • From here, sign in to your discord account and you are ready to go.

2. Via USB Headset

If you do not like the previous method you can also use the USB headset to connect discord with your PS5. It is a cross-platform method that requires you to use your PS5 console, your pc, and your USB headset. The headset must come with a functioning USB connection and optical cable. Besides that, you need a good quality MixAmp.

Follow the Steps

  • First, connect the PS5 console with the mix amp by using the optical cable.
  • Next, open ‘Settings‘ in your console.
  • From here scroll down to find ‘Sound and Screen‘.
  • After that, select the ‘Audio Output Settings
  • Now, select ‘Digital/Optical Output’ as the main output
  • In the meantime, open discord and run it in the background of your PC.
  • Now, take the USB cable and connect the PC with your PS5 using this cable.
  • After that, open the Discord program on your
  • From there, open ‘Settings‘.
  • In this window, select ‘Voice Settings
  • Wait for the new window to open. Here, select MixAmp under the input devices
  • Now, take a 3.5 mm port and use it to connect the mix amp with your PC audio jack.
  • After that, again navigate back to the Voice Settings window of Discord. Here select ‘Default speakers’. It will automatically choose the
  • Now, connect your USB headset with MixAmp. Check if everything is working
  • Finally, open the discord and you are ready to use discord while gaming on your PS5.

Why Do Gamers Use Discord?

If you check out the user base of Discord, you will find out that a large part of its user base is made of gamers. But why do gamers prefer it? Here are the reasons-

1. In-Game Communication

One of the main benefits of discord is its feature of in-game communication. It runs in the background when you are playing. That means you can communicate in real time without disturbing your gaming experience. This makes gamers strategize and communicate together in games for better performance. On top of that, you also do not need to call to start a voice chat, it runs simultaneously. Hence, the whole gameplay remains disturbance-free.

Besides that, discord also offers audio and video settings on hitting the game you are playing.

2. It Allows you to Create a Private Channel

Gamers love the private chat feature of discord. You can create a private channel for only a few people without the disturbance of others peeking through the communication. Hence, it remains a safe system with just a few people who have the same vision.

3. You Can Stream With it

Another reason behind the popularity of discord is its steaming feature. With discord, you can privately stream your gameplay with your friends during communication.

Furthermore, discord also has ‘Streamer Mode’ where. you can stream your gameplay by hiding your personal and in-game information. It offers you a safe feature for sharing your gaming skills with others.

4. It Supports a Wide Range of Devices

Discord supports a wide range of devices including PC, Xbox, etc. Discord is also available on iOS, and the Google play store and you can also use it on a smartphone. On top of that, you can also use the web version of discord if your device does not support discord apps.

5. Join a Community

Discord is a hub for communities and fandoms. Here you can join a special community to discuss your favorite game, latest game updates, etc.

Is Discord Safe On PlayStation?

Yes, discord is safe on PlayStation. The website is safe and there is a security threat. But, it is better to get an antivirus for your device to ensure that it remains protected from cyber threats.


Discord is slowly rolling out connectivity with PS5 in 2022. Here are the top methods for connecting discord with your PS5. Discord’s safe community is a thriving hub for gamers.

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