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Best 8 Keyless Door Locks 2024: Secure & Smart Home Entry Solutions

                                         “No more hidden spare keys or lockout anxieties with the Best Keyless Door Locks”

In the ear of smart home living, keyless door locks are the harmonious note that resonates with both security and convenience.

From biometric recognition to smartphone integration, these locks are rewriting the norms of home access.

However, amidst the sea of options, pinpointing the perfect pick can be quite the endeavor.

We’ve delved deep into their functionalities, scrutinized their security features, tested them multiple times, and reached out professionals as well – all to present you with the best keyless door locks 2024.

If you are eager to learn about our meticulous testing process and the criteria that shaped our recommendations? Dive into our comprehensive “Buying Guide”.

Below, you can also find our in-depth reviews for the best keyless door locks shortlisted by the industry-experts. 

Roundup of the Top 8 Picks!

Best Keyless Door Locks Chart

Best Keyless Door LocksControl OptionsPhysical Key OptionWarrantyBuy Now
Amazon Basics Keyless Door Lock‎Hand Control, Mechanical knob
Yes1 Year LongCheck On Amazon
Sifely Keyless Door LockFingerprint Door Lock, Biometric Door Lock, Keypad Entry Door Lock, Passcode Code Door Lock, Digital Smart Door LockYes1 Year LongCheck On Amazon
Yale Keyless Door LockWi-Fi, Yale Access App, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, HomeKit, Phillips Hue, and Samsung SmartThingsNo1 Year LongCheck On Amazon
SMONET Keyless Door LockSmart Deadbolt App Control, Ekeys Sharing, App Monitoring Auto-LockYes1 Year LongCheck On Amazon
August Home Keyless Door LockZ-Wave, HomeKit, and AlexaYes1 Year LongCheck On Amazon
Sifely Deadbolt Keyless Door LockMobile ApplicationYes1 Year LongCheck On Amazon
HARFO Keyless Door LockFingerprint , Keypad, Passcode Smart LockYes1 Year LongCheck On Amazon
Hornbill Keyless Door LockHandle, Free APP, IC Card, CodeYes1 Year LongCheck On Amazon

Best Keyless Door Locks Reviews

1. Amazon Basics Keyless Door Lock

The next product on our list of the best keyless door locks is from Amazon Basics. This brand is a frontrunner in the smart lock industry, continually impresses with its blend of innovation and affordability.

Suitable For 

Ideal for front doors, back doors, and side entrances, providing homeowners with both security and convenience.

Key Features 

The Amazon Basics Electronic Keypad Deadbolt is an innovative security solution that merges the convenience of keyless entry with traditional style.

This product stands out with its ability to set up to 6 customizable user codes, and the option to create temporary codes for guests or service personnel.

It features both 1-touch and timed locking mechanisms, along with an adjustable automatic locking feature that activates within 10 to 99 seconds, ensuring your home remains secure.

Designed to fit a variety of door thicknesses, from 1-3/8 to 1-3/4 inches, it is versatile and easy to install, coming complete with a screw pack, latch, strike, and keys. The dual operation mode allows access via an electronic keypad or a traditional key, complemented by an interior thumb turn lock.

The inclusion of a built-in alarm adds an extra layer of security. The lock’s satin nickel finish and rectangular shape blend seamlessly with different door styles, making it a practical and stylish addition to any home.

Customer Feedback 

Customers generally appreciate the Amazon Basics Electronic Keypad Deadbolt for its easy installation, user-friendly interface, and the convenience of customizable codes. While its sleek design and finish earn praise, some feedback suggests improvements like enhanced battery life and weather durability. Suggestions for future upgrades include smart home integration and a backlit keypad.

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2. Sifely Keyless Door Lock

Sifely Keyless Entry Door Lock

Sifely is quite popular among the consumers for its intuitive designs and user-friendly solutions, stands tall in the realm of advanced door security. Their keyless door lock is a combination of both security and convenience.

