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How to View Your Hulu Watch History?

Hulu is a popular streaming service with a growing collection of original content as well as from partners such as Disney, Fox, CBS, ABC, etc. Apart from movies and TV Shows, Hulu also offers a live TV service. With thousands of hours of content, Hulu became one of the top OTT platforms in the U.S. Keeping track of all the programming you watched is quite difficult. Imagine you started a TV Show and left in the middle due to some other work. If only there could be a way to record your watch history! This is where Hulu Watch History comes in handy.

In this guide, let us discuss about Hulu and how to view your Hulu Watch History.

A Brief Note on Hulu

There are dozens of OTT or Video on Demand services out there. But only a few of them have the people’s appeal. Hulu is one of them. It is a U.S.-only streaming service that has a huge library of movies, TV shows, and even original programming.

Launched in late 2007, the Walt Disney Company (67%) and Comcast (33%) now own Hulu. Despite being a U.S.-only service, Hulu has garnered close to 50 million subscribers.

As it is a paid service, you have to pay Hulu to access its content. The basic plan is for $7.99 a month or $79.99 a year. Sadly, this plan shows ads while browsing or viewing the content.

If you don’t like ads (no one does), then you can subscribe to their “No ads” plan, which is about $14.99 a month.

There are additional add-ons for Hulu + Live TV (with and without ads). All the pricing here is correct as of October 2022.

Hulu Watch History

Marathon watching or “binging” as the millennials like to call it, is a process where people like to watch a season of a TV Show in one go. If you had to stop viewing a program for any reason, you can easily find it in the “recently viewed” or a similar section.

If you can’t find it there for any reason, then the “Hulu Watch History” comes in handy.

Are there any reasons to view the Hulu Watch History? Yes. There is one important reason.

Modern OTT platforms including Hulu suggests new content to users based on their previous watched content. For example, if you watched a lot of crime-drama Tv series, then it would recommend a similar program (new or old).

If you don’t want Hulu to suggest content based on previously watched shows or movies, then you have to access the Watch History and delete it.

Another case is if you share your Hulu credentials with family or friends. As each person has their own interests, they like to watch a particular genre of content that you might or might not like.

But due to a shared login, Hulu will suggest shows based on another person’s watch history. Once again, by accessing the Hulu Watch History in your profile, you can curate the content that appears on your feed.

How to View Your Hulu Watch History?

When I first started looking for my Hulu Watch History, I didn’t know how to access it. But with some fiddling through the app, I found out. If you are looking to view your Hulu Watch History, then look no further as I’ve put together an easy step-by-step guide.

  • On your smartphone (iPhone or Android Phone), look for the Hulu app and open it.
  • You can also log in to Hulu on a web browser.
  • Scroll until you find the “KEEP WATCHING” section.
  • On the side, you can see the “VIEW ALL” option. Tap on it.
  • Click on the “ALL WATCH HISTORY” option to view your Hulu Watch History.

What if You Can’t View Hulu Watch History?

Sometimes, you cannot view your Hulu Watch History. This could happen for several reasons. If this is the case, then try one of the following troubleshooting methods.

1. Relaunch Hulu Application

Close the Hulu app on your device. On Android devices, go to settings and look for Apps. Here, find Hulu and clear all the cache and data.

Now relaunch the Hulu app. Note that when you clear data and cache, all your credentials will be cleared. So, you have to re-login.

If you are using the Hulu app on Windows, delete the app data by going to “C:\Users\[username]\AppData\Local”. Here, look for the Hulu folder and delete it.

2. Restart Your Device

Irrespective of the device you are using, close the Hulu app, power off the device, and restart it.

Once the device boots up, relaunch the Hulu app and see if you can access the History.

3. Update Hulu App

An outdated app might not work as expected. So, go to the respective store on your device (App Store for iPhones, Play Store for Android devices, Microsoft Store for Windows) and see if there is an update for Hulu.

4. Other Solutions

There are some other solutions to get back the watch history such as:

  • Syncing Watchlist
  • Uninstall Hulu and Reinstall it
  • Checking Internet Connectivity
  • And few other

How to Remove a Movie or TV Show from Hulu Watch History?

If you followed the previous section and found your watch history, then the next step is to moderate the contents of the history.

1. On Smartphones

  • Scroll to the “KEEP WATCHING” section and go to “VIEW ALL”.
  • Each TV Show or Movie has three dots on its thumbnail. Click on it. This will open a new menu with more options.
  • Next, click on the “Remove from Watch History” option.
  • You can confirm or cancel the operation.

2. On Web Browser

  • Open Hulu and log in with your credentials.
  • Look for the “KEEP WATCHING” section.
  • Hower the mouse cursor on the thumbnail of a TV Show or movie in your watch history.
  • An “X” icon appears as you hover. Click on it to remove that program from your watch history.
  • You can click on “Done” to finish removing the content from your history.
  • Alternatively, you can “Undo” the operation as well.

If you are on a web browser, you can delete all the watch history for all the profiles.

  • Go to your Hulu Account section on the browser.
  • Locate the “Privacy and Settings” section and select “California Privacy Rights”.
  • Select “Watch History” under “Manage Activity”.
  • Click on the “Clear Selected” option.

3. On Smart TV

  • Open the Hulu app on your smart TV.
  • Click on a TV Show or Movie and open its “Details” page.
  • Now, click on Manage Series or Manage Movie, depending on the content you selected.
  • Click on “Remove from Watch History” and confirm your choice.


Hulu is one of the popular streaming platforms with a good collection of original as well as partner content. Its app is very easy to use and navigate.

Like everything online, even Hulu keeps a history of the content you watched. You can use this history to find an already watched show or movie. This is useful especially if you stopped the show in the middle.

Hulu also makes use of your history by recommending similar content on your feed. But the good thing is you can control your watch history i.e., what shows or movies appear on your history.

In this guide, we saw how to view Hulu Watch History on different devices. We also saw some troubleshooting methods in case you are unable to find your watch history.

Finally, we saw how to remove a TV Show or Movie from your Hulu Watch History on a smartphone, web browser, or smart TV.

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