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10 Best Orbital Sandpaper Reviews in 2024

You have the best orbital sander but you still find sanding difficult. It’s not only you. A lot of people are totally unaware of the fact that the sandpaper alone can a huge difference in the result. If you think any sander would do the job, well you are wrong. Even this tiny piece of scrubbing paper has a lot to offer.

What do you want it for? woodworking, metal working, scrapping of old paint? They widely vary in terms of  construction, size, functionality and grit options.  Therefore making your choice ever more difficult. So, before you go shopping, you must know everything you are looking for.

Here’s a few factors that you would like to checkbox while purchasing an orbital sandpaper:

  • Foundation: We never forget to pay less attention to the stability of the sanding disc. We always check whether the sanding disk has the foundation to stay in place while working. In fact we consider it as the main feature that can ensure providing a great working experience. Besides, it is also beneficial in saving fingertips from business tools.
  • Size: The size of the sandpaper is not something that you should overlook. If you are someone who already has a sander, you must buy accordingly to ensure finding the perfect fit. For example, the orbital sandpapers can be the best fit for orbital sanders. Besides, the type of job that you have undertaken is also one of the prime things that decide the size you require for your purpose.
  • Grit: Sanding discs that you choose for wood sander are mostly measured by the grits or coarseness. The discs that contain 40 to 50 grits are generally considered coarse grits. However, the sandpaper with 60 to 100 grit is medium grit. When the sandpaper has more grit, it becomes softer and provides finer results.

While there are several other factors that you must consider while choosing sanding papers, these are only a few. Remember to consider these parameters while buying if you want to acquire the best results. So, in the next section, we will find the top best orbital sandpapers available in the market that you can choose.

Best Orbital Sandpaper

Best Orbital SandpaperDisc SizeHoleGrit SizeMaterialPackageBuy Now
S SATC Orbital Sandpaper5-Inch8-Hole40 60 80 120 180 240 320 GritsAluminum Oxide72 PCSCheck On Amazon
Miady Orbital Sandpape5-Inch8-Hole40/80/120/240/320/600/800Aluminum Oxide70 PCSCheck On Amazon
WORKPRO Orbital Sandpaper5-Inch8-Hole60, 80, 100, 120, 150,180, 240, 320, 400, 600 GritsAluminum Oxide150-pieceCheck On Amazon
Dura-Gold Orbital Sandpaper5-Inch8-Hole-Aluminum Oxide50 piecesCheck On Amazon
Aiyard Orbital Sandpaper5-Inch8-Hole60/80/120/150/220/320/400Aluminum Oxide100 PcsCheck On Amazon
LotFancy Orbital Sandpaperr5-Inch8-Hole40 60 80 100 120 180 240 320 400 800 1000Aluminum Oxide110pcsCheck On Amazon
POWERTEC Orbital Sandpaper5-Inch8-Hole60/ 80 / 100/ 120/ 150/ 220/ 320 GritAluminum Oxide50 piecesCheck On Amazon
Alysontech Orbital Sandpaper5-Inch8-Hole60/ 80/ 120/ 180/ 240/ 320/ 400 GritsAluminum Oxide100 PcsCheck On Amazon
STUHAD Orbital Sandpaper5-Inch8-Hole40/ 60/ 80/ 120/ 180/ 240/ 320/ 400/ 600 GritAluminum Oxide165 pcsCheck On Amazon
S&F STEAD & FAST Orbital Sandpaper5-Inch-80/ 120/ 180/ 220/ 400/ 600/ 1000/ 2000/ 3000 GritSilicon Carbide54 pcsCheck On Amazon

Best Orbital Sandpaper Reviews

1. S SATC Orbital Sandpaper

S SATC Orbital SandpaperThe S SATC is a known brand providing the best quality products to its customers. The Hook and Loop Adhesive Sanding Discs Sandpaper offered by them can be a good choice for you as it has a total of 72 pieces of sandpapers. It has been further classified into different types to let you work for various purposes. The package comes with 40 grit available in 12 pieces and 10 pieces of the rest grits like 320,240,180,120,80 and 60. The entire package has a huge assortment of fine to rough sandpapers that can meet your polishing needs.