Suitable For 

Airbnb hosts, property managers, and homeowners who value remote access and monitoring. And tenants looking for a lock solution that does not necessitate any alterations to the existing setup.

Key Features 

  • This keyless door lock comes with 5-in-1 entry modes. So, you can elevate security and convenience with options including Fingerprint, Code, Fob, Smartphone, and a traditional Key.
  • You can store an impressive 200+ codes and 100 fingerprints. Customize access with Permanent, Timed, Recurring, or Custom codes, many of which can be generated remotely with the Sifely Gateway.
  • The lock keeps users informed with alerts such as “Unlocked”, “Locked”, “Battery Level Low”, ensuring that you are always in the loop.
  • With 4 AA batteries, the device runs efficiently for up to a year. Even if the battery drains, an external power bank can revive it, granting entry.
  • When paired with the Sifely Gateway, voice command operations via smart speakers are enabled, simplifying locking and unlocking processes.
  • Whether for rentals, guests, employees, or customers, the lock’s compatibility with the Sifely web portal allows for efficient access management and log retrieval.

Customer Feedback 

Many users laud the Sifely Keyless Door Lock for its easy installation, sparing them the ordeal of dealing with complicated setups or altering existing deadbolts. However, some users express their wish for voice assistant integration, suggesting that while the app is robust, voice commands would elevate the convenience factor even further.

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3. Yale Keyless Door Lock

Yale Assure Lock SL Wi-Fi Smart Lock

Yale is a prestigious and respected brand and well renowned for their smart home security innovations. Their Assure Lock SL keyless door lock model is a stellar example of Yale’s expertise. It seamlessly integrates top-tier security with unparalleled convenience.

Suitable For

Households valuing premium aesthetics alongside robust security, as it boasts a refined Satin Nickel finish.

Key Features 

  • This keyless door lock comes with auto-unlock, a digital keypad, or remote access through the Yale Access app. So, whenever you come home with your hands full from groceries or shopping, then Yale keyless door lock assures easy access.
  • It does not just lock as this door lock also converses with Amazon Alexa, Hey Google, Apple HomeKit, and others. The inclusion of the Wi-Fi Connect Bridge negates the need for extra hubs.
  • As it comes with BHMA Grade 2 certified deadbolt, security is not sacrificed for sophistication. The motorized deadbolt, though whisper-quiet, meets rigorous safety standards.
  • With Auto-Lock, DoorSense, and the ability to track lock activity via the app, always be in the know about your home’s security.
  • When it comes to installation, it is perfect for both DIY enthusiasts and those less handy. Designed for easy installation, it fits standard doors without a fuss.

Customer Feedback 

Clients appreciate the Yale Assure Lock SL for its high-grade construction and intuitive access features. The DoorSense automatic locking mechanism has been highlighted as a game-changer for many. However, some have noted the absence of a physical key option as a potential downside.

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4. SMONET Keyless Door Lock

Smart Deadbolt SMONET Fingerprint Door Lock

SMONET stands as a beacon in the world of advanced security solutions, renowned for its dedication to crafting premium-quality smart locks. Their deadbolt keyless door lock prowess in integrating modern technology with robust security features.

Suitable For 

Establishments such as hotels and Airbnbs that need convenient yet secure access for multiple guests. And tech-savvy users looking to integrate their home security systems with smart devices like Apple Watch.

Key Features 

  • The SMONET Smart Lock boasts a sophisticated fingerprint sensor, recognizing prints in as quick as 0.3 seconds, ensuring rapid and secure access.
  • With this deadbolt keyless lock, unlocking your door is now more versatile than ever with options ranging from APP, voice control, fingerprint, keypad, IC fob to traditional keys.
  • It can be paired with the SMONET G2 gateway (has to be purchased seperately), so users can remotely manage their locks, set up access codes, and even review real-time activity logs.
  • The mobile APP provides customized access solutions, allowing users to set Timed, Permanent, One-time, or specialized passcodes catering to various visitor needs.
  • Constructed with a sturdy alloy body, this lock ensures longevity. Its power-efficient design allows for up to 10,000 openings with just 4 AA batteries. Moreover, for enhanced security, the lock auto-locks for 5 minutes after 5 incorrect password attempts.
  • With just a screwdriver and a few minutes, the installation is straightforward, eliminating the need for professional help.

