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Is it Possible to Use Your Apple Watch with an Android Device

Among all smart device users, the apple watch has a coveted status. With its unique features, responsive UI and design, it is one of the best smartwatches on the market. You can use it as a fitness tracker or even text and call people. On top of that, Apple has launched more budget-friendly smartwatch models in recent years. Hence, more people are now keen to purchase an Apple smartwatch.

But, most people often face some issues in this regard. For example, while apple watches work wonderfully with apple devices, they do not have straightforward connectivity with android devices. It happens due to the different designs and characteristics of android IOS and apple IOS. But is it possible to connect an apple smartwatch with an android device? Read on to know more!

Do Apple Smart Watches pair with Android devices?

No, you cannot pair an android device with an apple smart watch. Currently, there is no way to pair an apple watch with an android device. But that does not mean you cannot use a cellular apple watch alongside your android device.

On top of that, even if you try to connect an apple watch with an android device over Bluetooth, both devices will not connect due to their different software design.

But, there are some alternative ways to use an apple watch alongside an android device.

You may still need a primary Phone for this purpose. You can connect the Apple smartwatch with the iPhone and leave the phone at home while you carry your android device with you. So, how to do that? Read the details in the following section.

How to Use Your Cellular Apple Watch with your Android Device

As it has been said before, you will need an iPhone even if you own an Android smartphone to use an apple watch. Any iPhone model will be acceptable as long as that supports the apple watch.

You can only use this method if you have a cellular apple watch that can make a call.

Here is the step-by-step guide-

  • First, start your apple watch and pair it with the iPhone.
  • Next, connect the cellular apple watch with the carrier network for internet connectivity.
  • After that, turn off all three devices- apple watch, iPhone and android phone.
  • Now, remove the SIM card from the iPhone. You can use a SIM card opener tool for this purpose.
  • After that, insert this SIM inside your android phone in the primary SIM slot.
  • Now, turn the android phone on.
  • After that, you must connect the SIM with the carrier’s cell network.
  • Now, turn on the apple watch. You will find that your apple watch is connected to your android phone.
  • You can easily use your apple watch with your android device now.

You can make phone calls and use the apps mostly on the watch. But, some apps may not work as your apple watch is not connected to an iPhone. On top of that, sending text messages will not be very convenient. It happens because your android phone tries to use standard text messages while the apple watch switches to iMessage. In other words, iMessage is a better option for sending texts.

Furthermore, getting regular updates on the watch OS will be difficult if you use your apple watch by this method. So, you may need to pair it with another iPhone from time to time to update the watch.

Using Apple Watch and Android Smartphone Simultaneously

You can also use the apple watch and android smartphone simultaneously.

If you have a cellular apple watch, you can use the watch as a standalone device and use it simultaneously alongside the android smartphone.

But, this is only possible with watches that have LTE SIM compatibility. So, if you use the watch like this, you will also get better fitness tracking results.

The apple watch is functioning as a standalone device. That means you can make calls with that watch. But, you may need to use iMessage for sending messages. Furthermore, you may also need to occasionally pair the watch with an iPhone to get the latest updates.

While using an apple watch as a standalone device is quite fine, it doesn’t give you the optimal experience. Many apps will not work on the watch. Only the standalone apps work properly in this case.

The watch works as you are using the LTE connectivity of the SIM. So, you need to spend extra for LTE plans for that SIM card.

One of the main issues you may face is the battery issue. Your apple watch works by using the LTE connection of the SIM card. Hence, it will use more battery power. As a result, the battery will drain faster, and you may need to charge the watch more frequently.

Are Apple Watch and Android Devices Compatible?

Well, no, these two are not. An apple watch and an android device are like water and oil and are incompatible. Even so, a few methods allow you to use your Apple Watch with an Android device. But, for the best experience, it’s recommended that you use the Apple watch with an iPhone only.


Apple watch does not work with android devices as both devices share different OS and software. But, there are a few ways to help you use an apple smartwatch with an android device.

While such tricks work, you will not be able to utilize the full potential of an apple watch.

If you have an android device, you can find great smartwatches from world-known brands that work with android devices perfectly. Hence, instead of getting a new smartwatch, you can use an android compatible smartwatch.

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