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How to Fix IPhone Screen Recording Error 5823?

You love recording your iPhone screen from time to time to capture important information or pictures for sharing with your friends or family members or just for fun. But, while saving the recording, your phone displays a message “Screen Recording failed by save due to:-5823″.

It can be a frustrating and troublesome issue, as the same message appears whenever you try to save the recording.

But, do not worry anymore! Here, in this article, you will get a complete guide on fixing this screen recording error and finding its probable causes to help you ensure the error never happens again!

What to do to Fix Screen Recording Error 5823

You do not need to panic if the screen recording error 5823 happens repeatedly. There is no need to rush to the nearest apple store! You can always ask someone close to you, like a friend or family member who often does screen recording!

It can be fixed easily at home! But, before we jump to the solutions, let’s check what this error is and why it happens!

What is the Screen Error 5823?

Well, this error is called error 5823 as while saving the screen record, iPhone users get the message-“Screen Recording failed by save due to:-5823″.

But, the error may also appear as other messages like “Screen Recording failed to save due to: – 5831” or “Screen Recording failed to save due to: Failed to save the recording” or “The operation could not be completed. (Cocoa error-1)”.

One of the main reasons is the storage space issue! You may have already used all the available storage space of your iPhone and there is not enough space left to store the recording! In such cases, your phone will not be able to save the screen recording and display the error message!

Another common reason behind this error is the content you are trying to record. If you are recording copyrighted content, you may not be able to save it, as your recording means a violation of the copyright!

If your device has less charge left, it may encounter screen errors more often, as the low charge is not ideal for completing such a task!

How to Fix Screen Recording Error 5823

1. Check the Storage Space and Delete Unnecessary Items

As you already know, insufficient storage space often leads to 5823 errors in iPhone screen recording. So, if you are getting the error message repeatedly, you probably need to check out the storage space left on your iPhone.

For this,

  • First, open “Settings.”
  • Next, click on “General.”
  • From here, select “iPhone Storage.”
  • You will see that your phone opens a new screen and graphically displays the storage space left on the device.Check the Storage Space and Delete Unnecessary Items_11zon

If you find the storage space is too low, it is time to clean your phone. Try to find unnecessary items like duplicate files, unused apps and cached files and delete those items as you do not need them anymore. Alternatively, you can move your important files to apple cloud storage to free up some space in your phone.

After The storage cleaning, you will see that your phone saves the screen recording file normally without error!

2. Check if you Exceeded the Permitted Limit

You probably have violated the saved privacy limitations while recording your iPhone screen. Hence, you are getting this message while trying to save the recording!

Sometimes, your iPhone may come with pre-set privacy limitations, and whenever the screen recording violates these limits, you will experience the 5823 error!

Here is how to check the screen recording limitations-

  • First, open “Settings.”
  • Next, click on “Screen Time.”click on “Screen Time.”
  • Now, select “Content & Privacy Restrictions”
  • From the new screen select “Content Restrictions.”
  • Check the new screen under the “Game Centre” menu to see if the “Screen Recording” option is enabled. If not, enable it.

Now, try screen recording once again! If the error continues to happen, try the next method.

3. Close all Opened Apps

Sometimes, the screen recording error 5823 can happen if you have opened multiple apps on your iPhone in the background.

Try closing all the other apps before you initiate the screen recording process.

An app running in the background may lead to an error. If you need to open an app while recording, open it and close it in the middle of the recording and then proceed with your recording, as usual, to prevent background apps from causing a disturbance.

Heavier apps, especially mobile gaming apps, Bluetooth or GPS functions often cause the error. So, try to disable those as well.

4. Doharge?

Have you checked the charge left on your phone? If your iPhone has a very low charge, the screen record may not be saved, and you may experience this error repeatedly.

It happens because your device directs all the remaining charges to complete the phone’s basic functions. On top of that, your device may automatically go to power saving mode to retain the charge to its maximum level.

So, try charging your device first and then proceed with the recording! It may work again!

5. Check for Copy-Protected Content

One of the reasons behind the screen recording error is content protected by copyright law. So, ensure you are not recording copyright-enabled content on your phone.

If the content is protected, no matter what you try, it will continue to happen!

6. Update your iPhone

Have you checked the phone for the pending update status? Often a phone runs into this problem if the iOS is not updated to its latest version! It happens because the older iOS may come into conflict while saving the record, resulting in the 5823 error!

Here is how to check for pending updates-‘

  • First, open “Settings.”
  • Next, open “General.”
  • From here, navigate to “Software Update.”
  • If you find that your phone displays “Fresh update available”; click on “Download and Install” to install the IOS update.on ios

7. Disable the Microphone While Recording

Sometimes if the microphone is left unmute, the screen recording error can happen as the microphone continues to catch sounds and conflicts with the screen recording function. So, try recording once again by disabling the microphone, you may get rid of the error this way!

8. Reset your iPhone or iPad

If nothing works out, it is time to reset your device. Resetting will allow you to start afresh with the phone, minus any bugs or errors. But, before resetting your iPhone or iPad, back up all your data on iCloud.

Here is the step-by-step guide-

  • First, open “Settings” and navigate to “General” settings from the available options.
  • Next, from the available menu, navigate to “Reset.”
  • Now, check out all the reset parameters
  • After that, click on “Rest All Settings.”
  • On the next screen, click on “Erase All Content and Settings.”
  • Click on “Erase” from the pop-up box to initiate the reset procedure.
  • Wait till your driver completes the reset process. Now, again set up your iPhone or iPad using your apple user id and password.Reset iPhone Settings


It is always better to keep your iPhone or iPad decluttered and clean to prevent errors while you record your screen. A clean phone without any background apps will be easier to handle. On top of that, make sure to charge your phone regularly to prevent any unnecessary issues.

You can try the above hacks to fix the screen recording error. You may need to find the right solution by trial and error method. So, make sure to remain patient and check out each of the methods to find which one suits your phone.

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