Customer Feedback 

Users are invariably impressed with the SMONET Smart Deadbolt’s build quality and the myriad of unlocking options available, particularly the rapid fingerprint recognition. However, some customers have expressed their wish for the Wi-Fi Gateway Hub to be included in the package, as purchasing it separately adds to the overall cost.

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5. August Home Keyless Door Lock

august Smart Lock Pro

August Home is a renowned name in home automation, brings innovation to the fingertips of homeowners. Their Smart Lock Pro + Connect Hub, a 3rd Gen marvel, is a testament to the brand’s commitment to ease and security.

Suitable For 

Individuals living in rental properties due to its compatibility with existing deadbolts. And those who appreciate the seamless blend of traditional key access with modern keyless technology.

Key Features 

  • The package is comprehensive, arriving with a dedicated Wi-Fi bridge, ensuring connectivity throughout the home.
  • The design brilliantly incorporates the existing deadbolt, allowing users to maintain their original set of keys as a backup access method.
  • Not just a lock, it is a smart extension of your smartphone. With the tailored mobile application, the door unlocks with a swift fingerprint scan or passcode.
  • The lock identifies when you are near, ensuring a hands-free automatic lock/unlock experience, a real boon for those with their hands full.
  • The lock is not just smart; it is conversant. It effortlessly integrates with popular voice assistants like Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit, and Google Assistant.

Customer Feedback 

Users have praised the Smart Lock Pro for its uncomplicated setup and rapid responsiveness. They are particularly fond of its ability to mesh with their existing deadbolt, making it an optimal choice for renters. However, some customers have highlighted the need for a consistent Wi-Fi connection as a slight drawback.

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6. Sifely Deadbolt Keyless Door Lock

Sifely Smart Lock

Last but not the last product on our list of the best keyless door locks is from Sifely. It offers an affordable yet sophisticated solution with its Deadbolt Keyless Entry Door Lock, ensuring a blend of security and convenience.

Suitable For

Rental hosts, homeowners, and particularly Airbnb short-term rental hosts who require an adaptable and secure locking system.

Key Features

  • Sifely deadbolt keyless door lock supports remote functionalities through the mobile app when paired with the Sifely Wi-Fi Gateway (sold separately).
  • Boasting an ANSI/BHMA certified IP54 weatherproof rating, this lock stands firm against various weather conditions, be it rain or direct sunlight.
  • Offering storage for 150+ codes, it provides flexibility in code types, including Permanent, Timed, Recurring, and Custom codes.
  • Its Key Card Unlock feature allows one lock to support over 200 key fobs. One key fob can even be paired with multiple Sifely-branded smart locks.
  • When combined with the Sifely Gateway, the lock offers hands-free control via smart speakers.
  • After more than five failed authentication attempts, the keypad becomes disabled for a 5-minute period, ensuring added security.
  • For those who prefer not to have the door lock immediately behind them, the passage mode can be enabled, offering scheduled entry and exit times.
  • Powered by 4 AA batteries (not included), the lock promises a lasting battery life, with users going a year without battery concerns.

Customer Feedback 

Many users appreciate the Sifely Deadbolt Keyless Entry Door Lock for its durability and convenience, especially in rental settings. However, some have expressed disappointment over the fact that the Wi-Fi Gateway hub, essential for some of its features, is not included in the initial package.

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7. HARFO Keyless Door Lock

HARFO Fingerprint Door Lock

HARFO is known for its remarkable commitment to crafting locks of superior build quality. Their Keyless Entry Door Lock stands as a testament to HARFO’s expertise in merging cutting-edge technology with dependable security.

Suitable For 

Business spaces like offices, apartments, schools, and libraries where controlled access is pivotal. and Homeowners seeking both convenience and high-level security for their residences.