It has been offered with a proper adhesive with Velcro backing. It is super easy to stick to the sanders. Once installed, you can stay assured that it won’t fall. Since these are manufactured with aluminium oxide grain, you can stay assured about their durability. These sandpapers can be the best choice for both metal and woodwork.

The open coat can be highly effective in producing a consistent and even scratch pattern. With the special stearate coating, this sandpaper acquires maximum resistance from pilling and clogging. Therefore it can provide better finishing to your surface and a top-notch polishing effect. Besides, they have designed the 5-inch sandpaper to make it universal orbital sandpaper. So, you can use this for both non-metallic and metallic surfaces like aluminium alloy, bare wood, metal and painted surface, leather, glass, plastic and other materials.


  • These have 8 holes in them.
  • There are a total of 72 pieces of sandpaper.
  • It contains 10 pieces of 60, 80,120,180,240, and 320 grades and 12 pieces of 40 grit.
  • These orbital sanders are 5 inches in size.
  • It contains Velcro backing to stick with universal sanders easily.
  • These are produced from the aluminium oxide grain.
  • It can be a good choice for woodwork, metal work, and painting work.


  • They come with a great adhesive.
  • They have great performances.
  • They have extremely great quality.
  • They last longer than others.


  • Sometimes it knocks off while using.

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2. Miady Orbital Sandpaper

Miady Orbital SandpapeMiady 5-Inch 8-Hole Sanding Discs is a perfect package that can easily meet your diverse requirements. It has a total of 70 pieces of sandpaper. With this package, you can get 10 pieces of sandpaper from each grit range. These include 800, 600, 320, 240, 120, 80 and 40. Therefore, everything that you might need is available in one package.

It comes with the hook and loop method, making installation and removal easy. Besides, you can stay assured that the sandpaper will not come off after installation. Being made with the use of premium aluminium oxide, it can be the best choice to deliver long-lasting and fast sanding. You can also stay assured about the durability of the product. The 5-inch size of sandpaper makes it a versatile choice and can be adjusted in any sander.

The design consists of 8 holes, which makes the material a good choice. The holes ensure no dust accumulation and the perfect management. So sanding work becomes easier with the use of this quality sandpaper. Besides, to make it easy for the worker to identify the grit, the sanding discs have the disc number mentioned on the backside of them.

With this one package, you can easily take any type of work. The availability of 40 to 320 grits makes it possible to take up heavy woodworking or heavy-duty removal. On the other hand, the 400 to 800 grits are another one that can be a good choice to finish the high gloss work. Having this one pack can handle diverse requirements.


  • It contains 70 pieces of sandpaper.
  • The use of aluminium oxide makes it a durable sanding material.
  • It includes 8 holes for dust management.
  • It is a great choice for high gloss work and woodworking.
  • Availability of the grit name on the backside ensures easy identification.
  • The package includes 10 pieces of 800, 600, 320, 240, 120, 80 and 40 girt.


  • The grits do not clog.
  • The hole patterns are perfect.
  • Very effective in its function.
  • They are durable in nature.


  • Too small in size.
  • The adhesive might show problems sometimes.

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3. WORKPRO Orbital Sandpaper

WORKPRO Orbital SandpaperThe WORKPRO 150-piece Sanding Discs Set is the ideal choice for people looking for an all-in-one package. It contains 150 pieces of sandpapers which can be used for a multitude of needs. You will get different grits in this one package. You get 20 pieces of 60, 80, 100, and 120 grits, 15 pieces of 150 and 180 grit and 10 pieces of 240, 320, 400 and 600 grits. Thus, this package can take up a multitude of work from metal and non-metal finishing to rubber, wood, leather, stone, plastic and other materials.

It consists of napping back, which improves the longevity of the disc and quick replacement. Besides, it also includes the grit size mentioned on the backside, making it easier for workers to identify. The use of high quality aluminium oxide on the sandpapers makes these sandpapers anti-clogging, durable and long-lasting. It is also responsible for delivering a fast and smooth finish.

The 8 holes design of the sandpaper has been created for proper dust management. Besides, being available in 5 inches makes it a great choice to be used in universal sanders like DEWALT, Makita, Bosch, BLACK+DECKER, PORTER-CABLE, and a lot more. Having one such set of high-quality tools can be absolute bliss for you.


