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Foscam Vs Amcrest – Find the Difference?

Main Differences Between Amcrest and Foscam

Foscam and Amcrest are two of the most trusted names in home security. While both brands offer excellent value for money, there are some differences that set them apart from each other. For instance, take the night vision mode for both brands.

While Foscam provides a staggering range of 196feet with its top models, Amcrest only covers around 98ft. In the video quality and digital zoom departments, however, Amcrest easily beats Foscam with a highly crisp video quality and 16x zoom over Foscam’s 6x zoom.



Foscam has some impressive security features. The Foscam Home Security 1080p is one of the flagship models of this brand. The entire set-up can take a couple of minutes. Foscam cameras are relatively inexpensive when compared to Amcrest.

Foscam Pros

  • The same class of model will cost less with Foscam.
  • Foscam has a greater field of vision with a better night vision mode.
  • The camera quality is at par with competitors despite lower pricing
  • Foscam security systems are plug and play.
  • Your camera can be connected to and controlled by a smartphone. This is a really convenient option when you are away from home.

Foscam Cons

  • Some Foscam users have reported WiFi connectivity issues that may crop up during set-up.
  • Accessing or storing all footages can be difficult.



Amcrest is really easy to set up. You will have no issues with connectivity. Amcrest cameras have amazing image quality. It is sharp and crisp even during night.

Amcrest Pros

  • Amcrest cameras have great image quality during both day and night.
  • The finishing and design of Amcrest cameras is very good.
  • Even the smallest of the Amcrest cameras have a wide field of view.
  • Amcrest provides excellent customer support
  • Amcrest has one of the best night vision cameras in this category.
  • Amcrest’s audio usually works both ways. So it is possible to have communication with a visitor.

Amcrest Cons

  • Amcrest cameras have a higher price than the competition.
  • It is not the best security cameras under rain, sleet or snow because the camera is highly sensitive to light.

Foscam vs Amcrest: Technical Specifications

Video Resolution Field of View Night Vision STORAGE Digital Zoom
proHD 1920×1080 90deg (Horizontal) 32ft 4GB free storage on cloud 16x
Foscam Home Security 1920×1080 110deg(Horizontal) 26ft One month free trial of Cloud Storage 6x

Foscam vs Amcrest – Similarities and Differences

1. Video quality

Both Amcrest and Foscam cameras have 1080p resolution. This generates a crisp and clear video where every detail is visible. Either cameras employ infrared technology for night vision while Foscam wins with 32ft vs Amcrest’s range of 26ft.

2. Build quality 

Amcrest and Foscam come with their own mounts. The devices are compact enough for being portable. Foscam’s finish and design look to be better than Amcrest’s.

3. Features

There are dedicated smartphone apps for both Amcrest and Foscam cameras. The app notifies the user of any movement with motion detection alert. A 2-way speaker and mic system allow you to have a conversation with a visitor.

4. Storage

Both offer cloud storage but for Foscam it requires a monthly subscription fee after the 1-month trial period.

5. Viewing angle

Foscam undoubtedly beats Amcrest in this department with a coverage angle of 110 degrees. Amcrest only offers a viewing angle of 90 degrees. However, 90 degrees should be more than sufficient for common situations.

6. Wi-Fi

After the initial set-up, WiFi connectivity remains pretty stable for both cameras. Foscam may show some connectivity issues during installation and setup.

Hardware Comparison

The cameras from both Foscam and Amcrest have full HD resolution. The sensor also has a similar size at 1/2.8inch. Therefore, both are suited for low light operation and night vision modes.

While both cameras have 3D noise rejection filters to increase the quality of video, Amcrest supports digital-HDR. This makes its dynamic range slightly better than Foscam.

Foscam edges past Amcrest in the night vision category. This is because it has 6 dedicated IR LEDs which gives it a massive range at night.  The night mode in Foscam activates on its own. It is also possible to switch it on manually.

Amcrest cameras have better chance at surviving harsh weather and rain with an IP66 rating. On the other hand, Foscam cameras have an IP65 rating.

Even though resolution of both cameras is the same, Amcrest cameras provide a better frame rate at 30fps. In comparison, Foscam’s camera provides 25fps. Amcrest also has a better lens, which is varifocal and motorized.

Software Comparison

Foscam provides a MicroSD slot for memory cards and also offers NVR and cloud storage. The cloud storage is a paid service after 1 month of free trial. The Foscam camera offers a digital zoom of only 6x. This is much less than Amcrest’s 16x digital zoom. However, digital zoom is known to degrade image quality.

Movement and sound detection settings can be customized in case of the Amcrest camera. The camera is also capable of pushing notifications to your phone via its app.

Amcrest or Foscam – Conclusion

To choose between the two brands, you have to set your requirements. If night vision and a wide viewing angle is what you are looking for, the Foscam should be your choice. On the other hand, for good video quality and a robust build you should stick to Amcrest.

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