Key Features 

  • This HARFO keyless door lock boasts of an Advanced Keyless Entry System which includes Fingerprint, Code, Access Fob, Key, and an optional Double Verification mode.
  • An interactive OLED display paired with voice prompts simplifies the user experience, making programming a breeze.
  • With its state-of-the-art fingerprint technology, you can harness the power of 3rd generation fingerprint technology that assures accuracy rates up to 99.86% and ultra-fast recognition times of under 0.3 seconds.
  • From temporary passwords for guests to the private lock mode, the lock provides custom access to fit varying needs.
  • You can keep a tab on security with the ability to review up to 2000 unlock records, making it ideal not just for homes but also apartments and office setups.
  • Designed for longevity, the lock runs on 4 AA batteries, ensuring functionality for up to a year. Low battery indicators, along with an emergency USB power port, guarantee uninterrupted security.

Customer Feedback 

Many users have praised the HARFO Keyless Entry Door Lock for its robustness and easy setup, particularly lauding the accurate and rapid fingerprint sensor. However, some customers wish for mobile app integration, noting that while the on-device settings are comprehensive, the ability to control and monitor the lock via an app would offer added flexibility and modernity.

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8. Hornbill Keyless Door Lock

Hornbill Fingerprint Deadbolt Door Lock

The Fingerprint Deadbolt Door Lock is a testament to Hornbill’s commitment to elevating the standard of home security, making it a top choice for contemporary homeowners and establishments.

Suitable For 

Modern homes and apartments seeking a blend of security and elegance. Commercial establishments like hotels that desire easy yet secure access solutions.

Key Features 

  • Hornbill’s Fingerprint Deadbolt Door Lock is crafted with a pristine zinc alloy body, showcasing a sleek metallic finish, thus setting a new standard in aesthetic appeal.
  • Users can choose from Fingerprint, Passcode, APP Control, IC Card, or a traditional Key to unlock the door. With compatibility for Wi-Fi remote control, Alexa, and even smartwatches (through a separately sold gateway), it epitomizes versatility.
  • Designed to withstand 5,000 openings, it is an ideal lock solution for anyone seeking longevity without frequent battery changes.
  • The lock not only provides secure access but also smart management options. Users can review all lock operation records in real-time, making security monitoring a breeze. Additionally, custom passcodes for various individuals can be generated, be it guests, friends, or housekeepers.
  • The lock features a design tailored for both left and right-hand doors, adhering to the standard US wooden door specifications. With a user-friendly manual in tow, installation is a straightforward process, taking a mere 20 minutes without any complicated wiring.
  • For those desiring smart hub integrations or remote mobile control, a separate Wi-Fi Gateway hub, offered by Penmama, can be acquired.

Customer Feedback 

While many users commend the Hornbill Fingerprint Deadbolt Door Lock for its robust build and aesthetic design, some have mentioned the need for a separate Wi-Fi Gateway hub (sold separately) as a drawback, wishing it was integrated within the initial package.

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What are Keyless Door Locks?

Keyless door locks are modern security devices that allow users to unlock doors without traditional metal keys. Instead, they employ methods like electronic keypads, biometric recognition (fingerprints or facial scans), RFID cards, or smartphone controls.

How Does a Keyless Door Lock Work?

Keyless door locks offer secure access without traditional keys. They operate through various technologies:

  • Electronic Keypads: Users enter a preset PIN on a numeric pad.
  • Smart Locks: Controlled via smartphones using Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, these can be locked/unlocked remotely and integrate with other smart devices.
  • Biometric Systems: Authenticate users through unique identifiers like fingerprints or facial patterns.
  • RFID: Utilizes a chip in a card or fob; when close to the lock, the chip is read, granting access if approved.
  • Bluetooth & Geofencing: Recognize trusted devices or set boundaries using GPS; the door can auto-lock or unlock based on proximity.

Mechanically, upon successful authentication, an internal motor or solenoid activates, managing the bolt or latch to secure or open the door.

How to Choose The Best Keyless Door Lock?