  • The package contains 20 pieces of 60, 80, 100, and 120 grits, 15 pieces of 150 and 180 grit and 10 pieces of 240, 320, 400 and 600 grit.
  • The 5-inch size makes it a universal choice.
  • Available of 8 holes ensures great dust management.
  • The use of aluminium oxide ensures durability.
  • The grit name available on the backside makes it easily identifiable.
  • It has a wide range of usage on both metal and non-metal.


  • It has a perfect size.
  • The hold placements are very accurate.
  • No issues with sticking to the sanders.
  • Outstanding adhesion with the sander pad.
  • It offers great results.


  • Some users faced turning issues.

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4. Dura-Gold Orbital Sandpaper

Dura-Gold Orbital SandpaperThe Dura-Gold Premium 5″ Green Film Sandpaper Discs can be a good choice as it has 5 inches of 2000 grit sandpaper. It is the ultrafine and high-performance standing discs that can help to acquire the best results. The green film 5 inches of sandpaper has 8 holes for easy dust management and seamless working. The fantastic hook and loop backing of these discs makes sure to securely attach to the sanders and let you work without facing any disruption.

It is a superior quality product that makes sure to offer a quality finish. These sanding discs have been coated with aluminium oxide corundum which is again mixed with Zirconia alumina. Thus, these products blend to provide additional toughness to the film. So, you can use these discs to get a faster and more precise cut. Besides, being long-lasting construction adds to its benefit. The extra-tough backing improves the usage and productivity of the products.

The 2000 grit size is generally a great choice for people looking for a precise and detailed finish on different surfaces. Whether you want it in your detailing shops or painting or auto body, this package can be your ideal choice. The extra-fine finish offered by these sandpapers makes it an excellent choice for a perfect and seamless look. So, you can use it seamlessly on wooden furniture, metalworking, crafting, fibreglass, plastics, drywall and other materials. So irrespective of your purpose, if you are looking for the best ultra-fine finish, you can get this package.


  • It contains 5 inches of 2000 grit.
  • It has 8 holes to ensure easy dust management.
  • It is coated with aluminium oxide corundum and fused with zirconia alumina for lasting use.
  • It offers ultrafine cuts.
  • It can be used for a variety of purposes.


  • The sandpapers are excellent in their use.
  • You can easily achieve a smooth and fine finish.
  • It stays in the position.
  • It offers top-notch performance.


  • Initially it might seem aggressive to some.

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5. Aiyard Orbital Sandpaper

Aiyard Orbital SandpaperThe Aiyard sandpaper is available in a range of grit like 60/80/120/150/220/320/400. However, the 60 grit package is available in a count of 100 per box. These loop and hook sanding discs can be a good choice for you. Keeping in mind the quality required, this amazing product has been infused with alumina grain. It means that using these sandpapers will help you to achieve more sharpness and have improved durability. Thus, you can choose this sanding paper to acquire the best and most efficient result.

This amazing quality sandpaper has been crafted with premium materials to offer durability and longevity. Since it has been infused with alumina oxide, it can provide efficient work and sharpness in every task. Included with the binder improves the softness and wear resistance. Thus, making this a durable and unbreakable product.

It features 8 holes in it to make it easier for dust collection. Improved adhesive with Velcro design makes it easier and quicker for the users to remove and install the sandpaper. Apart from this, it has a strong adhesion that prevents falling off while using sandpaper. This 5-inch orbital sandpaper can be a good choice to be used in different sanders. It can be used for a wide range of work, including polishing and grinding for fibreglass, wood, aluminium alloy, painted surface, stone, plastic, and other non-ferrous metals.


  • It includes different packages with 60/80/120/150/220/320/400 grit range.
  • It has a hundred pieces of sandpaper.
  • It contains eight whole 5 inches of sandpaper, making it a universal choice.
  • The aluminium oxide disc makes it a long-lasting option.
  • The fantastic Velcro backing makes it easier to stick and stay in place while working.


  • It can be a great choice due to its superior performance.
  • It provides a strong result.
  • These remains stuck to the sander.
  • They have steady longevity.
  • They require very little change.


  • Some users complain about not being strong enough.

