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MacBook Pro won’t Turn On – How To Fix?

Even though most computer users use Windows desktops and laptops, you can also use Apple devices as a great option. Both their Mac desktops and MacBook laptops are highly feature rich and premium options. They not only offer highly powerful internals, but also offer superb build quality.

Although, despite being almost perfect, even an Apple MacBook can face issues. This can include both small software bug issues as well as larger hardware level issues. One such issue that some users can face is that their MacBook Pro won’t turn on. And if you have such a high end laptop, you would want it to function properly. Since it can also affect your work, we are here with a complete tutorial for the same. You can go through this guide till the end to learn how to fix MacBook Pro won’t turn on.

How to Fix the MacBook Pro won’t Turn On Issue?

If you are checking this tutorial, then it probably means that you have tried everything to turn on your MacBook Pro. But if it is still not working, then it is most likely caused due to a complicated issue. And if you want to get your MacBook Pro working again so you can start using it for daily work, make sure to go through the following fixes and solutions one by one:

1. Look for a Blank or Black Screen on your MacBook Pro

Before trying out any of the fixes given down below, you should first check the display of your MacBook Pro. This is due to the possibility that your MacBook Pro is turning on but the screen is turned on. Such an issue can be caused when you have set your MacBook Pro’s display to zero brightness.

Hence, you should first try increasing the brightness of your MacBook Pro’s display. You can do so using the brightness keys with sun icons on them which are present on the top portion of the keyboard. If changing the brightness is also not helping, you can try listening carefully to fan noise, beeping sounds, or any other sounds coming from your MacBook Pro. In case the fans are working, then your MacBook Pro most likely has a faulty display which you can get checked at an Apple service centre.

2. Boot your MacBook Pro to Recovery Mode

In some cases, your MacBook Pro might be working perfectly including its display. But you might still see a complete black screen when you turn it on. This can be caused if your MacBook Pro is not able to boot into the operating system for some reason. Fortunately, Apple allows you to fix this on your MacBook Pro quite easily. You simply need to boot into its recovery mode and try booting your laptop from there.

To boot your MacBook Pro into the recovery mode, you have to hold down the power button for quite some time. With this, you will see the macOS utility popup window on your screen. From there, you can either boot your MacBook Pro or choose one of the other options to fix it. This includes options like using the Time Machine Backup feature of macOS, repairing macOS, or even re-installing macOS on your MacBook Pro.

3. Check your MacBook Pro’s Power Connections

Even though it may sound quite obvious, your MacBook Pro won’t turn on if it is completely discharged and not being able to charge anymore. Because of this, it is also a great idea to check your MacBook Pro’s power connections. So first, make sure that all of the connection points of your MacBook Pro’s charger are tight and secure. You can also try using a different wall power socket for charging up your MacBook Pro and see if that works. Apart from this, if you have a friend who also has the same MacBook Pro charger, then you can try using that to check whether the issue is with your MacBook Pro or not. As a last resort, you can consider getting a new charger for your MacBook Pro. But make sure that any charger or charging cables that you get are Apple authorised ones so that they work properly.

4. Run a Power Cycle on your MacBook Pro

In some cases, even if your MacBook Pro is fully charged and its charger is working, it may still not turn on. This can be caused if the battery is not powering up your laptop due to some bug or issue. Thankfully, you can easily fix such a small issue by running a power cycle on your MacBook Pro. By running a power cycle on your MacBook Pro, you are essentially removing its battery and plugging it back in.

And the best part about the power cycle feature is that you do not have to physically re-plug your battery. As for performing a power cycle on your MacBook Pro, you have to hold down its power button for 10 seconds. After that, keep your MacBook Pro turned off for a few minutes before you try turning it on again. If your MacBook Pro won’t turn on due to some battery bug, then this fix will definitely fix it.

5. Reset your MacBook Pro’s SMC

Another thing that you can try resetting on your MacBook Pro is its SMC. SMC or the System Management Controller is quite an important part of all MacBook Pro laptops. It is there to handle hardware devices like the keyboard, display, power button, battery, fans, lights, and much more.

Because of this, if the SMC is not working properly, even the power button of your MacBook Pro will stop working properly. Thus, you can try resetting your MacBook Pro’s SMC to get its power button working again. For the same, you need to follow the given steps one by one:

  • You have to first turn off your MacBook Pro and disconnect all power cables and peripherals from it.
  • After that, you have to press control + shift + option + power button for 10 seconds.
  • Now, release these keys and plug back the charger which will reset SMC on your MacBook Pro.
  • Then, you can try turning on your MacBook Pro as its power button will now function properly.

6. Unplug your MacBook Pro’s Battery

While this might not be possible on newer MacBook Pro models, older MacBook Pro laptops will allow you to unplug the battery. With this, you can try fixing your MacBook Pro won’t turn on issue quite easily. If your MacBook Pro also has a removable battery, you can try replugging it or try installing a new one by following these instructions:

  • Remove the bottom of your MacBook Pro by undoing its locking clips.
  • Now, lift the plastic flap to access the battery of your MacBook Pro.
  • Finally, pull the small tab to release its battery and remove it.
  • You can then reinsert the same battery or try using one as you like.
  • After this, your MacBook Pro will turn on if the issue was related to the battery.

7. Unplug all External Accessories from your MacBook Pro

Even though it is not that common, there might be some cases where your MacBook Pro won’t turn on because of external accessories and peripherals. If any of your external devices are malfunctioning, they might cause issues with your MacBook Pro making it not turn on. Hence, you should first remove all external devices and cables connected to your MacBook Pro. Then, hold down its power button to try to turn it on once all malfunctioning accessories and peripherals have been disconnected.

Additional Problems with MacBook Pro

While we have already given some of the best solutions for MacBook Pro won’t turn on, your laptop might still not work. In that case, your Apple MacBook Pro might be facing a bigger issue than just not turning on. This can include a broken motherboard, damaged display, damaged internal connectors, software issues, and much more.

While these mentioned hardware issues are quite self-explanatory, software issues generally include operating system issues. If any operating system update or re-installation process was not completed properly, it may prevent your MacBook Pro from turning on. In case of such software issues, you can simply try re-installing the operating system using a flash drive.

Powering a MacBook Pro to Turn On

As mentioned earlier, your MacBook Pro might not be working due to possible hardware issues. And if you want to power your MacBook to turn it on, getting these hardware issues checked is highly important. In such a case, you can consider taking your MacBook Pro to a repair shop or to Apple service centres. If your Apple MacBook Pro still has a warranty, getting such hardware issues will be even easier and much cheaper.


Once you have gone through this complete tutorial on how to fix MacBook Pro won’t turn on, your laptop is hopefully now working properly. As we have given multiple fixes for turning on your MacBook Pro, at least one of them will work for you. Apart from discussing possible software issues, we have also discussed possible hardware issues up above. And with all of these, fixing MacBook Pro won’t turn on should be fairly easy. If you have gone through all the information regarding the guide on how to fix MacBook Pro won’t turn on, make sure to share your thoughts in the comments section. You can also post any questions down there if you have any!

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