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7 Best Golf Cart Batteries 2024 Reviews & Buying Guide

There’s nothing quite like hitting the greens with your trusty golf cart, cruising along the fairways as you focus on your game. But to keep your cart running smoothly, you need the right batteries. That’s where we come in. Welcome to our comprehensive guide on the best golf cart batteries.

Our editorial team has meticulously reviewed and tested a wide range of golf cart batteries to bring you this curated list. We understand the importance of reliable performance, longevity, and value for money when it comes to choosing the right battery for your golf cart. Through rigorous testing and evaluation, we’ve narrowed down our selection to the top contenders in the market.

When evaluating golf cart batteries, we considered three key factors:

  • Performance: We scrutinized each battery’s performance under various conditions, including different terrains and weather conditions. From power output to charging efficiency, we assessed how well each battery performed to ensure optimal performance on the golf course.
  • Durability: Golf carts endure a fair amount of wear and tear, so durability is paramount. We examined the build quality and construction of each battery to determine its resilience to shocks, vibrations, and other factors that could affect its lifespan.
  • Value: While quality is essential, we also understand the importance of getting value for your money. We compared the features and benefits of each battery against its price to identify the options that offer the best balance of performance and affordability.

In the following sections, we’ll look into our top recommendations for the best golf cart batteries, providing detailed insights into their features, specifications, and benefits. Whether you’re a casual golfer or a seasoned pro, “Choosing the Right Battery” can make all the difference in ensuring a smooth and enjoyable ride on the course. So sit back, relax, and let us guide you through the world of golf cart batteries.

7 Best Golf Cart Batteries List

Golf Cart BatteriesCapacityVoltageBattery TypeBuy Now
Renogy Golf Cart Battery100 Ah12 voltAGMCheck On Amazon
Ampere Golf Cart Battery100 Ah12 voltLithiumCheck On Amazon
Universal Power Golf Cart Battery100 Ah12 voltAGMCheck On Amazon
ExpertPower Golf Cart Battery33 Ah12 voltAGMCheck On Amazon
Chins Golf Cart Battery100 Ah12 voltLithiumCheck On Amazon
WEIZE Golf Cart Battery36 Ah12 voltLithium IronCheck On Amazon
WindyNation Golf Cart Battery100 Ah12 voltLead AcidCheck On Amazon

7 Best Golf Cart Batteries Reviews

1. Renogy Golf Cart Battery

Renogy Golf Cart Battery

Why it made the cut: Reliable, maintenance-free power solution.

Renogy presents the AGM 12 Volt 100Ah battery, a dependable option for effortlessly energizing your devices. Backed by a 2-year warranty covering both materials and craftsmanship, it guarantees durability and consistent performance. Prioritizing safety and longevity, its construction incorporates thick AGM separators and advanced valve-regulated technology to prevent acid leaks and minimize maintenance needs.

With impressive discharge capabilities and a low self-discharge rate of just 3% per month at 77°F, this battery provides reliable power even in extreme temperatures ranging from 5°F to 122°F. Versatile in application, Renogy’s AGM battery serves various needs, from RVs and off-grid cabins to marine setups, home backup power systems, and medical equipment. Its leak-proof design and robust construction ensure enduring reliability, offering a cost-effective solution for those in search of dependable power.


  • Maintenance-free, no water refilling
  • Leak-proof and non-gassing for safety charge
  • 1100A (5 seconds) max. discharge current
  • Discharge temperature range: 5°F~122°F
  • Sealed Battery, Safe Charging


  • Reliable power for various applications.
  • Exceptional discharge performance even in extreme temperatures.
  • Suitable for high-current appliances like fridges and microwaves.


  • Initial charge level might not be at maximum capacity.

Buy Now From Amazon

2. Ampere 12V 100Ah Golf Cart Battery

Ampere LiFePO4 Deep Cycle Battery

Why it made the cut: Lightweight, long-lasting power solution.

