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Can Airpods Get Wet?

Even if you do not have any other Apple device, the Apple AirPods are one of the best wireless earphones available out there. Not only do they offer great sound, but they also include a wide range of features while having a fairly compact form factor. Due to this, they are highly popular and there is even a chance that you already have the Apple AirPods with you. Although, since the Apple AirPods are quite expensive, taking their proper care is quite important if you want them to last for as long as possible.

And while the Apple AirPods offer a pretty great build quality, they may not offer the best protection or durability when you are talking about water durability. Because Apple AirPods are meant to be portable earphones, the Apple AirPods can certainly get wet in day to day usage. If you have also faced a similar issue or want to know what should be done in case they get wet, then make sure to check this complete guide on AirPods and their water resistance. You can also learn more about the water-resistance capabilities of the Apple AirPods by going till the end of this guide.

Do the Apple AirPods offer Water Resistance?

Whether you already own Apple AirPods or planning to buy a pair, you may want to check its water-resistance rating. This is quite important to know before you take your Apple AirPods to the gym where they can get damaged from sweat. More importantly, knowing the water resistance rating of your Apple AirPods is quite important if you want to properly protect them in rain or if you accidentally put them in the washer.

Unfortunately, since the Apple AirPods have been around for quite a long time and have multiple available versions, they all have different water resistance ratings. Starting with the older and entry-level offerings, the original Apple AirPods and the Apple AirPods 2 both lack any form of water resistance ratings. As for the newer and more expensive Apple AirPods 3 and the Apple AirPods Pro, both of them have an IPX4 water resistance rating. While this does not make your AirPods viable for the swimming pool, it certainly offers them enough protection against sweat making them a great pick for being used at the gym.

How do you Dry off the Apple AirPods?

Irrespective of the Apple AirPods version that you have and whether it has water resistance or not, it is highly important that you dry off your Apple AirPods right away if they accidentally got wet. This is due to the reason that even the newer Apple AirPods 3 and the Apple AirPods Pro are only water-resistant and not waterproof. When it comes to properly drying off the Apple AirPods, you can try using a soft microfiber cloth to rub off and dry off any excess water. You then leave them in a dry and empty spot to dry up over a long time.

If you feel your Apple AirPods have faced a lot of water damage, you can also consider keeping them in a bag or container filled with rice since that can dry them up even faster. As for the charging case, make sure that it is also opened and put upside down so that all of the water seeps out. Before you use your Apple AirPods again, make sure that all of the contact pins and the charging port are completely dry to prevent any possible water damage.

Can you use a Hair Dryer to Dry Apple AirPods?

While it may seem like a great idea, make sure that you are not drying your Apple AirPods using a hairdryer. Unlike what you would expect, this will not speed up the drying process and will only damage your Apple AirPods further. This is due to the reason that most hair dryers offer quite hot air which can damage your AirPods more than water itself.

Should you Put AirPods in their Charging Case if they get Wet?

AirPods in their Charging Case if they get WetAs mentioned earlier, you need to make sure that everything is completely dried up before you use your Apple AirPods again. This also includes the charging case since it has various electronics inside. But more importantly, it has charging pins inside which power and charge your Apple AirPods.

And if either the charging case or the Apple AirPods themselves are not fully dried up, these charging pins may cause a short circuit which can damage the charging case, your Apple AirPods, or worse, both of them. Since the charging case of your Apple AirPods is not water-resistant, make sure that it is not used again until everything is completely dried up.

How to Check for Water Damage in Apple AirPods?

Check for Water Damage in Apple AirPodsIf you have accidentally dropped your Apple AirPods in water or they got wet in the rain, then you might be looking for a way to properly check for any possible water damage. Unfortunately, Apple AirPods do not offer any liquid damage indicator on them.

The only way to check if your Apple AirPods have water damage or not is to actually use them with your phone which should be only done when they are completely dried up. When it comes to checking your AirPods, you need to make sure that there is no distortion in the audio. You should also try charging them and make sure that both the AirPods as well as the charging case are getting charged properly to ensure that your Apple AirPods do not have any water damage.

How to Repair or Replace AirPods?

In case you have checked your Apple AirPods and they do have water damage, then you might be interested in getting them repaired or replaced. Thankfully, those of you who purchased AppleCare+ along with your Apple AirPods can get them either replaced or repaired where the charges range from free to $29 in total.

Although, if you do not have any warranty or AppleCare subscription, then you need to pay $89 for each AirPod. Apple offers such services for the Apple AirPods since they do not have a liquid damage indicator inside due to which they can still be replaced if you have AppleCare+. With your AirPods.

Use Waterproof Covers for your Apple AirPods

cover for airpodSWhether your Apple AirPods have already faced possible water damage or you want to prevent any such issues, using a waterproof cover for your Apple AirPods can be a great idea. As you can tell by the name, such third party covers for your Apple AirPods go over the existing charging case. And as long as your AirPods, as well as the charging case, is inside this waterproof cover, neither of them will face any water damage. However, if you are currently using your Apple AirPods, they are still susceptible to water damage if they are in your ears.

What to do if Apple AirPods don’t Work after Drying Off?

If you have dried off your Apple AirPods and they are still not working any more, you can first try giving them some more time. You can try placing them in a rice bag or in a bag full of silica gel packets which can absorb moisture quite easily. But if this doesn’t work after a long time, you may need to either get them repaired or get a completely new pair of Apple AirPods.


By going through this guide regarding the water resistance rating of Apple AirPods, you must have a pretty good idea about their water protection. But more importantly, we have a given complete guide on what should be done in case your Apple AirPods get wet. You can also learn more about preventing further water damage to your Apple AirPods and its charging case up above in this list. If you have gone through all the information regarding the water-resistance details of the Apple AirPods given above, make sure to share your thoughts in the comments section. You can also post any questions down there if you have any!

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