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Does Apple Deliver Before The Estimated Date?

Almost every person, or maybe, every second person out there is a huge fan of Apple products if we don’t count the ones that are in the Android league. Well, it’s obvious since Apple has gained its huge user base over the course of years by providing highly reliable products that generally have exceptional build quality, and excellent features as well! With the release of AirPods, Apple received a huge amount of orders from the customers, even beyond their own expectations.

However, this huge demand is a bit of a downside for the customers in a way, because there’s usually a shortage of stock, so ordering from the e-commerce giants like Amazon, eBay, etc., is not always convenient when it comes to Apple products. So, what’s the other option you have? You can order directly from Apple’s official website, but do they deliver it to you fast? That’s a big doubt that most people have, and we are here to just discuss that!

Does Apple Deliver Before The Estimated Date?

Does Apple Deliver Before The Estimated Date

Launching the AirPods was one of the most successful moves for the brand as they were designed and built so well, that all the other competitors in the market were shocked to see their success. Apart from the AirPods, Apple has always focussed on building their own ecosystem, hence, they even launched other products like AI home pods, smartwatches, etc.

And, the success of Apple continues with the launches of new models of their already successful MacBooks and iPhones. However, we will definitely consider you lucky if you find the desired model of your favorite Apple product in the online stores. Because the shortage of stock is always a big turn-off for most people.

Well, you do have an alternate option to order products directly from Apple’s official website. But is it as reliable as other online stores? We can understand that every customer feels curious to receive the order and long shipping times are a serious headache.

So, what happens when you order from Apple’s online store? The process of ordering a product is as simple as you order products from any other online store. Once you order your product, the estimated time of delivery is shown on the website, and you can even track the package anytime. Unlike other online stores, they show you the maximum delivery time, so you can expect your order to arrive sooner as well. But, in the case of Apple, you won’t be receiving any of your products before the estimated delivery date, even if the store is somewhere nearby.

Apple follows strict guidelines and likes to stick to the estimated delivery dates very much. Although your product is shipped, Apple forces the courier services to put the delivery on hold until the estimated delivery date doesn’t come. So, this can be frustrating sometimes as everyone already knows what Apple is doing. But since Apple had already mentioned the estimated delivery date to you at the time when you were placing your order, you can’t pretty much do anything rather than just wait for it.

Even in the case of pre-bookings when a new Apple product gets launched, your product is usually shipped way too early. But, Apple generally holds a contract with the courier services to not deliver the product before its actual launch date, which somehow feels relevant as well. Hence, if you order from Apple’s Online Store, and receive your order before the estimated date of delivery, consider yourself lucky!


We do understand your curiosity to get your new Apple products, whether it is an iPhone, a MacBook, an Apple iWatch, or maybe the AirPods. However, if you are ordering your product from Apple’s official website, the chances of receiving the product before the estimated delivery date are quite low, or almost negligible. But, waiting for a few extra days is definitely a better choice rather than waiting for the stocks to arrive at other stores. In case this article feels knowledgeable or helpful to you, do leave a comment down below and tell us about your experiences while ordering from Apple online stores.

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