For those seeking durable and reliable golf cart batteries, the 12V 100Ah LiFePO4 battery from LiTime is a popular choice. Constructed with top-notch Grade A+ Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) Cells, this battery ensures exceptional performance, stability, and safety. Boasting a lifespan of up to 15,000 cycles, it outperforms conventional lead-acid batteries by a significant margin, delivering consistent power over prolonged periods.

At a mere 24.25 lbs, it offers remarkable portability compared to its lead-acid counterparts. Featuring a flat discharge curve, the battery maintains a voltage of over 12.8V for approximately 95% of its capacity usage, ensuring prolonged runtime and dependable performance. Whether for outdoor excursions or indoor applications, the LiTime 12V 100Ah LiFePO4 battery comes equipped with an integrated Battery Management System (BMS), providing triple protection against dust, water, salt spray, and safeguarding against overcharge, over-discharge, overcurrent, overheating, and short circuits.


  • Size: 12V100Ah
  • Dimensions: 6.77″D x 13″W x 8.43″H
  • Number of Cells: 4
  • Resistance: 40 Milliohms
  • Terminal: M8 Terminal


  • Exceptional lifespan of up to 15000 cycles.
  • Lightweight design for easy handling and installation.
  • High efficiency with stable voltage output.
  • Versatile connectivity options for customization.


  • Some users experienced issues with charging time.

Buy Now From Amazon

3. Universal Power 12V 100Ah Golf Cart Battery

Universal Power Group AGM Deep Cycle VRLA Battery

Why it made the cut: Reliable, versatile, long-lasting power solution.

This battery from Universal Power Group excels in performance and reliability. Its design prevents spills and ensures easy maintenance, with UL Listing providing additional peace of mind. With impressive discharge rates and the ability to recover from deep discharges, it offers consistent reliability. 

Whether powering consumer electronics, electric vehicles, solar systems, or emergency lighting, this battery demonstrates its versatility and dependability. Constructed with an advanced calcium alloy grid, this battery boasts an extended lifespan in both continuous and intermittent usage scenarios. Its AGM technology and valve-regulated design ensure safe operation without leaks or maintenance headaches, even in enclosed spaces. 


  • Voltage: 12V
  • Amperage: 100 Ah
  • Chemistry: SLA, AGM
  • Number of Cells: 6
  • Battery Type: Sealed Lead Acid (SLA)
  • Size: 1 Count (Pack of 1)
  • Maintenance-Free: Yes
  • Spill-Proof: Yes
  • Operating Temperatures: Wide range
  • Longevity: High performance over time


  • Reliable performance in varied conditions.
  • Versatile applications from consumer electronics to solar setups.
  • Maintenance-free operation with spill-proof design.
  • Long-lasting service life ensuring value for money.


  • issues with battery weight.

Buy Now From Amazon

4. ExpertPower Golf Cart Battery

ExpertPower Golf Cart Battery

Why it made the cut: Trusted, durable, versatile power solution.

The ExpertPower 12v 33ah Rechargeable Deep Cycle Battery is a well-regarded option suitable for a variety of purposes. Constructed with robust materials and employing Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) technology, this battery guarantees longevity and dependability across a broad range of temperatures. 

Its straightforward installation process facilitates quick setup, making it ideal for powering systems or applications swiftly. Whether it’s utilized for home security systems, illumination tools, or electric scooters, this battery consistently delivers reliable performance. It is crafted with premium components, including a durable battery case constructed from non-conductive ABS plastic. This battery withstands impact, vibration, chemicals, and high temperatures.


  • Voltage: 12V
  • Amperage: 33 Amps
  • Battery Type: Sealed Lead Acid (SLA)
  • Size: 1-Pack 12v 33AH
  • Special Features: Rechargeable
  • Construction: Rugged with AGM technology
  • Material: Non-conductive ABS plastic case


  • Trusted performance with high customer satisfaction.
  • Durable construction ensures longevity.
  • Versatile applications for various electronic devices.
  • Easy installation makes setup hassle-free.


  • May not meet size expectations for specific applications.