The keyless door lock market in 2024 offers a myriad of options catering to varied needs. It is essential to understand the different technologies, weigh the pros and cons, and select based on your specific requirements. This guide will walk you through the essential considerations to make the best choice for your needs.

1. Full Deadbolt or Retrofit

When selecting the best keyless door lock, one pivotal decision is choosing between a full deadbolt replacement or a retrofit.

2. Full Deadbolt Replacement

A full deadbolt replacement involves changing the entire lock structure, encompassing the interior thumbturn, the external keyhole, and the central deadbolt. Opting for this means you are getting a brand-new lock mechanism, complete with new keys, offering a fresh start from a security standpoint. If you are looking for a complete overhaul, a full deadbolt might be best.

3. Retrofit Locks

They are designed to integrate with some or most parts of your existing lock hardware. The key advantage here is that you likely will not require new keys, and often, there is no need to replace the deadbolt. This option can be particularly appealing for apartment dwellers or those in leased properties where changing the complete lock might breach rental agreements or building regulations. And if you prefer to retain your current keys and seek minimal installation changes, a retrofit could be ideal.

4. Access Modes

The evolution of security has paved the way for a myriad of keyless lock technologies. Each offers unique features and benefits. Let us delve deeper into these technologies:

  • Electronic Keypad – These locks come equipped with a numeric keypad. Users need to enter a pre-set PIN (Personal Identification Number) to gain access. They offer keyless entry without the need for any physical device or connection. If the PIN is shared or discovered, security can be compromised.
  • Smart Locks – These are advanced locks that can be integrated into broader home automation systems. It is controlled via smartphone apps, smart home hubs, or even voice commands through devices like Alexa or Google Assistant. It provides remote access, tracking, and the ability to set temporary access for guests. However, it is dependent on power and internet connectivity for full functionality.
  • Biometric – It utilizes unique physical attributes for identification. Mostly uses fingerprints, but advanced versions can use facial or even retinal scans. Extremely secure as it relies on unique biological traits; quick access without remembering codes. Higher-end models can be expensive; some cheaper models might have accuracy issues.
  • RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) – Uses electromagnetic fields to automatically identify and track tags attached to objects, in this case, a card or fob. It provides quick and contactless entry. Useful in commercial settings or for shared access spaces. If the card or fob is lost, it can be misused unless deactivated.
  • Bluetooth – Uses Bluetooth connectivity, usually in conjunction with a smartphone. When the paired smartphone is within a specific range, the lock can be opened, often automatically or via an app. No need for internet connectivity; offers hands-free access. Range is limited; dependent on the phone’s battery.
  • Mechanical – Mechanical keyless door locks operate entirely without electronic components. These locks feature buttons and a purely mechanical locking system. They’re free from the need for batteries and rely solely on the correct button sequence for unlocking.

Make sure to analyze the potential vulnerabilities of each type and consider which features align best with your lifestyle and security requirements.

5. Compatibility

The way your keyless lock communicates with devices and networks plays a significant role in its functionality and convenience. Here is a closer look at the mentioned connectivity options and a few more:

  • Bluetooth – It is a wireless communication protocol designed for short-range connections, typically within 100 meters. Energy-efficient, does not require internet, and provides hands-free access. But has limited range and can be affected by physical barriers like walls.
  • Wi-Fi – This option utilizes a home’s Wi-Fi network to connect the lock to the internet. It Provides extensive remote-control capabilities and integrates well with other smart home devices. But consumes more power, which could reduce battery life in battery-operated locks. Dependent on stable internet connection.
  • Z-Wave/Zigbee – Both are wireless communication protocols specifically designed for home automation. Reliable, low-energy protocols that allow for robust smart home integrations. However, they require a compatible hub for connectivity, and the range can be limited, though it can be extended with mesh networks.
  • NFC (Near Field Communication) – A short-range wireless communication protocol, like RFID but is designed for two-way communication. It ensures fast and secure access, as the communication range is extremely short (usually within 4 cm). But has limited range and requires both devices to be NFC-compatible.