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6. LotFancy Orbital Sandpaper


LotFancy Orbital SandpaperTake your sanding game to the next level with the LotFancy Sanding Disc Variety Pack. This pack has everything you need for sanding—110 discs with 11 different grits (from 40 to 1000). They’re all carefully chosen to make your sanding jobs easy and smooth. Made with top-notch aluminum oxide, these discs are super tough, guaranteeing they work fast and last a long time. Thanks to a special coating, these discs won’t get clogged up, ensuring a smooth finish on wood, metal, plastic, and other materials.

It’s super easy to use these discs with the hook and loop backing—just attach and remove them in seconds. Pre-punched holes ensure efficient dust extraction, maintaining a clean workspace. These discs work with most random orbital sanders, like Bosch, DEWALT, and Makita. They’re perfect for all sorts of projects like cars, woodworking, marine stuff, DIY crafts, and more.

Measuring 5 inches in diameter, each pack includes 10 discs for every grit, offering a comprehensive range from coarse (40 grit) to fine (1000 grit). Bring out the best in your projects with the LotFancy Sanding Disc Variety Pack. It’s a must-have for both pros and folks who love doing things themselves. Order today and experience the perfect blend of efficiency, quality, and versatility in your sanding endeavors.


  • Covers 11 grits (40-1000) for diverse sanding applications.
  • Crafted with high-quality aluminum oxide for fast and long-lasting performance.
  • Special stearate coating prevents clogging, ensuring a smooth finish.
  • Pre-punched holes enhance efficient dust extraction for a cleaner workspace.
  • Hook and loop backing facilitates quick attachment and removal in seconds.
  • Fits most random orbital sanders, including popular brands


  • Efficient for various materials: wood, metal, plastic, and more.
  • Comprehensive assortment for automotive, woodworking, marine projects, and DIY crafts.
  • Quick and easy disc changes with hook and loop backing.
  • Durable construction ensures long-lasting use.
  • Compatible with a wide range of random orbital sanders


  • May not be suitable for specialized sanding needs beyond the specified grit range.
  • Quantity of each grit may not be sufficient for heavy professional use; additional purchases may be needed.

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7. POWERTEC Orbital Sandpaper

POWERTEC Orbital SandpaperIf you are looking for a premium quality product that can offer exceptional durability, then the POWERTEC 44006G-50 A/O Hook & Loop Sanding Disc can be a wonderful choice. It ensures premium build quality with the use of aluminium oxide grain. It gives durability and the ability to provide faster results to the users.

This kit includes 60/ 80 / 100/ 120/ 150/ 220/ 320 grit sandpaper and can be the best choice for variable applications, which means quality finishing on smooth surfaces. It includes a hook and loop backing that makes it easier to change and adjust the sandpaper as per your needs. It also improves the health of the sanding disk. It is available in a pack where the discs are designed to offer fast and durable results.

The availability of 8 pre-punched holes on these sandpapers gives it high precision sanding without clogging. Besides, the sanding abrasive is heat and moisture-resistant, thereby allowing you to work without any restrictions. Since the brand is highly committed to exceeding the expectations of its customers, choosing the range of selections offered by them to its customers can be a valuable choice for users.


  • It has an aluminium oxide grain construction to offer faster cutting results along with ensuring durability.
  • It has a hook and loop back that allows users to easily change and quickly adjust the sanding disk for long-term results.
  • It consists of 8 pre-punched holes that ensure anti-clogging and dust management.
  • The sanding abrasive is heat and moisture-resistant.
  • It has different grits range which makes it the perfect choice for woodwork.


  • The aluminium oxide construction offers faster results.
  • Performs exactly what it claims.
  • The hook and loop hold is perfect.
  • It lasts long.
  • It offers very satisfactory results.


  • Some users have faced issues with the adhesive.

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8. Alysontech Orbital Sandpaper

Alysontech Orbital SandpaperThe Alysontech 5 Inch 8 Hole Hook and Loop Sanding Discs Sandpaper has 100 pieces of quality sandpapers in its package. It has been included with a substantial addition that ensures sticking to the orbital sander properly. The hook and loop back of this sandpaper make them better than ordinary sanding discs. The use of premium aluminium oxide abrasive makes this sanding disk a long-lasting and durable choice.

Keeping attention to the sandpaper production standard, the company offers durable and quality products. The pack contains 100 classic sandpaper available in different grit ranges. So, in this package, you get 10 pieces of 400, 320, 240 and 60 grit and 20 pieces of 180, 120 and 80 grit sandpapers. Therefore, the vast assortment of sandpapers can satisfy the general polishing and grinding requirements.

