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Youtube Mini Player – How to Watch YouTube Videos While Surfing Other Tabs

There are times when you want to watch an interesting video on Youtube. But, your assignments or presentationS are pending, so you end up compromising one of them. The good thing is that there is no need to compromise your favorite videos as you can watch them while working with your assignment.

In this article, we will discuss the Youtube Mini player, which will ease this task and allow you to watch a movie on Youtube while browsing other tabs.

What Is Mini-Player Mode? (For Browsing YouTube Only)

Youtube also offers its users a small Mini Mode, which allows them to use it in a minimized window. But there is a restriction; if you change the tab, then the minimized screen won’t work. So to ease this process now, websites use the Picture to Picture extension, which allows users to reduce the player and keep watching the video even if you change tabs.

You can easily access the minimize screen in Youtube by clicking on the small box button present at the bottom of the player labeled MiniPlayer.

How to Watch YouTube Videos While Using Other Tabs

Follow the steps listed below to watch Youtube videos while using other tabs.

  • Open your browser and search for an extension titled Picture to Picture.
  • Click on the first link in the search results and download the extension in your browser.

picture to picture extension

  • The extension will start the download, and when the extension is downloaded, this will change the downloading option to Remove from Chrome.

extension of picture to picture

  • Now open Youtube on your browser and play the video you want to watch in mini player.

playing in picture to picture

  • Now right click on the player and look for the Picture to Picture option. And if it is not available, then right-click on the vacant region on the bottom of the mini player.
  • Now click on the Picture to Picture option visible.
  • Now your mini player would function even if you change the tab.

mini player would function even if you change the tab


Youtube remains one of the most used video streaming platforms, providing users with the latest in trend videos. But users face only one issue in this platform: they cannot watch the video while using another tab, so in this article, we discussed the fix. Hope it will clear your doubts.

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