Choosing the right connectivity depends on your setup, preferences, and how integrated you want your lock to be with other systems. Consider your daily routines, tech-savviness, and desired level of automation when deciding.

6. Security Levels

The core purpose of a lock is security. When choosing a keyless door lock, it’s crucial to consider its security rating. These ratings, provided by the Builders Hardware Manufacturers Association (BHMA) and accredited by ANSI, indicate the lock’s resilience against various break-in techniques and its operational longevity.

  • Grade 1: The top-tier in security ratings, these locks are primarily designed for commercial use. They offer maximum protection against tactics like picking, drilling, and forced blows. If utmost security is a priority, Grade 1 is the benchmark.
  • Grade 2: A balanced option suitable for home front doors. While still robust, these locks are a step below Grade 1 but fend off common break-in methods like picking, bumping, and forceful entries.
  • Grade 3: The basic level among ANSI-approved ratings. While they offer some level of protection, their durability under intense force is lesser. It is advisable to use them in conjunction with higher-grade locks for optimal security.

When shopping, always check for these ANSI/BHMA ratings to ensure you are making an informed decision based on the security level you desire.

7. Smart Integration

Modern keyless locks extend beyond basic security, integrating with a broader smart home network. They can sync with doorbell cameras for visual visitor verification and remote access granting. When linked with security systems, potential lock tampering can activate alarms.

Moreover, compatibility with platforms like Google Home or Amazon Alexa enables voice-controlled operations. Such integrations make homes smarter and more cohesive in their security approach.

8. Additional Features

  • Guest Access – Consider models that allow for temporary access codes or “eKeys” for guests, workers, or family.
  • Weather Resistance – If installed on an exterior door, ensure its weatherproof and can handle the temperatures of your region.
  • Geo-Fencing – Geofencing creates a virtual boundary around a home, utilizing device GPS to detect entry or exit. It can automate door unlocking upon arrival and locking upon departure.
  • Auto-Locking – Auto-locking, while compatible with geofencing, can also be a standalone feature in keyless locks, using a timer to lock the door after a set duration.

9. Build Quality and Aesthetics

Build quality is crucial in evaluating keyless door locks, influencing durability and performance. Materials like brass, steel, or reinforced alloys, coupled with intricate internal mechanisms, resist tampering and environmental damage.

While security is paramount in selecting a keyless door lock, aesthetics should not be overlooked. Some locks, integrated with door handles, offer a traditional look with quick-access keypads. In contrast, others boast modern designs with digital displays and fingerprint scanners, fitting tech-savvy settings.

10. Installation

Generally, most modern locks are designed for user-friendly installation, often requiring just a screwdriver and following manufacturer instructions. However, some advanced systems, especially those integrated with broader smart home networks or requiring wiring, may necessitate professional installation. Before purchasing, it’s wise to check if your door is compatible with the lock’s specifications.

11. Warranty

Like checking for the features and durability, you must also check the warranty of the keyless door locks. Given the premium price of these advanced locks over traditional ones, it is prudent to choose a reputable brand that provides a substantial warranty period, ideally a year or longer.

Benefits of Keyless Door Locks vs. Traditional Locks

  • Enhanced Security: Keyless locks often have anti-picking mechanisms and cannot be bumped, providing a higher level of security against break-ins.
  • Convenience: No need to carry keys. Whether using a PIN, fingerprint, or smartphone, access is seamless.
  • User Management: Many smart keyless locks allow homeowners to set up temporary codes for visitors, allowing monitored and controlled access.
  • Integration with Smart Homes: They can sync with home automation systems, enabling features like voice commands and geofencing.
  • Remote Access: Some models allow homeowners to lock or unlock their doors from anywhere via a smartphone app.
  • Alerts and Monitoring: Get notifications for entry, attempted access, or if the door is left unlocked.
  • No Lost Keys: Without physical keys, there is no risk of losing them or needing duplicates.
  • Energy Efficient: Many keyless systems can operate for months or years on a single battery charge or are equipped with energy-saving features.
  • Modern Aesthetics: They often feature sleek designs, elevating the visual appeal of entrances.
  • Easier Updates: Instead of changing the entire lock, codes or access methods can be easily updated or changed.