The 5 inches of sandpaper makes it a universal choice for a wide range of sanders. Apart from this, the 8 pre-punched holes on this sandpaper help it manage dust and ensure fast working. It is compatible to work with finishing and grinding on both metal and non-metal, plastic, leather, wood, rubber, glass and different other materials.


  • It includes 100 pieces of different grit sandpapers.
  • It can satisfy the sanding effects that you need.
  • It has been constructed with aluminium oxide to offer quick and seamless results.
  • It has a hook and loop backing to ensure long-lasting and robust installation.
  • The 8 holes pre-punched make it official for dust management.
  • It can be used for a wide range of purposes like car standing, metal polishing, furniture sanding, mirrors surfacing and a lot more.


  • It offers excellent results.
  • It is effortless to replace and install.
  • It is a cost-effective product.
  • It comes with an excellent adhesive.


  • Some users faced issues while replacing the sandpapers from the sander.

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9. Stuhad Orbital Sandpaper

STUHAD Orbital SandpaperThe Stuhad Orbital Sander Sandpaper is an incredible choice for various projects. The entire kit includes a range of sanding grits which can be used for several purposes. It includes 20 pieces of 600, 400, 320, 240, 180, 120, 80, 60 grit and 5 pieces of 40 grit. So a total of 165 sandpapers can be used for several purposes.

The inclusion of adhesive on the backside of the sanding disk makes them very easy to replace and install when required. You can stay assured that these sandpapers will not fall off from the sander while using them. It contains the hook and loop design created from the premium quality aluminium oxide abrasive that gives it a long-lasting effect.

Using quality materials on the sanding papers makes it easier to acquire fast results and a smooth finish. It includes a diameter of 5 inches which is compatible with universal orbital sanders. Apart from this, the pre-punched 8 holes on the sandpapers make it easier for dust management and use.

One of the unique aspects of this sandpaper set is that you can use it for dry and wet use. It can be the perfect choice for grinding any coarse surface, wall polishing, wood, cleaning metal rust, and much more. It is also a great choice for leather, glass, plastic, and rubber.


  • The entire set includes 165 pieces of sandpapers in different grades.
  • It has been created with premium quality aluminium oxide abrasives for faster results.
  • It includes 8 pre-punched holes for effective dust management.
  • It has the universal 5-inch diameter to fit most sanders.
  • It can be a perfect choice for general polishing, sanding and grinding different kinds of materials like plastic, wood, rubber, leather and much more.


  • They are an excellent value for money.
  • These sandpapers fit perfectly with most orbital sanders.
  • They include a wide variety of grit.
  • The price point is simply grit.


  • Some users experience breakage of the sheets.

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10. S&F STEAD & FAST Orbital Sandpaper

S&F STEAD & FAST Orbital SandpaperThe S&F STEAD & FAST 5-inch Wet Dry Sanding Discs are a great choice with a quality hook and loop design. It ensures that the sandpaper does not fall off the sander while working. It has discs with 5 inches diameter that can easily fit most of the orbital sander. Since these are manufactured with silicon carbide abrasive, they get waterproof backing and tear-resistant quality. This is what makes this sandpaper the best quality for wet sanding.

The entire kit contains high-quality sandpapers available in a range of grit. It includes four pieces of 180, 120 and 80 grit sandpapers. It also includes 6 pieces of 220, 2000 and 3000 grit sandpaper and 8 pieces of 1000 and 60 grit sandpaper. So, the entire package is valuable to perform the range of work you require.

The 8 pre-punched holes available on this sanding disk make it a perfect choice for you as it ensures proper dust management even in dry conditions. The hook and loop Velcro backing ensures that the sanding discs are perfectly fitted and do not fall off while working. It can be a practical choice for both wet and dry sanding. The silicon carbide abrasive helps it gain and provides a super smooth surface. So, you can easily use the sandpapers on automotive, metal, wood, gel coat and a lot more.


  • It is wax and silicone-free.
  • It has sharp and hard silicon carbide abrasives that offer faster and better sending results.
  • It has an easy hook and loop design for quick replacement and removal.
  • It has a 5-inch diameter, which makes it easy to work with any orbital sander brand.
  • It has a waterproof design.
  • It consists of 8 holes, making it gain a better dust management feature.


