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ADT vs Honeywell – Which Security System is Best?

For a homeowner, securing their property is a top priority as the home is the place where their family needs to be safe with a happy life. In the modern world, with new threats emerging now and then, home security needs to be discreet, effective, and adaptable. Modern surveillance tech is now adaptable and seamlessly integrated with smart devices to make sure homeowners remain aware of everything happening in their homes.

One of the most commonly used home surveillance cameras is the primary tool that homeowners prefer. ADT and Honeywell have introduced smart cameras and other home surveillance gadgets that offer round-the-clock surveillance of your home. This article tries to guide the buyers with an in-depth discussion about these two brands, their similarities, and their differences to help them make informed choices.

Brief Note on ADT

ADT Inc., earlier known as the ADT Corporation, is a well-known company based in Boca Raton, USA, that is a branch company of Apollo Global Management. The company has a well-established brand that manufactures fire protection alarms and surveillance appliances and sells these products globally.

In 1870, Edward A. Calahan (inventor of Stock Ticker) and owner of Gold and Stock Telegraph Company worked up in the middle of the night during an attempted burglary in his home. This incident inspired him to build a telegraph-based alert system, which later connected 50 of his neighbors to create a centralized system.

The company eventually started to branch and expand in new business areas, including fire alarms and security alarms, from 1910 to 1930. Even though the company was then under the control of AT&T, it remained a distinct brand,

During the 1960s, ADT became a publicly traded company. The brand became a leader in the alarm system and had a nearly 80% monopoly in the alarm market in the USA. ADT was later acquired by Hewlett Goodwill Company in 1987. Ten years later, the company ADT Limited was purchased by Tyco International. The brand also acquired Broadview Security, one of ADT’s main competitors, and merged these two.

Eventually, ADT started its stint again as a public and stand–alone company in 2012. Later, in 2016, Apollo Global Management acquired ADT.

Later, in 2019, Telus Corporation bought all of its company assets, although ADT remained a well-known company.

This brand has produced some excellent security alarms and cameras for the masses. It even has large brands like Google and State Firm as its investors. At present, ADT has more than 17,000 active employees and a consumer base of six million around the USA.

Brief Note on Honeywell

Honeywell International Inc. is a reputed US company that has its headquarters in North Carolina. This multinational company is well known in the safety and productivity solutions (SPS) sector. It has multiple locations across the globe.

In 1906, Mark Honeywell established a Honeywell heating company in India that mainly produced mercury seal generators. Later, the company acquired Jewel Manufacturing Company and Minneapolis Heat Regulator Company.

During the 30s, this brand started its global expansion and became a leading company in terms of global tech. The company took an active part during the Second World War and produced many innovative technologies. It later started working actively in the aerospace and home security sector.

Honeywell Inc. created a sister company named Honeywell Safety and Productivity Solutions in 2016 that primarily focuses on security and fire alarms. The brand is well known throughout the world due to its integrated and smart home security systems.

ADT vs Honeywell: Features Comparison

Both ADT and Honeywell are known as leaders and innovators when it comes to home security systems. While their products share some similarities, there are some differences that you need to know before you start shopping.

1. Monitoring

ADT brand appliances come with round-the-clock monitoring, and users get automatic alerts in any emergency. This happens because all ABT appliances are installed professionally, and buyers need to pay $99 for that service. ADT also has six professional monitoring centers, and all are similar. If one center cannot work, the other center takes over the task. But, you need to process the request through a third-party provider to get professional monitoring. The feature is quite exciting and impressive.

On the contrary, Honeywell does not offer any such facilities, including professional installation. You can, however, get the surveillance camera installed through the Honeywell authorized dealers. If you need professional monitoring, you can use a resistor with a third-party provider.

But, it does not mean Honeywell is less expensive compared to ADT; both brands are equally good. Besides that, you can also get access to record or live video footage to check what is happening around your home.

2. Equipment Options and Packages

Honeywell offers security cameras- indoor cams (30, 35, 40, and 60 series) and performance series. The brand also offers ADPRO outdoor cameras, Galaxy smoke, and other types of alarms.

Besides that, it also sells alarms like Maxpro Intrusion, Maxpro NVR, Maxpro VA, and MaxPro video and pro watch monitor systems. You can also get smart locks, including Omni Smart OmniArch and other security products. If you need more details, you can always connect with a local Honeywell dealer to get to know about the packages.

On the other hand, ADT offers six different [packages, including Safewatch, Safewatch PRO RF, Quickcomect, Essentials Plus, Critical Conditions, and Family packages. Most of the packages start at the $399 range, but you can always get discounts.

All the packages come with a control panel to turn the system on or off, an indoor alarm sensor, and a touchpad control. With each plan, you can get different numbers of door and window sensors, different alert systems, and other features.