Keyless Doorlocks – FAQs

1. Can keyless door locks operate without an internet connection?

Ans: Absolutely, though it might limit some functionalities. Without Wi-Fi, users might rely on fingerprint recognition, manual keypads, or traditional keys for access, rather than app controls.

2. What powers a keyless door lock?

Ans: Most smart locks are powered by batteries, which either need periodic replacement or come with chargers for re-energizing.

3. Are keyless door locks weatherproof?

Ans: Most keyless locks are designed to withstand regular weather conditions; however, it is essential to check the manufacturer’s specifications for extreme climates.

4. How often will I need to change the batteries on a keyless door lock?

Ans: Battery life varies among models, but typically, batteries last for a year or more. Some locks provide low-battery indicators or alerts.

5. Are cameras integrated into keyless door locks?

Ans: While some smart locks incorporate cameras, their positioning often obstructs optimal viewing angles. As an alternative for comprehensive video surveillance, merging a smart lock with a video doorbell or external camera is advisable.

6. Is it possible for keyless locks to be compromised?

Ans: While digital systems, including keyless locks, are not immune to hacking, it requires significant expertise and resources. Nevertheless, they generally offer better security compared to many standard locks susceptible to picking or bumping. Always keep digital credentials confidential to enhance security.

7. What is the drawback of keyless door locks?

Ans: Keyless systems can be costly, leading some buildings to adopt them gradually, prioritizing communal over private doors. Additionally, power outages may disrupt their functionality.

8. Do keyless entry locks offer enhanced safety?

Ans: While smart locks might appear more robust than classic deadbolts, they come with their own vulnerabilities. For instance, certain electronic keyless setups provide compartments for backup keys in case of power failures, posing potential access points for unauthorized individuals.

9. Can I set temporary codes for guests or service workers?

Ans: Many keyless door locks allow users to set temporary or guest codes that can be scheduled or revoked remotely.

10. Do keyless door locks work with sliding or patio doors?

Ans: While most are designed for standard doors, there are models specifically tailored for sliding or patio doors.

11. What happens if I forget my access code?

Ans: Most keyless door locks offer alternative access methods, such as biometric, app access, or backup keys. Some also offer recovery options via email or phone verification.

12. Can I integrate my keyless door lock with a home automation system?

Ans: Many modern keyless locks are compatible with popular home automation systems, but it is essential to confirm compatibility before purchase.

13. Is it challenging to install a keyless door lock?

Ans: Most keyless locks are designed for DIY installation with guidance from user manuals or videos, but hiring a professional might be advisable for complex systems.

14. What if the electronic component fails?

Ans: Many keyless locks offer manual overrides, like physical keys, to ensure you are never locked out due to a system malfunction.

15. Do keyless locks automatically lock when the door is closed?

Ans: Some models offer auto-locking features that secure the door after a set interval, ensuring your home remains safe even if you forget to lock up.


In the age of smart homes and interconnected devices, the keyless door lock stands out as not just a modern convenience, but also a boost in security and accessibility.

Whether you are an Airbnb host, a homeowner prioritizing aesthetics, or someone simply seeking the pinnacle of convenience, there is a smart lock tailored to your needs.

Each of the models we have explored comes with its own unique strengths, be it in design, versatility, or integration capabilities. Among them, our top recommendations include

  • August Home Keyless Door Lock: A top-tier blend of advanced features and reliable performance, setting the gold standard for smart locks.
  • Yale Keyless Door Lock: Exuding luxury in its design and functionality, it’s the elite choice for those who demand only the best.
  • ULTRALOQ Keyless Door Lock: Boasting a wide array of features and adaptable settings, it’s the go-to lock for tailored security needs.

For any doubts or queries, write to us in the comment section below. 

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