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5. Chins 12V 100AH Golf Cart Battery

Chins 12V 100AH Lithium Battery

Why it made the cut: Long-lasting, versatile, advanced BMS technology.

The CHINS LiFePO4 Battery 12V 100AH Lithium Battery represents a groundbreaking solution for energy storage requirements. With a remarkable lifespan ranging from 2000 to 5000 cycles, this lithium battery surpasses conventional lead-acid counterparts by a significant margin, lasting 8 to 10 times longer. 

Its advanced energy density enables it to deliver double the capacity while being 30% lighter, making it ideal for various applications such as RVs, off-grid installations, and more. It provides convenience and reliability. Whether deployed in home energy setups, marine settings, security systems, or electric vehicles, this battery reliably delivers power in various contexts.


  • Long lifespan: 2000~5000 cycles
  • Built-in BMS for protection
  • Capacity: 12V 100AH
  • Energy density: 30% lighter than lead-acid
  • Versatile: Suitable for various applications
  • Capacity expansion options available
  • Low-temperature cut-off function
  • Max connection in series: Up to four identical batteries
  • Max connection in parallel: Up to four identical batteries
  • Safety certifications: UL, CE, RoHS, WEEE, PSE


  • Long-lasting performance
  • Lightweight and compact design
  • Versatile application range
  • Advanced BMS technology for safety


  • Issues with balancing in some configurations

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6. WEIZE Golf Cart Battery

WEIZE Golf Cart Battery

Why it made the cut: Durable, high-performance, versatile power solution.

The WEIZE LiFePO4 battery sets a new standard for dependability and effectiveness in energy storage solutions. Engineered to endure more than 2000 cycles at an 80% depth of discharge, this battery surpasses traditional lead-acid batteries by a factor of five, resulting in substantial cost savings over time. 

Its built-in Battery Management System (BMS) automatically safeguards against overcharging, excessive discharging, short circuits, and extreme temperatures, bolstering both safety and longevity. With its exceptional energy density, it serves as an optimal option for various applications, including marine, solar, children’s scooters, and power wheels. Whether for outdoor adventures, solar installations, or home security systems, this battery consistently delivers dependable performance.


  • Durable lifespan: 2000+ cycles
  • Capacity: 12V 36Ah
  • Automatic Battery Management System (BMS)
  • Non-spillable and maintenance-free
  • Environmentally friendly materials
  • Wide operating temperature range
  • 10-year warranty for peace of mind
  • Responsive customer service support


  • Long lifespan with over 2000 cycles
  • Lightweight and easy to install
  • Versatile applications for various needs
  • Environmentally friendly and safe materials


  • Some users experienced issues with warranty claims

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7. WindyNation 12V 100AH Golf Cart Battery

WindyNation 100AH Golf Cart Battery

Why it made the cut: Reliable, durable, ideal for off-grid power needs.

The WindyNation golf cart battery is built to deliver reliable power for off-grid needs. Designed with durable plates, it handles deep discharges well, making it ideal for solar systems, RVs, marine use, telecommunications, and portable tools. It is made with 99.995% pure virgin lead, it boasts a low discharge rate and high power storage for long-lasting performance. 

These batteries feature a sealed, maintenance-free design suitable for various applications like aerial work platforms, golf carts, inverters, and renewable energy systems. Their spill-proof construction allows for safe use in places like airports, healthcare facilities, and schools. It provide reliable power storage for extended periods. It comes with 1 year warranty.


  • Capacity: 100AH at the 10-hour rating
  • Heavy-duty plates for deep discharges
  • Pure virgin lead for low discharge rate
  • Ideal for various off-grid power applications
  • Non-spillable construction for safety
  • Float life of 10 to 12 years
  • Versatile compatibility with different systems
  • Responsive customer service support


  • Reliable performance for off-grid applications
  • Durable construction with heavy-duty plates
  • Maintenance-free design for hassle-free use
  • Long float life for extended reliability


  • Limited compatibility with certain equipment

Buy Now From Amazon

Buying Guide Features For The Best Golf Cart Batteries

When it comes to powering your golf cart, selecting the right battery is essential for optimal performance and durability. Here are five important factors to consider when selecting the best golf cart batteries:

1. Capacity

Capacity denotes the energy storage capability of a battery, typically quantified in terms of ampere-hours (Ah). In the context of golf cart batteries, higher capacity implies extended durations between charges. It’s important to assess your usage habits, considering factors like the length of your golf rounds and the terrain you navigate. Opting for a battery with greater capacity ensures sufficient power to sustain your outings without requiring frequent recharges.