  • It is a great deal.
  • It lasts longer.
  • It remains attached to the sander.


  • Users complain of having irregular grit.

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Buying Guide for best Orbital Sandpaper

Now that we have already talked about the 10 best orbital sandpapers available in the market, you must be able to make the right decision. However, with the overwhelming choices and options available in the market, it is always recommended to check before you use it. Make sure that you find out the essential features that you need in the sandpaper before you choose. However, you might face many problems choosing the best orbital sandpaper as a beginner. Hence, here is a comprehensive buying guide you must follow while choosing the best orbital sandpaper.

1. Material

It is always advised to look into the sandpapers’ construction material. Remember that when it is created with high-quality materials like aluminium oxide and silicon carbide, it offers longevity and strength to the product. Metals are always considered the best choice when it comes to ensuring longevity. So while choosing sandpaper, make sure that you pay attention to the construction to stay assured about its functionality.

2. Shape and measurement

If you are using orbital sanders, you will obviously require choosing the orbital sandpapers. The most important thing to consider is the shape is similar to the sanders you are using. Apart from this, don’t forget to check the measurement. A 5-inch diameter is considered a universal size that can easily fit on most sanders. So while you’re choosing the orbital shape, also make sure about the measurement to ensure ease while using it.

3. Grit size

Depending on your usage, you must find the grit size that can be the best choice for you. Since the different grit ranges have different purposes, the first thing that you need to understand is your requirement. Based on your needs, you can find out the grit size that would help you to perform the work in the best manner. When the grit size is larger, it will offer a finer result.

4. Dust Management

When choosing sandpaper, you always need to ensure that it has a proper design that checks the dust collection or management. With the number of holes, the sanders create a vacuum and passage to eliminate the dust. However, depending on the size and shape of the sandpaper, the number of holes varies. So, when you choose the orbital sandpaper, make sure that it has a number of holes and designs which can easily manage dust and let you work without any restrictions.

5. Grit readability

Being a person who is continuously into work, it is not always possible to reach out the kit and find out the grit range. So, it should always be that easy to read the marking. Some sandpapers contain the marking on their back, making it easier for the users to understand the range and use it accordingly. Some sandpapers come in different colours, which become markings, while others come with markings on their back. You can choose one based on what you find easy and then purchase the package.

Frequently asked questions

1. Which is the best grit size that I must choose for rough sanding?

Ans: If you want rough sanding on the orbital sander, it is advisable to choose the grit size from the 40 – 100 range. This is the best range to strip the painted wood.

2. What is the best way to remove a sticky disc from Sanders?

Ans: Whenever you face trouble removing any sticky disc, it is advisable to use a hairdryer. Since it warms up the sand disc before peeling, it makes it a lot easier. You can also use a hook and loop system to eliminate such issues in the future.

3. Why is it crucial to check the number of holes in the sandpaper?

Ans: Since we use sandpaper for a range of work like sanding, furnishing and several other purposes, it starts accumulating products. We generally recommend eight holes in orbital sandpaper of 5 inches diameter because it is highly effective in managing dust and ensures seamless working irrespective of the surface.


Hopefully, from the above-mentioned information, now it will become a lot easier for you to choose the best orbital sandpaper for your sander. These products are exceptional and do an outstanding job for various purposes. However, if you want to know the top 3 expert recommendations, here we go.

  • WORKPRO 150-piece Sanding Discs Set is the first choice as it includes a complete set of 150 grits from 60, 80, 100, 120, 150,180, 240, 320, 400, and 600 Grits. Besides, the availability of grit size on its back makes identifying easy.
  • LotFancy Sanding Discs has a total of 110 pieces of sandpapers in the kit. The Velcro hook and loop back provide an easy replacement and removal capability.
  • Alysontech 5 Inch 8 Hole Hook and Loop Sanding Discs Sandpaper has 100 sandpapers of 60, 80, 120, 180, 240, 320, and 400 Grits. It can be an excellent choice for finishing and grinding on both metal and non-metal, plastic, leather, wood, rubber, glass and different other materials.

And that’s all! Hopefully, this guide was a good help for you in finding out the most suitable sandpaper kit for you. Remember to purchase sandpapers based on the sander you are using and the purpose.

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