3. Smart Home Integration and Devices

Both ADT and Honeywell offer smart home integration. Most of their products are compatible with Google Nest thermostats, Amazon Alexa, Ring doorbells, etc.

4. Alerts and Notifications

Both Honeywell and ADT offer intelligent alarm systems, and you can set an alarm to remind you about an important upcoming event. You can also go for auto event scheduling if you have an appointment with a home care professional or other person at your home that will be at your home.

ADT and Honeywell offer monitoring customization. You can get custom notifications if your kids are at home if there is a package, or if there is someone at your home unnoticed. You can get a notification by mail or message as per your preference.

5. Features

Let’s check out some features of both brands first:


  • The brand uses Z–wave technology that allows you to control the security cameras and their movements, the thermostat, and the smart lights around your home as per your choice.
  • The camera comes with sensors that notify you instantly if any door or window is open.
  • All the cameras from Honeywell are compatible with Amazon Alexa, and you can use voice commands to adjust your home security system.
  • You can get sixty days of continuous footage of your surveillance camera to check if there is anything wrong and use them when needed.


  • ADT devices are compatible with Ruing alarms, doorbells, Google Nest, or even Amazon Alexa
  • ADT also uses modern and advanced motion detectors that can detect the slightest motion difference around you in an instant.
  • You get window and door entry sensors in case someone breaks inside from these places.

6. Remote Control

Both devices come with remote controls that you can use to manage your home surveillance system and control the camera by customizing the focus zone, etc. Honeywell offers ergonomic remote controls that come with soft buttons and are easy to operate. On the other hand, ADT offers touch screen keypad control that allows you to manage things easily. Both are equally good.

7. Subscription Plans and Price

Price and subscription fees often become deciding factors for some people. Of your checkout therein, both companies have a similar price range/

Interestingly, a user does not need to pay separately for any ADT equipment. Instead, the brand asks for a contract and monthly subscription charges from their buyers as long as the products are in use. Suppose you are installing any ADT home surveillance gadget. In that case, you need to pay a $99 installation charge alongside a three-year agreement. The brand offers four types of subscription plans-

  • Basic plan($28/ month)
  • Basic + wireless connect plan($49/ month)
  • ADT Plus and Video plan ($59/ month)
  • ADT Plus and Smart Home Connect Plan ( $60 per month)

On the contrary, Honeywell products are available against a price for each piece of equipment. The gauges usually have a price range of $250-500. The prices change with dealers, and you can also find products online. If you want professional installation, you can get it from independent dealers who might charge you some extra. On top of that, Honeywell also does not offer professional monitoring. Hence, you may need to sign a contract with a third-party provider.

ADT vs Honeywell: Which is Best?

As you can see, both brands have advanced home surveillance gadgets that you can use. While ADT is a popular choice in the US due to the brand’s strong legacy, it also offers customized subscription plans.

On the notary, Honeywell offers easy-to-use systems that are equally comfortable and secure. Their Z wave technology is a groundbreaking feature.

If you are not bothered by the subscription charge, and there is no budget constraint, you can go for ADT. On the other hand, if you want the best-of-market tech in an affordable price range, choose Honeywell, as their products are produced in a lower range.

ADT vs Honeywell – FAQs

1. Does ADT use Honeywell equipment?

Ans: Yes, ADT devices use Wireless Door and Window Sensor from Honeywell to send alerts if your doors or windows are unlocked or are broken by an intruder.

2. Is the quality of Honeywell security cameras considered good?

Ans: Honeywell Smart Home Security is a great home surveillance brand that offers good security cameras with Z wave tech and other advanced features alongside smart home integration. If you do not want professional monitoring and your budget range is a bit low, you can always go for this brand.

3. Is it possible to use ADT equipment without a service subscription?

Ans: Yes, it is possible, as the ADT camera can run without a storage subscription plan, and you can also install the camera yourself.

4. Is Wi-Fi necessary for ADT cameras to function?

Ans: Wired ADT cameras can function without Wi-Fi connectivity, but if you want round-the-clock surveillance with remote access, you can connect the device to Wi-Fi in your home and get the live footage.

5. Is continuous recording a feature of ADT cameras?

Ans: The ADT video doorbell comes with continuous recording footage and can store the video footage for up to three months.


Both ADT and Honeywell are reputed international brands that offer home surveillance appliances, including cameras (indoor and outdoor, and video doorbells, Window and door sensors, etc. ADT comes with a switch monitoring plan, which may be lucrative to some people. On the other hand, Honeywell is ideal for anyone who wants a DIY security surveillance system and wants to get professional monitoring from a third-party provider.

In the end, the choice lies with your personal preference, budget range, and other factors.

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