2. Voltage

Voltage constitutes another critical consideration, determining the battery’s power output. Most golf carts operate on either 36-volt or 48-volt systems, though some may utilize 72-volt setups for heightened performance. Selecting the appropriate voltage is crucial to ensure compatibility with your golf cart’s electrical system.

3. Cycles

Battery cycles denote the number of complete charge and discharge cycles a battery can undergo before experiencing a significant reduction in capacity. High-quality golf cart batteries typically boast a greater number of cycles, enabling them to endure numerous charging cycles without notable performance decline. For avid golfers who frequently utilize their carts, investing in batteries with a higher cycle life can yield long-term cost savings and reliability.

4. Battery Type

Golf cart batteries are primarily available in three main variants: lead-acid, lithium-ion, and AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat). Lead-acid batteries represent the conventional option, valued for their cost-effectiveness and dependability. However, they necessitate regular maintenance and offer a shorter lifespan compared to newer technologies. Lithium-ion batteries present several advantages, including lighter weight, faster charging times, and prolonged lifespan. AGM batteries offer a middle ground between lead-acid and lithium-ion alternatives, delivering enhanced durability and maintenance-free operation.

5. Warranty

When purchasing golf cart batteries, it’s crucial to have a strong warranty to protect your investment from defects and early breakdowns. Look for batteries that come with a comprehensive warranty covering manufacturing flaws and performance guarantees. Consider the length of the warranty and any specific conditions or exclusions.

Golf Cart Batteries – FAQs

1. How long do golf cart batteries last?

Ans: The lifespan of golf cart batteries varies depending on factors like usage, maintenance, and quality. On average, they can last anywhere from 4 to 8 years.

2. How often should I charge my golf cart batteries?

Ans: It’s recommended to charge golf cart batteries after each use, regardless of how much they’ve been depleted. Avoid letting them sit in a discharged state for extended periods.

3. Can I use car batteries in a golf cart?

Ans: While it’s technically possible, car batteries aren’t designed for the deep cycling required by golf carts and may not provide adequate power or lifespan.

4. How do I maintain my golf cart batteries?

Ans: Regular maintenance includes checking water levels (for flooded lead-acid batteries), cleaning terminals, and ensuring proper ventilation around the batteries.

5. Should I use distilled water in my golf cart batteries?

Ans: Yes, distilled water is essential for maintaining proper electrolyte levels in flooded lead-acid batteries. Avoid using tap water, as it may contain minerals that can harm the batteries.

6. Can I overcharge my golf cart batteries?

Ans: Yes, overcharging can damage batteries and shorten their lifespan. Use a charger specifically designed for golf cart batteries and follow manufacturer recommendations.

7. How do I know when it’s time to replace my golf cart batteries?

Ans: Signs of failing batteries include decreased runtime, difficulty holding a charge, and visible damage or corrosion. If in doubt, have them tested by a professional.


Even though golf carts are not the most powerful vehicles out there, having powerful batteries inside is still quite important. This ensures a long-range on a single charge and possibly makes for batteries that can be used for a long time. And up above in this listicle, we have already discussed a few of the best golf cart batteries. With these different golf cart batteries, you can also find their detailed features and options well explained, along with an extensive buying guide. By adhering to proper maintenance practices such as regular charging, routine inspections, and appropriate storage, golf cart owners can maximize the lifespan and efficiency of their batteries. Additionally, investing in high-quality batteries suited to the specific needs of the golf cart is essential for reliable performance on the course.

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