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How To Change Discord Status?

Discord is a very popular (and free to use) gaming and streaming communication app. You can setup in-game chats, private audio channels, public chats, stream, screen-share and many more. There can be situations where you are in the middle of a gaming session or streaming but you have to step out for a bit. You can set your online status to easily state whether you are available, do not want to be disturbed or you will be back in some time. Whatever the reason is, you can set an appropriate online status. In this guide, we will learn what are the available status options and how to change discord status in Discord App, Web Browser, Android or iPhone. We will also see how to set a custom status.

An Overview of Discord

If you are a Discord user or if you are already maintaining your own Discord Server, then you already know a little bit about Discord and how it works. You can skip this and go ahead to the next section on how to change discord status. But if you are a beginner, then don’t worry, this section is for you.

Discord is a type of social media that allows users (gamers, streamers, an organization etc.) with text, audio (VoIP) and video chatting. The reason we said “a type of social media” is because it is a community driven communication system that works on an “invite only” basis.

The gaming industry is one of major clientele of Discord. Team-oriented games such as MMOGs, FPS, RPGs, etc., make use of the VoIP feature of Discord for in-game chatting. Here, team members communicate in real-time using private audio channels.

What is Discord Status?

Discord Status is nothing but an easy way to represent your online intent. Discord provides us with four basic online status options. Depending on the status, a colorful icon appears right next to your avatar/profile picture. We mentioned these icons in parenthesis next to the status below. You can set the status yourself or let Discord change it for you.

  • Online (Green Circle): It means you are online and ready to engage in any form of communication.
  • Idle (Yellow Crescent): Discord switches your status to ‘Idle’ if you are away from keyboard (AFK) for some time. This auto-idle status will return to ‘Online’ as soon as you make any activity with your keyboard. Or, you can set the status to idle yourself and this case it stays that way until and unless you explicitly change it.
  • Do Not Disturb (Red Circle with a Dash): If you set the status to ‘Do Not Disturb’, then the Discord will not disturb you with any notifications.
  • Invisible (Hollow Gray Circle): The last basic Discord Status is Invisible. If you set your status as invisible, then you appear ‘offline’ to other members. Even then, you can continue to access Discord normally and also chat with your friends without appearing online.

Apart from these four, there is another status option where you can create custom that represents exactly what you are feeling. You can customize both the status text as well as the icon that appears next to it.

What is the Need to Change Discord Status?

By setting a proper online status, you can indicate your friends/ other members about your online presence. Whether you are available, busy or you don’t want Discord to disturb you with notifications.

Assume you are in the middle of a gaming session and you need to leave the computer for some time. The reason could be anything: your mom called you, you have to do your homework or you are getting some refreshments.

If you set an appropriate status, your friends will not worry as why you are not responding or know exactly when you’ll be back.

With custom discord status and proper emojis or icons, you will help convey extra information. It can be anything from eating pizza or having a cup of coffee.

How to Change your Discord Status?

Let us now see how to change Discord Status in different devices/applications. Later, we will also see how to set a Custom Status in Discord.

In Discord App

  • 1: Open the Discord App on your Desktop. This method applies for all desktop Discord applications on Windows, Linux or Mac.
  • 2: On the bottom left corner, you can see your avatar/profile picture. Click on the picture.
  • 3: You will get a pop-up menu with four basic statuses and one option to set custom status. For the time being, let us stick to the four basic statuses.
  • 4: Choose one status from ‘Online’, ‘Idle’, ‘Do Not Disturb’ or ‘Invisible’. That’s it. You just changed the Discord Status.

On Web Browser

You don’t have to install the desktop application to use Discord. You can login from a web browser and start using Discord. Let us now see how to change Your Discord Status from a web browser. You can use any popular web browser (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge, Opera).

  • 1: Open and click on the ‘login’ button on the top right corner of the page.
  • 2: This will take you to a new login page. Enter your credentials i.e., e-mail ID or phone number and password.
  • 3: After logging in, the UI looks very similar to the desktop app. In fact, you can follow same steps as we did in the desktop app.
  • 4: Click on your profile picture from bottom left side of the page. From the pop-up menu, select one status.

On Android or iPhone

The good thing about Discord is that it is available for smartphone platforms as well. Discord apps are available for both Android as well as iPhone. Let us now see how to change status in a smart phone.

  • 1: Open/launch the Discord app on your smartphone.
  • 2: Look for your profile picture in the bottom right corner of the app. This opens the ‘User Settings’. Click on the profile picture.
  • 3: In the ‘User Settings’ page, look for ‘Set Status’ option and click on it.
  • 4: You will get the Status options. Select the appropriate status that you need.

How to Set Custom Status in Discord?

Up until now, we saw how to change Discord Status in Desktop app, web browser and also in smartphones (iPhone and Android). We focused only on the four basic status options: Online, Idle, Do Not Disturb and Invisible. It is now time to explore the last option: ‘Set a custom status’.

We will now see how to set custom status in Discord. The procedure which we are going to mention is a generic one and you can apply it to different apps or devices. For the sake of convenience, let us proceed setting custom discord status in a smartphone.

  • 1: Open the Discord app in your smartphone and click on the profile picture. You can find it in the bottom right corner of the app.
  • 2: In the ‘User Settings’ menu, click on ‘Set Status’ and then choose ‘Set a custom status’ option.
  • 3: First, select the status text box and enter your custom status. You can change/set an icon for this status. To do that, click on the emoji in the text box. You will get a bunch of icons/emojis. Select your choice of icon.
  • 4: After entering the text and setting the icon, you can see ‘Clear After’ options below. They are: ‘Don’t Clear’, ‘Clear in 30 minutes’, ‘Clear in 1 hour’, ‘Clear in 4 hours’ and ‘Clear Tomorrow’.
  • 5: By default, custom statuses will expire after 1 day. But you can manually set the duration here. Select an appropriate ‘clear’ option and click on the save icon.
  • 6: You can instantly clear the custom status by pressing the ‘X’ icon next to the custom status.

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Discord Status is an easy way to tell your friends or yourself about your online status. Depending on the status you set, you will receive all the notifications or mute the notifications. You can appear offline of other users and also set a personalized message. In this guide, we saw how to change Discord Status from different applications or devices. You can set it from the desktop app, web browser and smartphone (iPhone and Android). We also saw how to set custom status in Discord.

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